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Second Edition

Old thread here (>>17232733)

Hello! This general is for anyone who wants to talk about

>their interpretation
>lucid dreaming
>sleep paralysis
>creepy dreams
>precognitive dreams
>astral projection/OBE

Some websites to help you out


I had a dream this afternoon that I was sleeping on the floor (I sleep on the floor IRL) annd I kept bumping into this THING standing in the middle of my room. This thing was almost completely invisible, I could just kinda make out the outline of his feat and extrapolate that he must have been at least 8-10 feet tall. He seemed to be wearing armor. Anyway, I'd try to throw a ball across my room and it would hit this invisible thing standing in my room. I say thing and not guy because he appeared to be completely braindead like a golem. Usually living things emit some kind of psychic energy and I can pick up on it and tell that they are real. Either this thing was assassin quiet or he really didn't think much at all.

So I complain to my mom that there is something in my room. I'm thinking in my head that its some kind of "Demon? Djinn? Interdimensional knight?" whatever. My mom is useless so I sorta go back to sleep and then wake up irl when I bump my elbow on my laptop.

This isn't the first time I've dreamed about a knight like this. The last time I was wandering my house and there was this guy/knight standing behind me curtain. I could see his armored feet and the curtain seemed to be stuck on his form like cling wrap. I walk up to him like "Uh...what are you doing here/what are you." And he comes to life (still covered) and reaches out his hand, shakes my hand with his humongous hand and says "Nice to meet you, God!" like a politician or a really keen fan. I wake up after backing away.

So what do you guys make of this? I'm not sure. I think these dreams occur at least partly on the astral, part dream part astral. And this guy is part in our dimension and part not. I'm not sure if he's friend or foe, watcher or active participator. If he's some sort of puppet whose is he and why? It's all pretty weird.
>sounds like your mom is lonely, frustrated and feel like she's not appreciated
You also weren't very clear on this being a dream or real
anyways, i have never heard of those symptom things, but it could easily be placebo or confirmation bias i guess

It wasn't a dream. I've just decided to use less stimulants (sugar, caffiene) but just enough to not be anxious so I can keep my mental stability without endangering my relationships.
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Here are some small guidelines to you people before posting in the thread

1: If you need help with any sort of dream (lucid, SP, recurring, etc), or just remembering in general, the first step to achieve nearly all of those goals, is to write a dream journal.

2: If you want an interpretation, please put "Dream Interpretation" in your namefield. If you just want to share a story put "Storytelling" in the namefield. This way, it's easier for others to find your comment.

3: Giving advises or analyzing someone else's dreams does not require any sort of authority, if you think you can do it, feel free to give some other people a response.

4: Even if you don't believe this is a paranormal topic, you must admit it takes a lot of dream threads off of the catalog

Although i appreciate that i'm not the only one working on these threads, i was planning on making some small changes to the OP when i made the second edition. I included those changes in this comment in hopes that people will still find it and read it before posting
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Most likely just a creature of your imagination, bud

sounds somewhat like Dante's Limbo, but i guess the rest seems more like his Purgatorio, though i haven't read that yet.
Are you a religious man? Maybe the dream comes from your fear of god.
Or maybe it just comes from you experimenting with the idea of being stuck somewhere forever

Not sure what to say, don't really know anything about Dimension Jumping

Could be a lot of different things. Maybe you feel very lonely, or maybe you're more comfortable when you're alone and able to explore as you wish

You could work better on your sentence structures but whatever
Most likely, you were afraid of clowns when you were a kid

Since you knew you were dreaming i guess you took the opportunity to be a hero, not much more to say about that

Well if it wasn't a dream, why are you here in the /drm/?
As for using less stimulants, that's probably a good idea. It's not like you don't get enough sugar in your diet already

It seems a lot of people in this thread get that feel uncomfortable feeling
In my experience it is the fact that you're about to wake up that gives you this feeling
Another guy seemed to feel a lot of tickling, and me personally feel physical pressure all over my body
Ive been having dreams about my deceased cat and she seems really angry everytime I see her. I would be able to hold her but she would be looking behind me and growling. This has been reacurring and it weird and kind of fucking me up sinve I had her for 18 years.
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I had a rather disturbing dream. Something to worry about?

>be me
>in a facility
>people who move but otherwise are as lifeless as robots start to surround me and my friends
>I'm not scared at all, not even caring about them
>my friends say things like "It's going to be okay, I promise" and "They can't get us"
>at this point start to get a bit worried yourself
>try to shoot them with a Beretta, can't kill them
>try to find a shotgun, try shooting at them again
>they still won't die
>suddenly some of the people have gotten doctor-like outfits and make tests on my friends
>my friend has turned into one of the doctors
>whisper next to him "My friend (his name) hasn't turned into one of them, has he?" to find out whether he's only pretending
>he answers "No" and starts taking me away from all the others, trying to make it look like he's taking me somewhere
>takes me into some cellar and unlocks the door, tells me he'll get some medicine for me
>show him not to talk in the cellar as we might be monitored
>suddenly see a body bag on the right
>there's someone alive inside it


>point out to friend, he doesn't care at all
>suddenly a fat, old man smoking a cigar comes out of the body bag and very angrily puts me down by twisting my fingers, shouting "Why won't you give in to me?"
>stay calm and think this is only a test on you, he starts to bite my fingers
>joke about what he's talking about, make fun of him
>suddenly turns into the devil
>in the dream I must point out he seemed very real and apart from everything else in the dream he was the only thing that seemed real
>he seemed like full of evil, animal-like and for some reason youthful, like ever-young
>ever and disturbing smile
>tells me he's going to drag me to hell
>make a joke about it to him like I tend to, "See you in hell then" while making obvious laugh that shows it's a joke
>he laughs back at me manically
>always when I say jokes like that I'm glad myself but at this point I was miserable
>he takes my right hand and injects it with some red liquid, for some reason there's a small red umbrella on the top of it
>"New York, 26 (meaning when I am 26 or 2026), car accident" is what suddenly comes into my mind
>I wake up.

I know this all might be only a dream but I'd still like to hear your opinion on it. What got me interested in the dream was how unreal everything seemed until devil came in. He was the only character that seemed real at all, and he seemed real as you could possibly be.
I seem to have a more down-to-earth view on dreams than you, so i guess you might not be fully satisfied by this, but here's my humble take on it
The guy is your feeling of the unknown. Your mind is trying to show you a very strange character, to widen your imagination, but is not certain how to portray it to you, so he's invisible, and doesn't talk or move much
I guess a more paranormal explanation could be that he's got a bad connection or slow server or something

I think you might either feel guilty for her death somehow, or you feel like there are someone else to blame for it
I don't know when your cat died, but if it's recently i guess this is just how you react to loss, and it's no big deal
but if it happened a long time ago, or goes on for a while, you need to learn to let go

IMO dreams are rarely anything to worry about, although they might give a clue to your state of mind.
this first part might just be you trying to make up a farfetched adventure with your friends, though it might also show your fear of "mobs" as those people are basically mindless drones
You put a lot more focus on the old guy/devil than any other part of the dream, that's probably because he seemed so real, but i think he seemed so real because it seemed like an important part of the dream
I strongly believe it is just a dream, and it's your mind experimenting with itself, and how you react to different situations
no matter, you should not get too caught up in the date the guy mentioned. Also, you just said you'll be 26 in 10 years.

The way the dream changes plotting completely is probably because they were two different dreams, that your mind sort of merged into one, not sure if the merge happened while you were dreaming, or after you woke up.
I lost her in December
Just perfect.. Right before Christmas too
I guess I do feel guilty about it. I had to put her down. It was the most fucking heart renching thing ive ever been through. She was my bestfriend.
Normally don't dream but have been having a reoccurring black cat that looks me in the eyes. And than I wake up.

Happened like 5 times this month.
Just don't wake up as the cat. Or do. That would be cool. That's probably how familiars work
Good luck
I had a dream where I was with my family and a bunch of others in Pyongyang. I guess what was going on was that we were tourists, but then the scenario changed a bit so we were just a bunch of rich people trying to have fun or something, I have no idea. I was naked in a bath tub with some Korean man shaving me for sexy times, while everyone else was either making jokes at me or rehearsing for a play in 19th century Britain.

I don't really remember what happened during it. I do recall at the "end" that I went with two other people to stairs shrouded in reddish fog and brought down a gooey ayy lmao to chase people with, must have been the size of a small kid. I remember saying (for it) "Your species is inferior, your breed is weak". I chased them down to the basement.

After that, I just kinda walked off away and the place changed into something like an arcade or game shop. It was extremely loud, awful (terrifying, not shitty) and overwhelming for some reason. I looked back behind me and found what must have been a basket or industrial drum the size of a wheelbarrow. Inside it was an advertisement for a game they were selling with a picture of a massive space monster shrouded in smeared paint-smoke on it that makes me think of a fused Metroid's Ridley and Kraid together (body of Ridley, ugly green skin and 3 red eyes of Kraid). This was something like "Abigor" and it was supposed to be a game (probably tabletop) about surviving, if not actually defeating Abigor and his space demons as the Earth slipped into Doomsday. If it had been a real game, I imagine it would have been made during the late 80s to early 90s, something about its style and worn out appearance.

I went over to a ledge and found a game machine that was supposed to be like "Add a coin and guess how much the Earth weighs!" I got really scared by this one because I felt if I were to do anything with it I could end up killing myself and destroying everything as if it had infinite power over reality.
I had a pretty weird dream last night. I went home after college, and for some reason I ended up at my old house (we moved after my parents divorced, I have now lived on my own for some time). I decided to go to sleep, and when I woke up, it turns out something happened. The world didn't look too Apocalypse-ish, but something like that did happen. All of the people in the streets were dead. I found my best friend dead, and I saw the girl I love die in my brother's arms, who passed away shortly after that. A few moments later, I was all on my own, I realised that everyone died.

I have never before had dreams like this one. Anyone care to help me find out what it could mean?
had a pretty cool dream last night

i was in this huge backyard with about 20 other people. the backyard was filled with exotic animals that would come right up to you and play with you. there were other animals who just wanted to be left alone and would attack you if you came close. the main feature of the backyard was a huge tree that was shaped like umbrella so the inside of it was sort of hollow because the pattern of the branches. when night fell everyone gathered around the tree with flashlights and whenever we shone the light inside the hollow part of the tree all these rare animals and insects would come out. i saw a cat with three heads, insects that would explode into fireworks, a weird version of a jellyfish that breathed air, all sorts of shit.

it was cool as fuck. except for that asshole parrot who kept trying to bite me.
I had a dream that seemed to take place after a girl and I broke up. She was wanting to avoid me, and I did my best to still get her to spend time with me. Eventually something worked and I was able to get her to stay over at my place because of circumstances. It lasted a single night, and the entire time I felt like I was walking on eggshells. The next morning, she was upset that she slept in a bit and missed something important (class in the dream), so she left. I offered to drive her or pay for a cab or something, so she wouldn't have to walk and be late, but she didn't want my help at all.
I was then walking onto the next part of the dream, and found her driving a car to wherever. I tried to run and keep up, and it seemed like did for a time because stop signs and red-lights and having to wait for bridges and stuff, but ultimately a human is no match in speed for an automobile and she left me behind, while I thought about if she ever looked back in the mirror and noticed me as she was driving off.

