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I would like any advice even if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

I just started art school for game design and I really like it so far. I plan to go into the character art/ design aspect of the industry. However, I feel like I'm going to become a starving artist once I graduate. To counter this, I realized that the future is in high demand of coders. so do you guys think I should learn coding while I'm in school to give myself more security? Or should I just stick with game design, and just have a bunch of internships so I can almost guarantee a dream job in character art?

Here's my artstation in case you guys were interested: https://swaggernaut64.artstation.com
programming is even less stable than 3D.
if you do choose programming learn sql and asp
First off

Secondly, you're going for the hardest profession in the games industry. you're definitely going to starve son.

I suggest focusing on your anatomy studies as much as possible and selling content on the markets (Unity/Unreal/Turbo/CGTrader) until you find stable work making characters. These markets are the best thing ever right now for character people

You could also just brush up on environment stuff and do that too. Its not hard. Definitely easier than character stuff.

Your work is alright

check the wiki.polycount.com ffr
if you have got the right school, you shouldnt worry about that.
quite off topic but that's some shitty 3d print you have there huh?
>should I do something I hate because I might make more money?
No, absolutely not. Do what you're good at and what you like, and get so good at it that people will pay you a high premium for your skill.

You should, however, learn how to script within your 3d package (everyone should).

And, because scripting tutorials sometimes make the mistake of "well you're not really programming so you don't need to understand this core concept so I'll just tell you the bare essentials to make it work, and then when it breaks you won't understand why", it might be easier to just flat out learn Python first.

While you're at school, and I hope you're going to a good one like Gnomon, you NEED to make contacts. You NEED to reach out to other artists, professionals, etc. You NEED to go meet these people face to face at gatherings, expos, talks, etc.

Also, your art is fucking dog shit, and you need to get A LOT better. A LOT better, like A LOT, take this as a warning that if you keep up at the pace you're going now, you're going to be mediocre garbage.
Nobody's told you this until now because either they're your friends / family and don't want to hurt your feelings, or you're paying them to teach you and they don't want to discourage you from paying them, or they don't know shit about art (which is to say, they haven't spent 20 minutes browsing artstation). Seriously, go look at the Trending section on artstation and then compare it to yourself.


And drop that "swaggernaut" kid shit, you're an adult now and a professional, use your fucking name.
The free spirited whimsy shit should be expressed in your models, or a model, featured as a background image or some shit.

And finally, the real money in game dev comes from starting your own company and taking the big risks with your own money (or more precisely, money your Corporation that you formed in Delaware [look up how to do this, anyone can do it, it's essential business shit] is borrowing as a loan).
>Also, your art is fucking dog shit
not OP but i think his art is alright. its not great but not shit either.
his texture skills are better than anything
Op here, thanks everyone for your inputs. The 3d print is something printed quickly out of a basic 3d printer that my friend has at school.

And lmao whats wrong with my last name senpai
Its funny. like Assqueef
1. internships won't guarantee you anything, beyond getting connections which will help, but only if your skill is at a passable level
2. yes, coding skills can make you a more valuable employee, but if you don't have any interest in it you won't be good at it anyway so don't learn it
3. yes, what you're going for is hard but just go for it if it's what you want. if you fail just switch to props and you'll be ok
I'm a programmer. I'm currently jobless. Follow ur dreams anon.
Take marketing classes.
You can make money doing just about anything if you know how to sell your product to the right people.

Most talented people fail because they have no clue how to sell their shit, while talentless hacks regularily raise millions through kickstarter for some shitty game that is DOA and will be abandoned before it leaves pre-alpha.

Also learn how to program.
Having basic coding experience is not necessary, but it looks good on your resume and it's one of the small things that put you ahead of your competition.

Depends on the sector.
Huge parts of the industry are only propped up by hype and cheap venture capital, but programming in general is a rock-solid career.
Java and C/C++ will always have job openings no matter how hard the market crashes.

now I realize why /3/ is one of the worst boards in 4chan.

Hope Hiroshima erase this shit soon.
this was completely spot-on advice
what the fuck are you talking about bud
Learn coding, too, definitely.
if youre a real programmer then you either master a language that has no demand or just suck at finding a job. doesnt mean theres no job for you.
Thread posts: 16
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