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fuck /3/ its been about a year and i still cant get the hang

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fuck /3/ its been about a year and i still cant get the hang of the final detailing phase of a sculp in zbrush. im happy my basic low poly shape and the basic forms but once i sub div up to the 1 mill + zone i cant detail for shit. i try hand sculpting wrinkes/skin folds by hand (dem standart) and they are just boring lines on a flat surface (i try puffing it up by going in between with a standard brush but as expected its a cut line with a standard line next to it, nothing dynamic or interesting about)
i try useing the alphas but as expected it just lines stamped on a boring flat surface.
im really starting to get discouraged because every time i sculpt at low poly i get think "this is gonna be grate" than get to high poly and it looks lumpy flat and boring and exactly like the model before it.

i know its good to spot your mistakes but i been trying to fix it and im pretty much at the same place as i was a year ago"

pic is kinda related, not my work its a Jordu Schell model, but thats the type of detail i want from my model
You have to tackle finer details in the same way you do the whole model. Progressively refined. Start with the longer/larger flowing wrinkles to define boundaries that help dictate your smaller wrinkles. You also have to try not to think too much when drawing the lines, you have to sort of let your mind truly be random in how it is creating variation. The brain loves to follow patterns, and you have to resist that, as patterns will feel inorganic.

Tbh the example you gave isn't top notch either, assumed it was yours.
the pic isnt mine, its actually made by Jordu Schell and hes an amazing artist if you dont know his work but it was a simple example i could find. let me show you something i made last night that i hate and i'll point out all the mistakes on it and hopefuly someone can tell me how to fix it and maybe even what brush to use cuz i might be using wrong brushes desu (i use clay, dem_standard, and standard for most of my detailing)

P.S. one thing i noticed just now. hes wrinkle lines are many different sizes and thicknesses, now that i think about it i think i use one size for most of my shit...
forgot to point out the mistakes i made, well. the eyelids look god awful. the folds don't look like folds at all. the transition between the eyelid and the cheekbone (the eye hole pretty much) looks uninteresting and bad. the wrinkes look out of place and not like wrinkles at all. just lines ,
i see more problems but no time for that right now
I already explained to you how to fix it.. It's not a problem of brushes, it's a problem of methodology, of approach.... Reread what I said.
I met jordu. Possibly the creepiest dude ive ever come in contact with. My Class went there for a studio tour and a talk by him on the importance of traditional sculpting and how he got to where he is.

The motherfucker kept meowing and licking the back of his hand and sticking his tounge in and out like a snake.

He offered 2 girls job interviews, then when they were in the interview he kept trying to get pictures of their feet and told them the interview was bogous. Then he got mad at a shy kid and yelled at him, really angry, asking why she wasnt asking questions.

His art is cool, but if i ever have to work with him... i might get fired
idk about the creepy part but he seems funny in some of his videos.
example: https://vimeo.com/48413999
Start with primary form then secondary then tertiary. You seem to have jumped from primary to tertiary. Need to work on your mid level form.
got any tips for that?
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>got any tips for that?

Both >>501147 and >>501091
Have explained it to you in the only ways possible... If you still cannot understand it, then you're shit outta luck.
im just trinna get as much information i can, some people might known different techniques that might
be useful
The technique is literally, start with primary forms, then secondary, then tertiary. There are no "different techniques", that is literally THE technique for both making a good model shape and making good model details, it is the very core of making good 2D and 3D artwork. So simply practice that and you will become good.

There are no techniques, there a fundamentals. Learn the fundamental and develop your own technique.
Exactly. There is no trick to talent, that only comes from practice. OP seems to think his lack of getting better is from some missing tricks.
did you not read
> The motherfucker kept meowing and licking the back of his hand and sticking his tounge in and out like a snake.

he is creepy as shit
>trying to learn as much as possible about something means you're convinced you aren't learning because you haven't been taught some secret trick

This seems to be what most of /3/'s numerous shitposters think of users who are just asking questions. I've never seen shitposters with such an enormous chip on their collective shoulder. It's impressive, really.
Except not, considering this is almost never said in any help threads. It came up this time because of how stupid OP was being.

I think the main difference is that the wrinkles in OP picture are actually very large mesh shapes that are based on skin sagging.

The skin that you made just looks dry like old leather. Put some gravity on those wrinkles man.

stfu. OP is actually dedicated to learn while you're only dedicated to shitpost.
>how stupid OP was being

someone trying to get help and trying to learn as much as he/she can is them being stupid?

please kill yourself.

i bet you're an unemployed faggot who jacks of to his poorly modeled anime models
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honestly, you are just a beginner, thats all that there is to itt
you have no right to complain that you cant match other good artist until you do this for good 3 years
i once did a tutorial for doing wrinkles and shit, but it got lost somewhere here

main thing you need to realize is splitting your wrinkles into different categories, i do it by dividing them into mid level detail and low level detail and stamps/alpha detail

so i will sculpt mid level detail into my sculpt, and then use that as base for low level detail and then layer stamps over that and then sculpt low level again using alpha detail for refs

also you need to think where the compression will happen based on the possible movemnet of his facial and body features,like back of the head or his eyebroas
you need to flow your wrinkles over large surface areas, not those gay ass short scratches but long body wide cuts and bumps. you need to layer form over each other

ignore thsoe crappy alpha based detail, form is important, if your model dosnt look good without low level detail then your form is ass

always form>detail no matter what, you need to improve your anatomy also, since its very weak here

and it will probably help you to use proper brushesh
use clay tubes but with soft circular alpha rather than the square to build soft forms, dont use dam standard, try to build up forms rather than cut them in
use standard brush with lazy length mouse set to 30 to get those long long wrinkles, but set the steranght to 10 rather than standard 25 and go over it multiple times to get a softer falloff, use dam standard only to sharpen up already established wrinkles or to sketchem softly in where you will use cal and standard where to build them up
also man, use refs, i mean pictures not drawings or crap liek that, always ether real life pics or models made by masters, Jordu is a good artist to study

anyway, plan out your wrinkles before you start and study your anatomy more
oh and mate, you need to learn about detail and rest areas

i marked in that pic where your focus points should be, smooth out everything else completely and just leave it there barely visible

if you look at Jordus work you will notice he picks only few areas to detail up with strong form, you need to do the same, since those places will define the flow and direction of your wrinkles for the whole model
as long as you will get the focus point details right you can literally use any pattern even one of wooden planks to fill up the rest of it
and again, anatomy, anatomy anatomy, a proper flow of musculature and bone structure help you pinpoint exact placement of the skin folds
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Don't want to steal anyone's thunder but I've finished my alien bust recently. Thought would be nice to share my effort. I'm not pro just hobbyist.
As for OP problem - I face similar problem all the time. Just practice more + video tuts.
post in the wip thread
also post a image that isnt for ants

but looks good at a galnce, i like the head detail flow

thx for the tips bro. i actually did someone of the things u mentioned last night. i used clay tubes brush with a round alpha to add my 2ndery forms, actually went in and spent a little more time and effort on each little detail, if i wanted it to pop i just used a soft dem_standard to cut around it and went over it gently with a stranded or inflate brush. im gonna increase the gravity on my inflate or standerd brush and try and make some wrinkles now than add my finall details (thats the part that scares me the most) but this time, im not gona just put 1 size scratches everywhere im gonna take my time, use few different alphas, sizes and intensatys
Definitely an improvement man. Escpecially what you did at the neck is spot on. Reminds me of my old nan.

I miss some big wrinkles on the eyelids and back of the neck could use some exaggeration.

good work.
Thread posts: 26
Thread images: 8

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