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Ok /x/, here is what happened last weekend...
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Ok /x/, here is what happened last weekend to me, going into this I never knew this hotel was haunted, nor did I believe something like this could happen. I had mild psychic emotions, but those were just thoughts compared to what happened.
>was laid off last nov and get offer to do demolition for a months contract
>ok, on jan 4th fly out to Hotel Saskatchewan
>didnt know anything about the hotel
>show up and start working
>my job is to cut up the carpets, and take out all the garbage outside to the bin
>hotel staff seems friendly but weirdly nice in the hotel
>first 3 weeks go by great
>stay up at night watching Aussie open, waking up at 7am to work
>still manage to get enough sleep although working 7 days a week
>our job is to demo the 5th, 4th, 3rd floors and a couple rooms on the 2nd floor
>cutting up carpets, sometimes there are stains underneath
>have a feeling not to touch the carpets too much, but sometimes have to carry them on my shoulders
>work in -43 Celsius for several days, its fucking very cold
>on the 24th, it gets really warm, around +1 degrees
>full moon is out
>can't sleep, randomly have to walk around the city for no apparent reason
>get no sleep at all, no feeling tired at all but still go to work next day
>working and feeling very different throughout the day
>not much like myself, start having 'schizo' thoughts that people are after me
>I start following some plumbers around thinking they are leaving bombs
>thinking I am being set up
>as a side note, I have not had schizo thoughts before, so I realize that I am acting crazy and just keep doing my work, putting these thoughts to the back of my mind
>i start to follow 'signs', follow green and run away from red
>then comes the next, which I have not slept past 24 hours past this point
Did you wear proper gear when cutting up the carpets and in cold weather?
>After everyday we would normally play Fifa 2k15, one of the other guys brought his xbox
>leading in the season and not many games remain, its one of the things keeping us working everyday
>cant manage to play a game
>lock myself in the washroom
>guys are drinking whiskey, normally I would have a drink or two but tonight I couldnt
>start having thoughts I need to shave my whole body
>have some random moles on my body
>start to think they are cancerous and need to cut them out
>really consider this but the thoughts are overwhelming
>guys ask a couple times if im ok, been in the shower for a couple hours now
>just say yea im ok, just shaving lol
>end up cutting some of the moles with nail clippers
>have delusions for about several hours til 3am
>thinking I am someone from the 60s
>theres a knife in the washroom and I make motions over and over again at my neck, torso, thighs, and some spots over my body
>believe I am some older man from a different era
>get very harsh emotions and wishing the guys would die in the other room
>i end up running outside with no shoes or coat
>its -15 at night, very cold
>cant sleep and end up jumping in the dumpster
>legs start to freeze and can feel my blood clogging
>start to shake them uncontrollably to get my blood flowing
>do this til the sun comes up
>walk around and find a different dumpster full of garbage of processed fruits and veggies
>jump in and sleep for 2-3hours, didnt have a watch but i put the pieces together since I came back
>create a little haven inside the bin, pile up the bags and open them up, use my shirt as a cover and when I wake up and open this little makeshift tent a bunch of steam releases
>walk around bear foot around the city talking with homeless people
>meet young kid, he starts to randomly rap
>think I never heard this before and think its amazing
>think its weird because I enjoyed rap in my youth
>follow him around for abit
>stop and look up at the sun
we had those little paper masks, which when I stopped wearing a week in because I didn't feel like to was doing the job
Two days before my 'psychotic break' there was a gas leaking which the contractor said was just air, I did mention this to the doctors but they said it could take several months exposure to produce these types of effects

back the to story
>while looking up directly into the sun, I feel like I haven't seen it in decades
>look at a giant clock on one of the buildings and its exactly 12:34
>and I just snap out of it, I wonder what I am doing although I was conscious the whole time
>was nearby the hotel but my feet are dead
>I cannot literally walk anymore and walk into a restaurant close by
>call for a taxi and pay like $4 to be driven back to the hotel
>walk in and see this blonde girl I had an intense drawing too right before this happened
>have gf and normally dont think much about other girls, but this girl just felt like my type
>although in reality she wasnt, even though she was very hot I don't like girls with dyed blonde hair
>realize it wasnt my itching for her
>when I see her when I walked in after the itchings for her were gone
>the other guys called everywhere looking for me when I showed up
>were just about to call the cops since I left all my shoes, wallet, and phone
>have flight back the same day
>still dont sleep since that earlier nap
>fly back go to hospital
>spend 9 hours being checked out by psych doctors and emerge doctors check out my moles
>they deem im healthy and let me go home
>go see family doctor couple days later, thinks i might be schizo or just had a psychotic break
>tell gf what happened, she tells me that hotel was haunted and several people have committed suicide there
>do my own research, says floors 5 and 3 had an old man ghost which was reported by employees and guests over the years
>seems like a nice ghost they said, but many people took their own lives there
>something major I left out
>i have been trying to go healthy and cut out fluoride from my diet for several years
>pineal gland and what not
>during my washroom stint I became obsessed with Crest toothpaste, it was my hotel roommates
>put it all over my body
>ate some of it, which I ended up puking everywhere
>put it over my moles which were cut
>randomly they healed perfectly after a week later
>when I got back these thoughts have lingered, I am trying to put the pieces together
>have not had anymore thoughts of doing what I did
>cant decide if I am schizo or was influenced
>had full blood tests done, per doctors request
>have to see her once a week and update, hopefully im not schizo

seems like no one cares too much lol, enjoy /x/, that was my ghost story, although not to scary I felt like i escaped suicide in some way because I close to doing it, although I am not suicidal in anyway and it was my own thoughts which prevented me from doing so
damn dude it felt like im reading about mixed bad drugs trip.
Ironically I was very sober that month. When I was in my mid twenties I would smoke a lot of weed, then cut it down drastically to like once a week/biweekly. Up there I smoked a joint in the first week and had maybe 2-3 drinks a night while playing Fifa, nothing other then that.. I smoked DMT 4 months before and brokethrough but that was in my hometown andmost likely did not affect anything..
Additionally our cola and whiskey were in the room so unless I was slipped something by one of the other guys, which isnt likely, then I was sober.. but yea, iunno what to say buddy
>i have been trying to go healthy and cut out fluoride from my diet for several years

Hope you brush daily, otherwise enjoy your tooth decay
>come to /x/
>post random flat earth theory
>max thread
>come to /x/
>post real ghost possession story in haunted hotel
>get brushing advice and 2 random replies

ahh the good days are ahead
/x/ is going through another shit cycle, but calling attention to it just makes things worse. Threads like this help, but complaining because you don't get legitimate replies right when you want them doesn't.
Was hoping some /x/eophiles would help me figure out which ghost or w/e it might have been. Feel the murders and suicides there might have been documented somewhere on a website, unfortunately I have come up empty handed.
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