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So my cat was hit and killed by a car yesterday....
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So my cat was hit and killed by a car yesterday. I know he is dead for sure as I buried him.
Earlier tonight I was taking out my trash and saw a pair of glowing eyes sitting off about 25 feet from my back door seeming to look at me then they just disappeared.
And just now I saw him run from the kitchen to the living room. Very weird and positive saw him.

Tldr; experiences with ghost pets
My roommates cats died.

One day chillin at his place after moving out, I felt a cat walk along the couch. Was trippy.
This didn't scare too much but it should have

>chillin in the living room
>one of the dogs barking on the deck
>go let eddie in
>he runs inside and to the bedroom
>eddie runs upstairs wondering why I'm opening the patio doors

who the fuck did I just let in? Didn't find the fake eddie, and the rest of the dogs weren't noticing anything so I let it go.
So it was like a copy of Eddie?
As I opened the patio door, it was soo eddie that ran in, nothing to distinguish him from aah, himself. He ran around the corner to the bedrooms and at the same time ran up the stairs to investigate what we and.. copy-eddie were up to. I looked straight away and there was no other dog in the house that didn't belong there. And the dogs at did belong seems content.
That would be creepy
>Very weird and positive saw him.
Could be. I heard my cat meowing a few hours after she was killed by a dog.
>laying in bed in apartment
>wake up at weird hours of the night, really not unusual
>roll over to see a pale cat sitting on the floor in my room
>assume its our yellow tabby, Nala
>make friendly clicks and crap to try and get her to walk over
>cat gets up, stretches
>stands there and stares at me for a minute before turning and trotting out of the room
>also not unusual, she's pretty independent
>think nothing of it, roll over, back to sleep
>wake up next day, go to kitchen to search for poptarts
>Mom working on a puzzle at the table, notice step dad isn't there top
>"Morning, where's step dad?"
>"He went to pick up Nala."
>remember she had been spayed the day before, vet had kept her overnight
>remember cat in room

I had other experiences with the 'ghost cat' in that apartment but that's the one that I remember the most clearly.
Growing up, my family had two household cats, Lacey and Shelly. I didn't name them.
Shelly was old as balls, but she was chill as fuck. And super gentle, even when we petted her old weak bones too hard. She was cool that way.
Lacey was a cunt.

Anyway, Shelly died of old age when I was 10 or so. My story takes place a week after her death.
>Be me, laying in bed
>As per usual, having a lot of trouble falling asleep
>Just chilling in the dark with my thoughts, listening to my parents do their nightly routine
>Putting out the rubbish, doing the dishes, getting work clothes ready, etc...
>Hear the back door open as mum puts the cunt cat outside
>Hear the "shika shika" of cat food, and the sound of the door being closed and locked for the night.
>Eventually, the house settles into silence
>I'm still wide awake because FUCK ME
>Suddenly, something small and warm and four-legged hops onto my bed.
>The little 'something' pads about in a circle, then settles on my legs in a warm, pleasantly weighty bundle
>Think to myself "FUCK yeah. I've got the cat tonight."
That's not a bestiality joke, by the way. My parents were just anal about making sure the cats never stayed indoors overnight because they shit in the house if you're not careful. Sometimes my siblings and I would smuggle a cat into our beds for the sheer novelty and rebellion. Having Shelly on your bed was considered a badge of honour.
>Suddenly realise that the cunt cat is outside.
>We don't have any more cats.
>I sit up very, very slowly.
>I reach out my hand towards the warm, soft "something" on my legs, ensuring that I move so slowly that I don't disturb its rest
>The warmth and the weight never shifts. I extend my hand further.
>And touch my own legs.
>The weight disappeared, but the warmth remained.

I searched my room VERY thoroughly after that. Nothing.
Ghost cats could be all the rage. Super low maintenance, and keep the ghost rodents at bay.
I saw my cat moving around the house and felt him jumping up on my bed for years after he died. I originally considered that I might be seeing our dog out the corner of my eye, but A) Said dog was black while the cat was bright orange, and B) it happened even when our dog was out for a walk or at night when he was locked in my parents' room.
When I was little my dad caught a tarantula outside and we decided to keep it (mom was not happy). I caught him a cricket outside once but it must have had chemicals or something on it and it killed him. A few weeks later I rolled over in bed and saw a big tarantula crawl up from between the bed and the wall. I started screaming (I'm not afraid of spiders, but I did not expect that) and my mom came in and looked EVERYWHERE but could not find anything.

I still get upset thinking about how he came back to say goodbye and all I did was scream and cry like a little bitch.
You didn't bury him in that micmac burial ground did you? That grounds gone sour.

