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anyone knows about this website?
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Hi guys,

surfing around the net I reached this website

The logo looks funny so I am guessin is gonna be some sort of board for memes or making fun of conspiracies but then I read on the title
Rule N1. Hide in plain sight and got me curious .

Anyone knows what is gonna be about?
Quite obviously it's an email address harvesting site.
They have you subscribe for "launch notifications" and then spam your email with viagra ads and gay porn.
looks like bullshit to me

ahahaah that would be really sad...the secret society of viagra gay users
had a look out of curiosity. P:.G:.M:.K:.T:. is someone knows what that means?
I run a check.

The server is in Romania and belong to an icelandic company into investigative jornalism and freedom of speech.

there is one site on the server IP, which is strange to me for harvesting website has they are usually on shared hosting crap.

you can check on your own here:


I haven't found anything about P:.G:.M:.K:.T:. but will keep looking when I have a bit of time.
there are almost limitless amounts of sites such as these, and all are nothing.

anyone can make a domain, even you could and name it "secrets skeletons" and people'd probably post here saying some shit about "hiding in plain sight".

it's all really dumb, please don't feed into a random persons random website.
Hi, yes of course I could, so could you, but why should I?

I am stating what I read on the link posted (2 minutes search) and what I am saying is that it doesnt look like a scam site because people won't spend 100 quid per month (thats how much a server costs more or less) to get a 2 or 3 emails.

This is more likely a website under construction
some people have inordinate amounts of money. i doubt it's a website under construction, and if it is it's probably just something to do with their journalism gig.

scam sites get money out of a lot of people, if you scam 100 people, for 1 dollar, you have your costs. if you have advertising behind it, you get more money. if you get traffic and have some sort of advertising, you get more money. 100 is not that much considering how lucrative the scamming business is.
lol, so you are saying that

1 an ISP that on their website fight for freedom of speech is pulling a scam to attract attention


2. someone is spending 1200 per year on a one page with no adversiting to scam 1 dollar on a 100 emails( your numbers but I doubt you'll get maybe 3 emails) when you can harvest literally million of emails on facebook for free?

I prefer the post with the yeti video
>when you can harvest literally million of emails on facebook for free?

sell that information to advertising companies, get money. 1200 is not that much in the scheme of things, might be for someone who has a minimum wage job but for companies, that's nothing.

keep believing everything is a conspiracy and that random websites mean something, i am sure you'll get a lot out of doing that.
You like to jump to a lot of conclusion dont you?

I don't believe that site is a conspirancy but I don't believe either is the next spawn out of hell of the marketing cabal for stealing prcious information.

You don't know how to the online marketing industry works and the kind of numbers you need to make even just the 'minimum wage job'

Just to give you something to compare
- Alex Jones makes those numbers and data from his youtube subscriber channel
- David Ickey does those numbers (plus 30 quid ticket at wembley last year followed by thousands not 'minimum wage' people)
- The 'ILLUMINATI' website (I saw another post on here) maybe does those numbers...but they ask for 200$ fee to join 'the club' (that's your scam right there)

P.S. I have posted my email, so far no viagra in my mailbox!
Looks like a good place.. Probably for a game or something.
Confirmed shill

> site is legit


it is a masonic title abbreviation

Found it on:
It's a prank. There is a file hidden in the image on the page but it seems you need a password to get it. Has anyone got it?
directories anyone?

> I can't see some of the images they have uploaded, like this one :

> and this image:

> is different from the one they have uploaded on the main page:

Is there an hidden page as well?
Prefixed to the signature of a Grand or
Master of

and the Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.
also found


I dont feel like looking through all of these

Can't open any of them but looking at the directories found Class 'Walker' not found in home/vitriolvm...

> vitriolvm means :

I guess the guy/s who did this site knew a bit about alchemy and freemasonry. I thought it was just a prank, but theres a bit too many breadcrumb bits here and there :P
Hi guys

how do you access this directories?

I am trying but I get always error
most likely a clothing line, kind of like The Framed Society. which also uses triangles in their clothing
Here is in plain sight, since years we work with watermarks in the pictures.
File: 94oc7YP-1024x768.jpg (77 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 1024x768

Not sure i a clothing company either.
Yesterday someone linked some of their internal links which I managed to look around for a while.

In the image folders there were 3 images. two of them are on their splash page and the other one is this one I have attached.

I can't access their folders anymore...guess someone on their side sniffed something strange and tide up security.

I have also subscribed on their page but I have received nothing so far, plus they have another file embedded in their triangle image but you need a password to get it out.

I am curious to see what's in their image and what comes out of this
No, is not a watermark. it is a proper file hidden.

I tinker with steganography and I could see they have a file hidden there but is encrypted
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Thread images: 2
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