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Doss Cemetery
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Hey /x/, I'm here to tell you about what I think is the most haunted place in America in my opinion. That place is Doss Cemetery. It's a private cemetery that's off all main roads and sits in the middle of the woods surrounded by a rusting black iron fence. Now, it's not haunted because it's a cemetery it's haunted because of everything that's transpired there. The klansmen meet in the woods right across from the cemetery and some cult sacrifices cats under the tree in the middle of the graveyard( I've seen one of the disembowled cats there myself). I've seen the cultists there before and they tried to break into my car as I drove by the woods that holds the graveyard. I have visited it over 50+ at random times of the day ranging from 10 am to 4 am and have always had a paranormal experience happen. Sometimes it would happen in under 30 seconds. These experiences range from seeing shadowy figures moving around, deafening hissing noises, and full blown apparitions. I'll be posting pictures of the cemetery I found online while typing out my /x/periences at this cemetery. So sit back and enjoy
where is it at?
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Okay first story takes place last year during the winter.

>3 in the morning
>friends and I just left waffle house
>wanna get spooked
>Doss Cemetery it is then

So we get to the road and start heading down it. As we're going down I start noticing cars parked inside the treeline all down the road. I'm freaking out a little at this point because I've never seen anyone down here besides the people that own the land. We drive by the graveyard and don't see anyone so we turn around and are on our way back towards it to see what's going on.

>dude there are people in the road
>look there are people blocking the road!

In the middle of the road are 4 people dressed in all black with some type of hood on over there heads blocking the road. I slow down and turn my highbeams on and there's 12 people in total now. 4 in the road, 4 on the right side of the road, and 4 on the left side of the road all wearing the same get up. I'm shitting bricks now because it had to be the cat people. I'm forced to slow down so I don't hit the people in the road so I'm going about 5 mph at this point. We get up beside them and the have the most contorted weird smiles I've ever seen. They start tugging on the doors to try and get inside my car. I froze. I was just paralyzed with fear. Luckily friend A shoved my leg down to floor the gas pedal and we sped off almost hitting the people still in front of my car. I came back the next day and low and behold on one of the graves was a cat with its eyes torn out and stomach ripped open. I don't like going back there now because of that. I didn't tell my friends about the dead cat so they wouldn't be too terrorized.

Next story is of when I saw "Jane"
Mt. Airy, NC
Jane is more of a myth of what one of the entities that manifests itself there at the cemetery. The myth is that she was a witch and sacrificed herself to whichever demon she felt the need to do so inside of the graveyard. She was found dead with needles in her eye and her throat slit inside of a pentagram. I believe it kind of because if you call her out specifically crazy shit happens. I'm gonna compile all the Jane incidents into one post because most are short and sweet because I'm a puss and run.

This first one happened yesterday actually. A bunch of my friends and I piled into our friends car and made our way to the cemetery. We get there and 3 of us get out because the other 2 were too scared. We get to just the entrance and we see something emerge from behind the tree in the middle. It stands beside it staring at us for about 10 seconds before

>is that you Jane?

Friend blurts that out. Suddenly it sounds like there's hundreds of snakes around us hissing madly. Pants were shat and we bolt for our cars. We pile in and start to go. We look back up towards the cemetery and standing up behind the fence was a black shadow looking right at us. It didn't have eyes but you could tell it was looking right at us. It had this feeling of pressure that let you know it was looking at you. Needless to say we floored it.

Another time was I went by myself one day and I was just looking around at the gravestones bored. I decided to ask if Jane was there trying to get something to happen. As if on cue the back gate opened and closed by itself. Everything went quiet and all I felt was this presence. It felt like it was all around me and I couldn't pin point it. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement behind a grave. I looked and behind the grave sat a figure. It just looked like a cloud of darkness just sitting there. I bolted because I was by myself and didn't feel like dying. Didn't look back the whole way home.
Will keep updating but I have to go to bed. Also worth mentioning is that I will be going back there sometime next week and will take pictures of us there and the area.
Okay I'm back from my power nap. Hopefully some lurkers are getting some enjoyment from these stories.

Next one took place when I first turned 16 and got my license so about 5-6 years ago. I went with my cousins and my oldest cousin's wife. We get out but she stays in the car because she's spooked. We walk into the entrance and start looking around for anything weird. We wandered around for about 5 minutes before we all ended up back at the entrance standing side by side looking back into the graveyard. My cousin's wife flips the lights on the car and starts blasting the horn. With the graveyard now illuminated and our ears getting blasted, we can now see why she did that. In front of us we could see someone's breath. Not a person. Just their breath from it breathing. We stood for a second thinking our eyes were just fucking with us because of how disoriented we just became. Then we heard a very low, guttural growl coming from in front of us. We backed up slowly to our car not taking our eyes off this steady rhythm of breathing in front of us. We get in the car and leave with nothing else happening. From his wife's perspective she saw a 4th person appear when we all ended back up at the entrance. That's when she flipped on the lights and blared the horn so we would notice it. She said it looked like a man had emerged from the woods and was staring at us and we weren't reacting at all to it. I didn't see anything until she flipped the lights on and even then I only saw the breath of whatever it was.
Now I just want to explain how unsettling this place is. Right when you cross the "threshold" of the gate you instantly feel uncomfortable. I do at least. There's just this feeling like you're in a crowd. Hundreds of eyes on you and almost claustrophobic feeling. Just nothing feels right inside of the cemetery and I never feel safe in it. I don't go alone anymore because of this feeling because I almost feel overwhelmed by myself. Even in the daytime it's just unsettling. I think something really evil resides in there. I don't know what it is or which of all the myths and rumors to believe on how it got there.

I went there by myself once and there was a black coyote sitting in the middle of the road(by sitting I mean literally sitting) I have never in my life seen a black coyote before that moment. When I pulled up in front of it it didn't react at all. It sat there unmoving even when I would honk at it. Eventually it stood up and slowly walked over to the entrance of the graveyard and sat down at the gate. When I got to the top of the road to turn around and went by again it was gone. Just weird shit happens there and that's honestly the only animal I've ever seen there before.
Dude I heard there's dead people in there.
> been there 50+ times
> not even a single spoopy pic

Ok m8e
I'll take pics when I go back there next week for yall. Probably a video or two as well.
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