Kind of a feelsy dream, with no outside interpretation needed. Had an ex for a few years who broke up with me, I was able to woo her "back", and she later moved in with me for a year. She was completely stagnant. Didn't get a job, make friends, or really *do* anything for that year, and somehow blamed it all on me, although I readily admit it's partially my fault, but not all.
She broke up with me a second, final, time saying something like she wants more out of life than this (this being whatever we had at the time). Found myself thinking about her for a good time after the break-up, which is only normal.

tl:dr; all my dreams are either reinterpreting the past or glimpses into the future. Sometimes it sucks.
well, i don't know why you had to put her down, but i doubt it was your fault
you'll probably get over this soon, but if you don't go talk to a friend

take guideline 1 here>>17282767
write a dream journal
Reoccurring dreams seem to be related to memories IMO, but i guess it might be you're having some SP about a cat from your childhood or something

several dreams with different plots that were merged as one, that's completely normal
Other than that, i'd say the dreams were the average randomness
maybe the korea thing hints that you want to travel to unusual places?

I think dreams are often your brain experimenting with you, nightmares are brains experimenting with your fears
this one plays on your fear of loneliness, you're terrified of being completely alone in the world

you're very imaginative, and this dream probably plays on your wonder with nature
>Although i appreciate that i'm not the only one working on these threads, i was planning on making some small changes to the OP when i made the second edition. I included those changes in this comment in hopes that people will still find it and read it before posting

Don't cry.
>I seem to have a more down-to-earth view on dreams than you, so i guess you might not be fully satisfied by this, but here's my humble take on it
The guy is your feeling of the unknown. Your mind is trying to show you a very strange character, to widen your imagination, but is not certain how to portray it to you, so he's invisible, and doesn't talk or move much
I guess a more paranormal explanation could be that he's got a bad connection or slow server or something

If it was just a dream, sure. But it was more like a half-dream/half-astral projection. I guess, saying that, I don't belong here.
Had a dream last night I had to have some sort of "surgery" done to me. I had to have something applied to me and my mouth was numb, and I was being prepared to go to sleep in water so something could happen to me.

Also at one point I was at Subway and Geoff and Gavin from RT were there, and I knew if I didn't say something to them I would regret it so socially anxious tard me just smiled and waved and Gavin ended up giving me a hug. Also for some reason he was like, disturbingly tall. Like scrawny, eight foot slenderman kind of tall.

Also any tips for Astral Projection when you have ADHD? I constantly bob my fucking leg up and down and I can't sit still for too long or else I get uncomfortable and twitchy.
I cant remember dreams most of the time, but I had a short burst of episodic dreams last year, without any special events or occurence in my life which they could be based upon. They happened with a few nights of "nondream" sleep in between.
Every episode took place in our around the same house. It had a very large, yet empty backyard which had naturally grown grass and was fully surrounded by a dense wood.
The front was basically a featureless driveway, walled by a well kept high hedge, and a single, huge iron gate found near the entrance of said driveway.
The house itself was the most "fleshed out" part, so to speak. It combined different styles, from victorian and some more baroque details to more or less modern ones. The interior changed, depending on the situtation needed, but kept the overall image and was always recognizable as "the house", even when only having a short episode inside it.

The second I questioned the whole setup and wondered what was behind the hedge or inside the woods I got a full birdview of the whole site, seeing that there was literally nothing outside the boundaries.

I dream in monochrome, but some features might have streaks of color or a certain hue to them.
I would compare it to battlefield 3 or 4 cover art...
In the first dream i was completely alone, figuring out the house, doing a walk on the property. I found out I could spawn bedrooms whereever I liked, and change the interior in general as I pleased.
Then I took a trip to the garden. Felt like hours, just standing there, looking into the woods, maybe for creatures or spoopy stuff, but in the end nothing really frightening happened. But in hindsight it was awesome I could simulate a bit of weather effects, because after a while the trees started to move in the wind, and i could hear it. Nothing else happened.

In another dream, a rather short one, i was standing in the driveway, the gate was open, and a fuckton of people came to visit the house.
Most had costumes or masks, one masked lady told me to look around. I did, and Frankensteins monster was standing there. I somehow felt he was not in costume, but real, but it didnt scare me in the slightiest.

In the longest and most unsettling one it started to fucking rain, and I was living in an apartement on the roof of the main house, and the apartement started filling with water.
Soaking the carpet, rainin in windows, and so forth. I actually started repairing the leaks, went down in the main house to get tools and wooden boards, when I realized I was followed by someone.
The repairing was in vain, the apartement got totally flooded, and I didnt even learn who I was followed by the whole time.
A dream I had two nights ago involved a baby-making factory, one would pull some pieces of flesh from the mother then mold it into a baby, but to make sure it was alive you had to put it in water, if it was alive it floated and if it was dead it sunk. The factory had a very Studio Ghibli feel to it.
There were many many birds and dogs, especially the traditional white storks to carry the babies. While you could mold out the ears, nose and mouth, the eyes had to be put in manually, from these colored glass beads, I believe I chose brown ones. The beads were always hot to the touch and unbelievably heavy, but they were small.
Outside, in the front of the factory, were guardians, birds that could transform into nun-like figures with very large noses, they were elegant but creepy too.
There was a garden and a greenhouse, an old man always sat on a wooden bench looking at the plants, like he was watching over them as a guard.
There was an earthquake, too, many parts of the factory had collapsed but were quickly rebuilt.
The factory also had a housing section for its employees, and mealtimes were served from breakfast to dinner, with buffets.
I thought it was pretty interesting...I just wonder what it means.
Does anyone know of the significance of hearing a door closed right before waking up? I experienced something like that last night and strangely enough the first thing I felt was a certain excitement as if I accomplished something. What that something is, I don't know.
Are you missing anything?

Nah, I actually had this happen to me once too after a crazy dream or sleep paralysis, I'm still not sure which it was.

>Lying in bed
>Yadda yadda
>Can't move
>Yadda yadda
>Things in my room standing next to bed
>Yadda yadda
>They leave out the door that leads to the backyard as I watch them
>Once they shut the door immediately jump up/awake and thought I actually saw and heard the door close. I also had a feeling of excitement.
Yeah it was kind of like that. There was a brief moment of lucidness , loud sound of a door closing, and then me jumping up in jolly excitement.

weird huh
>brief moment of lucidness
>loud sound of a door closing
>jumping up in jolly excitement.
This sounds exactly like my experience. Only I saw something before hand. Did you have a weird dream or anything ordid you just wake up to the sound?
No dream and I didn't see anything.
Had a dream about buying video games. It was very cool in the dream. Then I woke up.
Damn, I'd post my whole experience, as I have it written out, but I'm on someone's laptop for a while and don't have it. I've posted it before, it's one of the craziest dream related experiences I've ever had.
do you think people who lucid for a while, have pleasant dreams? Maybe they have defeated the boogie man?
File: some of my OPs.png (1 MB, 1249x860) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
some of my OPs.png
1 MB, 1249x860
Hey if your making the OP for next time, here's a few of the OPs I've made for extra ideas or whatever

I appreciate that people are finally making these and I don't have to do anything anymore because I'm too busy with other stuff nowadays

General dream threads, that's all I wanted. Keep it up....

(BTW the one on the bottom left is the first dream thread I made on /x/ and had a different approach as you can see - that of a quiz. It worked pretty well, but honestly your OP seems like it would make for clearer threads, especially if [2] and [3] actually happen enough

Good luck!!
So I can't remember my dreams these past couple days, but everyday this week I woke up in autopilot trying to strengthen my ego by saying things I don't know are really words. Once I realize this, I have no idea what I've said or why I said them. What the everloving fuck is going on?
I like dream threads
I have been wanting to teach myself how to lucid dream, and I have this really odd reality check where if something seems off, I will just think "fly" and try to take off flying.
Well today I took the trash out, and I don't remember what seemed odd about it but I thought "fly" and I actually started to fly. But it wasn't really flying, I was still standing, just floating around.
As if I were standing on an invisible platform that I could control. After flying around for a bit I decided to try and land... And I couldn't. I was stuck flying, and it kinda freaked me out. Eventually I smashed myself into the hospital (tallest building near me) and that woke me up.
Is not being able to land a common theme in flying dreams?
As a side note, me taking the trash out was at like 1pm, I had been awake all morning or so I thought. I dreamt waking up, showering, eating breakfast, watching tv, and eventually taking the trash out before anything seemed odd. Felt like hours. That weirded me out as well
Any tips about WILDs? I can't have one single WILD though I had many DILDs
File: 1363691085667.jpg (64 KB, 600x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Those two dreams aren't much special, but
First off, i'm guessing they were two separate dreams that merged. it's normal to have several dreams in one night
second, apparently surgerydreams mean you're feeling like there's something wrong with you, and you want an easy way out of it

If you want to remember dreams better, take the first guideline near the top of the thread. make a journal
As for the dreams, i think you may have subconsciously created this house because you wanted to be more aware of your dreams, you also seem to change things to your will at least a little. semi-lucid dreaming i guess you could call it
Seeing as this house is recurring, but changes, it may be your own visualization of your own mind
the flooding might be because you were feeling very sad or overwhelmed that night
No matter what it truly was,i think you should try and take inspiration from this house and do something creative with it

very strange dream, only i can think of is that you have an unusual way of seeing modern society which is represented by the factory, the people/birds and events

Maybe you're afraid of burglars
I guess the best way to distinguish between real and dreamed sounds is to try and notice if you're actually hearing them or if you just feel them in your mind
kind of a weird thing to say, i know, and i haven't managed that either, but it's a thought

When someone walks in their sleep it's usually during REM sleep, very vivid dreams at this time, and people that walk usually do so because they're not paralyzed like they should be
I'm guessing it's what happened to you.
Since you were basically talking in your sleep you may have slurred a lot more than you would when speaking IRL, and then you woke up not knowing why you're jibberjabbing

I will try to keep it up, but i can't stick around here 24/7 either, so feel free to make a comment now and then
but yes, thank you for your thoughts and stuff
>be last night
>realize i'm dreaming when i am stumbling through a hotel lobby drunk as fuck
>decide to head out of the hotel
>see a little guest house thing with a hot chick right outside
>she asks me what i want her to wear
>i think of the clothes that i want her to wear and they instantly change on her
>she walks through the door of the guest house
>i follow her in
>she isn't in there
>look around a bit
>i see ellen page/ellie from last of us on the ground sleeping
>i wake her up but she is still groggy as fuck
>says i can fuck her
>take off her panties and whip out my dick
>my dick is too big for her vag
>even though she is soaking wet i can't fit it in

so i got cock blocked by my own cock in my lucid dream
File: idk.gif (2 MB, 316x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 316x213
ive dreamt the same lucid dream twice in the last 3 years. im just walking through a mall with 3 friends, nobody is talking. we're not even doing anything just walking. then from my right side a rabid pissed off looking dog starts charging me. at this point im alone and no longer in the mall. best i can describe it looks the the surface of mars in a sandstorm, I turn opposite and try to run but its like im running through syrup or something, going nowhere fast. the dog eventually gets me and starts tearing my arm up. i start hitting and punching the dog in the head but hes committed and doesnt let go. he eventually tears my arm off at the elbow and just runs off with it. I then lay down on the surface of whatever im on and just stare into the black sky or whatever then i wake up after awhile, panicked and drenched in sweat.

lol feel free to attempt to interpret this
have you tried FILD? i hear good things about it.
yea, but it sounds like bull***t to me
WILD seems more reliable
i had a dream i was put back in time to Victorian London, whilst trying to get back to my own time i meet a man who killed women he claimed he had to do it to protect the future from a virus, i remember running then being in an american taxi watching people tow boats as i was taken to the airport where i woke up

any meaning?
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Had a dream last night that I'd like to share.

