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Have you ever seen or heard or in anyway...
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Have you ever seen or heard or in anyway experienced what you believe to be a ghost? Please tell me about it!
>Only experience that couldn't be explained by myself

>Summer holidays, im young boy, about 10
>used to wake up at 7 every morning, take my duvet downstairs and play video games and watch tv
>quarter way through the holidays
>suddenly I would begin to hear tapping on my livingroom window
>it sounds like a fingernail or a tree branch
>I would try to ignore it but it was really more annoying than scary
>one day got mad and shouted at it to stop
>it kept going slightly louder
>ran upstairs to bed really scared
>the tapping never happened when other people were there
>checked out the window, literally nothing there, swinging or anything, blown by the wind, nothing to explain these loud taps on the window
>one day just stopped, never heard it again

And thats my shitty story and only experience which has a chance of being paranormal
>Walking home from school in the dark
>Live in tiny village
>Quiet streets
>Hear footsteps behind me
>Turn around
>Hunched over short adult in a mac with the hood up
>Just standing still in the middle of the road
>Say 'Hello?'
>No response
>Refuse to believe this might be scary
>Shout 'Heeelllloooooo?'
>No response or movement
>Shine the flashlight directly in his face
>Can't make out any features or any sort of face, just looks black
>Still no response despite having a high powered flashlight shone in his face
>Walk briskly home
>Never see him again
>be me
>went to friend's apartment to hang out
>I walk in
>see friend on couch
>"Hey anon"
>"Hey, where's your sister?"
>he tells me that she's in their room
>walk into their room
>see her sitting on the bottom bunk bed
>"Hey Kate"
>no answer
>no reply
>I walk onto the bed and ask her what she's doing
>she tells me her name isn't Kate, it's Amber
>remembers that she's done this shit before, she liked to pretend her name was Amber for some reason, I assumed for attention
>she tells me that she died in a fire because she accidentally threw away her cigarette without putting it out
>I ask her to prove that she's a spoopy ghost
>the fucking cunt lifts up her arm gently, and points her hand at the closet door that was at the edge of the bunk bed
>the closet door opens and the light bulb inside turns on
>I fucking shake her until her eyes roll to the back of her head, she wakes up, and doesn't remember a thing
>I tell her to stop it
>she has no clue what the fuck I'm talking about
>I run to the bed room door, open it, and run the fuck out of the apartment
I have a bunch of ghost experiences with these same 2 kids. Want more?
Off topic just a little ...ever watch the movie Pulse......What if that starts happening...every thing electronic is now inner connected .
No green text cause typing from phone and lazy.

