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What in the fuck
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>small game hunting Wyoming
>2 friends and I lets say Kyle and Joe
>slow day cap a rabbit with my beretta .22
>later friend shoots a squirrel out of a tree
>we start to leave when we see this girl just sitting on a tree stump facing away from us
>apologize for firing a shot so near her saying he didn't see her
>no movement
>we walk up closer to see if she's ok and see she's got a little blood on her shirt. Nothing alarming but what you would get if a branch cut you up a lil
>walk infront of her and she just has this blank stare that looks through you not at you
>offer to take her back to our camp and without a word she starts walking with us still blank
>get to our tents and fire and she sits again
>it's almost night so we tell her we'll get her back to the nearby town tomorrow
>buddies share tent so she has her own mines smallest so I get to sleep nohomo
>crawl out of tent next morning gears everywhere my kyles cameras smashed a rifles missing and the girls tents stakes are all broken in half which is a feat itself
>girls gone we're all fearing bear attack
>send joe to get to our jeep and goto the near by town for gamewarden help
>me and kyle start searching woods with the tiny 22 incase she actually got taken by a bear
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>no sign of girl anywhere
>start to get off trail onto wet grassy area when we find a satchel on the ground
>"don't go that way" I tell kyle before he continues and slips on some grass
>walk into the clearing with the stump where we found her and get the smell of death rot
>dead possum, squirrel, rabbit, and even a deer torn to shreds
>on the stump is a pile of blood and decaying innards probably from the animals
>follow small trail of some sort of hooves to the bottom of a small hill where a beanie hat sits on a branch
>when I goto grab it kyle shouts "There!" and all I see when I turn my head is antlers dart from the top of the hill next to a pinetree
>we get to the top of the hill and kyles pale
>says whatever it was it was on it's hind legs
>I say its just a deer I saw the antlers but I see the perspective of the pine to kyle and it would have had to taller than him
>offically spooped
>we start heading back toward where our camp was and the forest is dead silent which usually means a predator is somewhere near
>Kyle hasn't said a word he just has his bowie knife out and is darting his eyes all over the trees
>a loud shriek fills the words sounds like Joe even though I never heard him scream
>Run towards the direction it came from shouting that we're over here
>see joe sprinting towards us so fast he almost passes us
>he's holding his arm cut up worse than the girl was earlier
>says some large animal pushed him off the trail down a small hill into a thicket
>keeps wrambling about how fucked up it looked like elkgoat thing that was big enough to be a half grown mosse
>kyle says we saw it too
>we basically say fuck the girl we're outa here we'll tell the wardens when we get to town
>it's getting dark again anyway
>start trying to find the trail again gun out
>"don't go that way" I hear my voice but I didn't fucking say it
>what the fuck
>Kyle and Joe ask what and I tell them I didn't say it
>look sketchily behind us and see antlers behind a tree topping out at like 8 fucking feet
>before my eyes can even adjust it dashes further into the trees going from hind legs to a mad dash on all fours
>unload 22 at it not even aiming kill a 8 round clip in a second
>the reply is some sort of hyena laughter
>Nopenopenope fuck facing it even with a gun we all sprint back to the path
>im the fatter one of the group but today we're all even pace at death sprint speed
>load new clip when we stop to catch breath guzzle water
>look up and it's the fucking girl staring at us leaning on a tree
>crooked ass smile
>Kyles the first one to speak voicing our whatthefucks and asking what happened to our fucking camp/shit
>the reply is a fucking followme wave and she begins walking back toward the beast
>she continues
>we don't move at all after another couple yards she turns back
>no crooked smile or blank stare just pure rage in her expression
>the look you might get in the middle of a fist fight when you're ready to do some damage
>we start to walk away and when I turn back she hasn't moved an inch same fucking face
>reach end of the trail where they put the map of the forest in a display case
>smashed map gone
>get to jeep and bail
>contact game wardens and they say they'll send out a search party for the girl
>nothings found and the tents we left are torn to bits they all figure grizzly
>give up on hunting and hiking for a year or two
small epilogue
>Kyle would go hunting at the same spot again many times and didn't have any negative experiences although he did come armed to the teeth the first couple times
>the stump where we found her had no dead animals and the forest wasn't dead ass silent
>he did mention one time hunting he ran into a doe(female deer) with its neck broken in a weird angle facing its tail with no sign of any animal feeding on it or hunter shooting it which would have been illegal as fuck
I live south in Colorado now but if I ever hunt in that bitch again its going to be with a ak
Cool story bro. situation sounds pretty fucked
Thanks for the story anon.
good read.
where in WY anon?

Former WYfag here, born and raised but living far away now. Been camping in a lot of the SE portion of the state
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constanza shiggy.jpg
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Magazine fuck.
forest near wind river
Skinwalkers bruh.