I found myself in my old house, the one I haven't lived in for at least three years. It was darker, like the paint was different, but I remember the layout being pretty much the same. I think just my brother and wife were there with me, but there wasn't anyone else with us. We came upon a door in the house that used to go to the office, which my dad had converted into a third bedroom, and the door was held shut. It was completely dark on the other side, and no discernible sounds could be heard coming from the door. After waiting a short while, we were able to open it.
The door opened into a short corridor, which had two doors and a window. the doors were quite obviously fake, and had no purpose. They couldn't be opened and didn't really have actual knobs. There was a deep sense of foreboding in the corridor. It took us a long time before deciding to actually enter it to investigate. After having shut the door, and reopening it, we discovered that the room shifted in appearance. The window was shuttered, and there was a dresser on one side. I looked through it and found clothes that looked familiar, like things I've worn in the past.

Then, my dog (I don't actually own a dog, but I'm assuming it belonged to me in the dream) ran into the open door and I was thrown out. The door slammed of it's own accord. I could hear the dog barking and whining, and we couldn't get the door opened. After a while of trying to open the door, we finally were able to, but it opened on a mouth with jagged, yellow, human looking teeth about as tall as a regular doorframe. It didn't have lips, but its gums ended about where you'd expect a door to. my dog was standing on the mouth's tongue and had changed as well

The dog, when it went into the doorway, was a small terrier type dog, but when I opened the door again, the thing sitting inside the giant mouth was not a dog. it was a hideous creature with a hundred teeth and a mouth nearly the size of its own body and it had no eyes. the thing wouldn't stop barking (Well, I say barking but the sound approximated panicked human yelps distorted and pitched down), and it swiveled its head wildly before the teeth came together and crushed it. I slammed the door before it could start chewing.

Then after what seemed like a long time in the dream I opened the door back up and went inside, this time with my computer. there was now a bed inside the corridor and the doors had vanished. I attempted to take a video of the room with my laptops webcam, but the room shook and a voice came out of nowhere and yelled at me to take my machine out of there this instant.

I took the computer but left the charger cord because I dropped it, and I watched as the room had an effect on that, too. It grew another indicator light and a gash opened up on the side so it looked like a face, and the face had an expression of pain. the lights turned red and the cord was thrown out of the room at me.

The voice from the room told me that next time I did something it didn't like it would destroy the things inside it. I shut the door and woke up.

This dream shook me, I'll be honest. I haven't had a dream like this in a long time. I can't even begin to speculate about what it means.
>be me
>19 yr old
>dream some weird shit
>a ruined old house with bushes in its yard
>white flowers on the bushes
>my vision is obscured
>im peeking trough something
>House is so familiar,iv seen it already
>dont know where and when
>cant remember
>on the sides i can see some gray columns
>top and bottom brown
>im peeking and cant move my head away
>seems like hours
>wake up,talk to my mom
>she says people dream weird sometimes
>np dont care
>that night same dream again
>same house,bushes,flowers
>peeking trough grey and brown box
>or so i believe
>suddenly a dreadful stench
>smells worse than ass
>sour horrific,never smelled it before
>finally wake up after hours of just looking
>Talk to mom again during morning coffee
>She gives me some dream analyze book
>no fucks given,nothing important in it
>month passes
>forget the dream shit,dont care
>suddenly uncle dies
>I have to carry cross for his funeral
>it a custom here
>we go to funeral
>bunch of people
>we enter,uncle smells like that stench
>dont realize or connect to the dream yet
>we go outside
>i grab the cross
>crossbearer leads the funeral procession
>stand first in line
>people bring out the coffin
>smells horrific
>i look at cross
>see there is little space between cross base and the wooden decoration on top
>look trough it
>its the view from my dream
>the house is right across the street
>stench reaches me
>im shocked totally
>think dejavu
>talk to mom after funeral
>she confirms i talked about my weird dream
>brix were shat,future was seen.

nothing similar after it.
>look at hands in dream
>they both have 5 fingers
>look at clock
>always displays the same time
>can perfectly read everything
My dreams are vivid as fuck, but no reality check works for me, l'm all out of idea, should l just stop trying ?
Well i dream at least once a month, often more, of te same house.
I think it's mine, i sometimes explore a new part or one i know.
I doubt it really exists so nothing comparable to your dream. I never experienced something like you. It's kinda spoopy. Do you lucid dream sometimes?
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Hm,kinda when i do i wake up pretty quick
I do often suffer from sleep paralysis and thats really spoopy,every time i see this white plastic mask with no features,just face shaped and empty,ascending towards me slowly,i try to scream but nothing happens,one time it happen while my fiance was reading a book and i could see her and the light from night lamp with the corner of my eye,i started screaming like a bitch,she then turned to me and shaken me,i snapped out of it,and asked her if she heard my screams,she just said i was breathing furiously and my eyes were closed.
that freaked me out,cause before i fell asleep she was in the bathroom,and i clearly saw she was reading american gods,and saw her reacting to my "screams" explain that shit to me.
Have ye tried MILD techniques?
Worked for the 2 times I tried them in the last two days
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Was going to post this as a thread, but decided not to

Anyone else ever get this feeling when you're half asleep you are both conscious and dreaming at the same time? I usually feel like I'm somewhere else when I KNOW I'm in my bed, and I usually feel like I have multiple brains or some shit - like one is asleep and one is awake. It's a very weird feeling. I can be sleeping and dreaming the most crazy vivid dreams but still be completely aware, so if someone called my name I'd answer in a second. As a matter of fact throughout my entire childhood I was awaken not by alarm clocks but by my parents and I'd be dreaming and talking at the same time.

I can also tell the time perfectly when I'm sleeping. If I tell myself to wake up at exactly 08:37 I can wake up at that exact time. I also get almost perfectly good sleep. Shit is fucked up.
Sounds like lucid dreaming to me. I get the same kinda stuff.
I'm new to lucid dreaming so I don't have much experience but here's something from last night

>Eat kfc and feel horrible and tired
>decide its the best conditions to LD
>Put in earbuds with "erotic lucid dream"
>Lay in bed for an hour or two (can't really sleep without silence)
>drift off but not to sleep
>constantly thinking about sex to maybe get it to work
>changes to some sort of fighting
>i see a flash of steel and then an intense cold pain in my back
>Become fully conscious
>my back is arched above the bed, head and butt on bed
>take out earbuds and normal sleep

Any tips? I've started reality checks by counting my fingers about twice an hour. What started this was my first lucid dream where i attempted to have sex but instead i woke up after i licked her ass due to excitement. flying whatever just doesn't appeal to me like sexual possibilities
It's pretty easy to do, actually. Just set an alarm on vibrate within arm's reach for a time when you will be in REM sleep and after a while you will become more automatic with turning it off and it will disturb you less and actually work better than othr WILD.

FILD *is* a form of WILD, btw
Had a very weird dream few nights ago. Ended on an unusual, kind of Lovecraftian note. That's what I got for playing a ton of Bloodborne and then reading Junjo Ito horror manga before bed, I guess. Wrote on phone, so please forgive any issues.

Started off mundane. Sitting on a patio with a bunch of people I don't know IRL, but in the dream I felt as if I knew them. We're hanging out, having a good time, when this enormous, bear of a man comes up the patio stairs. He picks up some shitty, plastic patio chair and slams it down on one of my dream-friend's legs. Huge guy presses it down on him, crushing his leg hard enough to split it and draw blood. Everybody clears out, even the now crippled guy, somehow. But, when I try to walk past, the huge dude grabs me and lifts me up off my feet. I remember his hands, huge and rough with callouses. He just held me up, and I knew any moment he was gonna paste me in his hands like putty. Surprised I never woke up here desu, because I was shit scared,

He didn't though. He drops me, just like that, and I slowly get up and mumble a thank you before hurrying away, because the guy was still giving off a seriously murderous vibe. He never spoke a word to me.

It was day then, but now, it cuts to dusk, insofar as I remember. I've fled from the patio, but now I was lost on a very narrow, deserted, cobblestone street. I try turning down an alleyway, but it turns a corner to a shut door, where two (twins?) very similar looking women, scantily clad, appeared to be fooling around. I was looking for a way out, and this wasn't it, so I turned and headed back to the main street. When I reached the alley's mouth though, I heard a rumbling, grinding sound, like wheels on cobblestone. Something about this alarmed me, so I went back into the alley and sat down next to the two women and hid.
The sound got louder and louder, and I was sure it was coming down the alley. It was, and it was a wagon being pushed into view, into the corner where I was hiding. I don't know what was on the wagon, something like pots or barrels, but I know who was pushing it. I didn't see him, but I knew it was that huge man from before. And I knew if he saw me, he wouldn't let me go again. I hid where I was, trapped in a corner with two strange women who said not a word, and when the wagon came full into view, about to reveal it's pusher, AND my hiding place, it started to turn. It turned, and headed back down the alley away from me.

