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Islamic Exorcism / Personal Experience
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Hello, Moroccan fag here, I wanted to share with you the story of the demonic(Djinn) possession of my sister and mother by a demon,his daughter, and 3 other female demons.

I don't know how to greentext so I won't.

It all started when my sister started having dreams of a man having sex with her in summer 2013. She always complained that an old man wearing a "golf hat" used to come and have sex with her at night, she described it as him putting a pen inside of her ( she was 15 back then).

At some point my family got tired of this shit and called an Imam to actually check wtf is happening, either is it psychological or of demonic nature.

( Here in Morocco most psychiatrics advise their patient to first check with an Imam, then if there is no manifestation of any kind of demonic possession they could then start to check for psychological issues.)

The ritual is pretty simple, nothing out of the ordinary, ( It was 2 Imams that came, around the 30's both of them), once they came in the house my sister complained about not being able to look at them in the eyes, that some kind of force pulled her out of them and they blinded her sight.

They went to my sister's room, I was there with my mother to witness what was gonna happen.

(FYI I never believed in demonic possessions and always thought that it was just in the mind of the people, I believe in god but i wasn't really muslim as I think some of the stuff is backwards and if a god was there he wouldn't order people to be such ignorant monkeys, so i was quite skeptical and i even told my family that nothing was gonna happen, a girl just discovering her body is having wet dreams that's all)

Anyway, the priest held her hand and hid her face with a veil, and then started reciting some verses of the Quran, these verses are called "Ayat al adab", which means Verses of torture, they are usually recited to hurt any demonic presence.

Yeah go on then.
Just put that before a sentence to greentext

>don't know if I believe you
>interested in the subject matter anyway
For future reference guys. Pre-write your stories on notepad so we don't have to wait hours for you to finish. If you want OP, indicate you'll do that an come back when it done, out of courtesy.
Thank you anon.

> At the end of the recitation my sister screamed the most bone chilling scream i've ever heard in my life it was loud and low frequency like some kind of subwoofer screaming, it was literally terrifying, and in that 3 seconds of scream I questionned all what i believed in during my whole life ( i was 21 back then).

>Then she shouted " IT HURTS " in arabic. Usually the imams try to "hurt" the demon in order to make him manifest and speak to him. so that's what they did, they asked who he was, what does he want what's his name, nothing came out of my sister's mouth that day.
They abandonned that day and told my family that there is definitely something in her, but it needed more work to make it talk.
> I was expecting my british girlfriend to come a couple of days later, so we decided to post pone that til she's gone, I didn't really want her first trip to Morocco to be a freak show.

> a couple of months later, my sister still had those dreams and my gf left, a friend of my mother told her that using a kind of salt, a mineral we call "Malha Haya" which means the Living salt, around each corner of the house would chase demons of a house. And it's at that moment that all our troubles really started.

My sister didn't know my mum had done that, I was the only one to know something came

>Later that night, at around 7pm, my sister screamed ( it was her voice this time), and started crying, we rushed to her me and mum and she told us that something held her from her legs and told her "Tell your mum to remove the disgusting thing she put, it blinds us", mum rushed to remove all that salt she put, and started reciting at my sister "Ayat al Kursi" which means the verse of the throne ( It's a verse about Allah and his throne and it provides some kind of protection against demons). My sister calmed down, but since that night, every single night some weird shit would happen, glass breaking, sister and mother arguing all the time about random shit
Ok I will finish it on notepad, thanks for the tip

dude your sister was getting molested by some old fart. imam before psychologist. what the fuck.
اية الكرسي و الرقية الشرعية ...عليكم فقط استخدام القران و احرص على طهارة المكان
bady nik kos o7tak
>Other events happened, like my sister getting hit in the legs, and my mother feeling a weird
tingling effect in her left arm and legs.

>About a week later, we brought another Imam, who started doing the same ritual as the other Imams and
this time it was different, my sister didn't scream but just became numb, and it's my mother that actually was next to me
In the other side of the room that started acting weird, like she was in a state of unrest.

>At this moment the Imam understood what was happening, It wasn't my sister the primary "target" of these demons, but my mother,
and through her it spread to my sister.

