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REAL Ouija board experiences
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Does anyone have any real Ouija board stories? Personal accounts or maybe something that happened to a close friend? No role play please.
>be me
>break out luigi board while with friends
>at my house
>we ask it stupid shit
"are you satan, lol"
>start attempting to piss off ghosts cause bored
>don't say goodbye
>nothing ever happens
>still live here 6~7 years later
good times
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>Luigi board
A friend of mine said she spoke to a demon with a ouiji board once. It called itself Saras, apparently. She just chatted and it said it would "see her soon". And that's all that happened. Nothing bad has happened to her. At least, not yet.
you do realize that you're a total retard if you believe her right ?
Catholic, can't use them.
>Does anyone have any real Ouija board stories?
Nothing happened.
Dey dont reel.
Im going to make an ouija board soon. Just for decorational purposes, i just wanted to tell people here, maybe i could trigger someone while im at it, you know.
Anyways, ill try to make it look old and maybe glue a shotglass onto it so it hangs on while i hang it up on my wall... Is this over the top stupidity or could this actually be cool?
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I don't use Ouija boards but I use a form of magic that uses spirits to do stuff. You really don't need the Ouija board at all it's just a convenient way to communicate. You can basically do the same thing with a table and have the spirit move the table as a yes response.

So here's my spirit magic story :

>Chilling with my coven (you always need a coven to practice spirit magic) having some beer.
>We get completely plastered and decide to summon a demon and have it possess a ring so we can give it to someone we all hate but pretend to be friendly to.
>We begin by writing down the personality of this demon so we summon the right one by having a clear idea of what this demon is (it just works better that way) decide to add the idea that it's very powerful
>Ritual begins and we light some candles for protection and we have a table with inscribed runes for various things.
>tfw your the only coven that actually practices this brand of magic.
>We all sit at the table with our hands flat on the table forming a circle around the ring that is laying on the table
>Start the summoning with the demon we decided to name Bob and called Bob from the spirit realm.
>Table starts shaking violently immediately and we all start laughing because at this point we are drunk out of our minds and have no idea exactly what is going to happen next.
>We tell the demon to possess the ring and the ring starts moving around but I can't be sure if it was just the table moving.
>all of a sudden the ring flips into the air and the candles go out, we hear the ring land somewhere on the tile floor.
>The table suddenly starts levitating which doesn't happen often in my experience with this sort of thing.
>at this point we start to get a little freaked out because our protection candles are gone so we all take our hands off the table top
>the 40 pound table crashes to the floor cracking some tiles in the process.
>We end up burying the ring just in case that thing actually possessed it.
>No role play please.
That's not role play at all you have no idea what is possible obviously.
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Kid Fedora checks in
im catholic and I used one
Used a ouija board with an aboriginal girl and an asian girl who after said that her mom got possessed when she was a baby and had to be taken to an asian witch doctor. (when her mom was a baby, not the girl)

anyways, here's my story, its not that interesting

>made ouija board out of cardboard beer can box
>playing ouija board in residence boys washroom
>nothing happens for 30 mins
>then the planchette (my shot glass) starts shaking and moving reeeeeeally slow
>the 3 of us freak out and run out of the washroom
>we calmed down and went back in
>thing moves slow but we ask questions
>it said that it is an animal spirit
>it doesnt want to talk to us so we say goodbye
>we're a little freaked out but then we try again
>planchette is moving so fast now
>its clearly a different spirit and it says that it isn't a good one
>we're all getting really scared
>its moving soooo fast from letter to letter and from yes to no with each question
>I know i'm not moving it
>I tried pushing it in different directions to test it, but it resisted my movement
>aboriginal girl took her hands off and has them in the air
>could have been the asian girl but i don't think she would fake it
>all of a sudden aboriginal girl screams and runs out
>me and asian scream and run out after her
>we ask her whats wrong
>her eyes are tearing, im almost gonna cry too cuz I was positive that the spirit contact was real
>she says she had a flash of a vision of a black background with a white light and a black silhouette of a man with a wide brimmed hat on
>we all get really creeped out, she draws what she saw
>she refuses to do it again
>i convince them that we have to say goodbye on the board
>we say goodbye
>next day asian tells us she wouldnt do ouija ever again and then tells us about her mom
>about three years later (today) im researching paranormal shit
>i find out that the hat man is a real thing that a lot of people have actually seen
> now im creeped the fuck out again

has anyone else seen him?

never seen him, but ive heard about him. it would be cool to hear if anyone else saw him during a ouija board
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so you wern'te moving it, was aborginal girl or asian girl possibly?
Not supposed to, just like fortune tellers and tarot cards and all that shit is forbidden.

yeah there was no way I was moving it. And when the aboriginal girl took her hands off, it was still moving.

