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You know, I truly get this, the idea behind...
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You know, I truly get this, the idea behind all the coverups and conspiracies and all the information that's out there on aliens and stuff. My brother used to be super huge into it and he had files and stuff, but most of them were crap anyway. A lot of them did contain most of the information found here and at places like Above Top Secret, which I think is where he visited the most. Of course this was like back in 2001.

Anyway, I understand more the appeal of it now. The want to be connected to something greater than yourself, to understand "the truth" and to be able to "get one over" on all the people hiding the truth from us.

But I cannot get behind most of the information that I've seen. Short Nose Greys and Reptilians, the Orange ones ( can't remember what they were called) and all the others, plus the governments within the governments that are keeping it all a secret from us.

To me it's all too convenient, too well put together, and too understood. The government has all this information and we've stumbled upon it from various sources and stuff, but we have all these backgrounds and histories for things that aren't even from this world (if they exist.) How can we truly presume that all the information we so readily have available is even right or real?

To me all of this stuff is fascinating and engaging but I am not my brother. I won't believe a screencap of the X-files with "TNT"'s watermark stretched out. I don't buy all the stuff that is supposed to be fact hidden by governments.

To me, the truth is far more scary than that. Because what I believe is that while most of the UFO sightings we have are either government or misunderstood normal things, that there are aliens that have visited Earth, or that could. And what's scary about is that I believe the information about them that's been on the internet since forever is all false, and that we know absolutely nothing about them. The government knows absolutely about them.
To continue, I believe that if the government is actually hiding any of this from us, it's only because we'd collectively crap our pants if we realized there were these super advanced things visiting earth and that we don't have ANY idea about them.

No Presidents shaking hands with them, no secret meetings in dark rooms, just a bunch of people that know exactly how screwed we really are.

I don't know why I typed all of this up. It's something I've thought of for a while. Maybe it's because I'm watching the X-files for the first time, and it reminds me so much of my brother around the same time. And I mean I get it, really. I want to believe. But I don't know that I can.
b-but you can say it all just...
desu please don't do this to me

Euhm. Who cares? Honestly.

It isn't any more scary than nuclear apocalypse.

Maybe there are invisible aliuns or demons flying through your room right now and you just can't see them.

Is that really affecting your daily life though? Your little world goes on until it doesn't.
There's nothing scary about Cthulu/whathaveyou being real or not. If existing, then it does. If not, then it doesn't. Your world does not change until it does and worrying about whether it will or not is a waste of time.
There's nothing being done. What is is and what isn't isn't. If aliens were contacting our planet, it would be impossible to keep it secret. There's people who, I believe, have a firm belief (lololol) that they see aliens and were buttmunched by an anal probe and left in a cattlefield somewhere in the Midwest states. It's not hard. It's really not.

You can decide to believe, but believing isn't the same as knowing, and knowledge doesn't come as easily. Be ready to receive it when it is available, but make sure you're not wrong, too...
I wouldn't take it too harshly. Frankly, it requires a possibly overactive imagination. Maybe. Maybe.

Outer space aliens, maybe and so on. I can't claim any further expertise at all.
I actually kekked a bit because I just came from the "/x/ is the dumbest board" thread. Kudos to you for having an intelligent thought!

I completely agree that this seems extremely likely.

If we're talking about aliens, we're dealing with creatures who've potentially had billions of years of evolution more than us; if they wanted to remain hidden, they would remain hidden. That's not to say there couldn't be the off-spaceship malfunction on our humble planet every once in a blue moon, but for the most part those space niggers are gonna be undetectable.
True. And this doesn't haunt my every waking thought. Mostly it's just some thoughts that've been swirling around for a long time.

True, but I like to believe I have an overactive imagination, especially as a writer. But I'm also sort of a realist, and I can understand that most of what we'd like to be true just isn't.

For me it's just...I mean think of the Native Americans. When we were just coming over here and starting to interact with them, they didn't have any huge conclusive backstory, they just knew there were some dudes around. I think that's where we are now. I'm actually trying to find my brother's files on aliens (I say file, it was just a folder) but what I thought was it turned out to be his 5th grade homework, so I need to dig through my families junk some more.
Thread replies: 7
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