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Empty Towns
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Has /x/ ever encountered this phenomenon? Specifically, driving into a town or place one would expect to find a large amount of humans only to find none at all. I had this happen a few years ago when I went with my family to Hawthorne, Nevada. It was a Saturday afternoon and the town had a population of 3,000 people which is small but surely one would see a single person. We were looking for restrooms, the McDonald's was closed, the stores were closed, the casino was closed, the hotels were closed. We settled on using public restrooms in a park we had found. The women's restroom had shit smeared everywhere, even the doorknob on the other side, it was absolutely disgusting and I'm glad nobody touched it. The men's room was a good bit better but still very unclean but we all used it. After we finished we returned to the car. Music started playing from the speakers around town and we gunned it all the way out of town and didn't slow down for 20 miles. There weren't even other cars on the road. It's like the entire town decided to play a prank on us.

What the fuck happened?

Also the town is completely surrounded by military bunkers, storehouses, and minefields if that helps. Not a soldier in sight.
youre crazy. end.
It's a military town.
90% of the males who live there are enlisted, while the women and children run the shops and whatnot.

The town was most likely going through a drill.
I've ran into a few of these in Washington and Oregon, it is indeed very unsettling to be in a town and not be able to find another person.

They were also close to military installations.

Very fucking weird
Also in these small towns if there's any sort of event going on, like a high school football game, the entire town will be there as there is nothing else to do.
I went with my gf at a town nearby named Irakleitsa in Greece

The town is really fun in the summer,it's flooded with people but wewent there and it looked like a ghost town

Abandoned cafeterias and shops,closed arcades and not even one person

Shit was creepy,we went to the car and run away
If you drive from Vegas to Reno, practically every town is empty.
Actually have a similar experience.
>first year of college
>went to local community college, so stayed in hometown
>bored as usual
>driving around killing time with 3 friends
>see road and think, I've never been that way before
>none of my friends had either
>head that way, probably 11pm so dark out
>eventually come to a town
>there are a lot of small farming communities around here, but we hadn't heard of this one
>Muncie is the name, population 1100
>first thought is "that's a lot of people for me to have never heard of it and be less than 20 miles from hometown of 2100"
>roll in to town, first thing is a cemetery then a large, very beautiful church
>pass police and fire station(same building) then a public basketball court
>we get to a 4 way intersection which seems to be the middle of town, and just stop to talk about how this town could've possibly been unknown to us
>3 of the 4 of us have lived in the area our entire lives, and the 4th had been there for almost 10 years
>at this point we notice there are no lights on. Anywhere. Even streetlights were off
>then we notice we haven't seen a car, either on the road or parked in the town
>it was like the town was evacuated
>not one house had a light on or a car outside
>on the main road we passed 40-50ish houses and could see down the sideroads because the moon was fairly bright that night
>not one single fucking person
>leave the town, vow to come back the next day
>next day we go back and our jaws fucking drop
>cars everywhere, almost every driveway had one
>probably 20 kids playing basketball(turns out there were multiple courts)
>people are mowing lawns, there are city workers painting the curbs, women jogging, we couldn't believe our eyes.
>there was more happening there than there was in our hometown
>why in the fuck have I not heard of Muncie before?
>ask other friends. Not one of them had heard of it
Never went back.. Something about it creeped me out even when there were people there.
It's called Sunday you dummies...
Something I wanted to mention but couldn't because of the character limit, sporting events. The town had a school and football field.. Our town had 2100 people, and we were in the same conference as every school in the area with less than 5000 in their town. We played schools that are farther away, and even in the same direction. One town, Homer, was about 35 miles away from my town, in the same direction. So Muncie would've been between us and Homer. For them to have a football team, and us not know about it, is ridiculous. The only possible way that works is if they only scrimmage themselves and never actually play a game
Not sure if you have ever heard of "reality glitches" (if you frequent /x/ often you should know what I mean). There is a particular type of glitch that has been often reported, which is exactly what you describe. Something like logging onto an online game server with no players.
This explanation does not help with the situations where the environment is well known by the observer and it is known to be always crawling with people. Your explanation is only good for situation where the observer is wandering through a place for the first time.
Some local event the day before
Are you talking about Muncie, Indiana?

