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Wip. Crits please.

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Crits please.
decent execution, horrible design. honestly not one single bit of that design is appealing. Is it supposed to be like a Halo grunt? What are the too-large pipes on it's back? Why is the helmet the size of it's torso? It'stop heavy yet it has tiny skinny legs.
its good i guess

but... whats going on here?
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suit refboard.jpg
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>honestly not one single bit of that design is appealing
My main inspiration for this was a lot of more bulbous suits, instead of the blockbuster, Hollywood-esque iron man or call of duty type
body armors.

I'm deliberately going against the norm.
To go against expectations for emphatic response (two eyes, recognizable face features, two arms and typical familiarity) I made it faceless, asymmetrical with the one big arm, and two tentacles.

See pic for my inspirations.

It's a suit for scientists mining and extracting resources on asteroids, or other low gravity environments.

>What are the too-large pipes on it's back?
Tentacles for either grabbing difficult or dangerous stuff, or maneuvering in space along a space station while doing a spacewalk, repairing the station etc.

Just presenting it in substance designer for now. It still has to be rigged, then the final result will be rendered in v-ray.
The proportions dont look right to me. It looks like his head will be scraping the top of that thing and there would be like a foot of empty space in front of him. The so called tentacles look like two huge rubber hoses that you just threw on because you didn't want to model some proper mechanical devices. The metroid arm blaster doesn't make any sense either.
Those still look good though
I like the cockpit-ish area, that's about it.
Good modeling I guess
I think your problem is almost entirely lighting and materials
Make the torso bigger and legs/arms smaller, remount the gun on the side of the torso, get rid of the struts. Good skills tho, keep it up.
The concept makes more sense now, and the helping arms are a cool idea, but maybe that material should be crinkled or something to indicate that it is covering flexible mechanical components.
There is a difference between going against the norms and bad design. Most of your references still have appeal in their form and flow which i just don't get from yours.
I see what you're going for, has sort of a DBZ Capsule Co look to it.

It's not bad, I'd roll with it for whatever project you're doing instead of worrying too much about the practicality
Shoutout to Tau stealth suit.
>"You cannot kill what you cannot see."
problem is that you try to copy designs you dont understand
your forms and silhouette just dont work

here are few problems you need to fix
- it looks like a suit yet from it proportions its obvious no human could ever fit it
- the fabric regions look bad, the folds make no sense, instead make them like those ringed bending plastic tubes
-right hand is too big, it lacks a sense of balance, the lack of weight distribution symmetry makes it seem off
- back pipes are just way too thick and dont fit the design
- the designs you based off are all about big torsos, you overwhelm that part with big legs

you need to sit down, and actually study te concepts, brake down point by point what they share and what makes them look they way they do, only then try to reproduce them
>I'm deliberately going against the norm.

Taken straight from the "what noobs should avoid", "Mistakes beginner CG artists make" threads in every CG forum.

Before you go against the norm you first have to understand it.
>who needs grammar anyway
slocik comes in many forms of autism
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