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Spoopy Stories thread
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So I've been visiting family in SE South Dakota recently over the past couple years and some creepy shit goes down over here.
First story isn't that scary but sets the tone for how rural dakota people can act on occasion.
>driving down interstate toward Yankton
>Near a small small town called Mission hill theirs this Church camp area that's a church and a bunch of large buildings that look like camp cottages
>everyone around the area says these people are known to do some weird shit
>Uncle says it's not some retreat or camp they live their all year and provide for themselves
>they operate very similar to hutterites which are people who operate like the Amish but use some technology, but the local hutterites don't associate with these people.
>He says he's seen only a few older members leave and buy shit at stores in town but driving by he's seen over 20 people at times
>be me driving to Yankton cutting thru the area
>drive past the area where the church area is
>usually you just see the area a half mile away from the road and occasionally people but this time they're standing not far off the road in wooded areas just staring at cars
>a kia was driving infront of me and I could see the driver was also had his head turned looking at the people
>hear a large bang and see that the kia hit something and swerve to narrowly miss him driving in part of the ditch (I drive a jeep)
>fucking tree in the middle of the road just past the weird church area
>pull over to see if I can help, the kia's fucked tire popped and shit
>ask the woman driving if she needs help she says she's fine and makes a few calls
>get in my car to leave
>spy the camp people walking towards the car from the hill in my rearview
>get that bad feeling in my gut
>drive away
Thinking back this was all really creepy and all seemed like a setup we hadn't had any storms or hard wind in a week or two to knock the tree down. I got more stories of the area to dump
File: Demon_Dog.jpg (29 KB, 846x567) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 846x567
This one happened on the Sioux reservation to a family friend who lives on it. I'll do it first person since I've been told it about 10 times
>be cousins friend Jake living with family on the edge of the res
>trailer on a hill that ends with a bunch of trees
>their outside cat roberts had been found earlier that week ripped to shreds so they kept shotguns and rifles ready incase it's a mountain lion or bear which are rare in the area
>middle of the night hear dogs going haywire in their like 6x6 fenced kennel. One black lab and one pitbull named Bo and Rudy
>goes out to check it out everythings fine dogs are just really spooked
>decides to stay up with a chair on the porch and rifle on his lap
>dogs settle down and he nods off
>wakes up to his sister freaking out
>blood in the kennel pitbulls throats ripped open and the lab is missing
>fence is torn apart a stakes broken and half of it is open
>he decides to go with his younger brother and walk the forest area in daylight to find their dog and kill whatever killed the pitbull
>first couple hours no signs at all
>"Jake look at this!" younger brother pulls Bo's collar out of the grass
>that was the only find of the day they go back to the house and wait for tomorrow
>wakes up early alone to go check the woods again, grabs hunting rifle
>Walks the same stretch and further finding a dead squirrel torn apart
>turn around and it's the black lab Bo mouth covered in blood
>start trying to calm the dog down but it's getting low ready to attack
>level rifle at it figuring rabbies
>"Jake look at this!" younger brothers exact tone from last evening
>turn head for a second and Bo lunges
>fire rifle dog drops
>animal laughter fills the woods
>sounds close and far fading in and out
>start sprinting back to house
>laughter follows hear twigs snap from behind him
>run faster
>make it to the open stretch on the hill where the trailer is
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8 KB, 259x194
>spins around with the rifle ready to shoot the laughing demon
>begins backwards stepping towards the house
>slips on morning dew wet grass but keeps rifle level at the trees
>far away another laugh is heard fading further into the forest
>makes it into house
>brothers eating breakfast and asks if he found Bo
>explains what happened and later that day they go back to retrieve the dogs body
>nothing but blood on the ground
>never found the dogs body or figured out what the laughing thing was
Not really spoopy, rather an extremely strange coincidence.
>2009, I receive news that i am going to be front fucking row at a metallica concert.
>Fucking instant boner, i was in tears when my parents told me, this is all irrelevant though
>Fast forward a few months, at the show, waiting for the bands to come on, cute blonde girl next to us talks to my uncle, dad and I a bit about how excited she is
>Fast forward to a few days after the show, news says a girl had gone missing from the show we were at, they show a picture, its the blonde girl that was next to us
>Fast forward a few months, completely unrelated to this girl but the corpse of a teenage girl was found right outside of the property we use for deer hunting, this property is a 20 minute drive from the city where the concert was held
>Fast Forward a few years, the girl from the show is found dead in the same spot the other girl was, not too many clues as to who the murderer could be.
>Fast forward a year, its deer season and i'm at our cabin on the property with a small group of family members
>I had woken up late and they were all out in the woods doing their things, i was getting ready to head out myself when i see a dog run past the window and start playing in the field infront of the cabin
>This isnt an unusual occurrence, theres atleast one hunting dog a year that ends up getting lost on our property.
>I walk out and the dog runs right up to mee, hes real skinny and panting hard so i give him food and water, tie him to a tree outside and radio for my dad to come back so we can figure out what to do with this fella.
>My dad is about 30-45 minutes out, so itll be a minute before he gets here
>Start playing with the dog for entertainment
>In the distance i can hear a truck coming up the road
>This is strange because everyone who has a key to gate at the beginning of the road is at the property right now, no one else could possibly get in as we always lock the gate behind us to avoid this type of thing.
>I walk into the cabin and emerge with my granddads .44 ticked in my belt incase trouble starts to brew
>The truck pulls up in front of the cabin, 2 muscular black guys in camo hop out and approach me, saying that the dog i have is theres and they just wanna get him and be on their way
>They arent dicks, so i untie the dog and help them get him into his cage
>After all this is done, we stop and talk for a bit, give them a few bottles of water for the road, and they head out.
>My dad arrives just as they depart, asks what happened, explain the situation
>After this we just go on about the day hunting and all
>Fast Forward to today, my dad texts me and asks if i "remember that one girl that disappeard from the show" and tells me they found her, and the other girl who was found dead theres murderer
>Ask if he can send a pic out of curiosity
>The pic he sends me is a very familiar face
>It was one of the black guys who came onto our property to get their dog