>He asked mum to come next to him, so he could help her feeling better, she refused and gave him some menacing bone chilling looks,
i've have never seen my mum stare at someone like that.

>We forced her to lay down so he could recite some stuff on her, once he started she litterally told him to fuck off, and spit on his face,
then her belly started to get bigger, like some sort of balloon and she started like not totally floating, her head and her legs were on the
couch, but her belly was in the air, like some arc.

>The she started burping furiously, like one burp after the other, and and exhaling air like some kind of furious cow.

>The Imam continued the reciting while holding her. Those recitations had like verses where god says that he would cut the
"people who are evil" their arms and some stuff like that, and the weird thing is, the reaction to these verses is like
it's actually happening to the being.

>Anyway, at some point she calmed down and said "Stop it's Anon" in the third person, but the priest carried on, i was like wtf,
but then it still was the being trying to trick him to stop. He stopped when she said "It's me!". Idk how he knew it but he
stopped and then spoke to her. Weirdly she remmembered most of the things, she said like she was distant and witnessing her body
saying and doing that stuff, and like she was fighting inside her to get control back.

>The Imam said that we have to carry on doing this til the demon says that's enough he wants to get out, and at any time we should
speak to him if he shows up in either of them.
He also told them to read some verses on natural honey ( not the industrial one), and then eat a spoon of it everyday after sundawn.
The weirdest shit would happen everyday when she had to do that. I will speak about the most noticeable ones in detail later.

>It might sound unbelievable, and these events fucked up my life seriously, psychologically and in the essence of what I believed in my whole life.
So the Imam came 3 times a week, and in between spooky event happened. The most noticeable was mum starting to be agitated
and ranting about random stuff, and at some point insulting everybody in the house, the look in her face would change,
and she would be like emotionless.

The weird thing is, no matter how far my sister can be from my mum, she would have an "attack" at exactly the same time.
I remmember one day i heard my mum scream, but not an ordinary one, it was like the sound of a cow, I rushed to look after her, she was in between the couch and
the ground, looking at the roof, and like she was like some kind of invertebrate, with her mouth full of that honey, she then looked at me and told me while the honey still
in her mouth (It was distinguishible) "I couldn't swallow it". I was forced to do things I never believed it, and that actually worked, which for me was traumatizing, what was true or not?
I recited multiple verses of the Quran, and that Verse of the throne i spoke about earlier, then it's like her throat opened up and then she swallowed it.
The weird stuff is, after that was done, I looked on my phone and my sister who was supposed to be eating sushi with her friend told me that she blacked out for at least a hour and she "came back again"
and found herself at the sushi shop eating it alone, and that was at the same moment this stuff was happening to my mum.
Among the things that would happen in the house, beside my sister and mum becoming like inveretbrates and fall down on the ground like something held them from their legs and throats,
- Writings on the wall
- My mum and sister would wake up both of the them at the same time and look at the same direction in a wall, the roof or the void for a long time at the middle of the night ( I became fearless as the most paranormal stuff had became routine, and I nearly went into depression after that)
- My father would rarely come back home; like something dragging him away, he works in a tv station and sometimes they send crews to some regions of Morocco, at that period he had to do that at least 4-5 times a week.
- Kitchen stuff would break, doors would slam etc.
but one of the most traumtazing for me was when my mother got agitated again, started insulting me for no reason, then she tried to hit me, I avoided her attack and then punched her she fell on her bed and she screamed " WE DONT LIKE THE COLOUR OF THIS ROOM IT'S OUR HOUSE"
then she said " We are 3 sisters living in her and the old man is getting old so he called us to help him"
I tried to avoid conversation as much as I could, as the Imam told us not to speak to them. And at some point, she said "You're possessed too, you just don't know it yet", and then "We will split this family apart"
( guys i'm writting to you this and my cat became acting weird he's biting me all of a sudden he never done that

