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Delayed Terror
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Ever experienced something odd or out of place than your mind realized what you saw and been terrified?

My own example.

>Half asleep
>bathroom door shut light on
>ug need to pee!
>toilet flush light shuts off door open
>turn on light, pee
>get back in bed
>no one ever came out....
>....Night Grandpa
>dad walks past my room to guest bedroom
>he should be at work
>get out of bed and walk into room
I have heard Voices for year around my house, I delay my reaction on purpose to not freak out at the moment. It will be like hear a conversation that empty room is having, just turn around and pretend you didn't hear any of that

You can't spoop someone wanking
>in class
>bored as fuck, fidgeting with a pen
>break off the tab that lets you clip pen to a shirt
>put pen down & start playing with clip
>clip falls out of my hands and lands on the floor under my seat
>reach down for it
>another clip falls out from my jacket sleeve
>only brought 1 pen to class
>was wearing jacket all day
>instantly become nauseous
>reality check

this happened a few years ago in high school, still boggles my mind.
That would make the God assumption make more sense. If he were just some cosmic neckbeard playing vidya not giving a fuck about us. Makes a lot of sense.
>having smoke at back window
>dark, heavy night, 2AM-ish
>suddenly see a dark shape flashing across the next-door condo's backyard about a foot off the ground
>it vanishes straight through their back wall and into their dark lounge
>a literal moment later I hear a huge crashing sound from within their condo (we share a wall and I could hear it through the wall too)
>for a few stupid seconds I can't put what I saw and heard together
>as the hours I pass I begin to realize that what flashed across their yard passed straight into the lounge and rekt something in there on its way through towards the front door
inb4 the next day they said their TV was kill and blamed it on you
we don't talk, otherwise I would have asked them about it. they don't like me too much for one reason and another.

but it sounded like a vase fell to the floor or some knickknack from a shelf fell to the floor, something along those lines.
told this before but still unerves me

>walking home half asleep pushing a stroller with my daughter
>walk past the stoner mini mall, tats and headshops. Tat shop has a lit waiting area, see it full, whole place is lit up a pale neon red

>look down to check on daughter but keep walking

>look up and i'm at the start of the street i just past..this time the entire area is dark and close

It was mins inbetween...I somehow time traveled back or forward, no way every thing closes that fast and no cars are there
The set is this, my shower is at the back of the house. New deck just on the other side of the wall with door leading to sun room.
>Taking a shower and hear noise on ourside.
>Sounds like someone is moving around the chairs or table.
> Think it's someone in my family, which is strange cause everyone should be at church.
>After shower, no one around and I couldn't tell if anything was touched.
I got spooked later when I asked my dad what he doing out on the deck, and he said that no one was home but me.
Got one about how I saw my father a few days after he died
>Be me 15 at the time
>Not handling the situation well
>Been having nightmares about it all, his death didn't really feel all that real at the time
>Wake up 4 days after his death
>Wander into bathroom to brush teeth and see my father standing there shaving
>Say good morning, he doesn't reply and just stands there shaving
>I don't know if I was just super tired or what but I stand there for 2 fucking minutes brushing my teeth next to my dead father
>Leave the bathroom to go back to my room but immediately freeze when I leave as I realise what the just happened
>Re-open door to see nothing where he was literally just standing
>Break down and cry for fucking hours, didn't get a good nights sleep either until we later moved house next year since I just felt this sad atmosphere in the house since his death

I still don't fully understand what happened that morning, definitely wasn't a dream since my mother remembers how I reacted to it all and I wasn't taking any drugs or anything that might have caused hallucinations or influenced my mind, I explained what I saw to a psychiatrist and they just put it down to me being young at the time and that a loved ones first death always has psychological side effects on you but I really think something else was involved or perhaps my father wanted to communicate with me or something.
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this happened to me when i was 6

>be me
>be massive momma's boy
>mom goes out to hang with friends
>have house all to myself
>play n64 for a while
>watch tv
>watch more tv
>adult swim comes on
>watch a bit of adult swim
>look at time
>never been up this late
>my mother's never been gone this long
>she would always be there to tuck me in
>start freaking out
>start to cry for my mother
>my mother out of fucking nowhere comes out of the fucking basement and asks what's wrong
>hug her
>she puts me to bed
>the next day i realize what had happened

still freaks me out to this day
She got home and went downstairs without you knowing. She assumed you'd just gone to bed.
[spoiler]You must be 18 to post here.[/spoiler]
no the only entrance to the house was though the front door

and the door makes a shitload of noise i would have noticed
Evidence pro hologram reality theory?

>Be me
>At university
>Alone in dorm room
>watch battle royale
>Japanese version with subs so no english
>Headphones on
>door shut and auto locks
>Half way through movie
>Need to piss
>Pause movie and go to bathroom
>door close and auto lock behind me
>start pissing
>random guy I have never seen before picks the urinal next to mine
>think he is fucking weird since there are other spots open
>Asks me if I am enjoying Battle Royale
>Tell him yeah its great and make some more small talk
>tells me he will see me around soon
>get back to room
>grab headphones
>suddenly hits me that there is no way that he could know what I am watching
>freak out
>check to see if there is sound leaking like crazy from the headphones
>knock on my neighbors door asking if they heard the movie playing
>pack up my shit and go over to my friend's room.
>stay there for the night and had the front office change my locks

I still don't know what happened that day and I try not to think about it
too many drugs
>be 7 years old
>share bedroom with younger brother cause we poorfags with single mother
>bunkbed, I'm on top bunk
>wake up in the middle of the night
>see door cracked open with the eyeline of somebody barely visible
>retarded kid me thinks "must be my mom" staring me down in the middle of the night in a pitch black hall outside my room
>star telling my "mom" about my day and shit that was bothering me
>thing remains silent never blinking or saying anything
>finish talking and say, "imma go to bed now, night mom"
>ask her why she was outside my room in the middle of the night the next day
>she wasn't, obviously
>she's also like a midget so there's no way she was as tall as the doorframe

I was probably just imaging things but it's not the only spooky story I have of that apartment. I got a bunch if anyone's interested.
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>>17272217 I've had similar at my dads apartment
>Saw him walk into the closet with little bro
>Walk over to see what they're doing
>No ones in there
>Taking down coats and shit thinking they're hiding
>Dad walks over asking what the fuck I'm doing

Weird fucking apartment, always had nightmares in there
This is actually a common and well studied phenomenon that occurs at night. Has something to do with peripheral vision messing up
>I was out on my parents front porch having a cig.
>a streetlamp on my far left cast light down the hill and through our front yard so I could see out a little ways.
>Up ahead about 20, 25 feet was the garage.
>suddenly a pale creature trots from the shadows behind the garage.
> I believed it to be a dog, but whos? And it was BIG.
>as it trots closer realize it's not a dog.
>runs on third knuckles of long fingers
>bald human head with human ears, human shoulders, and human legs.
>a naked, pale bald human trotting like a dog
>at 2:30 a.m. out in rural suburbs on a 30-something degree night
>blinked several times but it never disappeared, trotting to me unagressively
I went in the house, and don't want to say I was creeped but I did grab a ball bat and watch the door and window for a bit. I still think about it when I go over there and stay til dark.
you fell asleep before she got home and then woke up later without realizing it
Damn bro, I couldn't help but get really bummed out by this because it brought back a ton of memories. My dad died right in the other room when I was 13 and I remember going through the same shit you did. Sadly I never saw him, I would give anything to see him again even as a ghost for a couple of minutes. It's been years and I still miss him.
Spill it my man I have time and I'm looking for spooks.

glad you didn't kill a baby with a baseball bat, anon.
he obviously hacked you, dumbass
I get this a lot on my way home from work.
I get really stressed and tired, so on my way home on the bus I have hallucinations. I'll be semi-asleep, but I'll hallucinate that I'm switching songs on my phone, feeling my fingers switch through the unlock sequence. Or I'll watch someone on the other side of the bus as they read a book. Or I'll watch the familiar landscape as I go past. Then I'll stop at my stop and walk home.
Then I wake up, near the START of my 40 min bus ride.
>it was BIG
>lol must've been a baby
Wish i was on drugs at that time, it would give me some explanation
Sorry bro, shit must be hard
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Never realised how often this happens to me until not so long ago
>leaving gym
>walk under light bulb
>it explodes
>get freaked out for a second then walk away

>walking past the porch of a bar
>the light bulb explodes just as i pass it
>people confused looking around