When I was 4 or 5 I'd always go to my grandma's on the weekend. She lived at this old gated retirement community and had a pool and shit and it was a blast. Anyways, she loved to paint and had a bunch of her own paintings framed and hung on her walls.
Then when I was 6 she passed away and we inherited a bunch of her painting and hung them up in our house. Whenever we'd leave, even for a few minutes, we'd come home and all her paintings would be skewed and crooked on the walls. We'd straighten then, leave the next day or whatever, and come home to crooked paintings again.
This was in Michigan so it wasn't earthquakes or anything like that.
After this experience, we wanted to become ghost hunters. So one day, we asked this really nice Christian dude if he had heard of anyone that had ghosts or poltergeists; to my surprise, he told me that an old man died in his apartment and that sometimes you can see the rocking chair on his porch rock back and forth (forgot to mention that he lived on the third floor), I wasn't about to ask if we (Kyle (friend from last story), Kate, and I could camp inside of his house and wait for a ghost to show up, so we decided that we would just stay outside and watch the third floor.
>be us
>outside, in courtyard waiting for something to happen
>There was this tree that had really fucked up roots in the courtyard, it was as if you could place something under the tree because the roots would actually raise the tree.
>I always had an eerie feeling toward it
>I asked kyle to dig under it
>he said fine but had no idea why
>he digs under it and sees a foot of some kind of animal
>tells me to come look
>I don't remember if I did this or he did this, but one of us took the foot and pulled it out revealing this rat's skeleton
>at that point we all heard this horrible fucking laughter of some witch
>I had a mental breakdown at the age of 8 in the middle of a courtyard because this fucking laugh was something that you would only be able to hear in a nightmare
>I remember screaming "What do you want?" and crying as I said it
>we then all looked up to see that fucking rocking chair rocking back and forth
>after a good minute of just this horrible laughter and goddamn rocking, it stopped, it went completely silent
I don't remember anything after that.
Just thinking about the amount of fear flowing through my body that day brings a shiver down my spine.
This wasn't the last time I heard that laughter, I heard it again with another person. I was walking to the pool area with this fat Iraqi kid. We were talking about creepy shit that happened to us or general scary ghost stories, when I heard it again; we both heard it, same exact laugh but it only lasted a few seconds. This may seem even more insane, but I think my fear was so powerful that I manipulated myself and my friend to hear that laughter, I'm almost certain of it.
Before I heard that laughter, in both experiences, I remember feeling scared and accelerated at the same time, the fear + this power created this laugh, pure evil.
>by a river in a city
>charles, in Cambridge MA, near MIT
>late, 12, 1, 2 am
> I was riding my bike pretty fast
>pass some girl jogging in opposite direction
>riding fast in the middle of the night usually makes joggers jump a little
>she just jogging, real pro.
>keep riding
>pass another girl, dressed the same, jogging
>holler, trying not to crash
> no reaction, no problem either
> keep riding
> same girl, jogging the same way!
>same eyes, like, time stops
> we pass, I'm glancing back
>she glances back at me
>& she gone
Maybe not soooo dramatic or exciting but I was spooked af fAm.
The same ghost thing that happened with Kate and Kyle happened with another friend of mine who I will call Samantha. I told her about the experience with Kate and Kyle and how close she was to the apartment that it happened in (she was on the first floor, but Jim lived in the same building that Sam lived in on the 3rd floor), so I took her to the courtyard that it happened in and pointed at the apartment, and sure enough that chair was rocking, but instead of laughter, I remember seeing the glass door slamming over and over again. I remember us running away, then running back to it.
Not as spoopy as the other ones, but they were going to move away, so I decided that I would go over there just one more time to say good-bye (I hadn't been over there prior at this point because I moved to a house). When I got there, I knocked on the door, and I was welcomed by their mom. I went inside, and they both were relaxing on the couch. I watched TV with them for like 5 minutes and we talked about things we did when we were younger (I was like 13 at this point), then I mentioned the ghost experiences, at that moment, a book about suicide prevention fell off of the shelf, along with some book about homicide.
I saw this pure black looking witch thing with cyan blue eyes just staring at me this one halloween.
I only have three and absolutely no proof of any of them being paranormal or just explainable shit happening. (Although they're both explainable, I just have no way to prove it to myself).

2 of them were at work. Supposedly the 8th floor is haunted and the 15th floor no one bothers with but I had spooky experience. (If this sounds familiar I was fun posting in the dumb radar thread. (no I don't believe that shit works, and I really dont believe in ghost, I just want to share these).

These are recent, as in the past two weeks.

>Work Security at a building downtown
>co worker tells me they think the 8th floor is haunted, they've had spoopy stuff happen to them up there
>Doors lock on them, sudden chills, footsteps
>think they're totally bullshitting cuz I went up there by myself, went in every room, filmed it, caught nothing, heard nothing
>two weeks later Im covering the supervisor shift who's supposed to do patrols on floors 1-10
>on the 8th doing patrol, just checking things out, no ones in any of the rooms
>Go take a piss
>walking out of the bathroom into the hallway that co worker says the chills and footsteps happen
>"Hi, can you help me"
>say "Yeah of course" as I'm looking up
>wtf no ones there
>"Where are you? Hello?"
>knock on the ladies bathroom incase it was in there, no answer.
>check hallways and every single room again
>Radio the security guy in the lobby if anyone is supposed to be working on floor 8
>"Nope, over"
>Knock on the ladies too again
>No answer
>"Well by ghost chick, can't see you, can't help you, have a good day"

I keep telling myself a girl was hiding in the women's room.

Now for the 15
>Up on the 15th
>its mostly used for storage
>old macs and pcs from the 90s, desk, cabinets, general office supplies
>looking out the window enjoying the view
>Suddenly clear across the other side of the floor a bunch of stuff fell off a desk
>I'm the only one up there
I tell myself this one was rodents somehow.
Was visited by a neighbor who died a few weeks after.
The third was back in may
>Just move back to town
>Sister and brother in law give me a hook up on their old house
>My second night the house is spent getting shit faces with friends who are happy to see me back
>Finally 6am and people leave
>Lock all the doors back and front, close all the windows
>wake up at ten A.M. Hungover
>"ugh, my head"
>start making green tea
>my heas is ringing, ugh I wish this racket would stop
>"wait what is that racket, what the fuck the dryer is on"
>Start running downstairs to basement to the dryer
>omw I see the back door is wide open
>go back and grab green tea pan and dump the tea and go back
>no one is down there
>look in dryer
>its empty
>check the timer
>its been running for at least 45 minutes
>later on get a roomate and he tells me one time the door to the attic flew open at 2-3 in the am

