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meaning of life, bible, ancient history and...
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And no it isn't some religious text but a very detailed account of an uneducated farmer and landscaper from Australia being abducted by ETs and taken to their planet for the sole purpose of writing a book to send back to earth, exactly like the biblical prophets.
Link to site regarding book

Link to book itself, free ebook.

Just read it and you will be enlightened. I'm not joking or fanatic, either. These aliens are the same that met with Moses, mentioned hundreds of times as YHWH (Jehovah... thiaoouba) , edited to angels, Lord God said this, etc. They explain their methods and reasons, and honestly would take a little more of a heinous that a farmer to come up with these concepts. If you ever wanted to learn the TRUTH, now's your chance.

Pic somewhat unrelated
Sorry shitty phone, meant genius instead of heinous.

Pic of a map I made tracking the first civilizations on earth.
just finished reading the book
holy fuck

If you tl;dr here's a rundown of the key points of info.

Before the universe there was a single consciousness and after x amount of time became extremely smart through an eternal meditation. He began to imagine feelings beyond the comprehension of a single entity (I.e. true love) and required another entity of his kind to learn all he had learned and eventually become his equal (man). In order to simulate his imagination and provide the chance of experience to learn all he knew, he created the universe with the atomic explosion known as the big bang as his method.
Then created primary plants and animals to facilitate life. Then created a special being with the smallest spark of his intelligence called man (astral being) to learn these things.

The universe is our souls playground to learn life lessons though experience by means of free will.

Souls are made of trillions of electrons that live for a ridiculously long amount of time. A single electron can store as much information roughly the size of your public library.

Souls are divided into 9 categories of evolution and planets assigned to each category (earth is of the lowest). When a body dies it reports to its higher self and is assigned a new body. When that higher self has learned all it needs to know in its category it graduates to the next level of higher being. A sort of packing order, so on all the way to the top.

When you die roughly 18 percent of your soul remains behind and is eventually recycled into other life. The memories stored in these remnants are usually the bad shit sometimes resulting in emf 'ghosts' to relive very strong memories and sometimes become visible.
The first humans on earth landed about 135 million years ago in Australia and burma, blacks and yellows respectively. After a certain amount of colonization over about 4000 years another race as a result of crisscrossing appeared as the Arab race. A meteor that split into three pieces destroyed most of the civilization and all of their technology in a global album catastrophe leaving only a few blacks in Australia and africa, a few yellows in Asia and most of the Arabs in the Sahara, which was mostly untouched.

Meteor resulted in a continent to spring up in the Pacific ocean and disconnected Australia from Antarctica as well as shifted the north pole from Stonehenge to where it is today.

Later another race of humans landed on the new continent and called their nation mu. Hey thrived for 50000 years in a high tech and highly evolved society. The remnants of the my civilization can be found on Easter island. They had colonies that formed Egypt and Greece. During the time another race: white, landed in Atlantis, a continent in north Atlantic ocean that connected north America to Europe and Africa by land bridges. Mu also partially colonised Atlantis and the whites moved east into northern Europe. Eventually a supervolcano erupted ans sunk Atlantis and mu and scattered most people through a domino effect.

Remnants of mu can be found in Egypt and Greece and are the building blocks for modern history. The surviving my people became the Polynesian race and southwestern, central, and south native Americans.

The Hebrew race are from a higher evolution of humans that landed on earth to make repairs to a ship. Due to universal law they could not live on earth and are literally cursed with bad luck and hatred form lower forms of humans.
Due to their luck their ship exploded leaving only three people, one man and two women. Rabbana, Dina, ans Levi respectively. They had no choice than to live on earth and Adam and eve refers to these people. (Sons of Levi are mentioned several times in biblical scriptures but never told who Levi is).

The old testament of the bible is a written recount of the Jewish lineage of about 12000 years of oral tradution... big game of telephone first written by Moses.

Moses was picked to help the Jews because our planets higher guardian race, the Thiaooubas (referred to as YHWH) felt sorry for them to become enslaved to the egyptians.

Later they sent a messenger of peace, Joshua of Nazareth (Jesus) to try to get people out of a materialistic world. It worked for about 300 years till people started forming a religion around him as a way to indentured people for monetary gains and power through fear by taking the scriptures and altering them to exclude reincarnation and introducing hell, based off of Norwegian belief of hellheim.

