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sup, /x/
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sup, /x/

hypothetical - whatever elite cabal that runs the world from behind the curtains needs to recruit someone for a false flag shooting or something equally suicidal.... how do they go about recruiting someone? do they have a roster of mentally unstable people, that they single out and condition? what if that person has no access to firearms and whatnot? do they have caches of weapons and equipment?

furthermore, are regular adults safe from monarch programming and whatnot? seeing as the number of kidnappings of young children is way higher than that of adults, are they only interested in children as slaves?

living life without a purpose is pretty fucking lame. when you're a (relatively) healthy yet schizo NEET sponging off the government wouldn't it be better to die for something that benefits a few rather than being a leech or eventually killing yourself, or being just another cog in the machine?
>whatever elite cabal that runs the world from behind the curtains
Discordians - We run the world.

How do we recruit? We just give out books.

No one is safe from the fnords.
>how do they go about recruiting someone?
Recruitment info hidden in freeware RPGmaker games.
I bought the Illuminati card game, they were some weird surrealist group that seemed like more of an art project.

Doubt they have any power, and I've never heard of their books.
Of course we portray ourselves as some offshoot "weird group", we made those cards, fnord.

Discordians = the TRUE Illuminati.
alright. I usually think people that claim to be illuminati or whatever are out-of-touch schizos that want muh attentions or whatever, but I'll humor you..

how does one join the Discordians? do you worship Saturn or the Greek gods? is Lady Gaga a discordian (talking about that one illuminati card from the game) and what's the deal with the golden apple?
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>how does one join the Discordians?

I'm glad you're interested.
Fill out this form.
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>is Lady Gaga a discordian

She's one of our Saints.

Lady Gaga aka St. JAG is the most famous living human. In 2009 she was named the Discordian Saint of the Gays. As of August 9, 2010, she is also the Mons†er Saint and the Saint of Telephones. Her videos and live performances, along with the promotion of gay rights, pave a way to total chaos in music.

She recently caused chaos and controversy in the music industry with the videos "Telephone" and "Alejandro."

Born on March 28, 1986 as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she claims she has always been the freak she is now. She was one of only 20 people on Earth to attend the Tisch School of the Arts early, at age 17. She has, since the success of her debut album The Fame, abandoned her birth name and become entirely Lady Gaga. She has released two albums, The Fame and The Fame Mons†er.

She is alleged to be a member of the Illuminati, though there is not sufficient evidence to prove this.

She also has her own religion, Gagaism, where her Little Monsters exclusively worship her; they are wrong, though, as she is a being of Discord.

All hail Mons†er Saint Gaga!
All hail Eris!
gtfo of here
You forgot about that flop of an album Artpop.

And I'll fill out the form but I need an email address to send it to.
There's also "Cheek to Cheek" and "Born This Way", but we aren't on /mu/, we're on /x/.
Yeah, why is your name cabbage?
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A familiar kitchen-garden vegetable about as large and wise as a man's head.
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download (1).png
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Order out of chaos, fampai.
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'With these hands of magic you may now go forth and Create Chaos, Visions, Rituals, Tools, and Crafts. And you shall a-gyre the Pendao Wickedly and Wildly." And Dude did call out aloud: "Far Out Sis!", upon which her Grace winked, bit her Apple and vanished into smoke of void followed by everything else. The Dude did Awaken to the Valley of the Shadow of Doubt, along the River named Dao.
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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places
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Dental work. Tiny transmitters repeating tiny subliminals and tiny conditioning that over time become not so tiny. So much so that it's just boiling beneath the surface and they don't even know why or what it is. Just the headaches is all they know, the headaches and a ringing or buzzing in the ear. Sometimes the dizziness too, a bit of vertigo when tired. And then all it takes is a word, one itty bitty implanted trigger word softly spoken and all the built-in programming comes flying to the surface.

It's very simple. They hire people to work for FBI, CIA, MI5 or whatever. Then if they find the person to be right for the job they get to sign an agreement and get told whatever they do is for "national security." Once there they risk life in jail or execution if they talk about it, and their family members and anyone they expose it too can be arrested without trial as well.

It's not so hard to imagine.
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i became one woth the lol
It in no way connects with misrepresentation of religion.
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Sideshow Bob.jpg
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>mfw discordians think they're anything more than a bunch of wage slaves for who's really in charge
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>discordians trolling discordians

Love you, bob.
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