My explanations
1.My sister has a copy of the key, after all she does own the house and she decided to fuck with me (She says it wasn't her)
2.Someone had been living(squatting) in the house between the time they moved out and I moves in, its the only way the door could be unlocked on all 3 locks and opened. Although my sister claims her and my bro in law kept the house locked up.

Ngl that scares me more than a ghost.
>Me and my sister just got some McDonald's.
>I'm sitting at the table and she is sitting on the couch in front of me.
>I think to myself "wow that's a lot of smoke from that mcchicken."
>She then starts curling up into a ball
>I see the general form of a person move away from her made entirely of smoke.
>She says it felt like she was and I quote "cold to her bones."
When I was a kid the lady my mom worked for died, mom was a housekeeper/took care of her, we lived in a 4 story house with her until I was around 9.
>Lady's on her deathbed, mums with her
>She looks into the distance and says "hello" without any emotional tone

>Rooms on the top floor
>Go downstairs for whatever reason
>Deceased woman's room is on the floor below
>Notice the bathroom lights on
>Freak out a little
>Later mom says she didn't leave the light on
I've only had one experience that I could not explain.

>home alone
>my bedroom is across from my parents, so I can see into it from my doorway
>evening, decide to get something to eat
>walk out of room, look into parent's bedroom just out of habit, as I pass on my way to kitchen
>nothing unusual -- why would there be
>go to kitchen and get something
>walk back and look again
>light in their bathroom is on

I was the only person home for well over an hour and I didn't go into their bathroom.

I had two similar experiences around that time: the room next to me had the door shut with the light on inside, but I don't know if someone shut the door and left the light on accidentally; and walking back to my room at midnight, or so, and shutting the door and the hallway light turned on. I didn't open my door to see who it was, but it eventually turned off. It could've been my mother or step-dad, so I can't claim it to be ghostly -- though, it's highly-HIGHLY-unlikely that it was either of them since they were both asleep and never turn the light on in the hallway that late.

Nothing special, really.
>Takin a shit at my grans
>Bathrooms near the kitchen
>The cupboard drawers start banging
>Call out
>Banging continues anyway
>Noone's supposed to be home wtf

Whenever I slept there I would always let at least one of my dogs sleep inside but they're not exactly fans of the place either.

>Mom gets home
>Dog starts snarling at her bag
>Mom puts the bag on the floor and starts taking things out
>Dog starts barking nervously at her wallet

We ended up thinking it was something with the coins she had on hand since after she spent them, the dog stopped freaking out.
I have two rather short stories. Both from quite a while ago.

Fist incident was probably 15 years ago now. (For reference I can sleep through literally everything, our neighbor s have party's, the whole house hears them and can't sleep. I always sleep through thunder, whatever I am dead to the world once I close my eyes)
So this one night I had been asleep for a while, my door was closed, but I could hear a commotion and then I heard the front door unlock and lock. I have a vivid memory of thinking 'oh pops dead' and falling back asleep.

Second incident. About 5 years later, I was sound asleep. There is a window next to my bed and I woke up and thought someone was standing looking out the window. I don't remember thinking much or associating it with anything but I got up half asleep and walked across my room the turn the light on with my hand out. It wasn't until I switched the light on that I realized I had hoped out of bed and walked across the room thinking someone was there when my door was closed and it was pitch black.

Not insanely impressive I know, but I'm certain both times my pop was somehow was involved.
>Uncle dies
>Couple of days later aunt gets a call from his number
>No sound or anything
>Weird date
>Dates related to my cousin and a test he was going to take

>Other uncle dies
>Other aunts sometimes has visits from him in her dreams

This is esp. when something important happens in the family

>In the graveyard with senpai
>Gran stops to talk to a stranger who's just hanging around, more or less her age (70ish at the time)
>Leave but don't see him again, see a cat instead (I was a kid and a total wuss but it was still kinda questionable)

Also I guess talking to a stranger in a graveyard is weird for some people but this was in Brazil, friendly people and all that.
...I hate this f.a.m meme
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