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Hello anons,

Yesterday my brother went with 2 of his friends to a little casino we have here in my city (we live in EU)
we have many of these little casinos with a roulette in them and other slots etc

Well, he have played a lot of roulette (and I have played for like a few months till busted 800euro in total and never again, was 1+ year ago) for the last 3 or 4 years. maybe atleast 1 time a month

I had had my weird, spiritual encounters in one of these places. I am scared to say what it was or anything related to it. but it has to do with religion. I'm not going to say what happened in my case, only my brother and my mother and my mom's friend know about that weird religion related thing that happened to me days before i told them.

>The case with my brother yesterday was that one guy approached him and his other friend (the other one was there but this "magician" wasn't paying much attention to this second one, only friend 1 and my brother)

1/ dont know how many
>Started talking and this magician told my brother that luck doesn't exist (me and my brother had our religion and conspiracy talks, we have talked about things that probably not even .0001% of conspiracy or religion related theroizers ever thought of, and we both or atleast I do know very well that luck doesn't exist, it's all fact and something happens because it had to happen for what ever reason)
>so he told my brother to bet on 13 (the number of bad luck) my brother have no cash this month, so he wasn't playing but his friend was. my brother only had few euros, but did what he said:
>bet on 13 and he bet on it 1 euro (he couldn't afford to bet more)
>success, he won 36euro
>this "magician" told him to bet again on 13
>my brother bet again 1 euro on 13
>success again, 36+36
>this magician tells him to now leave and do enjoy the money earned, the more happy you are with life the better the things will go with you. so he did and his friends shortly after the magician left.

the magician was winning lots of money in this roulette (asking to get paid from the staff/cashier there very frequently) but before this magician left, somehow he dropped a 20euro bill, which the one friend who this magician wasn't talking to, was the one who saw it and took it and kept it. (we have had our talks of "religion" baits that some gods or entities made to test your faith, and this could be one. he even before or after told/telling me that he said that this "magician" could probably be a god)

my brother was out of home for 4 hours, left at like 18h and came back at like 21 and left again to spend the money with this cousin i talk about. he couldn't be drunk simply because he didnt have any money or high on any shit. he is either consciously lying or is real fact. have to talk with his friend. and my brother showed me the money he's got plus weed he had just bought.

also have to mention this "magician" have the same surname as the family of my father. (my first surname) my brother asked his name and he told me.
I have always had the idea of my brother being a little bit sold to satan. simply because of drugs and being a lost cause. he likes to be a "rebel" he really told me that. he inclines on the satan side more.
he also have dreamt of killing me. he confessed one time while drunk with our cousin. (but i believe this is because of our mother, who is a depressed bitch talked bad about me, and I am 100% innocent of shit, always feel like a victim in my family regardless of how much i try to help and she makes me feel bad always)

I don't know if I should seek tarot or anything of this. I don't know if I should and I think God doesn't want me to do any magic. fuck I even think he is even mad at me right now for me using technology, and also for not being married.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>But I do need to know what do you guys think of this case, a magician (my brother says he has to be our age, 20-28 max) telling a guy to bet twice in number 13 in roulette and win them both.

I think I should ask this friend (who was the one I know and was interacting with the "magician", but you guys think my brother lied about this?
(he even saw an UFO moving real fast at night with my cousin and he confirmed this) apart from I also have to say my brother saw himself as some sort of death-man or some sort of satan-sent in a picture in a cellphone and he and other friend saw it and the picture was removed by itself later when he went to see it it was no longer there, this was after practicing wicca with him and other people. they closed it "bad" or didn't end the practice in the correct way, and had more spirit shit going on for 3 years in his life.

You know, I am asking because chances for something like this to happen are very low

1 - 1 guy of around your age tells you luck doesn't exist, bet in the number of bad luck (come on... this doesn't happen even 9999 people in 9999 times at the roulette won't see this)
2 - win and tells you: to bet again to 13
3 - win and tells you: now leave and enjoy that money
4 - *seems the magician left before my brother did with his friends*
5 - 20euro bill where this "magician" was, or seems to be his.
6 - one of the 2 friends of my brother keeps it. and is the one of the 3 guys the magician was not paying attention to
7 - there are baits of faith in the religion. - this could be one.

also my brother has a tattooed red demon face on his chest.

I am more of a man of God, virgin, and will be. temptation can't take me. have got my chances of pussy drugs and alcohol.

Paranoid or what the fuck? I simply want to have the truth and not lied apart would like to know what do you guys think of that case of my brother, thank you.

wtf did i just read
The result of a non-native English speaker not taking his meds.
Bump for great justice! This thread has potential
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