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Hello on this cold winters night /x/

I have recently been back on /x/ after a long time away from 4chan in general. I came here back in 06 and found a deep fascination with the information and stories posted here.

I have a story to tell and in return I only ask for your stories or better yet anything genuinely disturbing. Imagine the most disturbing thing you've ever encountered and post it, but here's my story.

>back in when i was 9 i moved into a new place
>the house was built over 100 years ago and my mom bought it because of how cheap it was on the market, she said it was a 'fixeruper'
>and the room that i had to take basement
>during the day it wasn't bad, but at night strange things would happen
>i told her that at night i would hear the sound of metal against metal coming from a small antechamber that lead out to the backyard
>it use to be a work room for the person who built the house
>i checked out the room a couple times during the day but because of the lack of windows and doors i couldn't see too much
>i would tell my mom about the sounds i heard but she would just tell me they were bad dreams
>eventually after nights of this noise (not every night but almost every other) I got a flashlight and some work gloves and started tearing apart that room looking for what was making the sound
>there were old rusty tools, broken glass, pieces of wood and concrete, and scraps of metal
>after digging around the room and moving everything multiple times i began to give up on finding the source of the noise
>but what i found before i gave up was terrifying enough to make me stop forever
>if only i did when i found it
wheres the end
>there was a small indent in the wall beneath the scraps of metal all the way at the bottom of the wall
>i dug away the dirt that was in that indent and it became bigger and bigger
>i found small white brittle rocks in the dirt, i remember finding them odd because i never saw ones like that before
>then i found these dirty rags and glove
>they were covered in dark stains and i started to freak out
>but i kept digging because those couldn't be what i was hearing
>but i didn't find anything
>i told my mom what i found and she thought i was fucking with her
>then i showed her and her face turned pale, it was one of the only times i saw my mom so freaked out
>she then looked at me and told me that it was probably from the man who use to work down there before we bought the house, that he probably cut himself while he would be working and it's nothing to panic about
>i didn't believe her
>and that night the sounds got louder and more violent
>i spent that night on the couch in the living room
>the next day when i went back downstairs i noticed the pieces of wood and metal and tools i moved weren't were i left them last
>and the hole, the indent i dug out just the day before, was covered back up
go on..
>years past and the noises stopped
>i became older and more curious about what happened those nights
>but because i had no reason to i never went digging around that room again
>until about a year ago
>the noises started again and it brought back a deep primal fear from my youth
>i grabbed my flashlight and went into the room in the middle of the night
>as i looked around the room i felt a coldness in the air
>i assume it was because of the cold of night and the lack of insulation in that room
>but i know it wasn't that
>because i as i left the room that night after looking for atleast a good 40minutes i heard a voice
>it said two words but they will never leave the recesses of my mind, they will always be carved into the walls of my skull and until i die i will always remember what i heard
>come back|

i still haven't gone back into that room since that night a year ago, ive boarded up the door and blame it on the draft. i refuse to go back in there unless i know what im messing with. so if anyone has any advice on ghosts or spirits or whatever it could be please help me.
im being left this house when my parents die and i dont feel like selling it in this economy
Don't be a pussy.
Sorry, kidding, but seriously, get some other people to check it out with or without you, take pictures, do research. Did the voice you hear sound angry? Demanding? Desperate? Share all of the info you can. There may be a spirit trapped there that wants your help in passing on... Also, the white rocks. I'd really like to get a good look at them.

>Ghost wants OP to give it a proper burial since it was killed by some cunt in its life and is now forced to rub metal together to get attention

>Op gets scared and gtfo for years

>"C-come back! Please..."
it sounded angry which is why i haven't put to much thought into it being a tortured spirit looking for release and not just a malicious one looking to do me harm
but every day i keep wanting to tear the boards down and go back in there and figure out exactly what it is, but isn't that usually how people bite it in those situations?
at the very least i will take pictures and post them either later in the morning or tomorrow night and maybe someone can shed some light on what those rocks are and any other information with what i can provide
It may have been angry that you were abandoning it again, but I obviously can't be sure. It would be really helpful to get pictures, I think, just be careful.
>>i checked out the room a couple times during the day but because of the lack of windows and doors i couldn't see too much

What? What does that sentence even mean?

Also, your suboptimal ability to articulate your thoughts makes it a harrowing chore to read your "story". Improve your language skills; grammar, and syntax included.
It wasn't rock.

It was bone.
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He checked out the room during the day but there are no windows or other doors so there wasn't much natural light in there and he couldn't see shit.