More than 70.000 people live there, not 1100.
Happened to me in Oregon as well. We had been driving since we left New Mexico on our way to Seattle made it to this small town in Oregon around maybe one a.m. if not later that seemed completely abandoned no cars on the street nothing. Only person we saw was the guy who checked us into our hotel. Next morning after 9 a.m. streets were really busy, people everywhere was crazy.
No one stays out in a small town after dark because nothing is open.
...and the cars disappear underground?
Still odd if you're not used to it. I've walked the streets in my city at 3 - 4 am and seen at least one car pass.
Garages or car ports in the backyard? My town is like this at night.
When darkness falls, only the grifter walks the empty streets.
Love that place. Met an awesome person from there. Loved gore and shotas. Miss the fuck out of them everyday.
I live in a town of 7000, you can walk all day around town and only see a few cars. It's not that surprising. You will probably see 1 person a week outside at night if you go out every day ( as I do). Everyone goes to work and goes home. Or goes to the bar really there's not much to do.
Seems like some people in this thread don't understand that depending on the time of day, most small towns are pretty dead. I grew up in a small town of less than 1000 people and if it weren't for the dive bar and the only all night gas station that exists for 15 miles in any direction, there wouldn't be anyone on the streets in the evening or on Sundays.

Muncie guy's story is a little strange because of the football field though. Maybe they don't have a team anymore because equipment and insurance costs don't justify it for such a small school but they still maintain the field for phys. ed.?
Had something similar happen on the way home from Niagra Falls in Jan '02. Me, my friend and our girlfriends where somewhere in New York on our way back to Maryland driving thru a snow storm. We where in need of gas and pulled off into a town. It was around 11pm and there wasn't one light on. Not even a street light. The stop lights where working which meant the town definitely had power. We drove around for 15 minutes and finally found a gas station that looked like one of the places that should be open 24/ 7 and that too was closed. On pur way out of town there was one person in a wheel chair just sitting at a corner staring off into space. To this day when me and my friend talk about it, it creeps us out
I live in Wainwright AB and sometime in July in 2012 i woke up around noon and my roomie wasn't there. This wasn't the weirdest thing because he played soccer lots. i got on my bike and was going to 711 which is 24hr and didnt see anyone at all i found this a little weird but just dismissed it. then i got to 711 the the doors where unlocked but literally no one was there. i went to the counter to buy some smokes and rang the bell but no one came. i just grabbed a pack and walked out of the store. Now i was getting a little freaked, there was literally no one anywhere. i went to my buddies house and his door was unlocked so i went to his room and he was nowhere in the house. I decided to ask his neighbors but none of them where home either. i was really worried at this point so i went home. i tried calling the operator and walmart but no one was answering. i tried googling stuff but apparently our internet was down. i figured i was dreaming at this point and decided to make myself wake up. i grabbed some sleeping pills out of the cabinet and sat on the couch and fell asleep. then i woke up on the couch and dismissed it as a dream. an hour later my roomie came home and asked if i had any cigs. i said no figuring the 711 trip was a dream. i told him i was going to 711 to pick some up and when i put on my jacket i found the cigs in my pocket. Still dont under stand to this day
Somehow this thread reminds me of Phantasm.
Christmas day
literally schizophrenia
Only once.

>be 1996-98
>live in middle Tennessee
>bro goes to live with a buddy and his mom in Kentucky for a while
>breaks into a YMCA or some shit one night
>gets in trouble, buddy's mom says come get him
>we start driving
>get there around noon
>pick him up
>he tells me and our other brother about taking a shit in the pool
>fucker's all talk, I take a nap
>wake up an hour later
>car is stopped, just me and my bros in it
>we're out of gas and mom left her wallet at home
>she's in the church trying to get some gas money
>we have a good laugh
>suddenly realize we're the only car around
>streets are completely carless
>noon on a fucking saturday
>that's shopping day in the south
>no cars
>mom comes running out of the church
>gets in car
>doesn't say anything
>drives until she's clear of town and we're running on fumes
>didn't see a single car or person anywhere during the drive
>nearly has to coast into a gas station
>fill up, grab drinks, on the road again
>it's weird, but none of us seemed to want to talk about it
>I had the urge, and it just went away
>I could tell they were thinking about it
>we rode in silence back to Tennessee

I asked my mom what happened when I flew back for a visit in October. She had no idea what I was talking about. My brother, the one who had to be picked up, didn't remember the town either. He's the one that cracked the joke about her blowing the preacher. My younger brother, who's been a heavy weed smoker since childbirth, remembers every detail. Even a sign over the church that said "All who wait enter here". Wish the fuck smartphones had been around back then. I do know it was somewhere between the Tennessee border and Pikeville, KY. That's fucking it.
There is your answer.
Nevada is fucking weird. Trust me I know this.
Obviously fucking not.
Common town name.