As I'm sitting there, relieved at the wheels on cobble getting farther, I notice something. Hidden behind the two women was a hand Axe, and when I saw it, one of the women smiled sideways at me, in a lighthearted "Oops, you caught me" kind of way. As if I didn't catch them in an act as grave as waiting to ambush and kill me. I don't know if I attacked them with the axe or not, I think I did, but I'm sure I never actually "lived" that moment in my dream. It was just a memory for this next, last time jump.
It's early morning now, you know that time when the sun's not quite up, but close enough that everything takes on that bluish, not-quite-dark hue? And I'm at the top of a huge, yellow, metal staircase to nowhere that stands in a wide field of cut grass. With me is a tall, gaunt, snow white woman, completely nude and clearly inhuman, but I felt like I was guiding her, or trying to help her. I lead her down the stairs, but when we reach ground, she collapses. Into a ball she curls, and as she does she starts to "melt." Her white skin turns blue, she starts to liquify, her features losing shape and giving birth to deformities. Eyes appeared in her skin, tendrils grew and lashed out from her. But she was still melting. Dream-me seemed to know she was dying, but as she became abherrent liquid and began to soak into the soil, killing the grass where she did, she spoke. In a very human voice, she said

"I'm so happy, I have a body again. It's the Earth."

Then she was gone, and the sheer bizarreness of that woke me up, and along with it came deja vu, like I've had that dream before.

But, I get deja vu with dreams a lot desu, like they're recurring but I've forgot them.

I wonder if that woman-thing meant earth as in soil, or Earth as in the planet. That last line is truly one of the most weird ass things I've ever dreamed.

Thoughts? I promise, I really had this dream and am not making things up.
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I started lucid dreaming only about two-ish weeks back. I was also using reality checks every so often and got about one lucid dream in the two weeks I was doing them.

But then I started using dream signs for my reality checks that I got from my dream journal. Helps me to recognise when I'm dreaming better than random checks throughout the day. About three days ago I started using the MILD technique and I've had lucid dreams each night since, although each one a bit short.

The book I use (pic related) was a huge help. I'd recommend it if you want to get into it.
so a few days ago i started to learn about obe using youtube and all the videos the the same thing: lie down, don't move, breath, and then you will start shake once that happens the sleep paralysis will kick in and the you imagine a new set of arm and you either imagine a rope and you start to pull it or you just get out. Now i can't seem to get to sleep paralysis and i only feel numb in my hands and once also on my left leg any tips? (the youtube video i am using is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGkmqu_GdVo )
Are you guys really interested in reading my boring dream journal entries?

>I was outside on a road somewhere. It was daylight. The road seemed long and wide, and traveled though open country-like areas but with a somewhat industrial feel. It was not a city or a town. I was traveling on some kind of skateboard that had two strings attached to the front which I held in my hands to control the direction. To propell the board I used my foot against the ground like a skateboard. I was traveling slowly near the kerb. Fast moving traffic passed by me, sometimes dangeriously fast and close. I continued on around a winding road, and then there was some kind of official police or government car behind me with a loudspeaker telling the overtaking cars to slow down. They did not take any notice of this. In front of me was now a large oil tanker truck, it seemed to be of russian origin. At one point I got too close and nearly got caught by its back wheels, but then I somehow rewound the dream to moments before and avoided it the second time. I was not lucid but I seemed to be momentarily aware that I could rewind time, as if the brain granted this ability to avoid the danger and keep the dream from ending due to death. I forgot about this soon after. Then I seemed to accidentally drive off the road and down a steep embankment on the left hand side. I ended up quite a distance down and my skateboard seemed to be broken but fixable. Then someone on the road threw a childs bicycle down at me and laughted at me. Then a random, down and out agressive looking man was walking down the embankment towards me. Initially I put my hands in the air, as if he was a police officer. This did not lessen his agressiveness, so then I got on my knees with my hands still in the air.
>Again, he was still coming at me just as agressive as before. Seeing that my compliant and non-threathening behaviour had not worked, I then put my right hand out and grabbed him by the neck. I squeezed very hard and slammed him down onto the floor. I don't know what happened to him after that, because then a woman was calling to me and I turned around to look at her. She seemed to be some kind of police officer or federal agent wearing an american style law enforcement uniform. She seemed friendly and even impressed at my handing of the situtation, and invited me to ride with her in her car. Then there was someone else there who was also invited to ride in the car, he was male and will be called "person b" from now on. I sat in the front passanger seat, while the other person sat in the back. Then she was driving the car very fast thought cities and was hitting other cars and people. She did not seem concerned, and sometimes even seemed to do it dileberatly. There were then multiple other police cars doing the same thing, as if this was normal police behaviour. Then she saw a man with a knife attacking a woman, she stopped the car and we all got out. She did nothing and motioned for the two of us to deal with the problem ourselves. The man came at me with the knife and I grabbed his hand and got him to drop it, but then person b attacked me and kicked me away, and said that I had already had my moment of glory dealing with the first agressive man, and now it was his time to prove himself to the female officer.
>He kicked the attacker hard and the man ran off. The woman victim seemed to have a strong dislike for the police, probably because they were always hitting civilians with their cars. Then more angry civilians arrived and the female officer said we should leave, so we all got back into the car and she drove off. I remember seeing Mercadies and Toyota symbols on many buildings as we drove around, as if these two companies now controlled or owned most of the city, or possibly the world. It seemed like this was the future. Then the dream skipped and we were now at a large industrial complex building. There seemed to be a terrorist attack in progress and there were explosions and people dying inside the building. Despite this, none of us seemed in much of a hurry. There was a man there who was instructing us on how to use these strange bungee belts for if we had to jump from heights. I had trouble putting mine on so he helped me. Then he was shot in the head and killed by an anime-style girl wearing tatical gear. I grabbed a weird rubber gun and fired back at her. I then tried to reload the gun by the police woman said not to do that, and to simply "hit it like a hammer" to make it work again. I don't remember anything more from this dream.
I have chronic insomnia so I decided to spend the last four nights trying to induce sleep paralysis, since I'd be laying awake anyway. I have experienced sleep paralysis exactly once in my life, and it was a wonderful experience.

So I lay there in bed and didn't move at all, resisted every urge to scratch or move, etc. Last night I timed it with a stopwatch and I had been laying perfectly still for two and a half hours. And I got nothing at all. At several points I seemed to start vaguely dreaming WITHOUT entering sleep paralysis, and could move both my dream hands and my real hands at the same time. Since I've had sleep paralysis once I do know how it feels, and this wasn't it. I was able to move freely without any resistance or heaviness, while halfway inside a dream.

Are there any other ways to induce it that don't involve laying still, or at least in addition to laying still? Because laying still has not worked for me unfortunately.
I had two very vivid dreams earlier.
In the first one, my mother and I were in the same room and she was telling me not to look at her. I felt offended, and was explaining that people look at each other when they talk, when she disappeared before my eyes.

In the next dream I lived in a condo with a very nice view, but I was moved to another one which was actually a jail overflowing with big, black rats, and I had to sleep on a rusty metal bed.
So I was in my village laying on my back on the ground and on the sky there was a huge anubis head trying to bite me but he couldn't reach me he was really close but he couldn't. I was looking him all scared and I was saying myself well this is a fcking nightmare. I woke up all sweaty.
how do i have lucid dreams?
Still nothing? Is this super common or?
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sounds bad, bud. I once was going to lick a girls pussy, but whenever i got close to her i was pulled away
Only thing i can figure is that you're sexually frustrated, you may also not have jacked off for some time before having that dream

that doesn't sound like a lucid dream at all. are you sure you knew you were dreaming?
It was probably also two dreams that were merged as one in your memory, very normal
the thing that you're running from something, but aren't getting anywhere is also normal
You feel disconnected with your 3 friends, and you're afraid of dogs

killer was probably Jack the Ripper
you feel the need to solve a mystery, don't think there's anything else than that

I personally don't believe in precognitive dreams, i think there's a good deal of confirmation bias involved, and you are grieving for your uncle, which could cause a number of different feelings
in any case, i think you should check out the house you saw, just in case.

Tried mirrors, checking the tip of your nose, and actually counting the fingers one by one?
If none of them work at all keep this in mind
You seem to be lucid enough to know to do those reality checks many times, so why not skip that and jump straight to trying to summon an object out of thin air with your will?

I sometimes get the feeling i know i'm dreaming before i'm waking up
the area slowly changes into the room i'm sleeping in and suddenly i feel that the only reason i'm not fully awake, is that i haven't opened my eyes
having several minds also sounds familiar
sometimes dreamed that my consciousness was several individuals, and the individual i was was the only one that realized we were sleeping
I also agree that it seems like a very lucid dream

i tried several times but kept falling asleep
then i tried to keep my mind busy by making up long stories/situations, but then i just didn't get the paralysis at all
all i can say is keep trying
K, this is about one of my creepy dreams I had a while ago.

I had a dream that I was inside the large shopping shopping mall. (It had fragments of a shop I had been to some time before the dream) Anyway everyone but me was insane, like they're were saying things that I couldn't really understand and it seemed like they wanted something. Anyway I ran to get away and I saw a fire exit, so I went to it. When I got there it lead down a case of twirling stairs and on the walls were small cupboard like doors. I opened one and saw to teens playing watching tv and a old woman knitting I think. It seemed like they weren't affected by the insanity. Anyway, the old woman sensed me and looked at me, I put my index finger over my mouth as if to tell her to keep quiet. I then closed the door and kept going down the stairs, and then I saw a door. I opened it, and I saw a treadmill and parts of a vacuum because everything inside the room was useless I left. I continued to walk down the stairs and then I reached the bottom which was a dead end. But, there was another cupboard door. I opened it and saw two old phones and a painting that was upside down so I couldn't see the drawing.

I turned it over, the fabric wasn't paper but instead fur. Yellow fur and in the middle of the frame was the flat face of what seemed to be was a teddy. It's face was sinister and sly.

Then suddenly, I could feel the air and everything around me vibrate. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. It was like I could feel my real life body trembling as I was in the dream. Then, I woke up.