Like i said, not spooky but a very strange coincidence none the less. Weird how i was sorta connected with both murderer and victim in more ways than one
I knu i shulda shot da got damn nyggurs when i hat da chance i tell ya hwat
Gawdam negruhs hop on me land no permison ima blastin
I lived in vermillion sd for a few years, just moved back to sioux falls 8 month ago. I would drive to Yankton 5 days a week for my job, it's only about 20 minutes away. But if you break down and have to go to a farm house for help, some of those people are pretty far out there
Deys luhkee i was putin a pinch in when deys pullin up or else ida put some lead in theys chests i tell ya
the first being in the midwest reminded me of a story my grandpa told me
>back in the late 50's our small MN town had a bunch of weird occurrences
>outside of town a old native woman lived in a cabin outside of town and kept to herself
>used to do weird shit like come to town and buy livestock then not appear to own any livestock at all
>the natives called her a witch and told everyone to steer clear of her
>hunters during deer season started to cross into her land and she came to the town council to voice her dismay and gave some weird warning that if it didn't cease bad things would happen to the town
>nobody from the our town seemed to be the ones poaching but it continued
>first many of the young girls got sick with fevers and mumbled tongues
>then many family pets died
>then small children started to leave their homes with eyes closed walking north in the direction of her cottage til they were awoken
>one small boy dies in the winter walking north
>small group of locals blame the woman and set out to the cabin to investigate
>my grandfather was against it but headed along in any case to prevent anything from getting violent
>they arrive and knock on the door
>no answer so the angry townsmen break in
>smell of rotted animals wafts out
>upon investigation they find satanic symbols written in blood and dead goats and dogs seemingly sacrificed
>they opened a desk and find locks of hair and seemingly voodoo dolls being made
>they set fire to the cabin in a controlled burning and leave
>the whole time they felt like they were being watched
>they leave and the old witch never returned to her land
anyone got any extra info on anything witch related since hearing this I've been very interested in learning anything about spells or the occult in general.
I get some bad vibes from people who live in the tiny towns surrounding Yankton. Not just shake and bake hicks but weirdos in general. I got friends going to USD
>beme haunted house
>creepy creek in floor
>run out n contact scooby doo gang
File: DSCN1821 copy.jpg (965 KB, 1037x1382) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
DSCN1821 copy.jpg
965 KB, 1037x1382
Looks just like an old church in my area, located in Golden Oregon.
>Pic related
>OC from my camera
>Friend lives in MN since he was 12
>throwing a party before he flying back to CA to visit me and his mom
>20 somethings in MN; Pot, E, and shrooms for party favors.
> at some point black dude shows up
>dude is a total tinfoil hat, they spoke him out and listen to him rant, seems chill
>next day he is at the airport 2 hours away and gets a frantic call from female roommate/fuckbuddy
>tinfoil is back, banging on the door, she is hiding in the bathroom
>he tells her to go to his room, home defense shotgun in the closet
>When she runs to his room she sees the guy trying to open the sliding glass door, a baseball bat in hand
>He wiggs out when he sees her, yelling about them stealing his wallet
>She comes out with the shotgun , levels it at the sliding glass door, tells him she is on the phone with the police and was told to shoot to kill
>she calls police when he leaves, they sit with her until bro shows up to housesit with her
>no sign of guy's wallet, for any "poor misunderstood negro" sympathizers.
>friend had to worry his whole flight until he could check on her when he landed
I can't understand your story, it breaks down starting in the middle and loses cohesion
Sounds like a jinn. We can't see them, but they're around us, usually in less populated areas and less developed countries. Allegedly they often live in trees, not sure how accurate that is.

