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demo reel critique thread

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can anyone critique my demo reel? my work isn't amazing but it's what I got. What can I do with pacing, length of clips, what to add or cut out, etc.

pic unrelated
whoops demo reel here: https://youtu.be/VvNYwCZqgjc
Camera moves and edits are very jarring.

Start with your best work and end with your second best.

I understand you're proud of the oasis golem, but honestly your carrot is better.

Show finished versions before the wireframes on the tech-models.

You seem to have a motion blur/interpolation thing going on which makes it harder to actually look at your meshes when they rotate.

Specify that the game stuff is in unity. Hot dog man is a bad way to end it as it's one of your weakest pieces imho.

The sidescrolling platformer sticks out as not belonging in this reel and is of little interest for any job applications for graphics.
Things that stuck out to me were.

Why are the swirls on the golem modeld in and not just a normal map? Its increasing your render time and many people will take it as a negative that you didnt do this.

> But your topology isnt that bad

Dont show the pill gameplay, just show your models from the game. The pills make your stuff look worse.

Dont show that animation at the end unless you also made the rig for the character, which in that case also show the rig.

When you are showing off your models, just show off the models. You have your golem in a bacground and have a few passes dedicated to it. But your background isnt really anything at all. Just put him on the scene and do the golem passes or just put the gollem on a infinate background and light him there.

Whatever you do, try to keep your characters displayed in a similar fassion.
Ex. If you do this for one do it for all

Show model in a 360 turnaround ( grey )with wire frame
Add all the texture and post effect passes for another 360.
Keep the scene and camea as close as possible from model to model
Also if you didnt model any of the stuff in the scene with the motorcycle, just take it out. Its all blown out
when you are showing your wireframe, nobody wants to see your lights and camera lines. remove everything from the scene besides the model before doing the turn around

remember you can turn the model and not the camera, making it so you dont see those other things.

i like how it starts at 25 seconds. the pacing that starts there is nice, but everything before it isnt good. then after as i said before the pill gameplay, hot dog animation, and the motorcycle picture need to go.
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thanks, you pointed out a LOT of stuff neither me or my friends noticed, also yeah now i notice the weird frame interpolation
ya thx for the input, I'll rerender those 360 wireframes
I made everything in that motorcycle scene, It was just made like 7 years ago and I didn't know about good topology back then, so I didn't want to include a wireframe. picture is the motorcycle topology. I still really like it but I'm not sure, should i re-render and include it with wireframes?
atleast do a 360 of the guitar and motorcycle, the motorcycle is way more advanced than anything else you have done so far, render the wireframe and let us see. we will let you know if its worth putting the wireframe in there too
im an idiot. i didnt even check the picture.
re-texture that scene. the model looks nice but the render you have of it isnt very good. you said it was a long time ago so you should be able to make the lights and textures waaay better
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well i don't have a reel yet so take it with a pinch of salt

1.your models are nice, you defiantly have good idea of what visual design is but you should do more modeling,preferably to demonstrate your hard surface skills.

2.you have some of everything, and that's good but you need direct yourself to one area and roll with it
ya thx, im actually working on retopoligising the crappy parts which should be quick and rerendering the scene
yeah, this is to enter a student competition. my specialty I want to focus on mostly environment art and my professor told me environment art can include any aspects that make an environment pretty (like lighting and comp). I definitely have a skillset that's too wide and I cut out a LOT of work
Same guy
woah, i actually didn't know it got so many more replies. I posted it here and a couple other places and it seemed like everyone absolutely hated it here so I moved on.

Jesus christ, you abandoned it that quickly?

You need to have more dedication to your work. As far as I can tell you haven't replied a single time in the other thread which tells me more about you than I need to know.
I just felt a bit discouraged. i know it's 4chan but I'm bad with criticism that's usually THIS SUCKS SO BAD GET OUT. also I go to this board like only a couple times a month so I didn't know other people replied otherwise I woulda answered.

I said it took me a couple months but I spent well over 300 hours on that project since before it I knew almost nothing of animation and rigging and little of lighting, modeling, and texturing. I followed a lotta videotutorials and made everything there from scratch. carrot man in contrast actually only took 16 hours total of work.
don't be discouraged, i really liked how you added the lightning n stuff.
dont be discouraged... want to see some of my old shit?




we were all at your skill level at one point
remove the "all aspects made by me" on the first shot. That is a given unless stated otherwise.

is everything at 0:55 your work? Because that is easily the nicest looking part of this reel but doesn't fit with your other modelling/texturing at all.

Don't dismiss any criticism - usually even the shittiest replies are given for a reason. Take it as a chance to critique your own work and decide on what you can improve on.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 3

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