So asian girl would be the only possibile canidate for moving it, but I dunno man. I don't think she was at least concisous of moving it, maybe spirits were using asians girls hands to move it.

I really believed that asian girl isnt the type of person who would fake it. We were all so interested in it to see if it was real, she was just as freaked as us and refused to ever do it again.
Bro I have seen you on multiple posts trying to role play this Hatman bullshit.

My story is the one above

ive tried it at least 4 times, but its only worked 1/4 times. I think its highly dependant on the type of people your with. Maybe because Im catholic it didnt work for me and my other catholic friend (we've tried 3 times). Maybe we're too protected my catholic spirits?

But because I was with non-catholics/more spirtual voodoo-y religions it was able to work that first time? I dunno, im just hypothesizing/brainstorming reasons why.

IM NOT ROLEPLAYING IM SERIOUS. ive been posting because i wan't to hear other peoples real experiences with this so that I know im not going cray
i m in bad ass
u bullshit, not give a shit . have fun with your souls
Yeah I've used one. In around 2012

>get bored with friend
>decide to draw out ouija board because I'm depressed and edgy
>use it in conservatory so parents can't really see. Shut the curtains
>place on table. I'm facing the doors and he is facing the windows
>both become increasingly paranoid we will see something in the windows reflection
>keep looking at self. Both feel tranced
>feels like cup is trying to move but won't
>hear scratching at the door in front of me like an animal with claws
>stars at friend but he doesn't seem to care
>stop using board and say goodbye

Straight after this my friend went upstairs and said he saw a dark figure that looked like an old lady walk out from my room and go downstairs and disappear. He said it looked like my grandma.
Not so long after the lightbulbs mysteriously died out in the room. Didn't tell anyone why. Anyway haven't touched one since and I think it's affected my sanity
*stares at friend
Sorry I was rushing
> Be me a few years ago on Halloween
> At a friends house with a few other people
> One friend brings a Ouija board
> Everyone decides to have a "seance"
> Sit in the middle of living room, all the lights off. Completely dark except for a few candles
> Using Ouija board for over 2 hours.
> Nothing happened.
I've personally tried playing a few time but nothing really ever happened. However, my mom told me a story about her and a group of friends who decided to sneak into their high school in the middle of the night and play.
I'll post the story if anyone really wants to read it.

Google 'Ankou', that may give you a hint
I want!
>I'll post the story if anyone really wants to read it
why do you idiots say this. either post your story or fuck off you dink
ouija boards are some fake shit.
your brain is programmed to recognize patters, this is why people see jesus in toast and shit.
If you think you're fucking with a spirit, your brain will think the same thing and you will start making coincidences seem like real, intentional, deliberate actions by said spirit.

try this experiment. get a friend, ask him or her to hold a necklace still. now move your finger back and forth in front of him, and the necklace will mimic your finger's movement. This is a great example of how your subconscious fucks with you and explains the movement of the planchette
Same experience, bar the years. Halloween, 2 years ago.
Demonic deception.
Solve this one for me, because it's been a while and I still equate it to chance and my friend bullshitting me. I've mentioned it here before, only to responses that my friend was not off the hook.

Anyways, long story short as possible: said friend was the 'spiritual' kind with some interest in various religions but not a firm believer. He was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer about four years, six months ago. This guy was/still is heavily into the paranormal and anything that could be attached to that label. He played with talking boards and used one after being diagnosed, claiming to have reached some sort of 'demon' and (apparently) it offered to remove the cancer from his body on the condition that he go do something for it (on Earth). Dan still won't tell me what that was - just REFUSES to - it seems to not have been anything illegal though.

