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has /x/ ever been confronted with the concept...
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has /x/ ever been confronted with the concept of their own death? I'm not sure if this counts but

>be me
>trying to swim to the surface but its suddenly the deepest pool ever
>keep flailing about, lungs feeling like they are about to burst
>cant make it
>realize this is it
>this is where i die
>essentially make peace with it
>kinda disappointed but no big deal
>i can still breath
>holy fuck i have super powers
>wake up

not sure if it counts but i remember many dreams like this where i know im going to die and i make peace with it. what do you think it means? i had similar ones later in life where its nukes but im not as peaceful about it, but i still let it happen
The part where you end up breathing underwater is pretty common with me too, likely caused by trying to hold your breath as you are drown-dreaming, and then starting to breathe again in your sleep.

Your approach to death is the right one. The dreams are likely caused by an unconscious desire to come to terms with life/death and spiritual stuff. The pool part becoming fucking deep means something too and this particular dream was triggered by something you saw or heard in your previous day, likely about a pool or about drowning.
It means that life even though it seems normal has facets that you don't know. It's a dream that's crying out for you to change your life. Know that death is just a transition like a DJ changing a record. The song goes on forever and ever. It's not gonna stop, even if the party ends, the DJ is gonna start it all up again. That Masturbation God is just gonna do it all over again until we are done with it all.
>trying to swim to the surface but its suddenly the deepest pool ever
>keep flailing about, lungs feeling like they are about to burst
>cant make it

this part is likely a metaphor for some fear or insecurity you have about something. not necessarily about drowning and water, altho maybe; but maybe just about pressure, suffocation, maybe not litterally, it could be about a relationship for example

oh yeah i shoulda mentioned i DO actually hold my breath in real life, i physically experience it like i actually cant breath and i think that contributes it.

as for the drowning dreams, they happened for years but pretty sure i can trace em back to a time my brother held my head underwater for far too long. one of those situations my parents just considered 'get over it' bullying but i guess the fact that he could have just ended my life there freaked me out.

sorry i should have mentioned that the whole drowning thing is legitimately a real and physical fear that was brought on when my brother held my head underwater for way too long once. im not looking for random dream interpretations of what actually happened so much as what it means for people who acknowledge their death as if it is actually happening and make peace with it.

a lot of people talk about how they feel about death but if not actually confronted with it its hard to say how they REALLY feel and how they want to feel to sound how they want to sound etc.
Why would you be amazed that you can breathe underwater when you're in a dream?
You're not really underwater. The airflow was never clogged.

yes, but it was a dream. i didnt know i was in a dream. thats generally how dreams work until you train yourself a bit. this was actually how i started on that sort of thing.
Death is always a great occasion to grow up. Be it ego-death, near-death experiences or a dream such as this. As to what triggers such particular dream situation to you... idk, like I said it might be that your unconscious has desire to approach some spiritual questions about life and about the self, so it emulates appropriate situations in dreams to give you the opportunity. Are you a spiritual person in general? I mean have you ever thougth about the whole accepting-one's-death out of your sleep ? If you think about it during the day, it can very well be used as material for your dreams. The material is usually the previous day and childhood/old/significant stuff. The motivation for the dream-elaboration is usually unconscious. The trigger is usually in the previous day.
It is possible that the whole dream sequence is motivated by that story of your brother holding you, including the dying part. Maybe your unconscious says "i wish instead of panicking I had just accepted my death", and such is the story told in the dream. Or maybe it just scared you so much that you re-live it trying to fix it or make it better and the accepting death part is just how you are, your conscious self reacting normally in the dream. Do you think you would make peace if it happened for real?
I had a scooter accident when I was younger, I fell into the asphalt at about 60 km/h, not sure what that is in miles I'm a eurofag. Although the fall itself couldn't have taken more than a fraction of a second for me to hit the ground it felt like it took forever to actually hit, like a really bad slow motion effect. The closer I got to the ground, the brighter my surroundings became. When my helmet finally made its touchdown, so to speak, everything became white. When my vision returned I could have sworn I saw feathers falling slowly through the air. It didn't take long for me to regain my senses enough to crawl onto my legs, by that time the feathers where gone.
When the ambulance and police arrived to the scene the officers found it strange that I lay on the road as they said, that based on some angles and stuff, I should have been thrown straight into an old stone well on the opposite side of the road. They jokingly said that I must have had a guardian angel, a joke that I didn't find particularly funny as I was pretty fucked regardless. I ended up with 20-something stitches on my arms alone.
I'm not religious in any way and I think that's there probably some good psychological explanation, still though, freaks me out every now and then when I think about it.
The brain can spike/spice up your chemistry when you are stressed, happy, thinking you're gonna die, etc. I remember when I was very young me and some adult got in a ski-doo accident and I thought I was dead. I remember seeing a vast place, I was down a big "canyon-like" thing, felt like a coast even tho I don't remember water. There was sand and at least one of those bovine skulls you see in the desert. Then I opened my eyes and we were there in the snow, like a sec after the accident

