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Astral projection
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Has anyone ever astral projected? I recently got an interest in it. Is it real? Tips on how to do it? Stories?
dunno but I had sleep paralysis on a frequent basis for like 6 months. kind of similar I suppose?
No, it's not real. You can't do it.
>be 18
>sleeping comfortably when all of the sudden I feel someone poking my lower back
>alerts me but I don't fully wake up, so I shrug it off
>few seconds later I feel a hand press on my back
>feel more hands pressing on my back, must be 4-5 hands
>feel myself being lifted up off my bed
>stay sleeping, in a trance-like state but aware of what was happening
>can feel my legs and arms dangling
>reach the ceiling of my room and I car hear my own breath against its surface
>realize I need to snap out of this as I'm genuinely getting scared
>force arm to move and swing as if I'm trying to catch my balance
>immediately fall back into my bed
>immediately wake up
>get up off bed and contemplate what just happened
>lucid dream maybe? Never lucid dreamt ever
>get up and walk to door to go to washroom
>look back and see myself sleeping in my bed
>stood frozen in fear, shocked and unable to breathe or comprehend what is going on
>go into a panic-like state and try to scream but nothing comes out
>walk back to my bed and try to get close to my body
>something isn't allowing my to get close to myself, like a forcefield or some shit
>go back into hallway
>mom and sisters door is closed but they never have it closed
>doors are pitch black but they are really a light brown mohoganny color
>develop this eerie and unforgiving sense of fear, fear I never experienced in my life before
>convinced that if I try to open any doors bad things will happen
>go to the top of my staircase and take a step down
>stop on the first step and started to listen
>can hear chattering/mumbling downstairs
>chattering is loud, but I cant make out anything that was being said
>comparable to being in a busy area where a mix of voices and words become a vocal sea of haze
>realize the language isn't English, its not even any language I recognize
>harder I try to focus on that the more disoriented I got
>bottom of staircase is completely dark, as if it was endless
Kill yourself.
>get an overwhelming sense of fear of what is downstairs
>convince myself that if I expose myself down there bad things will happen
>sit at the top of the stairs
>stare directly at the bottom of stairs for what felt like hours until the sum came up
>whole time I felt like there was somethig watching me
>sun shines through the washroom windows at the end of the hall and illuminates the hallway a bit
>feel a bit more confident so I go back to my room
>try to get close to my body but again the forcefield prevented me
>feel like an evil presence followed me to my room
>open up the blinds in my window to let light in
>invigorates the room and I immediately jump on the bed and roll into my body
>immediately wake up amf its morning
>my blinds are up, door is open but I don't remember if I even closed those two before I slept in the first place

Here is where shit freaks me out...

>slept in the master bedroom when all this happened because my mom and dad didn't like the room for some reason so we switched
>before I got the bedroom, my dad woke up one night screaming and shouting "I DONT WANT TO DIE, I DONT WANT TO DIE, HELP ME GOD HELP ME"
>Had to call ambulance because what the fuck else were we supposed to do
>dad had cancer at the time so maybe we figure it was the medications or something
>month later after being hospitalized he passed away
>before he passed away he told me he felt something try to pull him away when he slept, like taking his soul
>one the visiting him in the hospital he goes with his eyes closed "you again, just kill me but leave my family alone"
>"dad its me, is anyone bothering you?"
>no response

I have other weird shit happen in my house if anyone's interested
The human imagination is a wonderful thing.
I've had many lucid dreams, sleep paralysis episodes so I should be sensitive to A.P. but I only experienced it once.
>be in my early teens going to sleep
>feel my body floating upwards like a feather
>i feel the bedroom curtains rub gently against my right arm
>my body gently taps the ceiling like a helium-filled balloon. barely feel a thing.
>i twist my body around, like if I were twisting inside a pool
>look down and see myself sleeping
>twist back around again, can feel myself starting to sink into the ceiling, almost going thru, feel a buzzing sensation as I do this
>but gently fall back into my body

For me, it just happened without me trying it. I've tried to do many times after but could never do it.

I didn't see any astral rope that some people see. My vision was very hazy, almost like infra red from a surveillance camera. Wish I could experience that again.
I wanna astral project tonight anon please teach me
My other stories might not be as interesting but here goes