There's plenty more but I'm tired of typing
Yawn. Madame Blavatsky's version is better.
That is not the point.
I'm afraid your book link doesn't work, at least for me and your summary sounds like random fiction.
>Sons of Levi are mentioned several times in biblical scriptures but never told who Levi is
The progenitor of one of the 12 tribes and/or the judaic priestly "caste":
hate to interrupt but you need to resolve the telemeters argument in genetics before you start claiming any group showed up in any order

south east asians and anst asians have longer telemeters than other groups. their dna is much longer than others. putting them into the same category as australian abos nis crazy

telemeter length partially determines maximum life expectancy. they burn down over the years. while considered junk dna when it runs out after many phases of cellular mitosis (yes your DNA is dynamic) the body starts a series of degenerative processes

considering no other groups have telemeters as long as them it seems more likely they would be last in evolution not first

also its wrong to lump south east asians with east asians since the east asians have the epicathal fold but indigenous south east asians do not. india vs china. very near one another geographically but its a not so subtle distinction between the 2 and not the only one

migration of people allows for some south east asians to have the epicathal fold off the mainland but true south east asians do not. true native hawiians do not but many who claim to be true indonesians do
Why not? They're both fiction.
Uranium deposits shaken to the earth the surface during the meteor. It also effected the DNA of the blacks in australia. Like I said it's a quick summary, not the details within the book.

As well the book can be accessed via first link. Not hard to find on the site.

Easy to call it fiction when you haven't read it. Science hasn't given any better explanations, but human evolution will tell the difference between fact and fiction. Besides, worlds gonna end in a few months anyway, just throwing this out here for anyone interested in learning something before they die.
I'm sad this thread hasn't taken off. I haven't finished the book. But holy spoops
World ends in a few months, Wait what?
>it's a Jewish exceptionalism packaged in a vaguely occult narrative thread

Saged and hidden
>old creation myth
>souls are made up of masses of electrons
>they can 'inherit' (steal) bodies from the feeble
>colonization from Asia to the west and east
>Jews descendants of ancient priesthood

Either he's a liar who can make mean guesses or he's mistaken.

It wasn't an alien, it was a ghost. An old lonely ghost.
Mü never existed, it's an informality to reference a long dead country. The Murrica-Great-Britain of 12000~ years ago.
There are no 9 planets, we only have this one as it is unless humanity is older and already long lived in the stars. Even then the rest of 'us' would be too far to visit for now.
Anyone can claim to have learned the secrets of the universe from a god/angel/ascended master/ayylien. What makes you think this guy is yelling the truth and Mohammed or Joseph smith aren't?

Also, science stuff. The Koran had pretty advanced science stuff back in the day, like astronomy and how a baby was formed in the womb. And Muhammad was said to be illiterate too...
have you ever read and attempt to decipher the koran in its entirety? or any of those nonsensical religious tomes. for every truth they have there's endless fallacies. and even if it did contain scientific fact how would that help guide you through life?

like any philosophy, if a religion's backboom is winding and impossible to fully comprehend then theyre inapplicable to real life. makes sense right? if you can't even understand a book how can you live your life by it?
>‘It’s very simple. You have heard of the Bermuda Triangle?’ I nodded. ‘Well,
quite simply, in this spot and in others less well known, this parallel universe
becomes confused with your universe so that there exists between them a natural

stopped reading there
lol except that isnt how modern races came about at all

essentially you had a line of proto humans that eventually led to blacks (and they started in africa) and another line that eventually evolved into east asians, these guys were in asia. Meanwhile in europe you had the proto europeans, who were visually more similar to modern day arabs than whites (i.e. caucasoid features but dark hair and dark skin)

asian line led to modern day east asians
-> isolated populations of these people led to south east asians/polynesians etc

african line led to modern day blacks
-> isolated populations of these led to black abos

interbreeding between the east asian line and proto european line up in high altitude parks of europe led to whites (more specifically, this is where the blue eyes blonde hair phenotype comes from)

jews were not a different race until relatively recently, and they're not a different race because of inherent genetic differences but rather as an outcome of their own selective breeding. They most definitely did not fall out the fucking sky like you are suggesting lol
Didn't look at book yet.

Do animals and angels/aliens go through this 9 stage process? Or is it just humanity. And if the soul is compromised of electrons - Could that be measured or witnessed today?
>based off of Norwegian belief of hellheim

NT was written in greek
the kjv was a traanslation of that
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