Sorry for any bad spelling
Ok I am kinda of embaresed about this. I dreamt of a guy in hell. In third person, he looked nothing like me or anyone I know. He got gang raped by demons. When it was Satan's turn with him, he managed to strike a deal to return to earth inexchange of doing the devils work.
I'm just hoping that isn't a vision of what happens in hell XD
Forgot to mention two night before I had a dream of a woman with black trident. Who claimed to be a godess demanded my worship. She got mad at me when I refuse to bow down to her.
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how come you knew you could move your real hands, if you didn't?
anyways i've had the same problem, and sometimes i think i was thinking too much to settle down, even if i wasn't moving, while other times i thought so little that i just fell asleep
can't give you any better advice than that, sorry

i bet the logic in your first dream was that if you looked at her she'd vanish. maybe you feel like you have a habit of messing things up even if you don't know you're doing it.
or maybe you feel there's something wrong with her
second might be about your fear of failure,

weird shit
something surreal disturbed your peace.
dreams are very hard to understand, especially that weird stuff, so i don't know
but i advice you do some research on Anubis

maybe you have a fear that your differentiation between reality and dream will be thinning?
or maybe you sort of forgot that it was a dream, so you were stuck with things the way they were
also, i have also had dreams that seem a little too long, although it sort of feels as if i'm just put in a situation, and then i think to myself a long list of things that should have happened before this, so i make out the dream retroactively and subconsciously

look at guidline 1 >>17282767
You guys, how to lucid dream?
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This is probably covered earlier in the thread, but I'll take a crack at it real quick to bump the thread

A) tell yourself you will have a lucid dream before going to bed every night
B) do various checks to see if you're dreaming while awake, and when you do them when dreaming it will make you lucid
C) don't get too excited or scared, you'll likely wake up or lose lucidity
D) keep a dream journal so you remember dreams better and therefore remember the cool lucid ones
I have recurring dreams about nuclear explosions and dying in these events. Most of them occur as the last dream/scene I have before waking up and all of them include people I've known or currently know, but all happen while I'm indoors in houses I have never been in myself. I don't really watch/read/play anything with nuclear explosions in the stories(like fallout or war movies or something), so just having it as a dream about something I've been into is out of the question. They've been happening for about 5 months now. Is there any way to interpret this or make them stop?
I was eating at family restaurant, with a friend next to me. Girl who used to work there, Nina, came in and I tried to ignore her. But she got my attention and I don't remember what I said. I used to love her a lot even though she was 5 years older than me. She's in my dreams sometimes. I try to move on from her as she married a few years after I met her.
I could see earth from afar
Looked like it had 'glowing edges' filter from photoshop
Each pole was a hole
Some kind of light aura traveling in a toroidal fashion from each pole
Anon,I've had the exact same dreams before.

are we more connected than we think?
For the past week, I've been dreaming of this boyish blonde girl and we fall in love.

I have precog dreams a lot and have also noticed that when people appear in my dreams frequently, they appear in one way or another in my waking life. Sometimes I dream of friends who want to see me, other times, I dream of strangers I've never met.

I'm scared now. The times I have had dreams of romantic partners, they have fallen apart or been fleeting romances. But these dreams are different, I can feel it. She stays, despite me running away. She wants to know about me, she doesn't want sex like the people in the previous dreams.

Has anybody else had experiences like this?

Nuclear bomb - Do not suffer in silence any longer. Get the help you need so you can have your needs met properly. you will then be able to live your life more fully.
Earth- Your companion is very honest and truthful with you. you can feel safe in your environment and among friends.
Plz analyze mein dream
Hell - Within seven days someone you know who does not appear to be a wicked person will do everything within their power to get you under their control. you will regret any involvement with this person. the moment you notice the things you do with this individual are ethically ormorally wrong, stop all contact. they will attempt to enourage the beast within you to react and to adopt a luyfestyle that will take years to get away from. do everything necessary to rid yourself of this person. get on with your life without this individual and relentlessly protect yourself from this person's companionship.
Eating with friends - Accept a last minute invitation to enjouy yiouyrself with many easy going, light hearted people. this event will be very memorable.

Restaurant - Anyone you recognize at the restaurant in thsi dream represents someone you will dine with, within five days, at a restaurant. you will need to be starightforward when making a request or seeking information when conversing with someone for the next week. this will be a far more succesfful apporach than attempting to manipulate the conversation in order to subtly pin this individual down. Do everything necessary to avoid causing discomfort to an individual you are negotiating with.
What about Nina? The girl I love
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pixel greek.png
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The other night I had a dream that disturbed me, but I don't remember all of it, what I do remember though is;

Was on a bus and someone sat down next to me. The person was very unsettling. The bus I was on was in Chicago, and it was just a CTA bus but it took all the way back to my place in Michigan which is about 2 hrs away from Chicago.

Once I got back into my hometown, I was sitting on a bench at a park and this nice guy I know sat down next to me and we started talking. There is a lapse of memory between this part and the next.

The next thing I know, we are standing near the bench and he's staring at me intently and I have what appears to be a cast iron or maybe silver dirk in my hand, the blade was nearly 2 feet long.

Without saying anything I stabbed him twice, both in the stomache and the blade passed cleanly through him as if he were butter. I heard him scream, and then I can't remember anything until the last part of the dream.

I woke up in a room, and it was back in Chicago and I seemed to be in a high loft. I could see most of the downtown area from a window when I turned my head. I actually thought I had woken up during this part. However, when I looked out the window, it was night time, but all the city lights were red.
As I continued to look out the window the color filled my eyes, until it was all I could see. After this I remember feeling scared the law was going to arrest me for stabbing my friend, and then my subconscious (me actually asleep I think) was wondering why the hell I wasn't feeling scared that I actually stabbed my friend twice in the stomache. After that I woke up.

This dream really unsettled me, and I've been in a downright bad mood all day, and have been feeling depressed.

Pic unrelated.
So when I was really young, I'd say from about 6-10 I kept having a reoccurring dream where I was standing in a line with my grandmother beside me holding my hand and it was a huge line of people but my grandmother was standing beside me and one we got close to the front of the line there was this giant hole in the earth and there were guards on both sides. They were making people jump into it and I turn to my grandmother and say "I don't want to go into the hole" and she responds "but we have to." And then the dream ends. Any thoughts as to what it could mean?
live and be happy, you have the potential to find someone better
bus - within three days you will gain the freedom you have long desired. you will then be able to express yourself ona different level and explore new dynamic dimensions that will bring you prosperity and happiness.

Stab - Do not become swayed by emotional pleas or become involed in anything distateful. do not compromise your character. do everything you can to avoid any negative event witnessed in this dream and alert anyone you dream about to do the same. take steps to ensure you only experience positive expressions in your life.

Someone else's stomach - allow others to express their point of view. mutual happiness and udnertand will then be yours within two days.

red - you will feel rejuvenated, expierience more passion and better health. you will also develop a greater senese of integrity. eat healty foods, drink plenty of water, adnd promote the regeneration of your body. other people in your life will become more selfless and demonstrate greater love and affection toward you. within three days, a greater passion will be shown toward you by soemone you care about. you will follow your heart's desire during this time period. this also implies you should not slow down the momentum of love and affection to you by other. allow things to flow and smoothly and do not deprive yourself of affection.
could be the thought of growing up and how everyone has to do it
im working on a new technique for lucid dreaming. im calling it constant awareness. the aim of the technique is to ensure that you are constantly aware of your surroundings and what you are doing at any point in time. this will be much better that simple reality checks because constant awareness in lucid dreams helps immensely with the vividness and clarity and also not waking up.

i have had some good success so far with it and i've only been doing it for a couple days. i have one lucid dream in which i had sex without waking up (the sex was strictly for testing purposes i assure you)
>be at Uni but also at home
>English 101 class is my bedroom
>my Professor is the one I had last semester
I already finished English 101.
>suddenly the professor approaches me with what appears to be a page out of a diary in her hands
>she accuses me of writing shit about her
>for some reason I get the balls to talk back to her, she's just standing there flaring up
>dreamscape shifts to my yard, an Orangutan is caring for its young
>decide to abduct the young Orangutan, the mother attacks me but I held it off with a M16
>eventually the mother takes back the monkey and runs out onto the road, barely making it
>suddenly I get the feeling that I fucked up royally
>the police arrive shortly after my sister is standing near a fence with a really creepy smile on her face
>I tell her that I'm done and I fly up to space, wake up shortly after
Can anyone help me recreate an event that happened while astral projecting, It was the most intense and realistic experience i have ever felt and i only managed to accomplish it one other time, I've been trying to get it to happen again but without success.

>Be me
>In shower(I tend to astral project while bathing cause the heat and noise calms me like no other)
>Feel myself splitting off and beginning my journey
>Decide to explore farther than i ever have before
>Suddenly everything is different, Strange people(Some had animal features like tails and ears) And a strange land, like something out of a video game
>I decide, Fuck It, Keep exploring
>Then i saw the weirdest thing ever
>I saw myself, But not myself.
>Kind of like if i had always lived there, that's how i would appear.
>Anyways i get closer to see if it actually is me.
>This is where it gets weird,
>I kind of get absorbed into the me that i had found.
>Suddenly i'm not projecting anymore,
>Everything is real and the people of that world were interacting with me as if they had known me all my life
>I decide to roll with it, Kind do adventure type stuff.
>Shit was pretty cash too.
>suddenly i'm pulled from "myself" and pulled back through the astral plane back to my real body
>Fucking water had gone cold.
>anyways get out of shower still remembering what had happened very vividly.

This has only happened to me one other time afterwards, Can anyone explain what happened and how i can get it to happen again?
This dream has kinda been on my mind more than any other I can think of. Most of the details seen unimportant and random dream stuff but something stood out. In part of the dream we were all eating (random people I don't know) and I looked at the sky to see a meteor coming towards earth, and when it hit it was the size of a softball. Some of us looked for it, and found it. Someone tried twisting some sort of knob on the bottom of it and got it to budge a little. I asked to take a look and saw the symbols on it (like heiroglyphics, only one I can remember is a hand)they also had a "day of the dead" art style to them. When I turned the knob, it unfolded into a lamp. Just a regular lamp. A lot of the dream because blurry after that too. I don't really know where delve further into it. From what I saw in dream symbol interpretations it's a lot of spirituality which I've been getting into. Thanks if anyone responds
Last night I fell into an episode of sleep paralysis. The body vibrations started and I attempted to wiggle, but no dice. I didn't feel like letting it escalate since I read a thread here that had me on edge and figured that I would end up seeing something shitty and terrifying. I quickly noticed my breathing pattern was shallow so I breathed in a long deep breath and boom. Instant awake.
I'm not sure if it will work for others or not, but I know SP can be pretty spooky and wanted to help by sharing the experience.
It's been a while since I had this dream so I don't remember much.

I remember being in a hotel trying to find a room or an exit. It wasn't an unnerving mission, something like trying to find a friend's room, but the hotel itself was very unnerving.
There were red old carpets everywhere and it had no stairs, just slopes. Some of the slopes were very steep and they were hard to climb.
Also it looked more like a labyrinth rather than a linear building and didn't have an elevator, the dark walls and red carpets made the corridors look tight, and the TVs were playing some sort of old voiceless cartoon, like Bolek & Lolek.

Any idea?
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Another one too, this one was more recent.

I was in a hospital for something unimportant, I felt like there was something unusual about the place, like it was haunted but there was nothing weird about it. I went out and found a broken window, the room inside looked dark and rusty even if the hospital was new and clean. A soccer ball fell out and I ran away scared.

I didn't think about it much. I went to take the elevator to go down from the 1st floor and while I was waiting for it I noticed a huge door taking up all the height of the wall next to me. I slid it and as soon as it started opening some creepy ambient music started playing, like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6EJ2iPWfCA
I felt really scared at that moment, like I couldn't move. I looked inside and it looked like pic related, although it was a huge and empty space with a really high ceiling, like 4 floors high. There was the sound of machines working and many huge rusty doors in front of me, also rusty pipes and dripping water.

