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Valkyries? And houseghost general.
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Hey /x/. I'm a longtime lurker, never really posted. Now I have a reason to, though.

In July I hooked up with this guy named Nate. We've been living together for about four months, and some weird shit has been going down.

For example, sometimes you'll hear the lightswitches flick, but (usually) no light will come on. Sometimes there are thumps on the wall, footsteps, or a raspy female voice saying things you can't quite make out.

This has happened in three different places, (he's divorcing his whore ex atm; money's tight and we're just now getting into a permanent place) and it's always the same type of activity.

Now, before I tell you the rest, because I know it sounds like roleplay bullshit, let me explain; Nate is the most honest man I've EVER met. I have never caught him in a lie. When he says he'll do shit, it happens. He's a former cop/fireman/marine, and he has the pictures, scars, and connections to prove it. And he swears to me, up and down, that ge has a Valkyrie attached to him.

His first ex (now dead because she drunk and drove herself into the grill of a semi) was apparently eccentric as fuck and descended from the Romani or something. Before his very first tour to Afghanistan, she made him go through some sort of "protective ritual." I'm talking candles, black sand, weird chanting, everything.

Nate thought it was bullshit, but he let the crazy crackhead do it because she was the type to pull a knife when she didn't get her way. (Cont.)
(Cont.) A week later, he was in Allahland and had pretty much waved it off and forgotten about it. Then he had a nightmare.

He says that he went to sleep as usual, and started having this hyper-realistic dream. He was in a long, dark hallway and could see a child-sized, shadowy figure at the end, facing him. Suddenly, it rushed at him, growing in size as it did. In the blink of an eye it was right in front of him and he was looking up at it.

He said it had long, dark hair, soft downy fur (feathers?) all over, massive wings with claws at the joints, and four fingers on each hand, like a bird's claw. Its nose had a "sharp end", and the eyes were bright green with slanted pupils that made a v-shape. He said it was obviously female, but had no breasts or clothes. Her voice was raspy, and she spoke in an old-fashioned, rhymey sort of way when she told him how she had been waiting for him. He has never, once, changed a detail about this description.

He first told me this when we were driving, about a week after we first moved in together. I brushed it off as him knowing I liked ghost stories and trying too hard to impress me, but I was going to play along just to milk him for a decent story.

I remember saying something like, "maybe I'll see her eventually" or something. I just know that I hadn't really meant it, and that something IMMEDIATELY touched the back of my seat. I heard it, I felt it. Both of his hands were on the wheel and we were the only ones in the car. I have been a believer since.

We call her Z. She's benign, mostly. Likes a little mischief, but nothing malicious. She's more like a guard dog than anything; totally tame until somebody fucks with Nate. Anyone who has stolen from, lied to, or mistreated him ends up with four scratches that burn for days and linger for weeks. She even scratched him the one time he was dumb enough to do crack. He hasn't touched it since.

Haven't seen her yet, but I know it's coming. Anyone else have attachments like this?
You should prove this to the scientific community. Have someone mess with Nate and video tape the scratches that appear.
Maybe I should bait his ex into it. She's a horrible bitch who beats/neglects her kids and has cheated on him at least 3 times. He only stayed with her so long because he was worried for the kids. Poor man keeps getting screwed because his heart is always in the right place, but it makes him ignore his brain sometimes.

As far as I know, he's never directly seen the scratches appear. You just wake up with them, and there's no explanation for it. They tend to appear on your back, too, where it's hard to reach.

I don't know personally. I'm still on Z's good side, I think.
My nextdoor neighbor has a really old teddy bear that seems to have an old man attached to it. He doesn't like negativity, and will throw shit around whenever someone's yelling or upset. I have no idea why he likes that bear, though.
That guy just keeps making bad choices when it comes to women
Well, you're not wrong. He dated seven women before me. His first fiancee was killed by a drunk driver (he's got some shit luck with that too, man) and he was one of the firefighters that ran the call. They pulled him off of it shortly after arriving, of course, but it still really fucked him up. He was only 19 or 20 and he kind of just said "fuck everything" and joined the marines after that. Wound up with PTSD, as ya do, and he's only starting to recover now that he has a son.

TL;DR the guy's had a shit time. I'm kind of glad he has a spoop looking out for him.
Valkyries are dope OP, don't be worried.
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clear ur property with thermal vision
ghosts dont real
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planet spoop
Oh, I'm not at all, really. I don't plan on putting my man through more hell, so I doubt I'll ever have a problem. I just wanted to see if anyone else has attachment stories as well.

I'd also love to find out how she was summoned and what her real name is. Can't find shit on it, though.

I bet you correct people's grammar in casual conversation.
C'mon guys. Are you telling me that I'm the only one with a traveling houseghost? I don't believe it.
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