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I saw a ghost today. In my living room. My wife was at work and the kids were at school.
Pic is my living room. It's a really old flat above a tailor's shop. And has all the original floorboards, fireplace, etc. The year is carved in a piece of stone above my front door. 1722.

My kitten started to make strange growling noises and ran behind a cupboard (The one with the TV on it - on the right in my pic). All the doors were closed and I hadn't made a fire. It's an old fashioned fire so it takes a while to make. Wood, coal, whatever. It takes a while to get going and requires a bit of skill.

I just saw a vague image of a person walk right in front of me. It only lasted about 3 seconds. I didn't feel in danger as whatever it was just seemed to not know I was there. I had no guests in my home - just me and my kitten. It's my day off today and as I said, my family were out.

I've always been skeptical about ghost sightings as some hallucination or eyesight problems. But I swear, I saw one this afternoon. It's just after 5pm here. I saw it about 3pm. I'm in northern England in a small rural town.
What town? Have you talked to the tailor about anything happening to him or about the history of the building? I'm an Amerifag who's been to England and had some weird stuff happen when I was there so I'm curious.
>flat's dated back to 1722
>all original components still in use
You should talk to the tailor to see if anything weird has happened in his shop, and you should look up the history of the building your flat is in, do you have a town hall or somewhere town/village records would be kept?
Any recollections of what the ghost looked like at all? Like what it was wearing?
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My town is Barnard Castle in Country Durham. The population is about 5,000. It's a mountainous area and very rural. The only contact I have with the tailor is when the postman delivers parcels to my address and they don't fit through my letterbox. So he puts a note stating that he's left the package at the shop below my home. Pic is the location. It's a lovely place to live and has loads of history.

I've heard ghost stories about the castle, but always dismissed them as nonsense.
Is the tailor a nice guy? Was he there before you? Talk to him. See if the previous owners said anything. He might still be working right now.
It happened very quickly. As I said about 3 seconds. And I was stunned. Definitely male and dressed formally. No tie, but a long jacket with tails, no hat, a white shirt. A confident walk.
So do you have a hall of records in your village or perhaps a library with historical documentation on the building tour flat's in?
>long jacket with tails
>white shirt

Seems like Georgian era fashion to me. Interesting.
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The tailor's shop, from what I know has been there years. Pic is from google maps. My flat is the three windows just above. I've highlighted them.
There are documents called 'land deeds' and also parish/church records of births, marriages and deaths. And also a national registry. All of them are accessible to the public.
Then start looking up the history of your residence to see who these ghosts might have been, and how they died
Looks like a fucking cool street. Does anyone live above you? Maybe they know something but if the tailor is nice talk to him. Is he old?
That would take loads of my time. I'm too busy to research all of that.
The records are kept in the town hall and the library, so access is easy. But it's loads of work.

It's a lovely place. I'm just puzzled by my sighting. I don't feel fear or anything bad. I simply saw something that I can't explain. I've heard a theory that the surroundings can somehow retain or have some memory of past events and occasionally replay them. Like stones have a memory. I'm sorry for not articulating it very well.

Pic is from my living room window on market day. These pics are to see if anyone recognises anything and could shine some light as I'm baffled. Totally confused.
Nice view although I don't notice anything strange. Are there pubs near you? Great places for talking about cool, weird stuff. Does anyone live above you?
>Are there pubs near you?
Yes. loads of pubs.
Mainly traditional. Cozy with typical pub food. I go twice per week for a couple of pints.
>Does anyone live above you?
Yes. A single mother with a young child. I always say hello, and am friendly towards her. I would guess her age at about 30 and her kid at about 3. She is shy but pleasant.
Next time you see your neighbor ask her (not in front of her kid) if she's notice anything strange and remember to talk to the tailor.
So much about genuine hauntings seem to point to the idea of a sort of "recording". I believe poltergeist activity is a similar sort of replay of past actions, just minus the person who originally caused the actions.
Is there a church nearby?

Usually houses built in the 18th century have been built over tunnels and networks which lead to the church as an escape passage from war and persecution.

I assume many people died during that time.
Has she said anything about any such sightings? Or her kid? Im sorry i didnt read the kid's age as im typing this
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>Is there a church nearby?
Yes. It's about a two minute walk away. I often attend but I like to sleep in on Sunday. The doorway is ancient - about 900 years, but the rest of the church has been rebuilt over the years. I spoke to my priest about the history and he told me that it was built on a very old pagan site. It's on a slight hill overlooking a river. Pic is from my street.
The most paranormal thing is that sofa.
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