I'm moving back to a wooded area later this month, It's always in the back of my mind that these things could actually be out there.

Ah okay haven't been up there much but I could see that

Wind River area is pretty remote
So, what kind of clothes that the girl wear? Is it a modern one like t shirt and trousers or Victorian style?

Regardless of spooky or not, this is a good read. I'd love to archives this
>going back
Kyle's a moron
Sounds more like a goat man to me
Saved from the hole
An actual skinwalker story! I'm surprised.
Plan on going back?
I would. And with a camera, actually explore. Get everywhere possible.
You angered the manitou by not actually hunting and eating/using your kill.

You were just out there shooting the fauna of the forest and you incurred its wrath.

You got lucky.
It would be great if this thread ended up archived
Definitely, skinwalker would have killed them and smelled more like blood
Does based Kyle have a deathwish?
Is op even here still
OP here to answer Q's
No I haven't returned but any /x/filer who feels ballsy can in my stead it's a trail off the main hiking trails at wind river.
I don't know about all that the rabbit and squirrel would have gone in stew had all this not happened.
Someday when I visit Kyle I might go with him armed to the teeth and maybe see if we can lure anything spoopy or see creepy bitch who destroyed our shit (we never found kyle's rifle and lost over $1000 in gear)
She wore hipster style thrift type shit and looked really out of place. I assume the beanie and satchel at the stump were hers. Satchel was empty beanie was just a beanie hat
Oh good! Op isn't gone
This is RP he's been posting this everywhere
posted it on a other /x/ spoopy stories thread you mean. Thought it was going down so I posted it here. I have the 22 beretta laying around if thats proof at all
>defending yourself against at grizzly and/or skin walker with a .22

Spoopy story, and a good read but damn if you guys ain't some dummies OP.
Woulda felt bad jumpin ship with the girl missing. plus some gear and the rifle were gone and we hoped to find it with the girl if possible.
Fair enough.
Can you fucking read before posting? This looks like the brain of Forrest Gump and the body of Michael J fox worked together to type this shit
Tldr. Op has friends that went camping, they invited him but he decided not to go. Instead he decided to stay home and write this stupid ass over the top "muh skin walker " story
So elements of a wendigo, what /x/ called a skinwalker, and the deer woman. Huh.
Who wants to explain differences of goat man and skinwalkers to this lazy anon?
Most stories Ive read hardly distinguished the two.
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1 MB, 3264x1952

Had a similar experience attempting to camp in Idaho involving some sort of horse-elk-goat caucus and the loudest rebel yell-like scream I ever heard before almost blowing the tranny on a Nissan V8 getting the fuck out of there.

>also involved a buddy named Kyle who was there with our other friend lol

Fuck Northern Idaho.
I know this story is fake for three reasons. 1, its a magazine not a clip ( they dont make clips for .22s and im 100% sure you dont know what one is ) and any gun owner would know that. 2, anyone who knows anything about guns would not take a .22 for protection in case of a bear. There are fucking stories of bears being killed and finding embedded lower caliber bullets in its thick Hide. .22s will not penetrate. And im not going to tell you number 3 bc at this point im already making you a better liar.

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>being this autistic about /k/nomenclature

Typical tactitcool 'nu gun culture' guy.
Calm down kid. This is the cancer killing /k/out/x/
> my kyles cameras smashed a rifles missing
I'm guessing Wendigo tbqh
Pay a visit to the Wind River Indian Reservation and talk to someone about it.
1. /k/ is thataway bitch. that isnt proof in any sense of the word
2. they were hunting small game, not grizzlies. hence .22
3. oh you didnt have a #3 because YOU AINT GOT SHIT
Jesus anon you really know how to get to me
>defending call of duty/airsoft "clipsters"
>ITT: everyone's debate about gun term

OP next time bring (cross)bow and arrows for hunting
They had a RIFLE. The goat mongler nicked it.
>my kyles camera

Was it your camera?
Kyles camera?
Is Kyle yours?
File: Kyles35mm.jpg (17 KB, 553x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Kyles- a cheap 70's era Israeli made photography line that made its way to Japan and US markets till the end of the decade, and higher quality cannon and nikon knock-offs came along.
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You guys are almost as bad as "trigger discipline" cunts.
File: mall.jpg (77 KB, 600x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Remember, short controlled bursts.
Kyle is his property confirmed, how often do you guys fuck?
that bitch wasn't a skinwalker.
Trigger discipline is actually pretty important
could have, they imitate shit, and sounds are commonly copied they're creepy as hell, man
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>tfw I sometimes call my mags clips and give 0 fucks.
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Thread images: 10
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