>be 18
>Develop a habit of going for night rides on my mountainbike in the summer
>have a 1400 lumen bike light that turns nighttime into daytime ( car headlights are ~800-1100 to put in perspective)
>in my basement I kept my bike in my laundry room, which is located . The middle of the hallway right before the basement living room and right across the basement bathroom
>did this because bike was expensive AF
>gear up one night to go for a night ride about 230 am ( I know right I'm nuts)
>the only lights that I need to turn on when getting my bike is the hallway light near the basement door and the laundry room light
>routinely take bike out, turn the lights off and leave, locking the door behind (no one was home)
>ride to the end of my street when I realize that I put on my daily shoes instead of my cycling shoes, which is a big deal to me
>ride back to my house but notice immediately something was off
>the small frosted window on my basement door showed me that the lights inside were on
>bewildered I figured either someone came home, which I thought was very unlikely, I forgot to turn off the light, or someone broke in
>cautiously open the door and go inside
>struck by chills
>all of the lights in my basement were turned on
>every single fucking light including the washroom light, laundry room light, both hallway lights, the living room lights and the fucking worst one of all, the dim cellar light (cold room) at the very back of my basement was on and the door fully flung open
>feel creeped out as fuck and immediately about "WHOS THERE" to try and regain some confidence
>bad fucking mistake
>hear the the washing machine door open and close 6 TIMES in quick successions making that audible click
>don't even bother to do anything and just leave, locking the door behind
>pester the fuck out of my buddy until he woke up to convince him to let me sleep over
>next morning my mom and sister came home and I told them I was sorry for leaving all the lights on in the basement and not closing all the doors
>"what do you mean anon? Everything was fine when we got back..."

Dang, I've seen shadow people before but damn I don't know what to tell you, I would've fucking ran and called the police.
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damn that's scary.
Here's another one I just remembered about that basement, this one is short and just adds to the eerieness of that house

>one day upstairs shower breaks and we call a plumber to fix it but it was going to take a few weeks
>only other shower in the house is in the basement
>always got a weird fucking feeling in that shower so I seldom used it up until this point
>be home alone one day and needed to shower before going out
>showering and doing my business when I swore I heard the basement door open but couldn't exactly tell since the sounds of the shower muddle outside noises
>figure someone came home but I left the bathroom door open because it eases my creeps
>immediately to the right of the shower is a sink that has a bunch of stuff like deodorant, soap, curling iron etc
>see the shadow of a hand reach across towards the sink off of the shower curtain
>"hello I'm showering you can't wait?"
>close my eyes to rinse and when I opened the shadow was gone
>honestly didn't think much of it, but maybe because I didn't want to think of it
>finish my business and leave only to find that all the lights on the basement are off even though I left the hallway lights on
>go upstairs to get dressed but text my sister that it was inconsiderate to barge into the washroom and turn off all lights when she left
>"I never came home, what are you talking about?"
>wtf... Message my mom and asked her if she came home about 10 mins ago
>"I'm working overtime... Remember?"
>remember that mom works overtime now because my dad died and loss of income followed
>freaked out for the rest of the night
do you still live there?
I realize I'm getting off topic as fuck but I have one more if anyone wants to hear
No we moved a year ago, thank fuck
lets hear it
I instantly stop reading stories when the first part involves "I was sleeping", or "I was getting high". I already know it's sleep paralysis before I have to go any further for these spooky threads.

This story is partially how I found /x/ and learned about skin walkers

>be 17, same year as the shower broke
>me and my sister were home, mom is out working
>I was doi g homework because I wanted to get into the university of my choice so I was working hard
>sister already in first year uni and thinks she's the shit and loves going out to "enjoy my youth and freedom"
>I won't verbally degrade my own sister but I knew what that meant, at the same time double standards too amrite? I'd do the same
>was doing homework on the dining table and sister was upstairs getting ready to go out
>sister, who is aware of the spooks going on in the house, brings down a small mirror to finish her makeup next to me
>she finishes and says, "see you later, tell mom I went to anonette's house" and heads for the basement door
>we didn't have the key to the upstairs door because we lost it so we always go in and out through the basement door since ever
>half hour or so passes by and sister comes back up from the basement looking all jaded with relaxed eyes and no facial expression
>"Did you forget something?"
>no response , just staring down the ground floor hallway so the side of her face faces me
>"do you see something?"
>at this point I figure she saw something scary
>no response
>stare at her and eventually she turns her head to me and goes, "tell mom I went to anonette's house, tell mkm u went to anonette's house"
>said it with the most emotionless expression
>I get this insane chill and feeling of vulnerability
>sister walks back downstairs but this time I don't hear the basement door opening
>she didn't even bother turning on the lights
>wait a few minutes and decide to turn on my father's hi-Fi stereo to play loud music
>still feel freaked out but loud music helped get some confidence so I go into the basement
>no one was down there at
>message sister saying I just saw her like 10 mins ago back at home
>"I never came home"
Excuse spelling errors I'm typing on my phone in bed. I'm spooking myself writing these since they are bringing back bad memories
Q did you bang anonette later on?

pity fucks from sisters friend should be in all online stories
H.P. Lovecraft?
scary, very scary
No I didn't, sister used her as cover when she goes out so mom doesn't flip out
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