I looked left and right and the room kept going with the doors, I could see no end and felt like something horrible was being kept inside and I let it go outside by opening the door. I tried to close the door but I was petrified and then woke up immediately.

After that I've been looking up at pictures of abandoned buildings because I want to see the room and feel that dread again, it was a really intense feeling and I miss it.

Disclaimer: I rarely have bad dreams and usually don't remember any.
Usually trying to wiggle my toes helps. I move my body without opening my eyes and I usually wake up completely. I've never seen or heard anything but just to be on the safe side.
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So is it true that you can meet others within dream state?
Im not sure if this counts, cause its a nightmare. But in said dream im lying in bed, almost falling asleep. Just as my arms feel heavy and my eye lids close there is a blood curdling scream.
Like a just-got-fucking-murdered scream.
It jolts me awake, but i cant move, and i just fall right back asleep.
Again something screams bloody murder, but this time it sounds like its outside my window.
It happens again, and again, the scream getting closer and closer till finally i realize I'M screaming, and something without eyes has its hands around me.

This doesnt happen often. Like once every few months, and i was really kind of wonder if anyone had simmalr experiences.
Sleep paralysis.
Guys, we know that spirits can visit us during dreams, be it ancestors/dead, angels, demons, pretty much anything.

But what about the soul/higher self of people who are currently incarnated on earth? Is it possible for that spiritual part of an incarnated person to come and visit other people during dreams?

I had a pretty strange, interesting nightmare tonight.
First off I'll start off with a bit of explanation.
I leave my computer running 24/7 and when I lie in bed at night I can see my chair illuminated by the monitor light but nothing else.
Also whenever I get into a nightmare I am usually completely lucid or half lucid. I used to try to get out of it by screaming but the success rate was pretty low. So now whenever I get into one I hold my ears and whisper to myself in order to wake myself up.
Now about the nightmare. It was basically a mix of a lucid dream, a nightmare, false awakening and sleep paralysis. I wake up laying in my bed facing my chair. I see a message of my friend on my phone "Don't go to sleep yet. There's some weird stuff going on." I think "But I'm already asle-fuck." and get into sudden sleep paralysis. I look up and see myself sitting in the chair with a deformed face and moving in some kind of glitchy slow motion. Let's call him anon2.
I panic hard because well it's me sitting in that chair and try to scream but nothing would come out. Not out of my mouth. The words I tried to scream come out of anon2s mouth. He screams them in a lunatic shrieking voice as if he were being impaled and burned at the stake at the same time. He does this for about a minute and I regain my composure. From there on I managed to controll him somewhat while I myself was completely paralyzed.
Like you know that feeling when you are in sleep paralysis and try to move your arm? For me it didn't work but I managed to get anon2 to stand up even if in a very sloppy motion and make him say things. After a while I managed to perfectly control him and move him around the room etc.
I should mention that all of his movements were as if you were lagging in a video game though. Like I gave the command to move his leg in order to move forward and he raised his leg for like 2 or 3 seconds in really slow motion and suddenly he was at the other end of the room. Really strange dream all in all. Probably the strangest I've ever had so far.
Bumpin so i can get an answer to this >>17303124 , this is actually bothering me and i would like Answers if possible.
I was asleep during the day today and in my dream it was a pitch black night and I saw a a tall figure with a scarf right by where my heater is (it was off). I woke up immediately to a bright room in the middle of the day.
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can you remember what the insane people said? Might be some interesting shit in it
The different rooms probably has some meaning, but i can't figure what
upside down painting might be something strange you once saw as a child
That feeling you describe at the end is very common, it's nothing else than a feeling you get right before you wake up
other people have described similar stuff, one guy felt a tickling, and i personally felt a physical pressure on my whole body, normal

check guideline 1 >>17282767

i've had no experience close to that
next time you wake up from a dream about her, write down a description, or better draw her face

but how do you do this?
how do you avoid losing awareness when you fall asleep?

you feel as if you can't trust your sister, you also feel paranoid against people in general
and you've got some rage that you were in the dream planning to take out on the orangutan baby
anyone ever feel pain in a dream? I never do. Anyway I flew to a mantle in this house. Then tried to practice being a bird. Then some cat started attacking my arm, so I jumped out the window and turned the ground into the sea and dove through the sea for a while. Then the dream was over. stupid? I guess.
>how do you avoid losing awareness when you fall asleep?

it's more about replacing reality checks. this will rely on your mind to distinguish between dream and reality. it't meant to be used from waking to a dream state. at least i haven't tried that yet.
Bump in hopes of an interpretation.
Anybody else here gets this huge surge of sadness during their sleep and wake up feeling horrible? I can feel great and literally be walking-on-sunshine mode one day and sleep, next morning I feel like killing myself.
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>Hear snoring in my dream
>My roommate wakes me up because of snoring
>Roll over and throw pillow at him
>Roll over and try to go to sleep
>Wake up out of that dream, I never woke up in the first place
>Pillow still under me
>Walk around and start brushing teeth
>Wake up again and still not sure if awake yet
Fuck, it happened 3 times before I just went into a new set of dreams.
Am I even awake yet /x/?
I layed down today just to dooze of for some minutes and managed to get into sleep paralysis. I would call it more the vibrational stage from generic OBEs since I was never scared and was calm, there was never any feeling of other entities.
Anyway it was overall cool, I felt these surges of electricity that responded to how I held my breath and just let them overwhelm me. I also got that thing where you see behind your eyelids and halucinated the sounds of my roommate coming in the room. I tried to go "out" but it was like I was stuck to the bed, but several times I managed to float or something in my room and was crawling on the floor feeling everything, and floated outside once. It was sunny and it was my childood street I was just floating and not in the city I lived.
Overall it was fun, I'm not doing any practice I just tried to lay for a while in the bed after coming from classes, layed on my back with my arms over my head.
I don't believe in any of this astral projection shit but I do know firsthand that lucid dreaming is a thing.

Even if I only achieved it once, involuntarily, for a few seconds, because I just can't seem to get into a WILD via hypnosis anymore.
Unless I'm a part of your dream...
Wake [spoiler]me[/spoiler] up [spoiler]inside[/spoiler].
Yes ...
Hold me anon ;_;
Last night I dreamt I was been chased by 2 huge guys, there was a guy with me but no idea who any of these people were.

They were chasing us and we ran onto a golf course and this bloke was firing golf balls at me, one hit me on the head and then I tried to hide, next thing I remember I'm laid down on the floor with him above me.

Realise I'm about to die, I grab my stomach and feel something, I've got a long sharp very big piece of wood stuck in my stomach. As I grab it, the man stood above me tells me not to pull it, I look at him and say "as if I'm going to live anyway" and pull the wood out. I feel huge amounts of blood leaking out of my body and then hear a load of people going ewww. I stay there for maybe 5 seconds feeling this and then as soon as I'd died in my dream I woke up.

Do dreams have meanings? Wtf is this? Don't drink or do drugs BTW.
>tfw made the first /drm/
Feels good man
I'm not going to go too much into detail. But I've had dreams where I get killed by someone or something. I've been killed in my dreams by a stabbing to the back/spine, gunshot to the head/temple by someone else, trampled by a horse. In the first two killings (stabbing and gunshot) I could feel the pain as if it was actually happening.

Why does this happen and how come I have weird dreams like this?
Well it depends, what were you killed by?
I had a recurring dream for years that I was covering up a murder I had committed, or I was trying to hide evidence. Some dreams I had been caught and was being jailed. I had these dreams so frequently that I began questioning if it really did happen
Breh, i had the weirdest dream this morning.

>be me (in dream, obviously)
>im sleeping inside it
>i dont remeber what was it, but i was dreaming in my dream
>suddenly wake up (yeah, inside my original dream)
>i have sleep parĂ¡lisis inside my fucking dream
>i finally managed to move my jaw
>with a shit ton of difficulty, i scream
>the sleep paralysis fades away
>i recall having an awful pain in my jaw
>i open my mouth
>two of my teeth are broken, i spit pieces of them
>blood everywhere

I was woken up to reality by gramps at that moment.

I have been also dreaming about dropping or taking off my own teeth, two times have been my right front tooth, and this time were two molars...
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hey /x/, its been a while
the reason i come here is to try and understand a dream i just had

on said dream i was walking on the streets with a couple of people who seemed to be my friends or acquaintances (i couldnt make out how their faces)
out of the blue we get robbed, the guy has a knife and shakes us off
next thing i know we are on the streets again, i bring with myself two knives and feel much safer
another robbery takes place, this time i grab my two knives
the robber however, had no knife on him, he takes one of mine and i run away (friends disappear)
i get chased by him, he stabs me on the heat (nothing serious, some minor cuts here and there) and again, steals from me
the dream proceeds with me walking aimlessly on the streets, bleeding heavily from all the cuts i had and constantly spitting blood out of my mouth

i woke up feeling a heavy burden
picture unrelated
is it normal that you resume your dreams where you left them before?
do you find yourself desperately trying to hide something from others?
to me, no not at all
You may have made the first /drm/, but I was trying to organize dream, symbol, and streaming threads before that.
Had a dream, where the sky was orange and cloudy as fuck. It was a lighting storm, but with fire included. It covered the whole sky with fire and lighting flashes being seen. The storm just kept moving though, passing over all houses. Once it passed over, electrical systems shutdown and a faint alarm could be heard. The storm clouds kept moving across the orange sky. Striking and flashing. So fucking lifelike. Woke up and almost shat myself. Wonder what it meant? I got to thinking that maybe it was a vision into an alternate universe. Idk what does /x/ think?
I have seen the future 4 times in my dreams. All if them are minor. Only one of them stood out.
no one cares about your delusions or special snowflake syndrome
Why are you even here? This is a dreams thread. They're literally all illusions.
>6 am the other morning
>drank a couple beers to relax, but I was still struggling to fall asleep
>finally drift off for what felt like only a few minutes
>wakeup to footsteps approaching my bed, sleepily roll over
>clearly see roommate rummaging through my nightstand drawer less than a foot away from me. probably looking for a lighter, nbd
>back to sleep
>wake up some short time later (still dark outside) to a super loud ringing in my left ear
>I'm in sleep paralysis for about 10 seconds
>freak out, take a breath, try to go back to sleep
>the ringing persists (I've never experienced any ringing in my ears prior to this. This was LOUD)
>the closer i get to sleep, the less control i have over my muscles
>if that makes a sense. It's like my body was falling asleep, but my mind was fully aware
>afraid to fall asleep completely because i know I'll go into paralysis again
>this was a nightmarish 20 minutes. trying to stay awake, falling asleep, then trying to jerk myself awake seconds later only to find i cant scream or move
>this happened three times before i finally fell asleep
>loud ringing in my ear didn't stop the entire time

My roommate had actually gone to work that morning; I asked him. He was never next to my bed. No, I was not high/drunk nor am I prone to hallucinations/pyschosis.
Any insight as to wtf happened to me? I've never experienced anything like this before.
I expirenced the same ringing! And in this time i had a lucid dream me and my boyfriend were in a fight over something stupid. I approached him and everything froze, like his face froze looking up at the ceiling. Then a fly came and landed on his face (while everything else was frozen) then the fly came at me and i heard this bellowing voice saying "it has begun". I freaked out so i tried to wake up. But i felt like i was being held down. I stared at a dress in my closet and the sleeve was pointing at a wall behind me. I kept shaking my head to snap out of it. (as sleep paralysis happens often) but i kept hearing a constant ringing.
True, true, Kudos to you
I want to have a really edgy lucid dream,if anyone wants to hear it i will greentext
Weird dream.