>go to basement
>turn lights on
>no more jam left
>light bulb explodes
i think i was around 16 at the time
>parents on vacation, house to myself for a week
>about 3 days in
>at night chilling upstairs and playing vidya
>about midnight
>hear sound downstairs
>paranoid me has 2 bats in the room i am in and every night do my rounds around the house to make sure it's secure
>start getting more paranoid as the lights are off downstairs and the switches are near the kitchen which is far away from the staircase
>go down with bat, pitch black
>run to the nearest switch, turn it on
>realize the back door is unlocked
>no reason it should be unlocked because i don't go out there almost at all
>start panicking and lock it, check every part of the house for an hour

cont. with the next day
>next day, stay up all night
>go to take the morning shit
>in the upstairs bathroom, door closed
>bathroom conjoined w the room i was in, both bathroom door and bedroom door closed
>while shittin, hear noise in the bedroom
>almost sounds like something shuffling around or the moving of something, like the door
>didn't think anything of it, but when i went out the door was ajar
>start panicking again, grab the bat and on the verge of tears from fear
>check all the rooms upstairs, clear
>now have to check downstairs
>have a little balcony so you'd be able to see part of the first floor and it's open so if you make a sound from there, it will be heard throughout the whole house
>yell some warning out of fear, shaking and don't know what to do
>go downstairs
>back door is unlocked again, don't remember if it was open or not
>start crying and call the police
>police come, deduce it to paranoia and tell me it's ok
>wrote a note and stuck it on the door because i didn't know what to do

found the note recently, if anyone is interested i can post
>>Being 7 yrs old, only living with mother in two bedroom duplex.
>>Mom, single always working hard and sleeps like a rock.
>>I always sleep in the living room even though I have a bedroom, sometimes loved watching tv later than I should then gonto sleep.
>>Mom never bothers/tucks me to bed in room.
>>One night , I do my routine then go to sleep.
>>I wake up in the morning and find myself wrapped in the blanket in such a way that im pocketed the thing on the floor.
>>I peer out to discover I'm bewteen the doorframe of my room from the hallway to the open door of closet.
>>From the looks of how I was tucked in the blanket and the spread of it,appeared as If someone was trying to drag me into the closet.
>>Asked Mommy why she drag me into my room
>>The look on her face when..
>im pocketed the thing on the floor.
> was about 17-18
> still live with parents
> suburbs
> get home drunk as fuck
> immediately pass out on bed
> wake up at 4-5 am
> want to go to bathroom
> hear noise coming out of kitchen
> someone is eating something from the fridge
> sounds like an animal
> the lights were off and it doesn't sound human
> think it's my dad or brother or something
> too wasted and tired too care
> proceed to toilet
> piss
> go back to bed
> wake up at like 7am, nobody is awake yet
> sun is out
> really thirsty
> on the way to the kitchen i see that the front door is not locked
> it's half-closed, anyone could've walked in
> shit must have left the fucking door open last night
> go to kitchen it's a fucking mess
> nope the fuck out

so yeah a hobo or a demon raided my fridge. wasn't an animal because whatever it was actually opened the milk like a person instead of ripping the carton to shreds. told my parents that it was me, drunk. got in a lot of trouble but better than them finding out what really happened.
I remember seeing a black truck and a black car next to each other in a double turning lane (I was on the opposite side of the street waiting at the red light). I saw both vehicles turning at the same time. Once they've fully turned to the next street I couldn't see the car at all. I tried to look a few times to see if the black car sped up but I saw nothing. It was probably just a hallucination.
I remember when i was young, still in a cot.

>it was dark so most likely nighttime
>hanging on the bars looking out at my toys
>i had a lot of stuffed toys all bunched together
>all my favorites including a stuffed camel i still can picture
>they were all glowing blue and dancing in the air, seriously a blue glow around each of them and they were jigging like being pulled by strings
>i remember i wasn't scared or anything pretty happy
>i am positive i wasn't asleep when it happened

i just tell myself a loving spirit was making me happy to give my mum a break from having to wake up again
>be 15
>housesitting my nans house with dad and brother
>dads at work
>me and my brother used binoculars in my nans bedroom as her garden looked out on a golf course
>Later in the day
>decide to go to the top of the garden as its huge
>look up at window
>see someone
>think its my brother spying on me so I do some metal gear solid stealth shit down the garden
>just get in the house and hear a cough
>brother is sitting in chair as he was before
>question him about it
>promises me he didnt go up there as at this point im a nervous wreck
>we check it out
>break down in tears

To this day I stand by what I saw. Went back up there to make sure it wasn't a reflection on the window etc. It looked exactly like my granddad.
I got two spoops to tell

>be like 16
>live in the basement, wake up late
>go to the bathroom and come upstairs
>see chair at the table that no one ever sits at is pulled out
>see myself sitting in the chair
>fucking wat
>stand at the top of the stairs, other me looks over, smiles, when I blink they're gone
>assume I'm being retarded and it wasn't real
>dad looks over at me and asks what I'm doing
>you were just sitting down, anon

>be me, like 4 or some shit
>always have nightmares about mummy things coming out of my closet
>in one nightmare I'm trying to run to parents room, but it picks me up and I'm paralyzed as it rocks me back to sleep in its big lanky arms
>mom wakes me up next morning
>"honey were you sick last night?"
>"There's puke in your hair"
>ok mom
>mom is freaked out while child me doesn't give a shit and goes downstairs for breakfast
what did the note say?
post pls
> me 9 years old
> playing in the street with friends
> 22:00 hours, time to go home
> saw a tiny bright red ball floating and soft moving above the roof of my house.
> staring for a few seconds
> I got scared and runned inside.
>8 or 9
>In bed, which was in the middle of the room
>Always left a lamp turned on
>Lamp was on the floor to the side of the bed, so I could see the entire shadow of it with me on top, along with what's beneath
>Not really sleepy, just watching the shadow
>Suddenly an adult hand's shadow shows up from behind
>Of course, I saw nothing when I turned

I don't remember freaking out or anything, which is strange since I was a fucking crybaby
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jam, sylt
why's there jam in your basement senpai
>>toilet flush light shuts off door open

nigga u wat?
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I never never post, because I'm a robot; but between you and me they can't tell if I check the box. Anyways; here's my story, I may tell it again later if there's a more specific glitch relevant thread:

>Be me
>OCD as fuck with my cigarettes (they were expensive and I was commonly strapped for cash at the time)
>Always knock the cherry off the end with my calloused finger and put the unsmoked half or whatever was left back in my pack
>ALWAYS know exactly how many are there
>Playing vidya games on PC
>Only have one and a half cigs left
>"Better just do the half so I have the other for in the morning"
>Smoke the butt
>Left the ashtray outside by accident
>Don't want to wreck 1337 KDR and lose my team the game
>take last drink of my sprite and drop the butt in the empty can
>finish game and decide to have half of my one remaining cigarette
>turn pack upside down, the same butt and a single cigarette fall out
>'Maybe I'm just really tired' I think
>smoke butt
>drop in can
>shake can to ensure my sanity
>Definitely two objects rattling around inside
>*Sanity meter +7*
>Decide fuck it, I'll go to the store in the morining after playing a few more rounds and open pack again
>Theeeyyyy're baaaaaaaaack~
>This continues to happen 2 more times after this
>GF wakes up to me shaking a can in utter confusion
>try to explain that 4 of those cigarette halves I smoked randomly appeared after I smoked it, and all of them were put out at half way
>She looks at me like I'm crazy
>I feel crazy
>I go the fuck to sleep

TL;DR: My cigarette half was restored to my pack unsmoked 4 times after smoking it each time and keeping each of the butts

I sometimes still wonder if I'm crazy because of that one God damn night
You were visited by the spirit of CSM. He wants you to get cancer.
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How did I know the first reply would be about cancer?
Because it's true?

Don't be so defensive. You know it's bad for you, but you do it anyway, at least be honest with yourself.
>driving across state with girlfriend
>chatting and make a left onto rt 59
>5 min later I ask if we're going the right way
>she's also confused
>street sign says rt 83
>4 miles the opposite way from where I turned left
it was fucking weird because we've taken this route hundreds of times to get to my mom's house, there was no time lapse, and we both vividly remember me turning and when the scenery just started changing into an unrecognized area
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You're on 4chan, you know it's bad for you, but you do it anyway, at least be honest with yourself.
You met your doppelgänger so by technicality you're supposed to be dead, or so legend says. Your dad saw it too so it sounds like that's what it might have been.
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>runned inside
Me and my family moved a lot when I was a kid. I lived in many different places but remember all of them, except one. It wasn't until last year when I found out about it. Mom showed me some pictures and then, all of sudden, memories came back to me but twisted and weird.
I remember that house. It was old and pretty big with a very black road right next to it. I just know it was somewhat odd how black it was. Although I don't remember houses standing around it, I don't remember neighbours, no shops, nothing. I actually have a very strong feeling it was in the middle of nowhere, a desert more like(which is impossible, I live in Poland). I also remember a metal fence with a hole in it. I'd go through it and talk to a friend. Mom says there was a girl living next to us and we'd meet on the other side of the fence but all I remember is talking to a dead rose bush. Well, not really talking, just sitting there vis-a-vis with it, in silence, almost everyday.
There was also a man visiting me from time to time. Mom says it could be the owner of the house since he was a very nice person and we'd talk sometimes but I remember the man flying through my window at night, sitting on windowsill, telling me stories. I am also pretty sure someone died outside our house. It's all very vivid in my mind: someone hit the greenhouse's glass wall with their bare fist. Blood everywhere but nobody around. I remember standing right next to this person for hours and I'm pretty sure they were dying. Mom says nothing like that could happen since she wasn't working at the time and would watch over me every day.
There are more things I remember, like dancing trees and singing posters. I was around 9 when we lived there, never ever had mental problems, I was a smart and normal kid. It still bothers me a lot, those memories seem very real, like any others.
(the house was similar to pic related but I'm too lazy to look for the photos and scan them)

in the end did you have 2 clips in your hand or is the 1st one never found?
i had this alot when i was a kid.
from moving shades behind the curtains to a face shaped form across my room looking at me..

