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I don't usually post here, but i need...
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I don't usually post here, but i need some help. My life has a series of strange events that i thought you guys could help me out.
>before i was born some medium told my mom my sould was strange and conflicted
>after i was born i cried all the fucking time like you couldn't believe, 24/7 crying my lungs out for no aparent reason, like REALLY fucking crying.
>another spiritual medium told my brother when he was with me my soul was one of the oldest souls on the planet coming from the ancient Egypt
>another stranger stopped my mom on the street and told her out of the blue that the son that she had on her arms had a really old and special soul
>when growing up a series of events almost killed me, a bookshelf fell on my crib, a bed broke and almost crushed my head because i was sleeping on the ground with my brother but he woke up some seconds before and moved me, two huge fucking guard dogs attacked me on a farm but stopped for no apparent reason
>i feel like i've way more wisdom and comprehension of the universe than other people and that i've really lived longer than most people

All of these are true. I'm not really religious but unconnected different people telling members of my family that my soul is older than normal has always made me curious.

Do you know anything about this or the connection of these things?
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You need to find out what is trying to kill you first.
The human game is an extreme one. We're really cut off with our spirits in this era.

I don't think its unusual to be an old soul. My family and friends had the same habit of telling me I'm an old soul. If you want to do regressions you can. I did one and remembered a time when I in Scotland along the coast. I remember my youngest son drowned when he was three and I remember visiting his grave in old age. It was sad. I don't think we have to worry about being old souls or past lives. I think we've all lived many many lifetimes. We're supposed to live the life we're currently living.
lol no
How can i achieve a regression? And please no bullshit, i want to really know how to do it.
you're a special snowflake

probably jesus reborn
If you're curious search for guided meditations to help you. If that doesn't work you can seek someone who does regressions professionally. I would recommend following your own intuition and avoiding guru types, or charismatic shamans.
Just the fact that your mom went to "psychics" tells me that whatever she told you is suspect.
I knew this would sound like that from the start but there's nothing i can do.
There is a religion in Brazil called "espiritismo" that's all about spirits and your soul, my mom tried it once because my aunt said it was cool and that's when it happened, she never came back and is catholic now.
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people told me im an old soul before too that they can see it in my eyes and talking to me makes them often happy or relieved.
an old coupple also got spooked once in mallorca when i made a quick agitated move at tabletennis , whispering "it´s the devil"

so honestly people say a lot of things about a lot of stuff - i wouldn´t worry about it.
Fucking saved...
Was that old soul gay as well? I suspect.
I love this painting. So simple, yet it conveys a sense of inquiry that just teases the imagination.
Unfortunately OP you have been subjected to the old westren idea of everyone's child being special.
Alexander the great, became great yet his mom said he was the son of zeus, etc. to claim her sons future success as her own.
If he didn't become great it wouldn't have mattered since it is a cultural thing to say you can become anything and the world is yours to make.
People who play the roles of mediums can pick up on someone who wants to be special or have something special.
The old soul thing is said alot about children.
When my brother was a child lots of people said he looked like he had an old soul.
Before I was born my mother was going to abort me since she apparently hated my father and did not want to marry him.
Yet one day she went to sleep and had a dream where a man shining in light with a beard came to her and said not to kill me and that I would grow up to do great things.
The man also told her to go with the name he thought of for a boy and that I was to be a boy.
These stories get told and retold, time and time again. However it is ultimately up to you to decide what to do with your life.
read up on reincarnation...

if you cried a lot then maybe in your past life you died needing something or missing someone... or even in fear of something...

My mothers cousin was like that always depressed and all never spoke... before he died [died at a young age], a priest of my religion came to him and asked him to talk to him... he explained how he was an israeli soldier who had helped commit murders on the lebanese, by that point he was lebanese (his current life)...

So maybe it had something to do with your past note: that your spirit travels from body to body so you cant have simply skipped a generation or a millennium.

if you look it up you can find some stuff on it.

here is a link:

note:no animal reincarnation...
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