>not thinking of divisions instead of conferences

They probably just had a better football team that's why, division 3 teams can't play divison >>17300535
2 and such.
>Empty towns
That's how most small towns and villages in Eastern Europe look like nowadays, especially when it's fucking winter, everyone that is left there just sits at home

>be britfag
>have LDGF
>visit her during summer
>small town in Missouri
>she falls asleep early
>I go for a walk
>nobody around
>walk into town
>still nobody
>keep walking
>see cop car
>walk more
>same cop car
It took walking to the main strip with the fast food places until saw anyone else
This was however a Sunday evening in a college town during summer break. So not that paranormal. Pretty cool though even if the police were making paranoid.

mexico is like this
went downtown and literally no people and the stores all closed

after a few weeks of it i asked wtf was happened.

turns out its so fucking hot there they all go home 11am-3pm and take a nap and shit.

anyway for op not to be too logical for 4chan but a few sleepy USA towns/really religious towns close everything on sunday
in asia its monday, everything is just fucking closed on monday and theres no people. gods day of rest stuff.
sooo what day was it?
Exactly :D

... it's only the wind.
File: picher.jpg (74 KB, 736x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 736x489
my story doesn't quite fit parameters but its similar. I live in oklahoma and there is a small town next to miami known as picher. It was a great mining town until lead entered the water supply through huge piles of chat. it was hit by an F5 tornado years ago and it was destroyed and only 11 people remain instead of 14,500. anyways, youll enter town and see the huge piles of chat. later on youll see destroyed houses/ businesses and the remnants of of neighborhoods. 1 week after the tornado hit, half of the population left and the rest simply left without packing anything.
File: 84906960.jpg (124 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i live in Tomball, Tx and around midnight and after nobody is ever out driving. most everything is closed by then cause its a shit town with just a walmart and every fast food place you can think of on one street

but theres always cops out. fuck tomball cops. they just tailgate you until you swivel and inch and pull you over for swerving
Small town cops, man. They're the scariest, because you know they took the job to fuck with people they hate. And for action that almost never happens. All those hits to the head during high school football gave them tard rage/strength, too. Those guys are walking hydrogen bombs waiting to go off.
Kind of looks like an image from fallout
Similar thing happened to me in Virginia Beach.
>21 year old me
>just married
>drives to VA Beach with wife
>no traffic the whole way there
>such is life in NC
>out of nowhere break lights
>go less than 1 mile in 45 minutes
>nothing on radio
>traffic moves again
>that was weird
>finally get to Virginia Beach
>complete ghost town
>go to hotel
>staff says we're not full but go to this place
>get there 3 cars in parking lot
>check in
>hungry, looking for food, 7pm on a Friday and somehow only 7-11 is open
>5 years later, still trying to make sense

That was actually the least creepy thing about the entire honeymoon in Virginia.
>population of 3,000 people
the fuck?
Not OP. There are ghost malls everywhere, I guess a ghost casino is not impossible.
"Let's open one here, it will develop the city!"
A fool and his money, etc.
To the people that arr sharing this stories: did you hear birds at least or not even that? This is important because of reasons
>because of reasons

Fuck outta here with that fucking faggotry.
>>17314155 may be referring to the fact that in many paranormal experiences there is complete silence, so that could be "reasons".
In 2005 I was on a road trip with my buddy across Canada, but we decided to take the "northern" route through the prairies. It's similar to taking the transcanada highway, but it takes a bit longer and huge chunks of it are poorly maintained.

Anyway, I was getting super low on gas and worried that we wouldn't make it to the next town (about 30km away). Soon I saw a beat up sign that had that those symbols for gas and food, etc pointing down a lonely road to the right, so we took it.

About 5 minutes later we came across this dusty little town surrounded my farmland on all sides, and not a single fucking person anywhere. The gas station was easy enough to find, but it was closed down and boarded up. We both decided to get the hell out of the little town, and luckily made it to the original destination before running out of gas.
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We were in Saskatchewan. It was very much like pic related.