beeing kid scared me a lot.
will in a bit, have some shit to do
go on.

has a decent discussions about it but I actually read a scientific paper on it that was presented much better than this.
sorry for your loss.
>be 13 or something years old
>mother is an alcoholic, so she is always out parting
>live in a flat
>I have problems to sleep, I just sleep when mother comes home and all the shit conversation is over with her
>trying to sleep
>I hear the sound of opening the main doors
>hear that someone is in the kitchen
>I am in another room, doors with a glass window
>can see that light turned on
>hear that someone opened the shelf where we put knifes and spoons
>some sounds from the spoons and knife
>light turns off
>no sound of leaving the flat
>w8 few minutes and get up to check the situation
>nobody is in the flat

This was really strange.
When my mother came home she always wanted to speak with me and I had to comfort her to sleep, but this time I don't know what or who where in my flat.
The main doors made really loud noise when it was opening, but when there where no sound of leaving.
My mother came home in the morning, I asked her if she came home late night: she didn't
sorry, bad english
It's not bad, don't worry.
i always keep jam in my basement because it's home made.
why was u getting shit from ur parents better than telling them someone broke into ur house
I once had a moment like that, happened when I was like 6 and saw my sister fucking her boyfriend
Not paranormal but my only real experience of delayed reaction as i usually just don't react
>depressions kicking in making me want to die
>know if i just ride through like usual i'll be fine
>recent friend wants to take me camping
>never knew anyone that did outdoors shit and i have this crippling fear of being alone cause reasons but love being outdoors
>take him up immediately
>figure if anything it'll clear my head
>head up north
>friend has this place he goes on the usual
>just some clearing on the border thats been kept clear from near weekly use
>days trek from town but easy going since america and canada clear this swath of trees on the border for patrols and we just walk that mostly
>around mid day some bear just wonders out of the woods
>both of us freeze
>friend tells me to just back up slowly and don't look it in the eyes
>too late on that last bit
>bears already charging
>friends gone
>depressions telling me fuck it i die i die
>not going out cowering
>run at bear screaming and figure i can get at least one ineffectual punch in
>bear actually fucks off quick
>as bear runs off can see a cub down the lane 200ish feet off
>between my friend actually turning and running, me challenging it with eye contact, and it being a mother with a cub i'm not actually sure how i'm alive
>friends back and cheering thinking i'm a badass
>doesn't want this to mar my firs trip with him and put me off a hopefully burgeoning love for camping so we continue
>get to camp some time later with actual light out so thats good time especially with the earlier delay
>get a fire going while he sets up the tent
>just before sun down we notice this mountain lion a ways off just staring
>friend takes a potshot in the general direction
>lion fucks off quick
>apparently thats usual all around its just curious but knows what a gun means
>get some steaks cooking on the fire and roasting smores
>friends still stoked about the bear thing
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The worst thing about reading this entire thread while sitting in the same position with your slow sort of chill mix on with headphones is when you don't want to turn around in your chair because you think some fucking demons going to scream in your face.
>actually pissed off and smoldering inside
>that could have been it
>my one chance to go out like a man
>it wouldn't be me inevitably sucking a shotgun barrel but me dying fighting a bear
>around 8ish is when we notice the eyes
>low to the ground and glowing
>shine our light over and its a mountain lion
>circles the camp a bit and decides to just sit outside the fire light across from me
>friend freaking out and shoots a few times
>lion fucks off again
>friends scared shitless and i'm still broody
>eat our steaks quick throw our shit over a tree branch for the night
>friend calls it a night
>tell him i want to stay up and watch the aurora
>can't see it in the city so its a real treat
>hands me the gun and says if the cat comes back i should get into the tent after i shoot a few times
>sit back making smores watching the light show
>can't say how long till i heard the shuffling behind me
>lions just on the edge of the firelight i wasn't feeding
>maybe 20ft
>still smoldering and depressed
>rather than shoot and get back into tent think to myself this is a second chance
>remember thinking god actually exists and is being merciful for once
>just pull my knife out and stand up
>watching it watching me
>figure it will be quick when the fire dies
>stand there for maybe 20 minutes
>fires embers now
>can still see the eyes but its not moving
>sunlight from behind me
>stand there for 10 more minute
>cat starts backing away
>not again
>actually chase after it and trip
>get up and its gone
>sit there for a few minutes
>go to tent and sleep
>friend wakes me up
>wants to call the trip things aren't going well
>pack up and head out
>get back home after agreeing to camping next week in a different spot
>just take off clothes and get in bed
>lay there for a second
>shakes all over my body
>cry myself to sleep eventually
Thats the day i learned i didn't actually want to die.
"Pocketed *in* the thing (blanket) on the floor."
The blanket was in a twist, which held me in like a sack/pocket.

**Smartphone auto-edits.
>be me 3 months ago
was 2.30 am couldn't sleep . went to get a drink saw a light outside.
walked outside saw what looked like a horse walk towards me
passout wake up
walk home mothers car was at the house. open the door. she runs and hugs me telling me where was i.
apparently i was gone for 2 days
from what i remember of the horse like creature it was purple ish but that might have been just the dark
Cat barks... Its not a dog
I've done this
>hanging out with friends next town over
>taking two grils home
>one is my friends gf, the other is her qt friend I'm trying to hook up with
>turn east on a road to go to taco bell
>towards home is west
>oh shit, its 3:30 in the morning, taco bell is closed
>turn around
>familiar at first
>becomes really rural and unfamiliar
>grils starting to get worried
>say "it's fine, I'll come across a street I'm familiar with and get my bearings"
>seriously freaking out on the inside because I've been terrified of being lost, stranded, etc on the road since I was a small child
>never turned, end up on entrance ramp of a state route that is at least 10 miles south east of town we were in
>"oh now I know where we are"
>NOPE the fuck back home
>didn't even try to make move on qt cause I'm still rattled
>to this day actively avoid road I was on to begin with
>put the unsmoked half or whatever was left back in my pack
this is the worst, it smells the worst tastes the worst, it even lights the worst. This is coming from a smoker, buy the shorts; you dingus. It even sounds like you smoked them close enough together, chronologically, to justify just smoking a cigarette in it's entirety. the fuck are you doing with your life?
>taco bell is closed
How? Half their business should be late night stoners who are willing to buy $40 of taco's for munchies.
The one nearest to me is 24 hrs but the one in the next town closes at 3 A.M. no idea why
>Has something to do with peripheral vision messing up
happened to me once a long time ago
It's because I used to smoke cigars and am used to holding and puffing occasionally, now since I smoke filtered tobacco I light it, take 8 or 9 drags and put it out. Usually the american spirit greens, since they're cheap here and last me about 3 days a pack. I know it seems silly, but if I actually do it like this I feel sated, save money, don't increase in speed over time and smoke way less than I did previously. I also tried vaping, but my nicotine intake was so ridiculous and I never actually felt satisfied at all. I'm glad it works for other people though.
Do you have rolling tobacco in your country? I'm Australian and ciggies are expensive as fuck due to tax, so I get a 25g pouch and it lasts me 5-8 days. You can roll them as small or as big as you want, so it sounds like it'd suit you.
Brains wonky literally all the time. Our senses are too. The brain does its best though by filling in shit the best it can with what it can. Namely the eyes due to that blindspot we have and the fact our vision actually is better on the periphery than the center. The brain is also trying to protect itself 24/7. That whole face on the moon or seeing faces in random objects like the moon or clouds? Its
So you can see the thing that MIGHT be there and act accordingly rather than not see what is there and die. Combine these 2 and you get this phenomenon. Corner of the Eye Phenomenon. It actually happens all the time but you either don't even register it or it happens in the dark or when theres excess movement elsewhere so your focus is elsewhere. Maybe you're sitting in your room and all your brain sees is a screen. No activity elsewhere. Thats not natural. Whats natural is movement so SOMETHING is WRONG. seriously, why aren't you reacting to this? Somethings up your surroundings are TOO still, WHY AREN'T YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS YOU'LL DIE!!!!
I know! Something you see everyday thats easy enough for me to make! THERE! Did you see that? Yeah, you did! Alright now get back to being aware and surviving.
Best way to experience or even notice this is lose some sleep. You'll eventually hallucinate a bit about little movements on your periphery or shadows or things looking a little off its your brain helping you live longer by saying theres danger all around you, best to find a nice safe place and sleep before the boogeymen take advantage and kill ya.
Its an adaption from when we were just monkeys walking on the ground and a tiger in the brush that you didn't see is what kills ya.
A very nice story. You're very lucky that those animals behaved the way that they did, particularly the bear with the cub.
>Be 12
>hanging out downstairs
>sis and her boyfriend at the time come in
>he shows me his butterfly knife
>teaches Me a trick on it
>continue practicing as they go upstairs
>realize a few minutes later that he gave Me the knife so I wouldn't go upstairs and interrupt them having sex
>then immediately realize I don't care because holy shit butterfly knives are cool

