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What do you all think about the story of...
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What do you all think about the story of Valiant Thor. To me it has a ring of truth to it.
OP, tells us the story of Valiant Thor. Include some pics. Make an actual thread of it.
Well not really a lot of pictures to share sadly.

My basic understanding was he arrived in a spaceship and was taken to see President Eisenhower

He seemed very interested in helping with the worlds problems but was rebuffed...
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Phil Schneider discussed him as well...
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this book was written about him
>Phil Schneider discussed him as well...

>ring of truth to it

Elaborate OP
Well the accounts of conversations about God and Jesus with Valiant don't deny God or Jesus as Lord.

He also stated that he and his kind monitor the Earth (Watchers?) And that they prevent things like nuclear destruction (Angels)

There is a great unrelated story about a Ufo that saved Chernobyl from complete disaster sounds like what Thor was explaining...
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this link tells of ufos over nuclear plants
File: chernobyl.jpg (112 KB, 456x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"There are persistent stories in the Ukraine that the world was saved by UFOs" at the time of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. "When the Chernobyl meltdown began to occur, witnesses saw a UFO hovering above the Fourth Generating Unit of the Chernobyl plant. The eyewitnesses say it was there for six hours and that hundreds of people saw it."

Eyewitness "Mikhail Veritsky says, 'I and other people from my (production) team went to the site of the blast that night. We saw a ball of fire, and it was slowly flying in the sky. I would say that the fireball was 6 to 8 meters (20 to 24 feet) in diameter.'"

"'There were two rays of crimson light stretching'" from the UFO "'towards the Fourth Generating Unit. The object was at least 300 meters (1,000 feet) from the reactor. The event lasted for three minutes. The lights on the object then went out, and it flew away in a northwesterly direction.'"

"Veritsky believes the UFO brought the radiation levels down and prevented a nuclear explosion."

"Three years later, on September 16, 1989, the Fourth Generating Unit emitted radiation into the atmosphere. Several hours later, a doctor saw an object in the sky above the Chernobyl plant. Dr. Gospina described it as 'amber-like' and said she could see the top and bottom of it clearly."

"In October 1990, V. Nauran, a reporter for the newspaper Echo of Chernobyl, was photographing the machine shop at the Chernobyl plant. He said, 'I photographed the top of it (ceiling--J.T.), including part of the sky above. I remember everything very well. I did not see any UFO at the time. However, when I developed the film, I clearly saw the object that was hovering above that hole in the (machine shop) roof. The object looked like the UFO Dr. Gospina saw.'"

(Many thanks to Michel Heseman and Steve Wilson Sr. for this news story.)
Well in that case . this thread belongs in the garbage
what is wrong with Phil?

he seemed sincere?
>Veritsky believes the UFO brought the radiation levels down and prevented a nuclear explosion

Nuclear reactors are incapable of causing a nuclear explosion, they can catch fire or melt down, but they can't detonate the way that a bomb can
interesting anon

so what was the worst that could have happened with Chernobyl?
exactly what happened.
Wrong. There was a serious risk that the corium would melt through into a pool of water that would cause a steam explosion of radioactive waste.

They prevented it through draining the pool of water.

It could have been much worse.
That was prevented by those workers that swam and drained the pooling water though. Unless you are saying those three men were aliens?
No no no. But the worst that could happen, didnt. Thanks to those brave souls that drained the water. I bet that they were very human though.
Ok, that makes more sense.

I'm not sure I completely discredit the idea of ETs watching out when we almost fucking ruin our planet. If there is intelligent life capable of visiting us, I feel like this is a logical (to us) approach for them to take.
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Sensei Hoagie.png
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Come on dude. Schneider (RIP) and guys like him are telling us the campfire spook stories of our generation. We grew out of witches and werewolves and now we have aliens. Don't tell me you don't settle down to these bullshit stories with a nice cup of cocoa. Comfy dad shit for a guy like me whose dad sucked.


(pic related)
He was delusional and supported known hoaxes like mj12 and the dulce "base"
Yknow the most fucked up thing, I think he choked himself to death with those catheter tubes, just so everyone would believe he was assassinated for knowing too much, and he'd become some kind of legend or some shit.
Likely. He was paranoid and clearly had issues telling fact from fiction so if he was planning suicide anyways he may have wanted to make it dramatic to add fuel this his fantasy persona
Oh just, you know.
Fallout seeping everywhere giving everything cancer and shit.
With hopefully ONE person getting a super power from it.
Can you provide proof Schneider was suicidal?

That would change everything for me
phil schneider's ex wife believed he was murdered http://www.apfn.org/apfn/ex_wifephil.htm
Man this board sucks

Sorry I brought up a cool topic

The cool topic being a retarded version of The Day The Earth Stood Still?
>/x/ chat confirmed real
Cool as in its not a topic on here every day
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I'm pretty sure that's Corey Taylor.
Kill yourself. You're not informative either nor contributing to anything, so when you're in Hell, kill yourself again by swimming in a river of molten hot lava.
Kill yourself kill yourself

Awwwww babies first insult...
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