Would really suck if every spider came back as a ghost spider
Nope I buried him in some fertile east Texas soil

I'm sorry you lost your friend D:
It is a sad lost. Had him since he was a tiny kitten. Was born on April 20 2013
LOADS. Pets are apparently meant to stay around for 2 weeks. My dog sascha, mom had her all my life. she was older than me. Mom was heartbroken. Had the dog longer than she had any kids and even my dad. Was chatting to her friend, at the time we had half carpet and half hard floor to separate parts of the house. They both heard footsteps like a dog on the hard floor. She was also in bed and felt the dog climb on the bed like she used too.

Even weirder, when my cat poppy died (I was too young to remember) apparently the garden was filled with cats. like 20-30 and one cat sat on the garage roof in the back garden..and was the ugliest cat ever. Mom said it was like a scene from the godfather.
My cat, Leo, died at the young age of 8 from a heart attack or stroke (positive it's either of those). He died the day we were packing up everything to move to a new house all the way down in Florida. I planned on taking him with us but he already had a UTI and a lot of other issues beforehand so I was almost convinced he probably wouldn't make it. but I guess all the stress from the moving got to him and he died. Which, looking back at it now, was probably for the better instead of dying while we were travelling. I prematurely had a to bury him in the back of the house and the next day we moved. about a year later I come back because I have tons of family up there, decide to visit the house again. walking around to see what the new people have done to the house. And I swear I saw him twice, in the corner of my eye. I saw him on the top of our fence, and in our bushes. that was pretty cool and comforting and I also felt some kind of 'presence' of him too.
It's nice to see all the positive visits from animals. Seems like animals spirits aren't troubled enough to come back angry or violent.

I wonder if anyone has experienced a violent animal spirit. From some dog that had a horrid life and suffered in death or something like that.
I used to have a black cat for sixteen years, he had some white hairs on his chest. Shortly after he passed away a black kitten appeared in my backyard, it has a white spot on his chest. It is very shy and won't make close contact, but I leave some food for it and it sleeps on my porch. My cat was castrated so it can't be his. Not a ghost story but still curious...
I had a crazy black kitten I got as a Christmas present one year and I loved him and named him comet. At 8 months old he got extremely sick and we took him to the vet and they told us he had low white blood cells and would need a blood transfusion which I never even knew you could do for a cat but apparently you can sign your pet up to be a donor cat to donate blood when needed, anyway comet didn't accept the blood and died the night of the blood transfusion. I was so upset obviously, but I believe after his death he'd come back and visit. I kept seeing a black shadow run real fast in the corner of my eye(he was fast he was still a kitten basically full of life) and his favorite toy would me moved around the house constantly even though we didn't have any other pets at the time. Whenever we got our other pets I never saw him again though. I miss that cat still even though he wasn't with me for long
Nothing exciting really. My house is a big place for spirits and stuff. My old dog comes and chills with us during the night sometimes and such. You can hear the click of her claws that she didn't like us trimming. The thunp and she lies down beside the bed and the sigh as she goes to sleep. Don't hear her much anymore though since the new dog, pretty sure she was just keeping us company until that time.
We have a ghost kitty in our house. When I was younger, I felt depressions on my bed as I was trying to sleep, as if the cat was walking around on my bed
When I was in high school I had a friend over and we were just hanging out and watching videos on the computer. From under the desk we saw something run out and away. We both watched it, then looked at each other.

I asked my friend "Did you see the?" And then she said, "It looked like a cat."

I had a cat at the time who was in another room, fairly larger, and not solid white. I always assumed things I saw in that house were my imagination, but this someone else saw with me. And she saw what I had seen without me mentioning that I thought it was a cat.
It should be "Did you see that?"
Pardon the typo.
I miss my Beagle, it was my fault that she died, I wish i could apologize
I gotta say, folks, a couple of my dogs are nearing the end of their lives and I am so sad that they can't be a part of my life forever. This thread is comforting. Shed a few tears.
We had to put our dog down a week before Christmas, I wish he'd come visit.
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Somebody get that cat into a better home with owners that aren't Occultists...
I think this is my new favorite picture. I am giggling like a child and I haven't even been drinking tonight. Thank you Anon.
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Could be worse
>Somebody get that cat into a better home with owners that aren't Occultists...

Odd comment for /x/
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Pirate Puppy for balance
That's fucking creepy, omg
I recognize my normie status on /x/. I also hoped Obama would deliver in the territory of 'pet rehousing services' but it's *tick tock* now.
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