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Have you or somone you know ever seen a ufo?
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Have you or somone you know ever seen a ufo?
I've seen an unidentified flying object, yes

I'm not convinced it was spook worthy though
I have this short version saved in microsoft word because some author put it in his book on ufo sightings and owls.

Three friends and i are driving home a girl around 3 am. Suddenly the passenger and I see a blue light in the sky descending. It bright as hell so I couldn't make out the shape of the craft and it was high enough to pass through the clouds. My friend and i are are speechless and we couldn't tell the passengers until after we lost sight of it past the tree line. After the shock wears off we tell the people in the backseat about it and drop off the girl. So we are driving back to friend's house going 55 mph and a white owl flys up next to me car and has his head pointed directly at us. He's staring at us while flying 55 mph... The owl is close enough to roll down the window and touch him. He flys off after 5 seconds and then less than a mile down the road another white owl does the same thing and everyone in the car starts screaming out of some kind of primal fear no one could explain. For some reason i slam on the brakes and everyone yells at me to keep driving I have seen the same blue light multiple times since then. One time with the friend who saw the first one. This was before that dumb movie "the fourth kind" was released. This happened in Georgia btw.
There was one incident I can think of when I was younger.

>Be 9
>Sleeping by a bay window
>Look into the night sky
>See stationary celestial body
>Visually larger than a star or a planet, but not by much
>It's a black circle with a orange/yellow corona around it
>Curious about it at first
>Suddenly become afraid
>Feel like it's an omen of doom
>Have never seen it sense

To this day, I don't know what it was.
I'm in florida and orange orbs get reported quite frequently. I've personally seen one hovering over a bay and dart at incredible speed out to the ocean. They look like this and people usually spot them like 10 at a time.


Military maybe?
OP here, thank you all I didn't know what response this thread would garnish. I may post some of my own, but for now a few friends experiences. I live in a rural area and these are often seen outside of town, but have been seen in the middle of my town twice that I know of. One of which I saw with my own eyes...

Friends experiences.

>friend and someone he knew are outside at night.
>two ship's are suddenly in the sky, the lights are red and blue, they swirl around entertainingly and then disappeared, doing that quick jolt exit I think. I've never seen one exit like that personally.
>moments after the ufo's disappeared, I arrive at their house via car.

One more quick one for now. These two kids were high class skeptics and cynics as well...very intellectual no nonsense will quote Nietzsche at you types.

>brother and sister are walking along a deserted road towards home, the only thing between them and their neighborhood ahead was an old deserted gas station
>from somewhere two medium sized balls of green light appear and slowly descend downward, behind the gas station.
>they hesitantly check behind the gas station where the balls of light landed, but there was nothing to be found.
husbands grandmother did, it impacted is work greatly
No and I've only known one person who had claim to see one. He also got fucked up on acid at a music festival and stabbed himself in the stomach. He was weird. He's dead.
yeah I'll greentext mine, was about 5 years ago or so.

>In Utah
>Live in fucking mormon suburbia
>Neighborhood is built literally winding up a mountain, so if you look up at one side of the neighborhood, mountains tower over everything
>Walking dog one night, about 10pm
>Look up at the mountains
>WHAT the fuck is that?
>Dude, this is weird as fuck
>Call girlfriend over
>There are about 6 light orbs coming out one by one from the side of the mountain, really high up
Similar to this video, but less organized:
>They are kind of scattered, moving slowly over the neighborhood
>Eventually they gather up extremely close and pick up speed
>Watch them until I couldn't see them anymore

