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Was I cursed vol.2 Electric Boogaloo
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Dead girlfriend anon here again, last thread was:

So, I did what Aussiewiccanfag suggested and it didn't really work the way I was expecting. Started assembling the ingredients and halfway through had a minor crisis of faith. What if it doesn't work out? What if I actually get with another girl and the same shit happens to her?
I tried some lucid dreaming techniques and that yielded no result. I did not really desire to banish this supposed presence without understanding the reason for this haunting. So, considering it would probably come at night if ever, I switched up my sleeping schedule and slept through the days, while pretending to sleep in the night in full alertness. Early in the Saturday morning, probably around 2-3 am. I hear a noise. I jerk out in its direction and see a silhouette using one of my heftier paintbrushes to knock over the half-assembled bag and my incense holder. Believe it or not, I actually don't fear death in the slightest, but having some fumy fucking silhouette next to your bed is fucking nerve wracking. All I could really muster was a "hello". So, very slowly we managed to converse for a few hours. She came last night as well. What she claims, is that we were lovers throughout several lifetimes and she is forever bound to stay with me. If reincarnation does exist (which I am willing to believe might be the case if fucking spirits or whatever she is do), that would be fine, but if that's the case, I wondered to myself why weren't we reincarnated together if our love was so strong and it happened several times already? What am I dealing with here?
same thing as everybody else.

u dont probably want to know b/c its only gonna get worse.

the cosmic laws or whatever, they punish people who talk about it. (and also the future alien fighters, they can see that somehow)

if u do wanna know try \r\reptiliandata the two threads: "MK []][[]:[] Ayys in the A[[][]][[]" and Black Knight Satellite
try living in a metal garage on ur own property
and throw away the coil matress thats spoop tech for pictures
>the metal garage will block most microwave/radio/laser/light/emf
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OP, I will say that I did not read through the entirety of the last thread; however, I may be able to help you.

Keep in mind that spirits lie as well, and so this one may be lying to you to force you into accepting its presence in your life.

If you'd allow me, I will draw up some runes for you to place on your body, should you be up for it. Doing so may placate this spirit until I can take further action to remove it from you.

Please reply back when you can, I'd be more than happy to help with this.
Lol I was in your previous thread, but really, you talked to a spirit? That's kinda hard to believe.
OP here, honestly I don't know how I should feel about placing runes on my body, but let's check it out. Also, how do I tell its lying and what possible gain can it have from me? I don't feel any negative effects on my health other than being creeped the fuck out.

Nigga, believe me this thread is not me seeking attention, I already have that covered in my life to a frightening degree. Hopefully someone on this board, who is not a roleplayer or a tinfoil hat savant may actually have a level of expertise over what I experience and maybe, just maybe has actually witnessed and is attuned to the paranormal or something, Honestly, shit was way less scary than I imagined it to be.
Why didn't you just ask her about reincarnation and stuff? Would very interesting to see what she answers.
I don't like the idea of asking her about reincarnation. It screams death to me. Like. There's a bunch of Japan else stories about entities who kill you for asking questions. I'd hold of on that and maybe ask about what your lives together were like?
So, you do want to try the runes then?
You can look up their individual meanings and then decide for yourself, if you want to be careful-- but I have given many people on /x/ runes and none were harmful.

Really, the only sure way to tell if it's harmful is to first find its name out, and then ask if it swears on its name that it will tell you the truth. Basically, make it go under oath to tell you anything. Outside of that, runes and other warding spells can filter it out automatically if it's harmful.
She actually mentioned several of our joined lifetimes together. Apparently my previous incarnation was as a french newspaper editor in northern France at the turn of the 20th century. I'd rather not talk about the one predating it. Sufficed to say I was not famous or something, but was quite a massive douchebag.

She called herself Agatha, saying it was the last name she was known by. By all means, show me the runes, but permit me to research this shit too.

I'll be "going to bed" soon. Hopefully we can have a slightly more meaningful conversation. I'll write when I wake up around the afternoon or something in my time slot.
Ooga booga, your "curse" is lifted now get the fuck out
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Write these, in order, anywhere on your body, and you should be okay. This will remove the spirit's attachment, and hopefully facilitate her moving on if she's truly what she claims. Otherwise, it'll just remove it and you can move on yourself from what is obviously a harmful and possessive spirit.
Thank you for your time and effort. Much appreciated.
I'm here, going to actually get some proper sleep soon. Anticlimactic, I know.

I'm honestly uncertain as to what I should be doing here. Took a sick leave so I don't seem as awkward on work and to have some time on my hands to talk with it and figure things out. Overall I don't feel any threat from the entity, but as Galdrastafr mentioned, it might not be a smart move on my part. Communication is very slow and it doesn't really come naturally, like it would with someone from flesh and blood, but it's pretty damn engaging. It takes very long pauses to respond and it's speech is very drawn out and further away from the point. I imagine people who talk with Stephen Hawking might be used to something like that. Last night i finally had the balls to ask it if it had something to do with my exes and it did not directly deflect the topic, but (slowly) denied any involvement with it.
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