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Hello /x/
this is my first time posting here and I come to you hoping you can give me some answers or direction on where to go or what to do about some things that have been happening in my life for a number of years now, and as of late have been happening more frequently and affecting more people around me.

A number of things happening around me, mostly experienced by myself and my brother that I can only chalk up to being paranormal in a way and I'm at a loss for an explanation or what to do about it. There's no boundary as to where or when these things happen either. (work, home, school, driving around etc)

I'll continue posting in this thread with chunks of examples of things that happened or continually happen to us:

>pic not related

My family moved once, my parents were the original owners of a suburbia house building in the end of the 80s, so I doubt it could be haunted.

In that house, around '07, my brother and I were home alone and a piece of furniture moved by itself. I was standing in the kitchen, and my brother was walking through a connecting room, into the room opposite of the kitchen I was in. I could see him in a mirror in the connecting room and saw he was in the doorway to the opposite room when it happened.
A heavy ottoman with rubber feet, filled with books inside (quite heavy) moved backwards from the desk it was in front of. I distinctly heard the rubber feet drag across the wood floor and my brother freaked out and ran back to me in the kitchen.

In the same room another time, I foam cube rolled off of a shelf inexplicably while I was working at a desk. I heard a movement and watched it fall.
>current home

My family now lives in a townhome built in the 80s as well. More strange things have happened here since we moved in.

One time I was in the upstairs bathroom to take a shower, I had the water running and was doing whatever while it warmed up. I distinctly heard what sounded like a shirt or fabric being dropped or falling and looked around but found nothing. A bit later I looked up and saw a washcloth sitting ontop of the light fixture. it was clean and folded. Given how long I had the light on, it wasn't hot as if it had been there the whole time. So I assumed that was what I heard moments before.
>current home

Something happened I don't remember what incident it was after, but my mom put a statue of the virgin mary on a shelf in the room my brother and I share. recently, while my back was turned and he was talking to me, facing the shelf, an object sitting in front of the mary statue flew off the shelf. It just flew off and broke apart into the 3 respect pieces it could detach into. I saw him react to it moving initially and turned around to see it fall to the desk and then to the floor.

my brother and I drive generic white vans for work, and we've both experienced the volume on the radios turning down inexplicably.
one time my brother turned the dial both loud and low but the volume would only get louder either way he turned it.


at our current home, I was on my old cell phone (a flip phone) with my uncle and was losing reception for some reason and at one point I heard a sharp whisper that was clearer than my uncles voice say "get down"

my brother has an iphone and one time he went to watch a video and only a harsh bizarre static noise came out of the speakers. He tried multiple apps and any instance of music or a video he tried was this noise. After a few minutes it went back to functioning normally.

the nature of my brother's and my work has us in peoples houses and sometime we experience weird stuff in peoples home's

my brother was working in a bathroom at the top of the stairs, and the area was about 10 feet long of a small landing/hallway. There were doors to a bedroom, his bathroom, another bedroom, and double doors to another bedroom.
He was alone in the house and all the doors around him were closed.
He had his bathroom door closed and opened it to get a tool, noting all the other doors were closed. He got the wrong tool, so opened his door a few second later to get the right one, and saw one of the bedroom doors, and only one of the double doors, were open.

one job my brother and I, and a coworker were on, all 3 of us experienced weird shit.

The house itself was an old farmhouse, which I'm in old houses all the time, but this one I instantly got a bad vibe from and walked around it somewhat cautiously.

From the door we came in (entry way) passing a small bathroom, then a living room, to the 2nd floor stairs we went up to the job bathroom. Each of these 3 areas we passed to get to the stairs, we would walk through, but coming back, lights would be turned on inexplicably.
I would go down the stairs, then outside to the van, come back, and the bathroom light would be on. My brother went down and out, he came back in, the entryway light was on. Etc.

At this point I had ditched my flipphone and now own an iphone. I was up in the bathroom working when the coworker called me with a question. As we talked he asked me for some reason "is everything ok over there?" and then my phone exploded into this harsh static that startled me. I immediately hung up and didn't leave the room till my brother arrived on the job.

I also could have sworn I heard someone walking around in one of the rooms but my coworker I was with told me it was just us in the house.
>someone's home

I wasn't there for this one but it happened to my brother.
He was at someone's apartment with some other people:
brother's friend X
X's brother and girlfriend

Bro and X were playing playstation while Bf/Gf were out on the deck.
The playstation flew out of the entertainment center, and the disk popped out from it hitting the ground.
Bf/Gf came in and bro+X told them what happened.
BF hooked the playstation back up and was playing it when it flew out of the entertainment system AGAIN, with all 4 of them witnessing it. The TV also stopped working for a few minutes inexplicably.

the Gf blamed my brother or whatever was following him/my family
Could be poltergeists. Generally they're caused by kids. You could've gotten attuned to that level of energy fluctuations as a child and carried it into your adult life, causing a bunch of weird things to happen around you. Also, since you're in and out of people's homes a lot, you might be tapping into the previous energies spikes on those properties and it manifesting in the movement of objects and malfunction of technology. Idk. It happens. Meditate more and you might be able to channel you're energy into something more positive. You probably just have too much of it.
Well I've honestly got nothing, but from what I gather you do some home repairs or construction of some sort for a living. Have you done it since young or before these incidents have happened? Does the work run in the family? My speculation, and it's just speculation, is you or someone related to you might have unknowingly damaged, destroyed or dug up something during a job accidentally.
caused by kids how?

I do believe there is a strong "negative energy" around my family.

Nothing major that I'd suspect we'd done anything like that damaging or destroying things.

I don't know much about either of my parent's family histories in detail (on this kind of stuff or if anything like that may have been done) but my mom, dad, and brother all have seen UFOs. My mom's (blood related) uncle was schizo and apparently found floating dead in a river. She doesn't know much herself.

How do hexes or curses work? It would be plausible to me that may have been done. My dad was involved in politics for a long time and people hated him. We always have felt like outsiders in any community or group as well.
also are unpleasant smells a thing? Areas of our house will random smell like shit sometimes.

My mom has also experienced her phone exploding into harsh static inexplicably. But she told me to her it was almost a harsh shrill scream sound. Not just at home either, out and about running errands etc.
>also are unpleasant smells a thing?
Yeah that's usually a sign. It's a shame your locals collectively shuns you as a group. Anger usually makes people blind, that kind of negativity alone could be responsible even without a specific curse to blame.
also since 2013 to now, I've had like 6-7 car accidents. Some people I've talked to think that's kind of strange.

Range from fender benders to totaled cars.
I literally got my car back from the shop (from a recent accident) a bit over a week ago and a few days ago a deer ran into my car while I was driving home with my brother.

My parents and some siblings were in a bad one that totaled the car, and my brother had a car totaled when a woman backed up onto his hood at a fucking red light. Dumb bitch.
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