>be sitting in living room with daughter and mother and her boyfriend
>loud crash against the front door
>door swings open
>3 black people with guns run through door
>they look really young
>they demand us to huddle together while they raid the place
>one of them runs out of the door and gets into a car
> he Parks the car so no one on the street can get through
>We are held hostage
>wake up
Another weird one.

>I can't remember why, but I'm on this journey with a group of friends
>everyone is against us, wants to kill us
>the world seems like a long desert
> we reach a higher tech looking building
>get inside
>it's a series of puzzles
>I can't remember what, but we solve them
>a few friends die through it
>find a scroll but refuse to open it
>we begin being followed by voodoo zombie people
>book it out of there
>hours go by walking along a path
>make it to the crossroads
>practically dying of thirst
>someone saves me but I can't remember who or what they look like
>gave me a horse
>I am the only one left on this journey
>I make it to this.. native American city
>I'm praised for making it back alive
>city holds huge celebration
>wake up crying

Anyone know what the fuck this means

Someone please tell me what this means.
>My roommate had actually gone to work that morning; I asked him. He was never next to my bed. No, I was not high/drunk nor am I prone to hallucinations/pyschosis.

I hallucinate other people in my room all the time while in SP, you did not see the actual roommate, just your mind filling some blanks from the daily conditioning
Just took a nap and woke up with sleep paralysis for the first time. I could barely open my eyes and it sounded like air was being blown into my ears. I didn't see anything like a hallucination since I was only facing the ceiling I guess.
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anyone here help me psychologically or spiritually analyze my dream?

this one scared the shit out of me but it wasnt a traditional nightmare. you know how sometimes in dreams something happens and it seems to be a 'fact' or inherent knowledge that its how the world works? like in real life you know the sky is blue, you dont even think its weird. well in my dream the following happened, but it seemed normal

>people have things that look like peanuts in their brain
>its totally normal to cut someones head open, crack the nuts out of the shell, dispose of the shell and put the nuts right back in your brain
>its about as common as circumcision
>for some reason this fact greatly upset me and i started crying when they started doing it to me and my friend
>i woke up but i was in that sleepy haze that made me think i was still in 'that world'
>and was crying in real life cuz i was sad they took the peanuts out of my brain

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? someone analyze me. send help.
>and was crying in real life cuz i was sad they took the peanuts out of my brain
What, normally one would because of the pain.

it wasnt one of those dreams where i feel pain. seems aight really, kinda tickled in an uncomfortable way, but mostly i was just sad cuz i felt like i was losing something i wanted.
I have been trying to lucid dream for 7 years now with no success.
Tried all methods. WILD, wake up back to bed, dream journal. It just seems too good to be true.
Any idea what's up with the ringing in my ears? It was like a massive dark energy invaded the room and i was the only one awake
>be me
>suddenly a fat, old man smoking a cigar comes out of the body bag and very angrily puts me down by twisting my fingers, shouting "Why won't you give in to me?"
>Can't move
>jumping up in jolly excitement.
>see a little guest house thing with a hot chick right outside
>white flowers on the bushes
>dont realize or connect to the dream yet
>can perfectly read everything
>changes to some sort of fighting
>decide to abduct the young Orangutan, the mother attacks me but I held it off with a M16
>Kind of like if i had always lived there, that's how i would appear.
>Wake up again and still not sure if awake yet
>i recall having an awful pain in my jaw
>the closer i get to sleep, the less control i have over my muscles
>wake up
>hours go by walking along a path
>and was crying in real life cuz i was sad they took the peanuts out of my brain
Sometimes in dreams I'll think to myself
Like "oh this dream is cool I should remember it when it wake up" but it Cann never actually control what's going on in it. Anyone else experience this? It's like half lucidity or something
Lucid dreaming is just knowing you're in a dream, this happened to me too last week. Use your imagination and things will change
It's getting hard for me to describe my dreams. Several things kinda happen at the same time, some shit that I can't even picture anymore because it's to paradoxical, yet I clearly remember it happened like that. There's no continuity in events or even space, for example something is close and far at the very same time. Or I see something that is maybe like a hallucination in that dream, it's like reality has layers and I can see several.
Also main theme: I can't walk normally. Surfaces are either steep as fuck or wobbly or something.
Do I just have problems with comprehending space?
I was standing over a crystal clear pond. It was full of fantastic looking colorful fish with gem like scales. I tried to capture some of the fish with my bare hands. As soon as a fish I caught hit the air it died.
Metaphor for people around you thought policing you and not letting you have your own ideas?
>Any idea what's up with the ringing in my ears
it's benign, nothing yo worry

>It was like a massive dark energy invaded the room and i was the only one awake
don't ope your eyes, try to ignore it and maybe go in your own dream adventure
2000's kid write in
shit , I'm getting old
Okay /x/,

For years I've been attempted OBE or a lucid dream, I sort of have a routine which I've been acting out most nights, yet maybe only once or twice have I come close to being lucid.

>Lay on my back, arms down side
>More often than not, listen to binural beats, not sure if they work but they help me relax anyway
>Lay still, not moving for 30+ minutes
>Legs/hands start feeling numb
>Body starts to feel weightless, often getting urges to stretch legs but do not move
>Legs tingle
>While legs/hands are numb, I don't think about anything, I may try and picture the old 'grabbing a rope' trick
>I might even imagine myself laying there, but more often than not find it hard to imagine this
>All else fails, I just don't think about anything, trying to stare into the darkness of back of eyelids and focus on 1 frequency of binural beat

So most of the time I fall asleep at this point, sometimes I have woken up still in this position, with binural beats still playing, I open my eyes and feel pretty weird, but I end up twitching randomly and rolling over. But like I said, I do want to go lucid and have more control over my dreams

I don't often have dreams but if I do they're usually pretty depressing, like this one the other night
>time hopping with some guy, shooting people
>I save some French chick, idk what she's saying but we seem to really hit it off
>We're just about to leave/time hop back home, french chick can't come with or she'll die
>As doors are closing we put hands up on glass, I feel deep deep sadness
>Last second she rips doors open and jumps in
>Next thing I'm at home (looked more like a hotel with people in) with this dude and im holding hands with French woman
>Loads of dogs run out of the time hopping machine
>Smile at french girl, dogs are being stroked

idk what the fuck is wrong with me, but more often than not, my dreams have quite a sad bit in, where I have to leave a loved one, I don't really get nightmares anymore
Does /b/ want to see some dreams and illustrations i've written down and drawn?
>in a small room, victorian style windows taking half of the walls
>it's winter outside, snow maybe about a foot high
>for some reason there's a puzzle
>i solve the first part
>an ethereal light starts shining out of the windows
>solve the second part and the light gets brighter
>i go outside to the snow
>no ethereal light here, wtf
>like an alleyway, enough room for one person, also not cold for some reason
>notice that the light is coming from a different house
>open the door to get in
>big living room, most chairs are stacked on tables
>sit down on an armchair
>see a silhouette coming in from where I got inside
I think this was part of the same dream, but I can't remember what the transition was.
>this big waiting room/entrance, almost like an airport
>it's a prison
>go up to the desk
>get my prison clothes, white top and trousers
>my teeth start falling out, genuinely feels like there's just gums where they used to be
>get led to my cell
>it's all bar or glass cages
>see someone approaching
>it's my estranged father
>ask him what he's doing here
>he says nothing and walks away
>it's now nighttime, and I get approached by a silhouette
>they tell me that I have an invitation to end somebody's life
>tells me who it is
>i go back to my cell afterwards
>there's a friend I talk to in a prison classroom, ginger and sort of normal, also a qt3.14
>i get another visitation
>"the first thing you'll do with a weapon is kill someone"
>they start cackling
>what the fuck
>back at the classroom, ginger friend is pulling out random tools, like a hammer and a pickaxe, suggesting that these make good murder weapons
>start feeling this urge to kill
>take the pickaxe, trying to force myself to stop, scraping deep grooves into a wooden desk with it
>next thing I know I bury it into the side of her head
>her eyes widen with shock, gasping in pain
>i keep swinging it into her, watching her eyes as she slowly dies, until the last time she whispers "I... Can't do it... Anymore..." and dies
>oh fuck what have I done
sure why not
This takes a little while afterwards. The visitations have stopped, and I have also discovered that my father had "disappeared".
>another tooth falls out
>look at the date
>oh shit
>talking with one of the prison workers
>i tell them that I was meant to start working the week after this one
>but that somehow I end up here and I have no idea how or why I'm in prison, I don't know what it is that I've done
And then I wake up. Why do my dreams end with an anticlimax
I dreamt i stole some things from a vending machine and then i saw Donald Trump naked

What does it mean?
I dreamt I had money
I just want to share this weird thing with you guys.
For some time I have a dream.
Plot isnt really important, only place.
It's some type of babylonian temple (people in dreams are saying that), but really modern.
After dream with temple usually I have another dream. And something from this dream always become true. I thought it was just a coincidence. But today I had dream with temple and in next dream I found out that my gf is cheating on me with some guy.
And about 1/2h ago I in real found out that she is probably cheating on me with some girl.
It is uncertain, but still It's really weird.
But okay, just want to know something - anybody have similar dreams issues?
And why babylonian? Im Slav (yeah, thats why im writing like shit).
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It used to be that i wanted to remember my dreams more often. Then i thought that it would be nice to experience lucid dreaming.
So i started a dream journal. It's only been five or six weeks. I had lucid dreams two or three times (not really sure about one of them).
But now i remember almost every fucking dream i have every night. It'd be okay if these dreams were just nonsense, but no.
Usually it's something so good it's like i'm in heaven. When i'm dreaming i don't want to wake up and when i do, i feel like shit. But that's not so bad.
What's bad is the other kind of dreams, the one where i'm confronted by my mistakes, wrongs, insecurities. These dreams make me remember all the dumb shit i've done and wanted to forget. I see all my faults that i'd rather ignore. After these dreams i just want to cry sometimes.
How do i stop seeing dreams or rather stop remembering them?
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I get sleep paralysis every morning, nothing spooky ever happens besides the fear that I will never move again. I basically dream I am prying my eyes open then I see a particular part of my room usually my bed spread as I sleep on my stomach, it's weird because it almost always last for what seems to be a very long time hours, and I almost always recognize it is sleep paralysis. I bunch of the time I dream I am rolling out of my bed and slowly dragging myself along the floor only to blink and end up in my bed in the same position I was in earlier, once I took it into a lucid dream but I forget what happened. I always dream that I am screaming for help but no one can hear me, except for the other day I dreamt I scream and rolled out of bed as usual but my aunt heard me came in my room and pressed on my neck like she was giving it cpr?
It really sucks waking up in every morning and feeling nothing but complete helplessness.
So earlier today when discussing dreams with my friends, I was really surprised to hear that in dreams where they die, the dream always ends once they've died. This is apparently the case with everyone they know except me, so I got worried there's something wrong with me.