Jinn are intelligent and have free will. Some are peaceful, some are not.
I believe that people often encounter monsters such as skinwalkers, goatmen, wendigos that are really antagonistic jinn taking a physical form and harassing and terrorizing people.
Jinn have supernatural powers. The famous king Sulaiman/Solomon had control over them through powers granted to him by god.

To clarify, I don't think Bigfoot/dogmen/other cryptids are jinn, I believe these are creatures that possibly exist and have simply kept to the wildlands and woodlands of The world.

But don't fuck with jinn, yo. They are serious business and can possess you.
Sounds like she made a deal with a jinn and peformed black magic to make all this happen. Scary shit.
I'm not them, but its pretty simple?
His friend threw a party with drugs and all of that. Some tinfoil black guy shows up. Seems pretty alright. Next day his friend is flying out, his roommate calls him and says that the blacktinfoil is back.
>grab the gun
>blacktinfoil tries to break in with baseball bat
>aims shotgun at blacktinfoil
>he runs, cops show up, no evidence of him being there

Not sure why the story is being told in a spoopy thread, but yeah.
so why dont jinn fuck up loggers and miners all the time for dicking their home
Like I said, that may just be an old wive's tale but I think there may be some truth to them living in trees.
All loggers may not experience paranormal activity, but some have.
I'm not sure about miners.
jinn-idf please leave
Lol. I'm just here to clue y'all in homie
What about a wendigo? Midwest is where they come from I think
What about a wendigo?
What Sioux reservation? I live near one and visit it semi-regularly.
I live in MN. Curious as to what town you're talking about. Would you mind sharing?
>Not sure why the story is being told in a spoopy thread
Op's story boils down to;
>car in front of me had an accident
>group of people standing near by come over to look
>spoopy subtext
People are the really scary monsters
Would like to know the same. Live in Mitchell S.D. and would love a road trip.
OP here. Mission Hill's near the outskirts of Yankton by Viberg and Gayville if you know the area. It's off a road heading toward Mission Hill 5 miles past Irene. Honestly I just get some Jim Jones cult vibes from this place based on how the people around it describe it and my own experiences.
ive been there. wow
This happened to me during my teenage years.

>lying in bed, sleepy time
>the head of my bed's under a window, covered by big curtains (pic sort of related)
>almost about to fall asleep
>suddenly hear breathing
>it's a slowplaced, hoarse kind of breathing, as if someone's out of breath but trying to control the pace.
>it's coming from behind the curtains, right behind the head of my bed.
>after listening to it for a while to be completely sure that I'm hearing this, freak out.
>put head under the covers and eventually drift off
>next night the same thing, at a certain point start to hear the breathing again
>too scared to look for a long time, just lie in bed being a little pussy
>during a certain night whilest hearing the breathing again, get a rush of courage, sit up and look behind the drapes
>see nothing, only my dark window
>stare at the place for a while, the breathing's gone
>lie down on my bed again, a little dissapointed but sort of relieved
>after a while breathing starts up again

This continued until my family moved to another house, haven't heard it since. What could it have been?
Prolly ya dad jerking off behind the curtains
>small game hunting Wyoming
>2 friends and I lets say Kyle and Joe
>slow day cap a rabbit with my beretta .22
>later friend shoots a squirrel out of a tree
>we start to leave when we see this girl just sitting on a tree stump facing away from us
>apologize for firing a shot so near her saying he didn't see her
>no movement
>we walk up closer to see if she's ok and see she's got a little blood on her shirt. Nothing alarming but what you would get if a branch cut you up a lil
>walk infront of her and she just has this blank stare that looks through you not at you
>offer to take her back to our camp and without a word she starts walking with us still blank
>get to our tents and fire and she sits again
>it's almost night so we tell her we'll get her back to the nearby town tomorrow
>buddies share tent so she has her own mines smallest so I get to sleep nohomo
>crawl out of tent next morning gears everywhere my kyles cameras smashed a rifles missing and the girls tents stakes are all broken in half which is a feat itself
>girls gone we're all fearing bear attack
>send joe to get to our jeep and goto the near by town for gamewarden help
>me and kyle start searching woods with the tiny 22 incase she actually got taken by a bear
File: 1454292046764.jpg (43 KB, 330x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 330x319

