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I'm really fucking sick of all the gay...
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I'm really fucking sick of all the gay RP threads and other faggy stuff, lets have a plain old spooky personal stories thread.
>be 15
>wake up at about 2am have to piss
>go for a piss, wash up
>walk back to room
>see a woman at the top of my stairs in a black and white victorian dress
>rush back to room and turn light on

>pic related: where i saw her
>tired of gay RP threads
>starts one
Her dress sounds lovely. Too bad it had to die, too.
Get offended by OP'S post? Well not to fear!
>Green text is here
Fuck off queer bastard
OP, why are you mad?
Is it because your description of the "ghost" been used in every fucking scenario?
Do a better RP next time
This is a story thread not a gay bullshit RP thread,faggot.
sorry op, but your post is gay bullshit RP.
>Walking home from school stuff with friends
>Woman walking toward us
>I blink
>She's not there
>mfw my friends didn't see her
>be me
>be 10
>dicking around by a stream
Let me give some background info
Theres a road that meets an intersection, and right before the intersection theres a little storm drain thing to the left of one of the roads. Theres trees around the storm drain, and a yellow painted rail on top of it, nearest the sidewalk. The storm drain is under the road, and the bottom of the creek itself is about 8 ft from the top of the road. If that makes any sense at all. This is in a urban-ish town with a couple houses or so around the creek. The creek itself isnt much, just a bunch of rocks and pebbles with water blah blah etc. Anyways
>Be doing 10 year old imagination shit
>Be picking up sticks to build army base, use rocks to build enemy base across stream
>Collect bigger rocks to knock down enemy base and stuff
>Run out of rocks to store as ammo, decide to go near the storm pipe drain thing, (its made of concrete, the kind that opens up the other side, but its dark as shit in the middle)
>picking up rocks and using shirt a basket
>see silhouette of a kid about my age on the other side of the tunnel
>from what i saw the silhouette ran from the left of the other side of the tunnel from me, and running into the tunnel itself.
>fuck yeah a kid to play army with
>kid doesnt run out the other side to me
>where the frick is he
>walk in a little, say hello
No one ran out the other side or to my side. Shit scared me as a little baboo
Not gonna lie this is a pretty shit tier thread
my ghostly encounters.

when i was 12 i was doing the whaley house tour i was walking up the stairs when i felt a dog run past my leg. felt a cold nose a fur. later asked if they had a dog and the dog has even supposedly been seen and would've been the right height for what i felt.

when i was at xmas eve dinner in seattle a few years ago at The Melting Pot i was repeatedly poked in the back of the head by something. which kinda freaked me out cause it was picking on me. it poked me strong enough that i missed mouth mouth with my fork. went there again this past and nothing happened.

and lastly my house was fairly weird when we moved it. always used to hear people whispering and see shadow people and lights when i was the only one here. for me its been pretty dead for 2 years but my mom and sis have apparently seen full body apps.
>be me moving from Reno to Vegas
>asleep in the passenger seat of the car with mom
>dad and brother in moving truck behind is quite a few miles back
>I wake up in a dazed state and get the impression that I saw a "kid" on the side of the road. I couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy
>ask my mom if she saw a kid on the road
>keep in mind it's like 1pm in the Nevada fucking desert, shit's so bright you can spot a rabbit miles down the road
>mom says there was no kid and that I was dreaming
>I shrug it off and think I must have been dreaming
>meet up at McDonald's with dad and brother
>brother comes running in "I saw a ghost!" and my dad describes how he started saying he saw a Native American see through green ghost boy on the side of the road just before Hawthorne.
>we all think it's pretty cool
>suddenly my mom remembers that I had said something about a kid on the side of the road but she didn't see it either

My grandma's grandma was a psychic and was into the occult, so my grandma thinks my brother and I may have inherited some sixth sense that can detect ghosts, albeit mine is probably weaker.
I'd be more inclined to read your personal stories if they contained more gay stuff.

Just a tip.
Good on you for fighting back OP, though the Delayed Terror thread is kind of filling the same niche atm
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I guess I'll share my semi spook.
>be me
>I was convinced I had a guardian angel
>I used to will things to happen and I tried to contact it to legitimise my suspicions
>did this while I was in the shower
>just said "show yourself" because I don't know what to say to a fucking angel
>a mat placed on a washing basket flies across the bathroom
>about 2 meters just after I said it
>being an autist I just think 'huh' and go on about my day
>that night I try contacting the angel again
>I immediately hear a scream
here's a true story for you guys
>be me, 12
>get nightmare in the middle of the night
>scared shitless, someone died in dream, can't remember
>go to dog's bed for comfort
>pass out on dog bed
>wake up, dog is growling
>see old man walk through the wall and strolls along through the opposite wall with a cane
>he's smiling, almost relived
>really scared shitless
>don't sleep
>parents tell me my grandpa died of a stroke that night
>stop posting fake stuff!
>here's story #257 of a ghost of a girl in a Victorian dress
Let me guess, she asked if you wanted to play? If you redditors could pick a different time period it would be awesome. But no, people didn't die before the XVIII century.
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Sometimes when people die I dream of them 1-2 weeks afterward. A few years ago my aunt's husband died, died fairly young from surprise lung cancer. Really good guy, quiet but funny.

A week later I had a dream where there was a family dinner, and as I was walking around the kitchen I saw Ron sitting at the kitchen table. His eyes caught mine and I had my moment of lucid realization.

He grinned his funny sideways grin and says "It's alright, don't worry about it"

Family goes about dinner, but no one can see Ron but me. I eat in silence, just sort of glad I could get one more moment in with him before he passed on.

Also happened with my grandpa and David Bowie.
Thread replies: 20
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