Still think they're cool as all hell

Fuck you.
Its funny you mention this because I can be super focused on something on the computer and no matter what, I can catch a fly or some sort of bug if there is one in my damn room. Amazes me everytime that I am able to spot the tiniest spider when I am no even looking for it
>Half asleep
>he should be at work
>break off the tab that lets you clip pen to a shirt
>it vanishes straight through their back wall and into their dark lounge
>look up and i'm at the start of the street i just past..this time the entire area is dark and close
>After shower, no one around and I couldn't tell if anything was touched.
>Wander into bathroom to brush teeth and see my father standing there shaving
>watch tv
>door shut and auto locks
>thing remains silent never blinking or saying anything
>Dad walks over asking what the fuck I'm doing
>a naked, pale bald human trotting like a dog
>no more jam left
>no reason it should be unlocked because i don't go out there almost at all
>have a little balcony so you'd be able to see part of the first floor and it's open so if you make a sound from there, it will be heard throughout the whole house
>The look on her face when..
> too wasted and tired too care
>i am positive i wasn't asleep when it happened
>we check it out
>always have nightmares about mummy things coming out of my closet
> I got scared and runned inside.
>Of course, I saw nothing when I turned
>smoke butt
>4 miles the opposite way from where I turned left
>nobody is in the flat
>bears already charging
>sit back making smores watching the light show
>cry myself to sleep eventually
>to this day actively avoid road I was on to begin with
>then immediately realize I don't care because holy shit butterfly knives are cool
too spooky
Never change, /x/.
fucking yes cunt hahaha
Because knowing someone broke in shatters your sense of security, I'm guessing.
people break into my house every night, they never take anything but I hear them, close the door our knock over something. who knows.
for 2 years after his death, grandpa repeated the same actions

>come home from work
>open and close dish washer
>walk to the bathroom and flush
>turn off light
Can you ask your parents where the house was? Might be near some kind of old concentration camp or some shit. Poles, as well as jews, were viped out by both nazis and russians,
Lmao that picture is perfect, but anyway.

I was a massive momma's girl too, and one time she left to hang out as well. I fell sleep crying for her as a little kid and had a dream straight away that was like a few seconds long of her walking down the street with shopping bags in her hands, smiling, saying something like "it's okay sweetie, I'll be home soon.' and BAM, I wake up, it's morning, she's home.
When my dad dies I'll be devastated. Fucking love my old man.
yeah I love mine too.
Sometimes sniping at you but isn't good at his job
Because if youre an alcoholic allowing burglars into the home...

Maybe they throw him out
Sorry, it must have been a lie then.
A great big lie that lumbers towards you.
>be in my own room, trying to fall asleep
>hear someone talking and kinda moving around
>its probably just dad
>hear heavy stuff being dragged and thrown around a bit loud, cant fall asleep
>go to check out wtf he's doing
>get to his room
>he's sleeping
couldn't sleep all night because of this, 2spookd

also when i was a kid
>home alone
>be on computer
>suddenly hear someone yell something so loud in my ear it started to hurt
>turn around, nothing

this happened once too
>be in bed, sleeping
>hear a girl screaming
>brush it off as i'm living in a flat, must be my brother playing games or the neighbours
>realize it's 1 am and everyone's asleep
>kinda spooky so focus on hearing it again
>the screaming stops

shit like this happens all the time. tho here used to live a man who shot himself in the basement when i was about 7, idk if that has anything to do with stuff i experienced. as said, could be just neighbours and im paranoid at times...
The Taco Bell in my town closes at 10:30. They make all their money from the senior buffet with the adjoined KFC and the owner hates stoners and young people in general.
>adult swim

Go do your homework, you little shit.
He's hamstringing himself. The late stoner and drunk driving and co. Will easily make you 3 times the average day to day.
He could be 20 for all you know.
6 year olds didn't watch adult swim when it started. Reruns of home movies and space ghost coast to coast can't keep the attention of most adults.
Great. Now i miss home movies.
File: 2_creature_med.jpg (137 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bumping with spoopy game cam
Where do you work? You might have a static charge that's interacting with the filament
damn i would sit in a tree for nights trying to gat that thing
>>be me smoking joint with friends in living room
>>friend 1 drops the joint on the ground
>>we all look for it for a solid 10 minutes
>>find joint 5 minutes later in the sink's drain in the kitchen.

>>teleportation at work
Pretty sure one of you just forgot what you were looking for found a joint went "OOH SHINY" then realised "fire bad!" So he put it in the sink where water exists.
This, the whole story reminded mage of the boy in striped pajamas
Long one, bear with me
>get into electronics as a kid
>as a teen start collecting tons of cool old stuff from scrapyards
>military and space stuff sometimes
>get some old processors, Intel 4004 among them
>want to make homebrew computer for shits and grins
>basically try and make use of all old parts I can, just because it's cool
>have some of the aerospace stuff, really odd chips on a lot of it
>figure out that some of them are mil versions of common processors and logic
>try and use them by bitbanging them with basic stamp micros
>get a few of them to work
>add to homebrew computer
>figure out how to dump eeproms from some of the boards
>looking at the images in a debugger
>find references to Saturn planetary operations, identify friend/foe, stuff that sounds military in nature but space based
>figure it's just space probe communicatons stuff, don't really know what probes we have ever sent out there at that point so don't really think much of it

Only later did I realize, the hardware I was messing with at the time was really old. I remember seeing date codes on a bunch of it, mid 1960's, pre moon landing. Also, conveniently, all my shit was stolen from the shed I worked in shortly after dumping the eeproms. Funny thing is, I live in a really rural place, and my shed was way back on about 8 acres of land, so someone would have had to know it was there. I figured it was meth heads or something stealing it for drug money. At the time (90's) people had started to steal copper wire and pipe. I often wonder just what the hell I got my hands on, and who exactly took it.
>smoking a joint

When I was a kid I was playing with my sister anc cousin in a room with the window open at night. Not sure what we were doing but I was across the room and was looking out the window and saw something move really fast past it - something that kinda resembled a creature of melted flesh but it would've had to have been 8-10 feet tall to be as tall as I saw it. After a few seconds I screamed and ran out of the room with the other two following me but I'm not sure if they just panicked because I did or if they saw something. Apparently I saw it again as my guardian said I told her I saw the creature again during the long drive from her relative's house to her own (10-20 minutes driving on a long road surrounded by nothing)

Pretty spoopy and it kinda creeps me out that I experienced something like that but I rarely think about it.

I used to watch those shows when I was I was 7ish. I loved home movies - no idea what space ghost was about but I liked the characters.
This actually happened to me last night, and the only other similar occurrence I can think of happened when I was in 2nd grade (25 now):

>dead asleep
>wake up to feeling like my face hit the pillow really fast
>don't know if I lifted it myself in my sleep and it fell or what
I also have a 3 yo that sleeps in bed with my wife and I sometimes that may have just kicked my head, but I don't think he was at the right angle or height, but I didn't really look.

2nd grade instance:
>wake up because I got smacked in the face
>was thinking I had fallen asleep in class
>was in bed, could feel the smack on my cheek
>come home after being outside all day
>family doesn't see me either leaving or entering
>asks what was I doing in my room that was so noisy
>brother comes and sits behind me in the living room while I'm using the computer
>he's still there after a few minutes
>i talk to him, he doesn't replies
>look back, he isn't there
>he wasn't home either
>have been inside all day, not in my room
>go into my bedroom
>curtain's fallen and a can full of marbles in the floor with its content spilled over the room
>no one ever enters my room except me, didn't hear a noise

I also remember one spooped me out so much I can't remember it right now
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used to work at the supermarket as a butcher. what's the filament ? :DD
I don't believe in any other conspiracy theory, specially the retarded "chemtrails" one
>no one ever came out...
So you posted this from your bathroom?
My current home is kinda haunted.When I was young my dad used to tell me some stories about hearing people steps going upstairs or strange shadows.

Didn't believe it,then one day I was playing hide & seek at our cafe,went under the pinball in the room where we had some coin up games,pinball starts to talk and tells me to get out and why I was hiding there.

Years later different pinball,me and four other people playing with All Points Bulletin coin up,pinball starts to talk and mock the car sounds,pinball was the Bone Buster one,he only talked in english for sure better than me but at that time it was mocking the car sounds in italian.After it stopped we laughed,but when I tried to turn it off the switch beneath it was already in the off position,I froze on place,other people noticed that something was wrong as the skull was looking straight to me,dad busted in and that thing shut itself off.

No more pinball in the arcade room,ever.