Go on.
This is promising
File: 1454536098587.jpg (30 KB, 397x296) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>no sign of girl anywhere
>start to get off trail onto wet grassy area when we find a satchel on the ground
>"don't go that way" I tell kyle before he continues and slips on some grass
>walk into the clearing with the stump where we found her and get the smell of death rot
>dead possum, squirrel, rabbit, and even a deer torn to shreds
>on the stump is a pile of blood and decaying innards probably from the animals
>follow small trail of some sort of hooves to the bottom of a small hill where a beanie hat sits on a branch
>when I goto grab it kyle shouts "There!" and all I see when I turn my head is antlers dart from the top of the hill next to a pinetree
>we get to the top of the hill and kyles pale
>says whatever it was it was on it's hind legs
>I say its just a deer I saw the antlers but I see the perspective of the pine to kyle and it would have had to taller than him
>offically spooped
>we start heading back toward where our camp was and the forest is dead silent which usually means a predator is somewhere near
>Kyle hasn't said a word he just has his bowie knife out and is darting his eyes all over the trees
>a loud shriek fills the words sounds like Joe even though I never heard him scream
>Run towards the direction it came from shouting that we're over here
>see joe sprinting towards us so fast he almost passes us
>he's holding his arm cut up worse than the girl was earlier
>says some large animal pushed him off the trail down a small hill into a thicket
>keeps wrambling about how fucked up it looked like elkgoat thing that was big enough to be a half grown mosse
>kyle says we saw it too
>we basically say fuck the girl we're outa here we'll tell the wardens when we get to town
>it's getting dark again anyway
>start trying to find the trail again gun out
>"don't go that way" I hear my voice but I didn't fucking say it
>what the fuck
>Kyle and Joe ask what and I tell them I didn't say it
Dude I have a similar story. My bed was set up like yours, up against a window with big curtains like that.

>be me on my night off
>alone, chilling in bed, watching shin-Chan on Netflix
>have bedroom window open to let fresh air in
>hear footsteps on the grass outside
>turn off TV, look out window like a genius
>don't see anything
>side yard is really narrow, so I would have noticed if someone was there, even in the dark
>footsteps suddenly rush window
>panic, quickly slam window, fall back onto bed
>rearrange room after I calm down

For some reason, that freaked me out so bad that I can't have my bed against the window anymore.
>look sketchily behind us and see antlers behind a tree topping out at like 8 fucking feet
>before my eyes can even adjust it dashes further into the trees going from hind legs to a mad dash on all fours
>unload 22 at it not even aiming kill a 8 round clip in a second
>the reply is some sort of hyena laughter
>Nopenopenope fuck facing it even with a gun we all sprint back to the path
>im the fatter one of the group but today we're all even pace at death sprint speed
>load new clip when we stop to catch breath guzzle water
>look up and it's the fucking girl staring at us leaning on a tree
>crooked ass smile
>Kyles the first one to speak voicing our whatthefucks and asking what happened to our fucking camp/shit
>the reply is a fucking followme wave and she begins walking back toward the beast
>she continues
>we don't move at all after another couple yards she turns back
>no crooked smile or blank stare just pure rage in her expression
>the look you might get in the middle of a fist fight when you're ready to do some damage
>we start to walk away and when I turn back she hasn't moved an inch same fucking face
>reach end of the trail where they put the map of the forest in a display case
>smashed map gone
>get to jeep and bail
>contact game wardens and they say they'll send out a search party for the girl
>nothings found and the tents we left are torn to bits they all figure grizzly
>give up on hunting and hiking for a year or two
This happens to me all the fucking time, im not gonna greentext the story because im sick of reading greentext.

About 3-4 times a week, I hear a loud click or something rustling my bookbag I have near my bed. Sometimes I think in my half asleep head "just the walls settling.." or "it was my cell phone charger end falling off the bed on the floor..."
but I look over and my phone is still plugged in, sitting on the bed beside me. The sound is always pretty loud to, very noticable. Actually, it happened this morning. It sounded like something landed on the bookbag and make that specific sound. I got angry at this point and look on that side of the floor at this point and even hit the bag a couple times to make the sound on purpose.
Btw I have no animals, the ac/heater was not on, I have it turned off at the breaker, and I was all alone in the house.
A friend that slept on my couch one night said he heard voices coming from my room while I was asleep, he got creeped out and left without saying anything.
Wtf is going on?
small epilogue
>Kyle would go hunting at the same spot again many times and didn't have any negative experiences although he did come armed to the teeth the first couple times
>the stump where we found her had no dead animals and the forest wasn't dead ass silent
>he did mention one time hunting he ran into a doe(female deer) with its neck broken in a weird angle facing its tail with no sign of any animal feeding on it or hunter shooting it which would have been illegal as fuck
I live south in Colorado now but if I ever hunt in that bitch again its going to be with a ak
The pitbull was named both bo and rudy?
He said the pit is rudy and the lab is Bo tardo ricardo
>being muslim
>current year
is this a Dunwich rip off?
Usually people add features to people that matters to the context. I don't see what him being black K had to do with this? Would leaving that part out ruin the story? I mean you must think his behaviour had something to do with him being black, right? He was a tin foil-guy. He suspected that his non existing wallet was stolen. Sounds like you're pushing unnecessary information just to add controversial context to the story, lmao.
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