Some months afterwards, he experienced recession. Happens naturally sometimes, but really uncommon. Less than a year later, it was gone. The man never had any treatment (did not believe in chemo or homeopathic shit) and took the pain very bravely while it was there. We keep in touch and he's as intriguing as always.

Once again, if anyone has an answer...even if I were to entertain the idea that a 'demon' exists and could somehow arrange some exchange like that, what could it possibly want and why would it?
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That's my experience with it. The board was my mother's, from the 70's, but everything is fine so I'm not sure what that'd matter. I've tried it with others, alone, with my friend that uses them extensively (just posted about him)...nothing. Tried a newer board. Nothing. Asked legitimate questions. Nothing. An attempt every so often over the years. Nothing.

I'm told the very convenient response of "if you don't believe, it won't work for you anyways", but 80% of the time I've tried it only alone and as far as I'm aware, it takes more than one person for the ideomotor effect to really come into play re: the planchet moving.

who the fuck cares it's a wood board and some plastic
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>34 years old
>years ago
>grandmom dies
>months pass
>sister tells my mom to check this ouija board shit out
>both place their fingers on planchette
>planchette starts to move
>tell my sister to knock it the fuck off
>"no" lol
>planchette eventually answers the question of where my mom's ring is
>my grandmom's neighbor broke in and stole it according to the board
>my mom confronts the neighbor IRL
>neighbor breaks down and tells my mom she burgled the ring
>produces said ring
>gives it back to my mom on the promise she won't press charges

This story pre-dates 4chan's existence and is the reason I believe in the afterlife.

Was always told by my family never to mess with one of these things because my family claims we have a deep spiritual heritage. Couple of friends busted one out while we were hanging out once. Had always shied away from them but figured "fuck it" this time. When i reached to put my hand in the spyglass thing it goes flying off the table and across the room. Never even dreamed of fucking with one ever again.
>play ouija with loli
>it actually works omg.jpg
>ghost is not nice
>scares my loli
>next time we play it says "stop playing"
>game tht wants us to stop playing itself
shes too spooped to play now
Yeah, it never worked for me
...The one ring
In exchange for his soul obvs
Well just show us the recording you took as proof and you can collect your 1 million dollars.
Still more believable than tulpas
two different things can be equally fake and gay at the same time.
Lol. Shut up faggot. This is 100% bullshit.
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You could just buy it
I did on my 15th or 16th birthday(I'm going on 25 now). It was me and a friend, both our first time messing with one, and she thought I was fucking with her and so, told it to not make the lighter work. It didn't(Probably coincidence), and then to blow out the candle, and it did(Probably also coincidence). Before any of this, it had spelled out the name of a kid I had known a few years prior. I was a little shocked, thinking that I maybe subconsciously knew where the letters were on the board somehow and it flawlessly spelled out this kids entire name. Also something about a barn fire. I thought this meant that the kid died, but I ran into him a year 1/2 or so later and he was absolutely fine.

After we played with the board, one of my parents had been videotaping(Just sort of traditional, it happened every year at some point). Anyway, the next day went to play it back and the video was 100% ruined. It played all scratchy with static and shit. Also coincidental, I imagine.

Oddly enough several years later I did begin to see a figure off and on. This only stopped around a year or so ago... but, probably not related. I don't know. Didn't seem necessarily evil or anything. Nothing bad ever happened.

But yeah, that's my story.
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Bs? yeahhhh bs
Yeah, I used one as a teenager and got some weird messages.

Nothing sinister, but things like someone would be injured and within a few hours we would hear about a friend or relative who had an accident.

And once the spirit claimed to be my aunt Margret. I told my group I don't have an aunt Margret. Talked to my granddad a few months later and he mentioned one of his sisters, Margret. He'd never mentioned her to me before, but I asked him who taught him to knit and it was Margret.

He was a weird duck, never just plain told us things, but if we asked Granddad questions he would pop out with something. Like the fact that his aunts and uncles and siblings were the same people, because his grandfather adopted him when he was eight years old and great-great-granddad and one of his really young wives raised him. I never got an answer as to why this happened, especially since Granddad's biological parents were alive, had children before him and after him and none of them were raised by anyone else.
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