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how tough are you ? Tell us anons of /x/ how you stood up against paranormal activity.

My story:

>After living in canada all my life... parents say they want to go back to Lebanon...
>when we arrive their our house was still under construction.
>So I go look around the house [note its in the middle of a forest]
>find out that there is an old roman tower (older than christ)
>don't get to close because there are snakes apparently.
>next day talking with friends i just made.
>they tell me that there is a hidden treasure berried deep below the tower.
>Get all hyped up and say, "this is it i'm gunna hit the jack pot."
>Friends flip shit and start saying its cursed and if i try, i'll go insane.
>As a science student i don't believe in paranormal activity... unless its based under the laws of physics.
>try convincing my friends that there is no such thing ;however, apparently they know a guy whose gone insane trying.
>So i get dared to go in the middle of the night... to test my belief.
>Take my rifle. and go straight up to it and yell.
>"If there are any spirits i want you to show me yourself !"...
>people in the village go apeshit.

Pic related: those are the edges of the tower... right below (approx. 250 meter drop), there is a river.
i tried once, worst mistake ever. felt like those idiots in horror movies looking for their own deaths.
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tell us about it anon
Yea im pretty interested I got a short story not very good

>living in aunts mobile home WI its near Indian Burial grounds
>family keeps telling me stories of seeing shadow people, a little girl, a man in a tophat who watches my cute 15 year old cousin get dressed
>one day my cousin is taking a piss when a huge noise comes out of the bathroom and he comes running out
>he is panicing says he was taking a piss and the shower curtains opened violently
>my first reaction is to show strength to the spirit
>force my family to come into the bathroom with me I shut off the lights and provoke the ghost let it know I am not afraid...

>nothing happens

Nothing has every targeted me in that home, I always considered myself spiritually strong or at least ballsy. Shit still is happening there though last time I visited a knife fell off my aunts dressed and was thrusted into the main part of it as of someone was trying to stab the dresser.
Don't let things like that get the best of you. As soon as something like this happens look for the logical reasoning. Be very smart and reasonable...

Example: curtains opening might be a window that was open in the washroom.

Sometimes it even occurs that people have such a strong belief in those things that they fool themselves and convince their mind that what they saw was the spirit.

Example: Recently my family was sitting on the balcony when green lights in the sky appeared. Immediately my family said it was a religious sign... I looked it up and apparently their was a military test going on... might have even been aliens.

Bonus Example: When we were still in Lebanon next to the "cursed" Roman Tower, my mom was hanging our clothing outside during the night on the balcony facing the temple. Our balcony is big and its top is covered. On that particular day it was raining. My mother started hearing voices and said they resembled high pitch laughter like in scary movies; however, my mom stayed strong started thinking logically. After following the voices she learnt that it was the gutters that surrounded the balcony that were making the noises as the water trickled in to them....

Stay strong, read up on the laws of physics and you can also stay religious, but most importantly stay logical.
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Essential reading
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holy fuck this is a must read and damn stay friends with this guy forever.

Also never be afraid of this shit its all in the mind. Laws of physics and psychology. Use whatever it is that you need, like holy holy water, the bible, the quran ... anything to fight it mentally.

>Also implying mildly scared didn't mean fucking going hysterical [fucker has balls]
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ur budy there
all things are through Christ our God who strengthens us according to His purpose Selah
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