Grandma died 9 months ago,she usually listed to the radio or left tv on while at sleep.Her floor is now empty,everynight I can still hear her talking to someone or a radio and a tv playing,one hour or so ago it happened again,I went down to second floor knocked two times,said coming in and then sounds and voice stopped,went in and in her room i could smell her perfume,sleep well grandma I have goose bumps everywhere so going to bed now,say hi to gramps and uncles for me

What the fuck are you trying to say here, you fucking spastic.
I've done this so many times. I also normally say the reason I'm turning around and walking away out loud too like "oh shit i forget the keys to the oven" *speedwalks away*
Sounds like bull shit
>be me
>reading creepypasta ritual
>raven man ritual
>into creepy pastas
>read the ritual to 'spawn him'
>mom in room
>mom leaves room
>few minutes later I hear a loud bang in the bathroom Behind me
>feel extreme heat
>feel instincts like my body is forcing me to run
>scream and run into living room
>mom asks what happened
>I said I heard something in my bathroom
>looks In my room sees computer
>she asks me why there is a guy sitting in a circle with cameras around him
>tell her I was listening to a horror story
>go back to sleep
>have dream of raven
>wake up and I see my self punching the air

I don't know what happened that day.
This happened like 9 months ago.

>In my house late at night, heading to bed.
>Share room with two brothers, we are not poor but place is a little crowded
>Lights are shut so I assume at least one of them is there sleeping
>Carefully, make my way into my bed trough the dark
Now just to let you know it takes me a lot of time to actually fall asleep.
>Hear heavy breathing, sorta like snoring
>Think nothing of it, must be one of them
>Few minutes later, brother A comes in and do his usual pre-sleep routine, then goes to his bed
>Even later, Second brother get in and turn the lights on (asshole)
>Scan room, nobody else is here.
>Fuck nope
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This thread is pretty good considering what /x/ has been for the past few months. I swear sometimes we need a board just for different types of spooky stories.
Only one I can really remember, though I'm sure I have other stories.
>be maybe 8 or 9
>outside playing football with neighborhood kids
>best friend Kenneth asks if I want to come stay at his house
>"fuck yes, let me ask my mom "
>literally run in the house, see mom in the kitchen/dining room
>she's hacking at something with one of those electric slicer things
>it's my grandma's sister slumped over on the dining room table, mom's cutting off her arm at the elbow
>stop dead in my tracks
>let out an audible gasp and "ohhhh" sound, almost pass out
>mom looks at me confused "what's wrong?"
>look back down, she's slicing a ham
>"ummm... I don't know. Can I stay with Kenneth? "
It didn't set in until later that she wasn't even cutting ham. There wasn't any in the house after that. And grandma's sister lived another 10 or more years after that. it's like neither one of those events really happened, the ham or the body. I told mom about it several years later and she doesn't even remember the incident. I have no idea what "really" happened but I know what i saw
File: 1445611419268.jpg (20 KB, 505x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what's weird is, I am pretty sure the delayed terror thing has happened to me before, but I can't remember anything at all about it. I remember something happened, but I can't remember what the fuck it was.
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I know you said you weren't scared but it still made me think of that scene in akira with the stuffed animals
>being schizophrenic
>making a god in your image so you feel better about your shit life
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This one happened maybe 2 or 3 years back.
>take my two nephews camping in a little cabin near Lake Livingston in Texas
Cue child molestation jokes. The kids worship the ground I walk on and they're both fun to hang out with so I'd take them to do shit like camping and whatnot. Anyway.
>take them for a little 3 day, 3 night camp out
>the cabin had a ladder to an upstairs section
>basically a 6'x8' platform where the kids would sleep while I passed out on the first floor
>after the third day the younger one (8) became extremely homesick and wanted to go home
>the older one (10) decided to go home too because "camping was scary"
>decide, fuck it, drive them home, but head back to the camp before night because I paid for 3 nights and goddamnit I'm gonna use them
>get back to the camp at around 6 p.m., fish for a few hours, bonfire, bbq, fap, then fall asleep at 3-ish
>wake up at 5 a.m. to the sound of stomping upstairs
>wake up half retarded and yell "[Nephews' names], SHUT UP, GO TO SLEEP!"
>hear kids chuckling
>then a flashlight clicked on and shined through the gaps in the 2nd floor, shining right onto my face
>still groggy and half asleep, I yell some threat like "I'm gonna come up there" or something like that
>pull my blanket over my head and fall asleep again
>wake up at 8 a.m., start walking to the ladder to go get the boys up and start packing
>then I stop
>and I realize I dropped them off at home yesterday
>cogs start turning in my head and I remember what happened earlier that morning
After that I packed up my truck, and by "packed" I mean "threw shit at my truck hoping it made it in", and burnt off.
Creepy story, bro.
it's called a dream anon. jesus fuck this has to be the most retarded board on all of 4chan
It wasn't a dream. At some point when I woke up I searched around for something to throw up to their floor, eventually decided on throwing my phone (fucking brilliant move, by the way, I definitely recommend it) and when I woke up a few hours later my phone was across the room with a few extra chips on it.

Believe my story, don't believe it, it's up to you, but is it really worth it to get so mad over spoopy stories? Don't be such a wet blanket, anon.
OMG I have one story!
>Wake up at 3:30 AM
>Sit in my bed and I see my sister standing in the bed, with my blankets around her feet to her waist.
>Cant explain how I saw her, because the room was pitch dark, cant even see my own hand.
>I call her name, multiple times but no answer.
>Suddenly, she looks at me
>Head moving in like a slow motion skipped frame movie (like a Wallace and Gromit movie)
>Notice her hair is actually blonde, and have blue eyes (My sister has black hair and brown hair)
>She looks at me with a look that I will never forget, like the face of an old woman angry
>When I try to reach her, she dissapears, and my blankets fall over my bed
>I go back to sleep and not realize what happened untill afternoon, when I told my parents about it
>I told my grandmother the story, and she told me that my grandpa once saw the same girl in the same room, when they lived in the house before I was born

That´s my story (Sorry for the bad english).
My family own a house used mostly for reunions and shit like that that is dated from 1700+ something like that and some serious shit happen there, If you want I can post this stories.
>If you want I can post this stories.

/x/ always wants moar stories.
You need the otter box. If you're gonna whip your only chance of calling for help at an eldritch abomination you might as well ensure it coms out scott-free.
0\10 parenting
Seems it just as likely could have been some dumbass teenagers breaking and entering for shits and giggles.

Still, even if it was just a dream, it's definitely a delayed terror moment.
People living in rural Russia probably have stronger psychic abilities due to healthier diets and less environmental factors causing bodily harm. Your consciousnesses are probably more strongly interconnected electronically to the world.
Perhaps we perceive a reality closer to the truth when we are young and haven't been fully indoctrinated into our human culture, our collective perception of reality.
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>After my parents died months apart I inherited the house
>When you enter the front door there's a small hallway that meets the bedroom hallways
>In the front door hallway, I usually have few pairs of shoes sitting there
>My ass is sloppy so whenever I use these shoes, I just kick em off my feet in that hallway
>Every now and then I'd wake up and see my shoes perfect and I mean to a TEE perfectly placed in pairs one behind the other
>Although I should get freaked out by this, oddly enough I don't. It's just weird.

