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MAYANN Project TF2 - Let's make some items

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Gentlemen, Let's make some TF2 Items.

Basically, New community project is up and called "MAYANN Project' and i'll quickly explain how to create concepts and maybe make weapons.

You'll need the following items installed or downloaded.
>MDL Decompiler Fixed
>Studio Compiler
>VTF Edit
>Notepad ++
>3D Max 2012
>3D Max SMD Importer and exports

Now. You'll need to open GCFSCAPE and find your TF2 directory and find this file, if your wondering what that is.
>Materials = tf_textures_dir
>Models = tf_misc_dir
>Sounds = tf2_sound_vo_english_dir & tf2_sound_misc_dir

After you've found tf_misc_dir then extract it to something like RAWS

Now you've gotta search for what you want to replace, Let's say the default bat then you'll search for that it's either a C_ or W_ or V_ if your wonder what that means its basically just your view models which the older files are called World and View but now they are slowly been updated to C_

Once you've found it. De-compile it with MDL Decompiler Fixed or Studio Compiler depending if it doesn't work with MDL as some don't.
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After this you'll get a SMD File and now you've gotta import that file into 3D Max.

After importing you'll get an option to import animations and the mesh and flip it.
>Animations = Bones
>Mesh = Model

Ignore animations as we want it for concepting and then flip it, if its not the correct side up if you've clicked flip then don't click flip and reimport.

Once it's open then hit Printscreen on the front.

Open photoshop create a image and it should have the size of your montior if you clicked print screen and create that image.

Hit ctrl + v and the image will appear, edit out the bad bits such as toolbars and other shit.

There you go, you've got a picture of the item you want to replace.

Create another layer and lock your reference and begin drawing the item you want to replace it with over the image.

Enjoy :3
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mayann site.png
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If you can't read that because your dyslexic then watch this video, it's older video but it should the bulk of how to extract and even compile.

However somethings may be incorrect, broken or out of date.

Also, As for Photoshop if you don't have a bamboo tablet then just use your mouse to draw.

It's a little harder but its fun!?

If you've got any questions, i'll be on here

Just ask them there and I'll answer them.

Also, If you want some reference and such for items along with brush packs and such.

Just an update.

Another good Decompiler is called Crowbar.

Another Tut.
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Can someone sticky this, this is a lot of information about source engine.
Man, that's a lot of information.
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I get it, oh that's funny.
so this will like let me make items right?
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So is anyone working on this or does nobody give a fuck
A few people have migrated to facepunch to get help.

About six but not many, still unlimited timelimit for this pretty nice.
I don't trust a man that puts Max and Team Fortress in the same sentence.
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posted a concept on mayann and they liked it and someones about to model it.
Why is there so much junk? Someone put up an obviously Egyptian hat, there's a pixely map unusual, and one guy keeps making tiny garbage like a poorly made mushroom in the Pyro's eye
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 4

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