I honestly could not and still cannot make sense of it. Military doesn't make sense because of where it happened, they were flares, and I haven't heard or read about anything natural that looks like that and travels in packs like geese. Really weird and cool and glad I saw it.
I used to work with this old stoner and he claims to have seen a ufo.
But he also told me that he's eaten sheets and sheets of acid before
My uncle did when he was in his 20s. He was driving along the coast with some friends. This craft started following the car and then flew right beside them. The road is along the edge of a cliff face and the craft was level with the car. They saw they pilots and described them as humanoid. The craft was perfectly silent. My uncle gets mad whenever the family talks about this because they tease him relentlessly about it. But he's not one for making this shit up. It's also important to note that there were several military bases in the area where he was driving so it's most likely an experimental aircraft with some pilots having some fun.
An anon posted a good abduction experience a while back. Involved a road trip when anon was a kid. During the car trip, their car was stopped by "construction workers." Anon described his grandma telling them to remain calm as the construction workers opened the car door and took her grandpa away. When grandpa returned, the anon had lost time and grandpa acted like it never happened. Was a pretty creepy story. If anyone screen capped I would appreciate a post.
Have you ever flown a UFO?

Afterwards, sex seems trite.
I remember being in my backyard, it was midnight but I could still see in the sky due to the illumination of the stars. I saw this thing flying around, the way it was moving, like it was super playful or someshit, it looked like a serpent in water(idk how else to explain). it kept moving in impossible ways, there was nothing omitting lights(even if there were a lightshow somewhere - lights cant make these movements), all my neighbor's lights were off too. it was pretty large, and scariest part, it doesnt even look like a machine, it looked alive, like some kind of joyful thing having the time of its life, like a series of energy.

sorry for not greentexting, also the next night my family witnessed it too, so i know i wasnt tripping, but the day after it was gone.

and also on the topics of ufos - my grandfather who fought as a pilot in ww2 lived in the remote area in the borders of switzerland and italy where there's nothing but huge mountains, he said he saw saucer like crafts(different from the stealth fighters) being tested by the nazis, he didnt go into too much detail though.
My friend's father was chased by an ufo while he was driving
my grandpa did
I've seen UFO before.

A Friday morning in August of 1999, along route 8 in Kentucky. It was a saucer that look like two pie pans and it had colored lights. It kind of hovered for a second then traveled easternly before doing a few moves then shooting off in the opposite direction at a 45 degree angle.

I bought a disposable camera that day and have kept a camera in my car since
My grandfather says he saw an aircraft moving at exceptionally high speed suddenly make a 90 degree turn. He said his friend saw it too.
I see often orbs in the sky at night and other weird lights. Sometimes weird vibrations I dare not stay long in the background. When they dissapear I get a sense I need to get out also. I filmed tonight and put on YouTube if you want too see I am uploading another one
It went wrong
Is that real?
Just lights.... but after some research, I think it may have been an old tumbling satellite.

My grandmother told me about 1 she saw that looked like a cigar.
I've seen a bright light streak down n then look like it it stopped & turned back up. Like a wide "v".

But I head this can be an illusion of when a comet hits the horizon or the edge of the atmosphere
ufos are gov secret aircraft you plebs

interdenominational beings dont need flying saucers
My grandma saw a bright flash in the sky but it was probably just something combusting on entry.

Though the region I live is known for ufo sights.
I live in a rural little town about 1 hour from a very big city.
Everyday i wake up at 5 AM to get ready and wait for the bus.
I always see lights, airplains and what not in the sky during the night, but that's pretty common, so i never even thought it could be anything spooky.
Except this one time, while waiting for the bus i saw a light in the sky, it looked just like a star and it was moving very slowly, nothing I hadn't seem before. Then it stopped for like 5 seconds and it accelerated in the opposite direction very fast in comparison as its previous speed until it banished.