Really not that hard to understand buddy.
That was my thought, which was why I'm hoping OP can find and photograph them. Could have just been weird rocks, kids remember that kind of thing, but we can't really be sure without seeing them.
It lives in your house, OP. Unless something is binding it to that specific room, it could essentially go to other parts of your house, which it does t which shows a good indication its probably looking for release...
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The flip side of that coin is that you could work on your comprehension skills. :)

I'm a grammar Nazi myself, but at least I'm not a complete jackass to strangers on the internet just trying to tell a story.
Not that anon, but fuck you!
Most of /x/ aren't native speakers, so they have trouble comprehending gibberish. Especially when there are a lot of homophones, so it takes them a lot of time to decode the meaning from the context.
And the guy is right, you know? I am a native speaker (well, almost, born elsewhere, lived in Bongistan 15 years, came back home) and I had trouble. Imagine some poor Chilefag or Greekfag reading that shit...
That sentence wasn't hard to understand at all, you idiot
>i found small white brittle rocks in the dirt, i remember finding them odd because i never saw ones like that before

congrats, you found a murder victim buried in your basement and instead of telling the police you left them there. If I was buried in a wall and finally some guy found me I would be PISSED if he just left me in the damn wall
Ops pic gave me a chuckle
no OP, but what could actually happen to someone in this situation? like, what can the spirit do to someone?
Depends on the spirit really. Scratches from what seems like fingernails seem to be the most common, sometimes people get bruises of feel like they've been shoved. I've also heard of people being choked, sometimes until they even pass out, and having things thrown at them.

The longer the spirit's been manifesting seems to relate to how 'strong' they are.

But if the metal stuff there is old like OP said, and they get shoved and land on things they could obviously get tetanus. Hopefully that's the worst this particular spirit could do, but I really have no idea. Its just better to be cautious and not need to be, the to be reckless and have something happen.
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It's outside of time ,was prob confused about something you haven't done yet that pissed it off. Go easy.
Kill yourself, please.
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OP here, I appreciate all the help most of you have provided about what this spirit could be and what it could have wanted.

I will say with no shame I am nervous to be dealing with this thing because of how it effected me as a child but something needs to be done about this spirit sooner rather than later because I've heard stories about spirits that are attached to the living world and get more malicious over time.

I can't post pictures until later today but I found the white rocks after some serious digging around in that dirty room. Considering it's been boarded up and abandoned for a year and no one has been using that room since we moved in here. After doing some searching online I can say they look like this, which conforms that they are most likely bones but I'll let you all be the judges when I post the actual pictures.

>pic related

Sadly I don't have a phone or camera of my own and must wait to use my mothers when she gets home from her business trip. It sucks no having a phone in this day and age.

If it is really the spirit of someone who was killed and wants release from this mortal plane then I want to do all I can to help.

I would want someone to do the same for me, wouldn't you?

Thanks for the defense, I didn't think my writing was too hard to understand.
but I will try to use better grammar with my replies from now on despite most people understanding what I wrote.

So it can essentially be in my room at times? I thought a spirit was restricted to the area they were killed in, not the entire house...

That's what I'm really worried about. desu there are times I wake up and I can't breathe but I think that might just be sleep apnea.
But there are times I am asleep and I can still see what is going on in my room but I can't move. It's similar to sleep paralysis but with one exception...
I see a shadow at the end of my bed...
Also glad I could make you chuckle. That's my favorite because Eraserhead is such an amazing movie and Steve Brule as Henry Spencer is hilarious. He also has the perfect hair for it.
I collect bones (animals only, inb4 occult) and yeah, that's definitely bone that you found. You should probably go to the police. Could be a cat that crawled in there and died, could be a human that was wedged in there after being killed.
>I've heard stories about spirits that are attached to the living world and get more malicious over time.
That's also true, but there are exceptions to the rule. It depends on why they haven't moved on, and how they were in life.
For example a little old lady that passed away in her sleep may just want to stay in her old home. She would likely stay harmless, having died from natural causes and being a kind person in life.
Now if that same little old lady was smothered in bed or greatly disliked visitors, she may do anything from yelling at you to leave to shoving you into walls and such.

And as for it being in your room and the shadow at the foot of your bed... Well, some spirits could be contained in rooms, or unable to leave those rooms until they've been around a long while and gathered the energy to move further. I don't have a lot of knowledge on sleep paralysis, but I suppose the shadow could be this spirit trapped in your home. If they simply stand there and do nothing, they may simply be trying to contact you, but it could just be something you experience while having sleep paralysis.
I thought the more you interact with a spirt. The more the spirt can i interact with you.
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