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Hello everyone. So I started going to an art school a month

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Hello everyone.

So I started going to an art school a month ago to study game design, they focus on teaching Maya, and solely teach you Low poly.
The teacher is terrible, there's only 2 hours per week "in school", and it's been 4 classes already and I studied simply nothing so far.

I feel scammed. In my country the tuition cost around 6k and what I get in return feels simply not enough. I don't even know how to insert an image plane properly.

I really need help, I'm so lost and unmotivated, the teacher makes Maya look so complicated, almost in a sense where it's unreachable to me. I want to study this on my own, I don't know where to start. I already have knowledge in illustration, anatomy, I'm a decent concept artist. But I also want to know how to model. The college offers talented students a job and I aim to become one of the best ones in my class. But I doubt I can achieve this by depending on what the college offers me.

Where do I start off?
>I started going to an art school a month ago
your first mistake
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> and solely teach you Low poly
> teach lowpoly
You've been mercilessly ripped of my friend.
Yes. I figured already... It's not like a can't self teach myself, I did this before. But due to major life incidents I decided I want to go to college.
I seriously doubt it's going to bring me anywhere. I need to rely on myself.

Also, is knowing how to Low poly and knowing this alone would be enough? Don't I need to know how to work with High poly as well?
Start snorting buckets of youtube tutorials. Every feature and every process has already been tutorialized, basically.

You're basically going to have to do this all on your own to make up for what sounds like a complete lack of effort on the part of your teachers.
>art school
>study game design
>low poly
LMAO I hope this is b8
If you have the computer power, and software you have the tools.
Get zbrush, start making some porn, and start making some money. Do craig's list commissions if you have to.

If you do not know how to sculpt real clay with your real hands, you really shouldn't expect teachers to teach you. If so you're in the wrong profession because you thought it would be so cool is magic happened and you were suddenly granted magical powers to do anything.
In fact, you piss me off OP. No one gave me anything to do what I wanted ever. I had to sweat it out for years never getting what I needed to do what I wanted.
Go eat some chocolate Easter bunny, STFU, and waddle in your own tears.
Unfortunately it isn't.

When you go there, you get to speak with the college's CEO. He gives you information that is most likely fake about what you'll be able to do after you study the diploma, which again, costs tons of money.

So he hands you this card. What it says is: Scholarship of 36,900₪ (9460$)!) Given you, yes, by the school itself.

That's right. The school hands you 9.4K to pay your 3 year diploma. You were supposed to pay much more than just 6k$. The real number was 9k per year. But now I have this card. This "scholarship." I'm all settled am I right.

They also claim to be partners with Unreal. I don't know what significant does it have. I thought most colleges were qualified to use Unreal.
No, I can sculpt. I know this is something I will be able to do if I put enough time to it. I just need to know how to use the programs. I went to college due to real life issues, I wanted to be away from home, but soon I learned that there's only 2 hours a week.
Have you ever considered searching you tube for specific programs, and tutorials for specific lessons on what you need to learn?

Seriously, search you tube, and I promise you'll find nearly every program imaginable to learn basics, and beyond.
I did. But I don't know where to start. The way the teacher hands you out information made everything seem to me so scrambled and all over the place. Just yesterday I learned that Maya is not the only program you use to create a model. I'm completely ignorant.

For example, I know I need to make a shelf of frequently used tools, but I don't know what each tool in Maya does, or which I should even care about. Everything just seems so complicated.
Me again...>>517040

See, how mean I was here? >>517037

Even as angry as I was I just gave you a huge tip I bet your teacher won't tell you about because he wants to keep his shitty job being a teacher instead of an actual 3d artist.
Will you thank me? Probably not, but anyways.

>I did. But I don't know where to start.

Well it is like anything. You follow the breadcrumb trail.
All programs import, and export according to the 3d file format.
object file - obj.
Google thinks for you? WTH? You find search terms that clue you on to other search terms, and so forth.

When a cat is scared, it is in fear mode not susceptible friendly interaction..
You're not helpless. Relax, and get rid of this mental block you're keeping you from accepting input.

