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Hey /3/, i've started zbrush yesterday, watched alot of

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Hey /3/, i've started zbrush yesterday, watched alot of tutorials yet they somehow avoid this newbie problems i'm having and hopeing u can explain abit about the nature of them.

I see somebody stretching a sphere using the move tool as its the move natural thing. While trying to do the same by the time i get to the shoulders its like im running out of polygons to make it look clean and orderly. How do they do it?

Also, while trying to build the whole figure from spheres\cylinders and blocks didnt meld\weld tham together and they stayed completely independent. found the dynamesh help to weld thier vectors together but then it completly messes the mesh "cleanliness" Any tips on this? :\

Pic related, seen its gonna be a problem but continued to push it to see what will be of it( the neck)
set the dynamesh resolution higher or lower depending on your needs. dynamesh will close up holes if the resolution is too low. watch more tutorials, zbrush's UI is unintuitive as fuck, and their documentation isn't as good as i would like
you're not supposed to use dynamesh after you've started detailing

use dynamesh, get your desired volume, then start sculpting
Dynamesh is purely for concepting. If you want to get rid of that issue however I would just recommend you to use ClipCurve (ctrl + shift) to cut away the unwatned geo and add some new geo
When creating the base of the sculpt, it's best to turn on Dynamesh and set it to a low resolution, 16-32 being a good range. From their you use the move tool to pull and extract your model. If you're getting to a point where the polycount is running a little thin, using ZRemesher will alleviate the problem by evenly distributing polys across the mesh. This will ruin any fine detail work you have, so it's really only recommended to use in the block phase.

Don't get discouraged, ZBrush can be a headache at first, but it's pretty incredible once you get a basic workflow down and a feel for the UI. Just keep at it!
You should enable dynamesh however if you're trying to make a human figure I always found it was best to start by using ZSpheres, then using Dynamesh, and then adding details.
Here's what you do to fix the "running out of polygons" problem. Under Projects, open up Dynamesh32.ZPR. Click on Geometry on the right hand toolbar. There should be a larger highlighted box that says "Dynamesh." To the right, there should be an unhighlighted option that says 'Polish."

Start manipulating the sphere how you see fit. When it starts to look distorted, hold ctrl, and click-drag outside of your object. This will redistribute the mesh so it's not distorted. It will also smooth your modifications. Continue doing this as you update your model.

For fine smoothing, hold down shift and Lower the Z Intensity next to Draw Size to 15-20. Now hold down shift and and brush over the area you'd like to smooth.

Pressing X will activate symmetry.

Holding ALT while you draw will invert the action of the brush - i.e. Clay Buildup will remove clay.

Holding CTRL while you draw will draw a mask - After you draw the mask, CTRL-Click outside of the object and it will invert your mask. - i.e. You could use this to mask the shape of a nose and then use the move tool to pull out/shape the nose. Then use the CTRL-CLICKDRAG to redstribute mesh so it looks clean and polished.
To clarify - After you click on the Geometry dropdown on the right hand tool bar, click the Dynamesh dropdown. Then you'll see the larger highlighted Dynamesh button. Highlight the polish button next to it.
Lots of good info already posted. And remember once you get all your big shapes down and you're satisfied with the overall form, zremesh it to get some more workable topology out of the box. Start using subdivisions from there on out while detailing.
Keep at it making as much as you can as often as you can. Eventually it will all just click and zbrushing will become your new favorite hobby*.
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