I live alone by the way
>camping with some friends
>place called restoule near algonquin
>drunk pass out in tent like a softy
>wake up at unknown time, moon is so bright its like daylight outside
>hope someone is still awake cause now i feel like drinking
>no luck end up solo taking shots by the fire i just got going
>listening to music getting drunk in broad moonlight, shits pretty cool
>notice a racoon fucking around in the garbage
>decide to hook the little guy up, bust open some cold hotdogs and stick roast them to perfection
>racoon is loving it, infinite hot dogs. ends up getting within a couple feet from me
>were just chillen
>racoon abruptly stops eating and just stares at me
>hear some shit move in the brush beside me
>look over to see more animals than ive ever seen in my entire life just staring at me
>like easily 20 forest creatures silently observing me, glowing eyes in every direction i look
>see standing creature in the midst of them, glowing eyes just looking at me
>brain doesn't register that its a person with glowing eyes standing in the middle of a bunch of fucking animals
>i yell hey or some stupid shit like that with no response
>calmly stand up then take off running to my car like ive never ran before, feet dont even feel like they're touching the ground
>lay face down in backseat to scared to look out the windows
>fall asleep at some point
>wake up to friends cracking beers and blasting music
>"haha look who decided to join us, mister falls asleep on his face"
>body doesn't remember what happened, everything feels normal. brain knows what happened though.
>tell the story later that day to the girl i was sticking my dick in at the time, she takes is sarcastically seriously like she thinks im making this shit up to impress her
>tell story to my brother when i get back, hes all "its ghosts man hahaha" fucking little shit
>il never go back to that place no matter how nice it was, and it was hella nice
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When im really super tired and laying in bed at that almost asleep stage, every now and then i swear ill hear whispers a few inches from my face. its distinct and it's not the voice in my head. freaks me out and i typically dont sleep for awhile/at all those nights.
Could had been a nahual or dogman as you americans call them. They are only allowed to steal food acording to their pact
i have something similar, sometimes right before im about to sleep i hear my name spoken loud. i cant really tell if i herd it or if it was in my head but i always feel like i herd it. when i was a kid it would scare me and i eventually convinced myself it was someone thinking about me, weird i know but it helped me get to sleep at night. still happens and im 27
The one with the bear would be believable if not for the cub. I doubt there's any chance in it running if it was protecting it's children. But oh well, if it is true, that indeed it was badass. And while I can't say for sure how I would behave under pressure, I completely understand your actions.
Did your depression get better?
sp00ky summary, m8
I've had something simmilar to the last one a couple of times. That's nothing strange. Just when you wake up you're still dreaming so you think that the sound you heared was real, while it was mearly part of your dream. I don't remember any details, but I've had this happen to me a few times, and always after waking up I kept repeating the phrase I thought I heard. I don't know why, maybe just trying to remember it.
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When I was 10 my dad died in a terrible car accident
Fast forward 6 years...
>im driving home from a friends birthday party (havent done any drugs)
>i stop at a red light and a car pulls up next to mine
>i look over at the car out of habit
>omfg the driver is my dad
>he looks over and does a little smile
>turn lane light turns green and he drives away
>im fucking frozen
>i sat there for a minute until the shithead behind me started laying on the horn
I will never forget that
Im 19 now
Did it look something like this, Anon?
he's watching out for you.
Nigger, dats fucked up
They probably think you and your tinhat collection are weird, anon.
>late at night
>not tired and watching tv sitting up side down
>stand up and open blinds saying
>''Good morning world and all who inhabit it''
>its day time and the sun is shining
Tell me more of this pact please
>be like 6 years old
>earliest memory
>parents in military and we live in a foreign country
>live on one of the higher floor of an apartment building
>never watched any tv just played with toys or went to the park for fun
>my room has glass sliding door leading to balcony
>one night I remember being out on the balcony standing in front of someone
>only remember they appeared to be wearing overalls and I couldn't see their face
>face seemed to be hidden in shadows
>feels like they told me something but I can't remember
>no memory of anything else on the balcony
>wake up in my room slumped on the floor with back against the sliding glass door
>feeling scared so I call to parents to sleep in their bed for the night
>years later I remember but think it was all just a dream
>ask mom
>she remembers that night and says I told her that I saw an alien and was scared to sleep alone in my room for days
>she always thought it was weird

I still don't know exactly how I'd classify what I saw. Even if it was just a dream it still scares me to think I'd wake up somewhere besides my bed. I know I have walking in my sleep at least twice. The other time my mom said I walked down two flights of stairs to stand in front of her before walking back up to my bed. Who knows if there have been other times.
No. Chemical depression only gets worse or stays the same. Meds never helped only made it worse or turned me into a robot.

It was a dream. More precisely, the shadow world.

You have paranoid schizophrenia. You left that door open. You imagined those sounds. You forgot to lock that door.

Like, seriously, some guy went into your house, waited there for hours and left without doing anything? That makes no fucking sense.

File: Seen-A-Dog-high.jpg (39 KB, 576x421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 576x421

>we did drugs and saw weird shit
Is this actually going to become a thing?
File: image.jpg (912 KB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>insomnia and night terrors are kicking my ass
>lost my job lost my girlfriend bout to lose my chance at continued college education
>insomnia and terrors are pretty usual to me since i was a baby but it never got in the way of life before
>start seeing a therapist at doctors orders after sleep study turns up nothing
>therapist is convinced theres some long standing trauma that not only started early but continued for a good bit
>essentially have PTSD from repressed memories trying to surface
>insomnia and night terrors are just my brain trying to cope and now its just boiling over
>have an idea it might be rape
>exploded at my teacher in kindergarten cause i swore i saw him in my room before
>made a big fuss and hush hush talks between parents and principle
>no evidence though especially since i slept in the same room with parents due to the night terrors and there was no way he could have done anything without them knowing
>therapist recommends regressive hypnosis
>takes some time cause everytime i hit this roadblock where i just start screaming and they pull me out
>never remember the sessions but transcript is just me waking up in the middle of the night standing up then screaming
>after a few sessions we get somewhere

Transcript goes like this
>wake up for some reason
>gotta stand up and get ready
Therapist:"ready for what?"
>the skeleton man
>gotta get ready
>its here
Therapist:"whats here?"
>can't say not supposed to cause its a secret
Therapist:"can you draw it?"
>i like to draw them
>used to do it all the time
therapist hands me a piece of paper i quickly scrawl out something on
therapist:"can you tell me who the skeleton man is?"
>not supposed to say, its a secret
>it says its time to go
Start screaming and therapist has to call it

>mom sees the pictures at a follow up meeting
>starts crying nonstop
>says she's seen it before
>apparently i used to draw them all the time
>says i used to LOVE drawing
spoople spoople doople spoople
>i'd draw all sorts of things
>crazy landscapes and trees and lakes
>always people in them though
>some were just one and others were tons
>usual kid stuff but i'd turn them out like a factory
>she told me to stop afterwhile cause the way i drew hands
>they were to close to nazi signs and parents asked about that i guess
>stopped drawing wholesale after that and the night terrors started
>doctors said it was just me throwing tantrums for stifling my creativity at the time
>therapist says no more hypnosis cause it seems we've hit the wall where more harm than good is happening
>therapy dies out quick after that cause we did the hypnosis in the first place cause normal therapy also hit a wall
Pic related is close to what i drew in hypno and the littler one is similar to the people i drew in kindergarten

Almost a decade later and the terror sets in.
Also ignore the star thing its an old sketchbook from art class.
Your father gave you a gift. A final good bye. Your dad really loves you and is keeping a protective eye on you from the other side. You'll be alright. Time to kick life's ass just as your dad knows you will.
>Living alone during University.
>get up to go to the toilet in the night
>door to bathroom is locked
>realise somebody else must be in there
>go back to bed
>go back to bathroom

What the fuck.
its a very common thing people do with their pen caps, even I myself am guilty. the one you found on the floor was there from someone else and had already been there for who knows how long, the one that dropped on the ground afterwards was yours. you're retarded
Same here, probably just blocked it away or wrote it off as a dream
File: White thing.png (370 KB, 1100x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
White thing.png
370 KB, 1100x900
I had this twice on the same day
>first I dropped my remote control from bed, >went to look for it only to find it next to my leg where it was

>taking shower
>dropped bar of soap off ledge thing
>look around floor for it
>look up and find it sitting on ledge

Oh that reminds me of something that actually fits this thread

>at night brushing teeth
>out of the corner of my eye see movement in window
>frosted type glass so can't make out details
>think its my reflection but idk, so to make sure I move right, to be in front window and start moving around
>white thing in window not moving
>realize this and do the stereotypical oh shit move
>whatever it is outside does the same motion, when I guess it realizes I see it
>backs off into the darkness so the light coming through window doesn't illuminate it anymore.
>realize my windows open in my room and run and close that shit
File: 1431081683078.gif (445 KB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
445 KB, 250x188
It's possible you woke up and walked there with the blanket.

Once I just woke up in my living room sitting on the couch, the light was on and the T.V. was on. I'm assuming I woke up, went in there, and then feel asleep again and just didn't remember waking up.

Or maybe there's a lonely ghost in my house who wanted to watch T.V. with me. That thought is cute as fuck.
Oh, i keep it up my ass, cuz it's store bought
*horse shit

Well that's not all.

Leaving grandma apart I have more odds things that happened at home.

I live at the fourth floor,my parents at third,both floors are connected with a flight of stairs made of wood,is virtually impossible to climb upstairs without making any noise.One day while cleaning my room I heard footsteps going up,they were not heavy and fast bust light and slow and recognized them as mom's footsteps.Door opens,it closes and then what was supposed to be my mother went in the room next to bedroom as I said I'm there cleaning if you need help tell me,noises stopped,room opened and closed down,heard footsteps going down and then they stopped at the fifth step,went to check the stairs nobody was there,went downstairs parents not at home,both doors leading outside were closed...

The a month later again,dad ffs close the door,windows up there are open and I'm painting,nothing,heard the chair on his laboratory moving.Door was closed,chair in his room was a meter away from the bench

As for now it stopped or I started to not pay attention anymore
File: messy room.jpg (2 MB, 3680x2760) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
messy room.jpg
2 MB, 3680x2760

it stopped but some months later I started to see black shadows,they were like small spiders moving very quickly with irregular paths,sometimes it was just one,then more of them on the ground around me,so many or so sneaky that sometimes I had to stop and check my surroundings cause they looked like a kitten that was about to be stepped on by me.

Went to a doctor and told him that something's wrong and those effin black things appeared from nowhere with elusive paths.Did a check,brain is fine probably your eyelashes are too long and their are playing tricks with your eyes and brain processes.

So far my brain tricks were just a spare tire mounted in a lorry that started to spin fast despite being fixed and some other half a sleep crap.So I decide to cut my eyelashes,fov improved by 2.5% even so I could still see and spot those black things around,it didn't matter were I was,they were following me.

After two months I stopped to care about them and they realized it very quickly.So they formed an human shaped shadow and it looked like the hat man shadow thing from the other thread.