Maya, is the original professional's 3d program that first utilized digital clay. Maya was first designed by people at Pixar, and ILM - Industrial Light & Magic.
Maya's the old school standard. There's more intuitive programs out there but learning Maya usually offers basic understanding.
Interface, shelving tools?
You're right, and I totally respect your points. Also, I completely agree with your stand about the "do not want to lose the teacher position". In this college, they have an in house studio for animation and they create 'shows' there that get quite a large financial support. Here's one of the projects they're incredibly proud of:


I really want to hear an opinion about how it looks from people who have experience.

Also, yes, I'm new, so I had to let google guide me through. You're right about the fact i'm pretty overwhelmed by the scare the teacher threw at us, "Maya is cruel! This is the art of being accurate and mathematical! You have all these tools!" etc. So what he started off with was showing us the fact you can arrange a shelf of tools in Maya where you can place shortcuts. Do I need to know only what specific tools do, while the rest would be irrelevant? He told us we'll only work with "primitives". I figured out it just means simple objects. But I don't know how to shape anything yet and what each tool does...
Several years ago I went to a animation workshop, and at the time some of the head coordinators from Digital Domain, Sony Digital Entertainment, Pixar, Dreamworks, and others.

These were the biggest names operating the biggest VFX companies in Hollywood, and they literally tried to put the fear in us about how hard it is to get into Hollywood VFX.
You're doing video games, which is good. However for film the top lady at Digital Domain made it clear that what people get hired for is video animations they send in, that MUST blow their socks off in the first 15 seconds, or they junk your video. Hair, cutting edge simulations of water, crowd simulations, all of that you have to know already just to get them to notice you. You've literally got to be an expert in the knowledge.

Even then, what'll happen "if" (big if) you end up working it'll most likely start out as an intern getting people's coffee.
Even then the pay is low, and you work your ass off with the threat of being laid off at any minute despite how hard, or cheaply you work. Hollywood VFX is a terrible place to work.

But at least you're doing video games.
We fucking TOLD you to learn on your own and keep your money but you didnt listen. You thought you would get "connections" so it would be worth it.

You're just going to be another art school fag who wastes his time and money and ends up at best knowing what 75% of what maya's buttons do at a superficial level but thats it
This was incredibly fascinating. Thank you for sharing this.

Creating animation is not my passion, but I'd totally go for it because I love film making. I can storyboard and design characters but that's it. My country has a wider range of opportunities to offer me regarding of game design, and I honestly believe that if I want something hard enough I'd just go ahead and make it.

I've never created animations but I'm incredibly intrigued by making them. But that's the thing, I suppose. I'm scared. Scared to be left jobless, scared that I'm wasting my time, even now when i'm "in college". Scared that perhaps it really is isn't my field and I should just keep making concept art and 2d illustrations and skip the 3d. But I just want to give myself a chance and see if I can do it. I genuinely want to work as an intern, even if that's for free.

This is why you don't work for Hollywood. Fuck those money grubbing cunts. Anyway I made this same mistake when I was young this was way before youtube and the gnomon site had just started. Teachers were a bunch of idiots of course. I learned more going on the Polycount forums. I cant fathom why people even go to Uni now with the breath of information out there. Contacts don't mean shit if you have no skill.
mate our goal is to Pixar. You know this, we all know this.
ur teacher is shit
3d modeling in its core, ESPECIALLY lowpoly modeling isn't hard at all, you just have to move verticies and extrude

do yourself a favor and learn from the internet, it will be easier and faster
you can do highpoly in maya as well, it doesn't matter
Is high poly considered harder or something?
depends, if you mean sculpting yes its harder

but you can also use subdivision and can model very well with it, in the end of day i rather use this method because its more accurate and less baking issues than sculpting
That clip was awful. The best part was the music,
and the fact that it was over after 78 seconds.
Damn, this post should be made a sticky.
You wouldn't happen to be going to Full Sail OP?

Either way...Start buckling down and learning on your own.
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The Jew is getting jewed!
what the hell we are from the same country
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>Moshe Yahav
Oh boy, don't tell me your college is run by shitskins.
This is an elementary school? Because elementary school is where they 'teach you', in university (and partially high schools) they just show you what you need to learn and how - learning itself it's up to you.
You know what you need to learn, you know whom to ask for advice, but you need to learn yourself.
And learning modeling (especialy lowpoly) is 95% hard work, and just maybe 5% about art, so you just need to sit in front your PC and do modeling 16 hours per day, watch tons of tutorials.
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 6

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