perhaps. I work for a psychic, and he says im in my final re-incarnation cycle, so perhaps the dream is me coming to terms with not coming back next time i die?

>are you a spiritual person in general

not the way others might define it, but my boss' business is based entirely on spirituality and i more or less believe the bulk of it and take part in the extra curriculars in such. by most people standards yes, but differently than the way others might be i suppose.

i have no doubt the dreams were spurred entirely by my fear of the water (i had already a small fear of it before the brother incident) but the way i accepted my death in that instance, or in my more recent dreams about bombs and the like always felt weird to me and i wondered if others had similar experiences or even more real life experienes. whether they felt regret or extreme anxiety over it and such.

>do you think you would make peace if it happened for real

its really hard to say. in my more recent dreams its often ended with me saying 'well it sucks i didnt get to finish some of my stories, but i liked the ones i did and its better to die in the middle of a happy life than later when i might die sad' in sporadic dream fashion.
when i got stitched up for some drugs, was supposed to take a meth bomb in some tissue paper, instead i felt massive strain on my body and i went home feeling bad, i couldn't sleep for 2 days but i was in agony so much that i couldn't even sit at the computer, instead i writhed in bed until i lost consciousness, i woke up some time later, coughed up what looked like coffee granules, a huge heap of them, lost consciousness again, woke up a day later i managed to get a drink before making it back into bed writhing in pain for god knows how long, next day i woke up, i still felt super bad and completely out of my head but the pain intensity had dropped off, spent next 2 days in pain, drinking lots of water

that's the closest i've come to dying
>I work for a psychic, and he says im in my final re-incarnation cycle
yep, the making peace part could be a dramatization of this.. of your unconscious trying to make peace with that fact. Dreams are usually expression of unexpressed unconscious stuff. Thoughts you didnt consciously notice in the day, things you wanted to say but didnt, questions you didn't ask, etc.

ending your reincarnation cycle means completing your spiritual journey to god, realizing the self, losing your ego, clearing all karma and not wanting any more of it. at that point you can union into god instead of tryin another human life. That's what I read at least.

Btw this is not exactly related but maybe interesting: I once read that we dream scary stuff like getting attacked by a bear as a way to prepare/train ourselves for real life scary situations, so for eg. we won't panic as much when we confront a bear if we have experienced it in a dream.

a little off from what our cult preaches but more or less the same idea, yeah. especially on the ego.

interesting thing about confronting in our dreams. i suppose if im fearing this sorta thing during the day time it would make sense for my brain to try and cope with it at night
I've read the Bhagavad Gita about those things, just to clear up my context. It said for example that someone advancing in their spiritual path might be born in a family that practices meditation. In your case you end up working for a psychic which is also a way your dharma forces you into spirituality. I read that when you start a new life you keep building on what you built in the previous ones, spiritually speaking, so that's why we're all at different steps. That ancient indian stuff is great desu.
I've also read Freud's dream stuff.
what the fuck I did not write "desu" at the end of that sentence

yeah a lot of my boss' philosophy and mythology mirrors the indian stuff to a great degree (though a lot more religions preached reincarnation than i realized, at least at some time or another).