I was with my dad, and we both agreed that was an UFO.
I've seen two, the second one was the strangest. I was walking out my front door to go to a friends house and I looked at the sky. There were red orbs that would appear and float to another portion of the sky and then disappear, and they all appeared and disappeared in the same place. At a certain point they would split into to different orbs and then merge back together before disappearing. I was completely sober and my dad saw it too. I tried to get a video but the camera on my phone was shit and it didn't pick up the lights.
Holy shit, that's exactly what I saw. I had my dogs outside around 11pm. I was just watching the stars when I noticed one star-like orb or what have you, bolt in one direction and shift a completely different direction then stopped instantly. After that it propelled around like a squid and sputtered here and there. Definitely had a consciousness based off its movement. And like you said, it looked playful. Had my girlfriend come out a watch it with me, I don't drink or do drugs.
Dude holy fuck I'm >>17304507
The ones I saw were really similar to that. I saw them on Marco Island, FL.
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>pffft owl sotry
>more communion bullshit
>.....suddenly remember about a decade ago, my dad telling me strange story from that night
>dad wakes up
>fucking owl staring at him through window
>father approacheth window, owl stands his ground, feareth nothing
>dad said it was creepy but whatever went back to bed

aliens were at my dads house.

i shit not whenever im at my dads, i have recurring nightmare about alien invasion, freaks the shit out of me every time
i see the orange orbs too, michigander here, ive written them off as chinese lanterns because i see them about once or twice every summer always in july. they do haul ass though so it seems
>little rural town
>has a bus

Bro, that's not a little town
622 here again,

It did look like a serpent in water as well, it didn't necessarily zigzag but it was swirling left to right while moving in one direction like a snake would, but because of how far away it was it just appeared as any other star. We watched it for 30 minutes. It moved from one end of the sky all the way to the other till we couldn't see it anymore. And it covered huge grounds in between those two horizons. Like I said, it was twirling, zigzagging, and bolting around everywhere. It was absolutely fascinating. I even remember saying it looked like it would have been organic, maybe some animal in space. Or quite possibly an angel. I don't really have a clue I'm just throwing ideas out there. It obviously wasn't a helicopter, satellite, or anything of that matter. I know what I saw was very distinct, and I'm truly surprised someone else has seen something so similar to the T.
Not 622 I meant 516. My bad
Ive seen two of those orange balls of light go across the sky in like 30 seconds without a sound.
When I was pretty young I saw a UFO while sitting at a campfire on the beach with a few friends. We were fairly spooked but mostly just thought it was cool then went back to doing kid shit.

A short time later I had a dream I still remember pretty vividly.
>dream starts with me waking up in bed (which is probably why it was so disorienting and realistic at the time)
>walk to lightswitch in room
>lights won't turn on with switch
>try to open door but it won't budge
>try lights again and they come on
>shelves that are screwed into the walls normally are now screwed half on the wall and half on the door, barring it shut
>start to freak out, lights go off again
>they come back on and the shelves are gone
>sprint out of room to parents room
>when I get there, there's a bright light coming in the window and "big owls with legs" (what I described them to my parents as the next morning) walking around the back yard
>the dream just kind of ends there

I don't think we were abducted or anything. Thoughts about the object I'd seen on the beach combined with probably watching a scary movie or something most likely brought on the dream. Still, it was extremely surreal and I get goosebumps just thinking about looking out the window and seeing what my mind represented as aliens wandering around my backyard.
what part of Georgia?
Yes and yes. Since I was 5 and through to the present. Small town of 9000 in Canadia, planes come and go only twice a day and we're so far north there'd be no reason a plane from another city would fly over us to go to another destination. I'm a night owl and see things often in the sky (and otherwise) I don't do any hallucinogenics and am pretty sane, which is why I don't tell others what I see.

im glad someone else has witnessed, it's not all about flying metalic disks. i guess what we saw is indescribable, im still weirded out abit by it just by thinking of it. it look alive for sure. but i wonder if their technology is so advanced that it is alive. though what if it was some kind of space creature or some kind of spirit being, idk for sure, but i can vouch on what we saw for sure. but yeah those movements, kept thrusting up and back and spinning, just impossible but playful movements like it was having fun.
I see them all the time. My eye sight isn't that great so there's a lot of unidentified flying objects
I see them all the time. My eye sight isn't that great so there's a lot of unidentified flying objects
I live in Florida too and saw a UFO literally like 4 days ago while driving around with my bro. We both saw it and he pointed and said "man check it out shooting star" and by the time he was saying out it pivoted and did a harsh turn. Looked exactly like a shooting star, was going around the same speed (so pretty fucking fast) and I was sure it was til the thing fucking turned. We saw it for a total of like 4-5 seconds til it disappeared.
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I have 2 stories