Anyway, 3 days later, the Imam came to another session, the Imam tried something different, he started with mum and she stayed quiet,
then he recited at my sister, with verses he never used before on her, as he focused on mum, she started crying and then something with a loud voice said from my mum's mouth "Stop i want to leave, don't hurt her"
and at this point the Imam realised that there was another entity in my sister and it was linked to the one in mum.
>doesn't know how to greent text
He finally spoke and god it was fucking scary.
He said that he and his daughter stayed within my mother and my sister for almost 10 years, we used to live back then in a pretty spooky house in the other side of town.
He said that he was sent by someone to make our life harder for the past 10 years and it actually was, my parents nearly divorced at least 20 times since they married, and they never were happy.
He also said that other being live in Mum, but they are good ones. (And that would explain why sometimes during those session, my mum would shout "We're muslims we do not hurt anybody" and then moan like they were enjoying hearing Quran)
He then said that he was ready to go, and he asked us to help him because he was bound to her with sorcery (Someone sent them) and he had to undo it.
So the Imam started reciting some "Dûaa" that most of it meant "O God if there is any magick affecting these people I ask you as your servent to undo it" and some stuff like that
then my mother had like a baloon in her belly and then started exhaling really hot air and in a very "beasty" way.
My sister got easily freed of his daughter as she wasn't "bound" by any spell, it was just normal possession and she left easily, she cried a bit but then she was back to normal
After these events, my mother and dad divorced, none of them could live with these things in memory, the "Home" wasn't the same anymore, and I changed a lot.
I tried during the two last years to find an explication, to try to "reason it", some people would say that it worked because Quran and Islam are the right thing, so they work against demonic activities.
But I do believe that other type of exorcisms work as i've always read about this stuff on the net. And then i came with the conclusion that those "sorcerers", these people doing magick things and having bargains with demons
they use some kind of science, an obscure one that we don't see and that is not studied, and that "science" got its own logic, that transcends ours.

My sister now lives in France, and my mother and father live in different cities. Sometimes I think that when they said we will rip this family apart, they actually done it...

I'm sorry about the fucked up greentext, I just couldn't be arsed with it and my cat was being weird
Thank you for the story OP.

So... you have never experienced or seen anything since then?

I think this is interesting as you usually only hear about christian exorcisms, but mainly due to horror movies

Nothing since then, but my mum would get some times in those states of "unrest" where she would be angry at the smell in the house ( There was no smell) or some stuff like that, things that don't make sense, but since she left the house to live alone she's better.
Tho she told me that sometimes she would make premonition dreams, but idk sometimes i say it's just luck
I wish it was that, at least the solution is easy you bust the motherfucker lol

That's what we have done and it worked so far, they hate a "righteous spiritual environement".
>And then i came with the conclusion that those "sorcerers", these people doing magick things and having bargains with demons
>they use some kind of science, an obscure one that we don't see and that is not studied, and that "science" got its own logic, that transcends ours.

Wrong. A demon whispered in your ear to lead you to that. Science ha no power. If can only dissect and exploit and manipulate what god himself created. It is consumptive, no creative and is born of a REBELLIOUS heart.
Cool story Marocanon
Go English!
>I don't know how to greentext so I won't.
>doesn't know how to greentext
>posts on 4chan
Shit I thought it only happened to christians due to insanity or fanaticism.
>most psychiatrists recommend checking with an imam first
Godamn muslims are so fucking stupid. It pisses me off
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Greentext is retarded. It is pandering to Millennials who can not afford computers and have to read everything on their phones. AND it breaks text into 5 word or less chunks to make it accessible to their gnat sized attention spans.
my girlfriend was possessed by the demon of fear and would use her fears and use it against her in her dreams. Apparently it was in her family and was passed down from her grandmother

she would say her dreams were not dreams but visions and everything felt so real

I just wanted to say i never believed in anything like this until i saw it with my own eyes. so i wouldnt expect anyone to believe my story either. i just pretend like all this never happened and move on
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>my British girlfriend
The time to remove kebab is now, more then ever.
lol newfag
>doesn't know how to greentext<
morroco has delicious tagin & not kabab though, your isolationism is invalid.
Best exorcism story in a while, thanks anon. Altough,
>punching your mother
dude no
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