when i had no game to play, i was being a faggot and looking for ip cams, and i found a town somewhere in the usa, can't remember where and i remember finding a hospitcal in-call cam and outside there too and there was no one there all day
sounds like the most boring crappypasta ever
thriving towns don't want a casino in their backyard. it's not like they expect their customers to be the townspeople anyway.
Passed out on a train in NYC New Year's Eve morning. Woke upat 3am or so. Confused I got off at the next stop, Times Square. Zero traffic because everything is blocked off. Not a soul in sight. It was just a big bright flashing silent area. Figured I wasn't supposed to be around all the New Year's Eve shit so I booked it.
also get a job hippy
this is literally every city < 7000 m-f 8am-6pm

good stories tho gents
honestly, little towns like these are more common than you might think. I work for a plant grower/distributor who supplies greenhouses, and i've delivered to garden centers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, which means I've driven through a ton of small towns. Particularly south Michigan, Indiana and over into Ohio there are a lot of weird little towns where you drive through them and don't see a soul, hardly any cars, empty parks, no one even on their porches on a nice day. Then one town over, people all over the place
Speaking of Indiana, I did encounter a spoopy town in the Southern part of the state:

>Be somewhere between Bloomington and Hoosier National Forest.
>See abandoned grocery store that has a sign on it from the late 90s.
>Enter incredibly small town.
>No one is out.
>All the cars outside of the incredibly old houses are rusted out 70s cars
>Cars that look like they haven't been moved in 20 years.
>Even the fucking school looked run down.

Was it a completely abandoned town or what?
File: 1423764353869.jpg (77 KB, 480x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>driving cross country to visit family
>stop at a gas station, it has one of those maps of local areas
>small town a few miles out of the way, figure ive been driving for too long and could you some relax time
>I get there and the place is fucking deserted
>odd mix of white trash and ghost town
>some houses and shops are boarded up and beat down, others look like they literally just got walked away from
>get a spooky vibe, it has some forest areas around it that had started to grow back
>get the im being watched feeling and just leave
>a mile outside of town a state trooper stops me
>tell him where im going and I just stopped back there for the hell of it
>he tells me when the recession hit it took a lot of jobs with it, and too make matters worse the logging company that supported the town went under
>lots of people lost jobs and left, with nothing else to do crime went up
>it being a small highway town made it perfect for drugs and smuggling
>lots of violence, missing persons, murders, ect
>within a shot time most people moved away, other got arrested or killed for taking part in said criminal activities
>town was just up and abandoned
>still gets some criminal activity, which is why he stopped me
>advises me to not come back, especially at night

this was back right when the recession was at its worse and Id have a hard time finding the place again. It was in Georgia but was some small Mayberry hole in the whole town that couldn't have had more than a few hundred people. Id like to go back and explore it one day if my lazy ass could be bothered
I know the grass is always greener and all that, but honestly compared to the hustle and bustle and noise I'm used to that sounds like bliss.

You have the perfect option of a close community or just keeping to yourself. Roads that empty look great for just coasting.
Why didn't you drive away?
We parked our car somewhere dark and didn't know that it would be like that in the town.

>population of 3000
a fucking four lane road passing through town

lol america, that's the scariest thing here

Yep, America LOVES to pave everything and then BITCH about not being able to afford the upkeep on the roads.
It's the Oz effect. You were being meme'd by the MIB as they were covering up a saucer crash or something similar in the town.
Isn't that the standard in Greece and (maybe) Italy that the stores/workplaces close down during midday for the very hot hours?
File: 1452080524284.png (30 KB, 493x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 493x402
>creepy story on /x/
>"it's weird, but none of us seemed to want to talk about it"
As soon as I started reading this thread I was thinking about Picher. That place is pretty neat. We drove down from SE Kansas after the tornado. it truly is amazing to see a town that there is literally no one living in. Last I heard they had the roads blocked off and you cant get there anymore. not sure if that's true or not
iv'e been back a month ago one of the few roads unblocked is the main street and a few other major roads. everything is blocked because of sinkholes forming everywhere which are caused by the mine shafts flooding and eroding/weakening the ground. On a side note, the tornado went right over one of the chat piles and slung those toxic rocks around 200+ mph which acted like a sandblaster from hell. It would've been terrifying being a person caught in that.
I'd probably just bust into a store and steal shit or something then.
I experienced this once in Taos, New Mexico. It was a Saturday about 5 pm and there was not a soul around. My buddies and I even went into a government building to ask someone where the skate park was. The building doors were open but nobody was there. We occasionally talk about the weirdness to this day. I've been there several other times and there were tons of people walking around the small downtown area. Still don't know what was up.
I remember on the way back from a family vacation we entered and left the city of Moscow, Maine in a span of about a minute, the only road in the town was the one through it, it was mostly houses and a school if i remember correctly. It was extremely foggy and there was no movement in the town so it was a tad unsettling. What really made me nearly shit myself was the fact that three days prior we passed through the town without even knowing it was there due to the fact that there were no street lights in the area.
File: quill120-23590809.gif (6 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i've got a strange storie now.
>be me
>around 2002
>going on a trip to another state
>3 day trip on car
>dad is still driving to nearest city to find a hotel
>still driving
>we can see a city nearby,total dark
>feel uneasy
>dad thinks its a good idea to spend our night in there
>mother and me disagreeing
>he still goes for it
>city is dark as hell,can't see shit
>just some 10 lights on the street
>completely empty,no soul alive
>we drive around the city for 10 minutes,trying to find an inn,or somebody
>there is a house,open,with a old woman in the yard,drinking some tea
>dad stops at her house
>he goes out and ask for some information
>my mom and me stays in the car
>we wait until he comes back
>mom in her phone
>she dials to her friend
>"no signal,damn"
>i start looking through the car windows,looking for spoopy stuff
>everything is dead
>dad comes back
>"ol' lady said the town got evacuated by something,there is no one there except her,we will continue the voyage"
>still spooped by the lack of lights in the city
>looks back at the lady house
>she is on foot,holding the tea cup at my direction
>lights go out
i still cannot sleep well thinking about that night,can't remeber the city name though
Homer Michigan? Where the haunted mill used to be? I've been through muncie a million times.
I really want to get mor info about this. It could be sometime of occult, high up town and she saw some type of ritual and wiped her mind and the others. But for some reason your pot head brother and you were not affected. Did you, or do you smoke weed ever? I think that could be why it is illegal, it keeps you from the affects of mind manipulation and washing that the government uses on us.
This is kinda weird. VA beach is usually packed, maybe you entered a parallel universe, or took a wrong turn onto some government experiment type town.
what city
Sounds like Camden, SC. Town of just over 7000 people, but after 10pm, it's practically vacant. There's a couple of convenience store/gas stations, but even the McDonalds in town closes at 10p.
Didn't read this thread, but I live in a town with 100,000 people, on like the 3rd or 4th busiest street.