I was minding my business on the pc,a shadow goes past the door,hear noises in bathroom,must be mom...turn non the light,nobody in bathroom,see shadow going inside my room,nope into my room cause I just don't care what happens to me,turn on the light,shadow becomes a field of polka dots made of spiders,laugh as it moved outside my room and I could feel his presence behind me,sit back on my desk,say to come in as I was ready and that thing ignored me and moved back past my door

For twenty days or so between 23pm and 3am shadow would just pass in front of my room and since I'm a nice person I started to wave at him and then he or she disappeared for good.

Pic related,from where I sit I can see if somebody is passing by from window's frame,as the shadow passed by in front of my bedroom I could see his shape
That was hard to read man
>walking home from store in rain
>wearing water-resistant jacket that kind of obscures peripheral vision (important)
>walk up stairs to get key to unlock dorm
>suddenly hear a sound exactly like footsteps pattering up the steps and past me very quickly
>sort of see something out of the corner of my eye but hood is in the way
>look all around and see nothing

Shit must have been a ghost or something
it's the wire inside a lightbulb that heats up a bunch and gives off light ya dingus
>be like 5 year old me
>lived in a cramped room with my older sister. We had bunkbeds
>loads of toys and other stupid crap in my room
>had a plastic Halloween mask with deformed teeth and scars. Quite creepy to a kid
>used to keep it in one of my toyboxes under my bed.
>sister was staying at a friends.
>was young and afraid of the dark
>mum would sleep on the floor next to my bed until I dozed off.
>same as always, mum is lying on the bedroom floor on a sleeping bag waiting for me to doze off.
>I fall asleep but wake up at some point later on.
>look to where my mum was lying.
>she's sitting upright, looking right at me, wearing the Halloween mask.
>get scared but think she's joking with me and ask her to take it off.
>she just stares at me and doesn't say a word.
>really scared now, start crying.
>I can no longer see my mum but the mask is still there, floating where her face was.
>jump out of bed, screaming in fear and run to my parents room.
>they are both in bed asleep.
>they ask me what's wrong and I explain. They obviously don't believe me and blame it on a nightmare.

20 years later I still remember it like it was yesterday. Now I suffer from regular episodes of sleep paralysis and I'm obsessed with the paranormal.
I know that feeling. Staying up too late and getting all paranoid and constantly checking behind you is awful.
That happened to me only I checked the basement first then out of no where literally as I walked out she came out of the basement asking where I was
>not giving them all hot dogs
>not trying to make friends with the forest spirit or whatever it was
>come home from work
>hear someone talking and kinda moving around
>we all look for it for a solid 10 minutes
>get some old processors, Intel 4004 among them
>was thinking I had fallen asleep in class
>i talk to him, he doesn't replies
>mom leaves room
>Even later, Second brother get in and turn the lights on (asshole)
>let out an audible gasp and "ohhhh" sound, almost pass out
>wake up half retarded and yell "[Nephews' names], SHUT UP, GO TO SLEEP!"
>I told my grandmother the story, and she told me that my grandpa once saw the same girl in the same room, when they lived in the house before I was born
>Although I should get freaked out by this, oddly enough I don't. It's just weird.
>racoon abruptly stops eating and just stares at me
>i sat there for a minute until the shithead behind me started laying on the horn
>its day time and the sun is shining
>feeling scared so I call to parents to sleep in their bed for the night
>never remember the sessions but transcript is just me waking up in the middle of the night standing up then screaming
>therapy dies out quick after that cause we did the hypnosis in the first place cause normal therapy also hit a wall
>realize my windows open in my room and run and close that shit
>look all around and see nothing
>really scared now, start crying.
in what state and country did this happen?
yeah, that's why i browse /x/ on phone at night.
spoopy nobes
You guys ever hear someone call your name but no one's around? Hate that shit.
>about 5-7 years old
>parents bought me a stuffed little toy from local amusement park because I begged for it
>always had it on my bed

>one night have a dream where I'm walking down the stairs
>stuffed toy is at the foot of the stairs, with its face in a corner area
>go to pick it up
>it levitates up and turns around
>eyes start glowing red
>starts speaking demonic gibberish
>wake up in cold sweats
>look around bed, it isn't there.

>after going to school decided to go downstairs and play video games
>the room is at the end of the stairs
>see the toy sitting exactly where it was in the dream
>playing games for a while
>suddenly remember the dream
>shit pants completely

I didn't have that dream anymore, but I would still find that toy in the weirdest places.
Years later, after thinking I had lost the toy, it suddenly appeared in the same spot as the dream. I threw it in the dumpster outside.
this is so sad to me, i hope you only the best
Don't know how to green text since I'm a noob. But he similar incident talked with a ghost hunter and was told it was an out of body experience
> be me 22yo soldier stationed 1100 miles away
>get call grandfather very sick working on Red Cross message to get me home
> get home but he we minutes from passing away can't get words to come out to say goodbye to someone who was no longer there
> get back to base 2 weeks after funeral.
> go right to bed
>wake up but not in barracks room but in grandparents house
> whole family there
> uncle tells me where all asleep but got called to this home
> grandfather chairs starts rocking and grandfather appears
> only me and him in there
>tells me he knows I'm struggling but he's in better place
>say I never got to tell him goodbye and give him a hug.
> replies I did that at his funeral
>says he doesn't have permission to get a hug now
> tells me he has to go
>knock on barracks door wakes me up
> best friend who I didn't recognize. No idea where I am or who I am except basics
> asks if I'm on drugs cause I have wierd look in eyes and had no idea who he wa
>shut door on friends face, walk back to bed all of a sudden feel like truck hits me all memories return including very vivid dream

the ghost hunter explained I had an out of body experience. That my grandfather brought me somewhere where I would freak out at seeing him. Gave me the closure I needed to get thru rest of my life
File: you tried .png (203 KB, 500x371) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
you tried .png
203 KB, 500x371

>what is family guy
>what is ATHF
>obsessed with the paranormal
This is redundant, you're on /x/
>Don't know how to green text since I'm a noob.
You deceitful sod!

thats awesome
>Was about 13-ish on christmas eve.
>Got sent to bed but, fuck that mom, I'm staying up.
>We had a bunk bed set up where my sisters bed and mine were against a corner, hers went along one wall (Towards the door) and mine went along the other.
>I sit up against the bed post to stay up, facing the door and reading with a sneaky little booklight.
>Booklight goes out.
>Door to bedroom swings open.
>Become momentarily retarded and forget that santa doesn't real.
>Noone comes in.
>Annoyed, go to get up and close door, figuring it was a draft.
>Can't move.
>Well fuck, I've seen xfiles, I know what this is.
>A gray stands there in the doorway, looking at me.
>Snapped out of it by sister coming down from top bunk.

Now, normally, yea, just a shitty bad dream, right? Except my sister says that she saw me there, still sitting up, with my eyes and mouth open like I was trying to scream. Which I was. No sound came out.

Worst christmas ever.
How do you green text? Do I have to make an account?
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233 KB, 1600x1200
>February 9, 2007
>go backpacking in Canyonlands Nat'l Park
>arrive at campsite in backcountry around 4pm
>zero cell phone service
>set up camp and then go explore around area for a couple hours
>get back to campsite as sun is going down
>two crows are sitting in a tree above my tent
>they seem to be watching my every move
>eat dinner and climb in to tent for the night
>about 9pm the crows start thrashing around some of my gear I left outside my tent
>open tent and they are sitting two feet away from me just watching me
>think nothing of it and go back to bed
>for the next two days the crows follow me everywhere I go and trash my campsite before I get back from hiking
>wish I had my .22 to take care of the little bastards
>hiking out to my car and the crows always stay near me
>get to my car and drive into Moab to have a beer and a bite to eat
>voicemail from two days ago on Friday night pops up
>voicemail is from 9:20pm
>it's my dad telling me to give him a call ASAP


>call him back and he tells me my grandpa (whom I was really close with) had a heart attack Friday night around 9 pm and nearly died

For the next two years my grandpas health went to complete shit. For the last month he was alive he was in terrible pain from all his organs failing one by one.