but yeah what you said rings pretty true. this is supposed to be my final life where i 'validate' all those changes i built up over the previous lives by showing what I learned.
Knowing your reincarnation cycle is ending is like a more extreme version of knowing you are going to die. Your unconscious might be insecure about that fact: "am I really ready to transcend humanness?" "Did I learn everything I needed?" It might be like with the bear-dreams, the unconscious is tryna confront it to prepare for it. "am i ready to die?"

anyways, i need to leave but thanks for helping me clear it up. never would have chalked those dreams up to a weird spiritual moment, but that happens. maybe sometime you can analyze the weird peanut brain dream i had last night.

btw 'T.B.H.' without the periods current automatically changes to desu. F.A.M. also turns to senpai
I know that when I die I will at least TRY to make peace with it (unless it happens instantly i guess), since I think spiritually about those things. So if I was to die in a dream, I would probably try to make peace too cause that's just the way I would react.
lol ok thanks for that.
have a good one
i had plenty of these:
>drowning, no chance to go to the surface
>heights, dropping down the clif, huge building etc
>suffocating, someone is choking me and i realize i have no chance to escape
>car crash, no need to explain
and the worst one. This one is changing alot: death by creatures of nature. Be it spiders, snakes, most often snakes, worms, bats, some kind of cannibal thing, which one is so strong i that cannot escape its grip, some kind of acid thats dripping on me, and its dissolving me. FUCK
Shitty thing about natural death is that it isn't as peaceful as popular culture would have one believe. Lungs fills up with fluid and blood vessels in the lungs burst, this leads to blood mixed coughing. This is needless accompanied with varying degrees of pain, so is the shutdown of things such as the liver and the cessation of bowel movement.
Not trying to be edgy, just saying, it frightens me a great deal.
>be me in trench
>soldiers around that look like lungfish
>colonel comes through and says were storming over no-mans land.
>hear whistle and hop over the top of the trench
>begin running and see the tracers of a browning .30 cal sweeping towards me
>get hit and feel the bullets enter across my chest.
>fall down in a pool of water and i feel myself growing cold.
>fade to black.
>i wake up

Just one experience.
*needless to say.

Hate typing on phones.
that's too much /x/
I understand it does, that being said in a approaching-death context and in any context really, we shouldn't be afraid of pain suffered by the body, because the body is obviously temporary and ill-fated, destined to suffer at some point. Especially when it comes to pain in a calm setting such as lying down with your m8s around you, and the pain is just there, in waves and spikes and bursts or w/e, but you just aknowledge the relation you have to it and don't let it take you over.
I know that getting mauled by a tiger is probably panicking but in the last moments, when you have stopped fighting back, there can be extreme inner calm if you accept your fate.

Anyway finding peace with your life is something you should thrive for ASAP and every day, not as a last minute homework just before you die. Always be prepared /x/
>was in a car accident, motorway, fast
>out of control
>had the thought, this is it, going to die
>one moment of concern for gf, then
>got the car to the roadside
>wow, I'm alive
>euphoria, calm, clear, everything is beautiful.jpg
i have ten dollars for a money of my bank
>stabbed while getting robbed in stomach 5 times
>stabbed robber in arms 3 times and neck once
>both live
>told by doctors after passing out other lives but is going to jail
>told by cops im gtg bcuz selfdefence
>tfw laying on street bleeding while bleeding attacker runs off waiting for ambulance blacking out
>tfw realizing im a badass and also life is shit
>i am robbing some guy on the street
>he pulls out a fuckin knife too
>go for his stomache
>pretty sure I got him a couple times
>as I go for him he gets my bicep and sticks the thing in my neck
>didn't hit anything important in neck but fuck
>I figured he would bleed out and so would I
>called ambulance, fuck it jail over death
>hanging out a girlfriend's house when I was 17
>friend comes over with joint
>not feeling so hot but decide to take a puff
>playing some need for speed 2 while everyone is chillin
>feel like I have to throw up, but keep resisting it
>feel chest pain
>go into bathroom to throw up
>girlfriend wants to know whats wrong because I was gagging when I rushed out
>stand up from vomiting
>going into full cardiac arrest

>has /x/ ever been confronted with the concept of their own death?

But yeah you're not the cancer that is killing /b/ so carry on.
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