I don't know if this has already been discussed, but how often do your dreams continue after you've died in one? What are your continuations like? Have you experienced any rebirths in dreams? Is this in any way special?
I've died a few times in dreams, and past death everything just turned black.
A few times I've just woken up, but usually I have some sort of God Mode enabled where my brain goes "No, that's bullshit" and continues the dream as if I hadn't died.
It was Gabriel.
>dreaming of this house since I was a kid
>never been to that house but it feels cozy and familiar
>house getting bigger everytime it appears in my dream, is abandoned but in good conditions, it is eerie but it doesn't scare me
>still haven't finished counting all rooms, but right now it has 3 floors

It's been weeks since I dream about that house, but constantly dreaming about it got me curious but any explanation about it doesn't seem to convincing, curiously enough, now I am dreaming constantly about a city that again, never been to but feels like I've been there before even when i first dream about it. but this time I live in an apt whenever i dream of the city and when i dream of the house, is somewhere out in the fields or a beach, they are never in the same dream.

I want to know what are the message or meanings behind both
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I had this shit happen to me 2 day after watching inception
I was falling in and out of sleep for like an hour entering short dreams and just waking up for a sec to go right back to a new one
>i woke up in the exact same position 6 times and just went back to sleep
>next dream is a bit scarier and i got paralyzed in it and almost drowned at the bottom of a lake so i wake up in the same position and decide i had enough
>get out of bed and go to kitchen to see my sister sitting behind the kitchen table
>grab her shoulder
>its a downie wearing my sisters clother
>fucking jump out of my skin
>look at the living room and i see 5 more of them
>start running to my room
>they follow me
>no escape
>i am paralyzed again
>realize im dreaming and wake up in the same position
>sit on bed thinking what the fuck
>decide to tell my mom and sister about it
>theyre in the living room and i notice the furniture has been rearanged
>dont think to much of it and start telling them about what just happened to me
>start explaining and do gestures with my hands
>hands freeze and i am looking at how i cant move them
>realise im still fucking dreaming
>wake up in same position
i sat on my bed and stared at the wall for 30 min and then went to the living room and sat in the dim for an hour trying to comprehend what just happened.
>its a downie wearing my sisters clother
>fucking jump out of my skin
>look at the living room and i see 5 more of them
>start running to my room
>they follow me
>no escape
I recently got gunned down by 2 machine guns in my dream after being taken prisoner in a war
I could feel myself bleeding inside and outside. It felt so fucking weird i thought i was just gonna drop dead any second from internal bleeding or blood loss but it didnt happen and i just remained on my feet and eventually felt like i wasnt gonna die anymore but was still scared too move too much
Me and my best friend is in my home, we are playing some video games, suddenly i find a strange note, im writing this don't remember what is on it but i feel really bad, i know my friend will die, he look at me and say really sad voice "thanks..." now strange black octopuslike monster is chasing us, (i live in small village) we was running bearfeet bo road to closest town, when i finally found a policeman, he looked at me, now i knew he will kill me, i knew that was a dream but i couldnt wake up, from hes eyes mouth and nose black tentacles grab my face and all i just die i think. then i woke up wtf whats that mean, i had this dream multiple times. not exacly the same but the black octopus monster was still chasing me with my friend
A few years ago, I kept having recurring dreams pertaining to my shed/garage. The house I live in is well over a century old, and so is the garage. The first set of dreams I had involved me exploring the first "room", where spare parts and lumber, etc are stored. Well, I remember going in like it was my first time, and in large manila nets, I saw old car parts, things from my childhood, and boxes of unidentifiable objects.

After a few dreams, I would go to the larger half, where there wasn't much, save for what there is in reality. In the corner on the wall at about chest height, would be a small safe maybe 12" to a side, sunk into the wall. The first time I encountered it, the safe had an old fashioned dial and handle. I would try to open it, but it wouldn't open. The next time I dreamed of it, it would have large opaque buttons. And again, I would try to crack it, but to no avail.

I had break from those dreams, but within 2 months of the first dreams, I had another one, this time I was crawling over boxes to get to the part I usually work in. I would enter from the window separating the garage from the shed (a few feet from where the safe was) and head to where my bench was. It was night, very dark, save for my fluorescent lights above my table.

There I saw a large figure. It appeared to be a rather tall, portly gentleman, but when I got close to him, he turned around slowly, and that is when I noticed that he was bald, wore Ben Franklin-styled glasses and was wearing a large black rubber or latex apron, with gloves of the same material. He had just looked at me with a large smile on his face. He said nothing to me before I woke up. (Later, I would watch a video of Joerg Sprave from YouTube, and he was a dead ringer for the man in my dream)


The last time I had a dream about the shed was not too long after that. A former friend of mine and I were standing outside of the car garage door by the alley and it was night time. Both him and I were looking at the brilliantly bright colors escaping the cracks and gaps. The colors flashed between yellow, purple, blue, and red/orange. We looked at each other and back at the door, then back at each other. I felt like we were psyching ourselves up to investigate the phenomenon, and I had looked to him and said "You ready? let's do this." He had nodded, and just as we were to go in, I woke up. I haven't had a dream about the shed since.

I had a friend come over to see what was up, since he claimed to be sensitive to the paranormal. The second I opened the door, he immediately backed away and started to freak out. He said he didn't feel welcome in there, but he decided to go in and check it out anyway. He said he felt something in the area of where I dreamed of the safe, and said it may be a Native American spirit of some sort. He made mention that it was colder than the other parts of the shed as well.
I dreamt that I was in a lighthouse, alone. A beautiful girl walked in next to me. I recognised her, she has been in multiple previous dreams. I constantly try and find her again but finally she came again. We went to the top of the lighthouse together and talked, I cannot remember what we said at all. We then swam in the water in a sea with other people already in it, a wave took her under and I felt genuine fear that she was dead.

My question is what does it mean that I keep seeing this girl and how do I see her again. It's like a drug, I feel great during it but feel terrible when I wake and see she is not there anymore.
I remember this happening months ago, but it was so strong and real I couldn't forget about it.
I was asleep, dreaming about the space, nothing unusual untill I hear a voice of an old man yelling at me in some weird language, I couldn't understand a word, he sounded desperated, sorta of asking for help, I felt like he was dying. He sounded like that. I woke up really nervous about, I really hear that with my inner ear, not just dreaming about it, that was what It made me wake up. Never experienced something like this before or again. Im not sure if this should go here buy thanks in advance for any ideas of what it could have been.
Maybe it was Enochian.
So i've seen a lot of dream thread's and i know some of you call them bullshit or fever dreams and so i have thought as well but i do have one dream that stands out from any other. Some years ago i became an orphan and after this i had many nightmares about my family, my mother in particular. I would be in my old apartment where i used to live and got to see her again but it was different, she was different somehow and the dream's felt real as fuck but i got to the conclusion i was missing her and of that dreamt about her. Then the nightmares got worse, not like more frequent but more sinister/spooky. This particular dream i remember that was the most terrifying is the one i want some help with. I don't remember everything but this is what remember.

> Im in my grandma's apartment to see some people
> Was going to eat dinner i think
> Go to my room i had at grandma's to check something or to leave something there
> Im all alone all of a sudden, no one in the apartment
> See something in the corner, emerging kind of
> Cant see what but it was black like a shadow
> Get angry as fuck and start yelling at it ,hurrying out of the room
> Got to the hall door and get a glimpse of it
> Threw something at it, telling it to go away
> Hall door starts shining (pic related)
> Hear loud, deep voice mumbling but don't understand anything what it says
> Getting scared as fuck and walk to the living room and sit on the couch
> Door still shining and the mumbling get louder the further away i get from it
> Call for my grandma's dog to come sit with me on the couch
> Dog runs towards me
> As the dog comes closer, the thing from the other room is in the hallway but i still can't see it clearly
> Tell dog to hurry and he jumps on the couch

Then its just white and i cant remember anything more. I did not have fever that night or anything like that, as i was young i did not take drugs or shit like that either, it's just weird as fuck. Can you help me with this /x/?
had a lucid dream night. fucked shakira in an airport bathroom.
This happen to me a lot. I dream to wake up,do something like switching on the (that usually doesn't work in the dream) or opening my room window and then I blink and I'm awakening again. This shit can happen a dozen of times before I wake up for real.
Regarding dream journals, is there anything I should focus on documenting more? Should I write down anything possible? Should I focus on emotions?
Shed dreamer dude here.

Had a balls-to-the-walls trippy dream. I can't remember the whole thing, but what I do remember is trying to hide a gun behind my leg while watching Dennis Hopper and some other people gathered at my house, on the back steps, telling them his evil plan for a mass kidnapping or other diabolical plot. The people he was talking to were some sort of mutated humans, possibly undead, but most definitely not normal humans.

I had made my rifle turn into a plank of wood with some gun parts on it, and mixed it with a pile of old boards by my shed to hide it from the strange people. Somehow Jolly Ranchers were involved in the dream, since the ones they had were rare. One flavor was a strawberry, but the color was that of that white Powerade juice of some flavor I can't be fucked to think of or google right now.

I woke up just before I got to infiltrate the ranks.
I had a dream that I was in a favela in Brazil, trying to swim at a beach with my family. They all went out far, but as soon as I got into the water all the waves that hit me were strong enough to push me all the way back to shore, and they got bigger and bigger.
>be in a room of people, who are all acting very nonchalant
>cutting holes in my stomach
>there's no blood, only a clear fluid
>when it leaks out, it becomes a clear ooze
>i just lay there and let it heal
>a man who i love comes by and tells me he's going to heal my wounds
>he was never there and just a hallucination

can anyone helpe me find out what this means?
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