>Be on red eye flight near Seattle
>Plane has wings that curve up vertically at the tips
>Me, sitting in window seat looking at stars
>See a light moving in a line, assume it's a satellite
>Track its path and see that it will pass behind the upturned wing tip
>Watch as it disappears behind wing tip
>Look at far edge of wing tip where I expect it to reappear
>To my surprise, it had turned nearly 110 degrees in about a second without visibly losing any speed
>Sit up straight, somewhat alarmed but very curious
>Light continues on new trajectory without slowing
>We were 30,000 feet up; no military jet was above us
>Even if there was, no pilot could have survived the G forces involved in that insane turn
>No satellite moves like that either; the delta V required would be tremendous, far more than any satellite is capable of

>Be driving in Illinois, late August, early afternoon
>Clear sky, low winds, nice and sunny
>Look to my right out the window
>See a silvery shape moving linearly in the sky, assume it is a plane
>Inspect the shape more, realize it does not look like any plane I've ever seen
>Its somewhat far away, but appears to be globular, or circular/ovoid in shape
>It isn't moving linearly, but appears to be moving up and down along its trajectory as if it was following a low-amplitude sine curve
>What I initially mistook for plane lights was instead a series of shimmering/rippling metallic reflections of sunlight off of what appeared to be a polished metal surface
>After watching it in awe for about ~45 seconds, it suddenly vanishes before leaving the sine curve
>Pick up jaw from floor of car, drive home

I have no idea what either object was, but I strongly doubt either one involved human-produced technology.
NV fag here, yes. Several. I've seen bright objects in the sky following bizarre trajectories that would be impossible for planes and far too high for helicopters.

The most memorable one seemed to almost defy perspective. It would move farther and closer while changing in size, making it look the same to your eye regardless of distance. The only way we (me and gf) were able to measure its location relative to us was comparing it to other objects like the treeline or the mountains in the horizon. After flitting multiple directions and attracting a couple other on-lookers (neighbors routinely have outdoor cookouts), a very visible beam of blue light enveloped it. The light did NOT emanate FROM the object, rather it seemed to drop from the clouds, then disappear taking the object away from sight with it. Every one of us was immediately convinced we just witnessed something unusual, all of us agreeing whatever we saw was no known form of human aircraft or construct due to the speed and strange optical characteristics of the object. We were also careful to orient ourselves and make sure that the beam of light wasn't from the Strip. The Strip is to the north of us, whereas this object and the beam of light was to the southeast. I have never been able to rationally explain what it was.
As far as people I know having experiences with UFO's, no close encounters, but my Mother has an interesting note there. A friend of hers from college had a picture he took of what looked like the classic flying saucer. It was a simple, cut-and-dry picture taken with a film camera, developed privately. He was an amateur photographer, so there's very little chance the object was due to a developing error.

Eventually, he went through a severe bout with depression and came close to committing suicide. It got to the point where he was sending his things to his old friends, and sure enough, that photo went to my Mom. Thankfully, he never killed himself and managed to work his way through his depression, but my Mother still has the photograph.

Now, my Mom is a very pragmatic sort. She once told me she wanted "I call BS on this" to be on her headstone. That gives you a pretty good idea how she is. What convinced me, more than anything, of the photo's authenticity is that she was reluctant to show it to me, and was very adamant that I not brag to my friends at school about it and NEVER take it from the house or scan it to my computer or anything like that.

When I asked why, she only said that people out there are crazy about this kind of stuff, in a way that led me to think she was referring to the government. This, from a woman who was anything but superstitious. That's really what cemented my belief in the photo. I've never seen her regard anything as supernatural with such conviction, save for that picture.
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