If you are on a certain side of town during a big sporting event, or from like 9am-1pm on Sunday, you may never see a single person for 5 minutes or so.

I can imagine this is more severe in small 10-50k person towns.
>>mom comes running out of the church
>>gets in car
>>doesn't say anything
She robbed the donation box for gas money.
oh that was just the beginning of the weirdness. the entire two day honeymoon abroad was cut short due to unforeseen synchronicity.
>Hotel room is my father's birthdate 916,
>tv set in the room would not turn on, but the indicator light would not turn off, even after being unplugged,
>went to Busch Gardens for their halloween night thing (got married 10/28) tons of rides closed due to unseasonably cold weather, i'm talking 20's for highs and high winds,
>think well, at least haunted houses right?
>first one is pretty lame
>get to the second one, it's some 13 fears gimmick
>first room is fear of funeral parlors
>they get progressively more intense
>leave room 6 and enter a pitch black hallway
>complete silence only me and my newly wed wife
>people in front had completely disappeared
>people behind had completely disappeared
>get overwhelming feeling of being watched or followed
>could feel something's breath on my neck but not hear breathing
>finally find door
>right back between same people as before
>look behind
>no doorway, just a sheet separating partitions between the two rooms
>finish out the haunted house and think i was just hallucinating
>go on to next haunted house before hitting road home
>wife visibly rattled
>waits to get to car to talk about it
>"anon, did we go through a weird pitch black room where everyone seemed to disappear"
>nope the whole 5 hour drive back to wilmington
>entire drive home ipod is taunting us with eerily appropriate song titles "we die young" "right where it belongs"

looking back on it, the whole thing was just weird. we had planned and budgeted for a week in virginia and cut it to two days because of the incessant weirdness. she grew up in virginia beach and said that the whole strip along the beach was usually packed, it was the last weekend of tourist season, the weather was cold and miserable when it was forecast to be unseasonably warm and sunny.
i drove through an empty town once, was weird because it looked like every1 just packed up and left
Every Sunday, at around the midday point, one can walk down the main street of my town and not see a single person, parked car, or even animal, I've walked that stretch of town and not seen a soul many, many times.

It's pretty neat.
Well you don't have to worry about it being a sign or anything because it'd be pretty egotistical to think the weather would change just to warn two people. I doubt you're that important.
ROFL! Moms a church bandit bro... sorry
Spooky. Too bad it's only 15 pm, so i'll wait till night for maximum spookyness of thread.
>What the fuck happened?
Tail of economics
you mean like the trail of tears? But more modern
Lol Camden try going through places like Lockhart or Jonesville on Sunday nights. Just nothingness most of the time. Sometimes you see rednecks being faggots.
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