>February 9, 2009
>get call from dad telling me I need to get up to see my grandpa cause he most likely will not make it through the night
>rush up to see him, he is unconscious but still alive
>say my goodbyes and cry my eyes out
>leave and head home
>pop some melatonin and hop into bed so I can fall asleep quickly
>have a dream of my grandpa smiling at me and turning around and walks away and then a red flash
>jolt awake and lay there for a minute
>phone rings, it's mom telling me grandpa just passed away
>9 pm...
>5 days later at the graveside service I notice in a tree nearby, two black crows watching over the service

I don't know if this belongs in this thread but this experience has haunted me for the past 7 years. I always pay attention to crows everywhere I go now. I always worry that they're gonna try to tell me something.
>be about 16 yo
>moms new interest has me and my family living at his moms in the woods
>nice house, pretty big, good view of lake
>have all sorts of weird happenings while we live there.
>have an oddly vivid dream that I still remember to this day
>in dream I'm somewhere on the mountain we live on
>I stumble across this really beautiful pool of water at the mouth of a white and grey cave
>being the curious fuck I am of course I go inside to explore
>deep in the cave I can still see clearly
>the water is clear and everything is beautiful
>stumble across a girl while I'm in there
>the first thing I notice is how pale she is
>at first glance she is beautiful
>white skin, white hair
>I should also add that she's completely naked
>feel an odd sensation flow over me
>realize her skin looks dead
>she notices me and turns to look right at me
> her eyes are pitch fucking black
>intense feeling intensifies
>feel like I can't move under the hold of her eyes
>she's right up in face now
>have no choice to look straight into her eyes
>realize her eyes aren't black
> they are a deep deep red color
>the red is like a liquid, it circles around in her eyes
>I'm pulled in
>there is no possible way to explain what she did or how but she explained everything without words
>years later I try to recreate the experience in a poem
> make it really vague but end it with the most fitting name I can think of for her
> call her the girl with eyes of the scarlet grave
>read it off to a couple friends during a bbq
> after story friends tell me it's good, you should be a writer anon, ext
> one friend is starring me straight in the face
> asks me in an almost shocked tone
> you've seen her too anon?
fuck off faggot
Had no idea that's what the > did
I'm getting better, put in work, MAKE life easy to enjoy instead of grasping at reasons everyone else gets some imaginary head start every morning you bitch
File: 1377083263638.jpg (41 KB, 400x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 400x533

> Normal night browsing 4chan
> Got convoked by the council of ten
> ...
> Lots of masked people all around me
> En nomine iglesiae, populi et senati Lucius
> I Swore to speak and be silent
> ... to make and sustain
> ... to come and depart
> ... to serve and educate
> ... in whichever way this brotherhood may see fit
> ... in need as in plenty
> ... in conflict as in peace
> ... in agony as in prosperity
> ... until death comes to me or the world cease to be.
> I answered "I do" and then this guy with the horned mask gave me the sword accolade.
File: 1397619577243.jpg (25 KB, 487x651) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 487x651
>in grandmas room watching tv
>start to walk out of room to go through bathroom
>bed right next to door
>feel something pull my leg
>thinks its my grandmas little puddle
>slwoly peek under bed whistling and calling the dogs name
>nothing there
Fuck that's also the same room where I had a horrible nightmare one time that made me shake and almost cry, some guy in black was walking into the room and it felt so fucking real.
Used to hear whispers a lot when I was younger. Mostly when I was falling asleep, I remember one time hearing a cacophony of voices just whispering my name to me. Don't know why it never freaked me out, I used to fall asleep to it. I'd sometimes wake up struggling to breathe as well, which I also only just now realize was weird.
File: wtf am i reading.jpg (31 KB, 526x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
wtf am i reading.jpg
31 KB, 526x300
>assumed it was brother
>looked exactly like granddad
A glitch in the matrix gave you an infinitely renewing pack of cigarettes, AND YOU AREN'T STILL SMOKING IT TODAY!?

Bitch, go off and start vaping. You don't deserve cigarettes.
I got a filling machine, I buy tubes and "light pipe tobacco", which is really cig tobacco avoiding the taxes through a scam, and make my own. It's got the price down to $1.30 US a pack.
File: True.png (1 MB, 1500x1409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1500x1409
And today I get my first virgin.
File: fraid.gif (491 KB, 150x132) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>a few years ago
>in bedroom on laptop
>hear distinct sound of my cat jumping of something onto the floor downstairs
>minute passes
>realize that cat was put to sleep like two weeks earlier
>hide in room for a while longer like a coward
God damn you guys, started welling up at these responses, I just wish I paid more attention at the time.
Hallucinations while you're in the hypnagogic state. I have them from time to time, if I've been really stressed about something lately. They used to be constant, back when my insomnia was really awful and I was taking too-high doses of diphenhydramine to treat it.

I found that helped me dismiss them when I reminded myself that my family's/the neighbor's dogs didn't make a sound, when they would have been barking their heads off if anything was roaming around the property, and presumably if anything spoopy was happening.
>hotboxing with friend in front of public pool at midnight
>see two shadow figures walking by the pool
>friend turns car on and nopes out
>too stoned to care about what we saw
>next day we both mention that those things we're 8 feet tall w/o a defined shape
I was up reading extremely late one night - I'm talking like 3:00 AM where there are no noises outside (time of year)

The house is absolutely silent, then suddenly the doorbell rings once.

This was not some neighborhood kid shenanigans either.

Freaked me the fuck out
They say crows are really smart
Same exact thing happened to me,around same age, tall figure cloaked in shadows, couldn't move, long speech. No idea what the fuck be said
the most delayed terror thing i can think of recently was over summer while living at my moms house. I was on /b/ with multiple tabs open - porn and other stuff - and got a call saying i had to be at work in 15 minutes because a coworker had to leave for an emergency. I work in a bar and it was coming up to happy hour so I jumped up and left my house immediately.

About an hour into work I realized I left my laptop open on my bed, plugged in, and have it set to not automatically go to sleep when inactive (i use online alarm clocks that don't work sometimes when the laptop goes to sleep).
Yes, actually, I have been the past week.

I've been having these dreams for the past week, that are so real that I can remember the smells, taste and feelings from them. For example, one of the dreams was about my grandpa getting shot while in bed by my moms meth head boyfriend, and I could smell the gunpowder, the iron from the blood.. I've also have been seeing this weird light at around 1:10-1:20am everyday for 4 days now.
Anyone know what this is?
I don't know if this is anything but I was walking in the desert yesterday and I saw this coyote that was limping, so I started to follow it (I'm a dumbass). I was watching it and it went behind a Joshua Tree (I'm in Yucca Valley) and all of a sudden it was gone. I was scared shitless.
If anyone could explain this shit I would be grateful, it's been bothering me.
File: 1449157841311.jpg (42 KB, 295x295) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This one's happened to me a few months ago

>Sunday morning, get out of bed at 2pm
>stand up out of bed, start to get that black out thing where you lose your vision for a few moments and go light headed
>stumbling across the landing to the bathroom, hear someone call my name
>"anon!" It sounded like my voice but slightly urgent and scared
>completely freak out because I can barely see and lock myself in bathroom
>get showered
>exit bathroom, listening, full DEFCON 1 mode

An hour later my family comes home

>I was alone, who the fuck was calling?
kill yourself
We have a dream thread for the first one.
You should do cardio for once,your circulations is beyond fucked for a grown man.
Yeah that could've just been some kind of hallucination from being light headed. Don't think it was anything paranormal but idk. Our brains can do crazy things
>toilet flush light shuts off door open
has anyone ever been so far as to do what more like?
> who the fuck leaves a 6 year old alone at night, wtf even man.
Is it just me or did you really not show the pics? I'm curious, please show!
I was staying in a friend's aunt's empty condo while I looked for a job. It was a strange place. Two stories with a basement. I slept in the bedroom on the second floor. The first was the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The bottom floor had a room and a basement. It also had an unfinished utility closet, a small space under the stairs with a trapdoor to a dug out sub basement, and a huge empty space under the main house accessible only by a square door that was several feet off the floor.

When I moved in I joked that it would be a great place to murder someone and hide a body as there was plenty of creepy storage to be had.

It was a big empty place, I slept on a blow up mattress and didn't have any furniture. The previous tenant moved away and it had laid vacant for awhile.

Late at night, I would lay awake reading or shitposting (I could steal wifi from the neighbors), and after a few days grew accustomed to the empty loneliness of the big house.

A week or so later is when the noise started. I didn't much notice it at first, thinking that the house was settling, but it became frequent late at night and always sounded like a door closing shut. I once mustered the courage and went looking for the source, only to find nothing.

After I got back upstairs though, I heard it again and much louder, like someone slamming the door.

I didn't much sleep the rest of the night till morning.

I moved out shortly after and found a job. A friend of mine goes over and works on his car in the garage sometimes and has also heard the noise. The place gives us both the creeps. While I was there I couldn't stop thinking about those stories of someone living in your house without your knowledge.

I only lived there a month, but the dread and anxiety I had while there really crept up on me...all from a possible innocuous sound.
"were always right behind you"
I have a bunch of stories, some which I experienced myself and a lot from one of my friends who live in the country. He experiences paranormal stuff every week and oftens shares it with me. Anyways, here's mine.

>Me, 17 years old (I think, doesn't matter)
>Normally stays up late, but I decided to go to bed early today
>Parents also went to bed
>Approximately 10 PM o'clock
>Someone calls my father's phone
>Who the fuck calls this late unless it's really important?
>He gets up and answers the phone
>No answer
>I'm just lying in bed, listening
>Two hours later it happens again
>We both get up, because what the fuck?
>"I don't know, it sounds like wind... Can you check the number?"
>He's not really into that "modern technology"
>It says "Anons Mother"
>Number matches my mothers
>Mother's phone is literally right there on the table, next to my fathers.

How did my mother's phone manage to call my father, twice? And how were we not able to hear our own voice through the phone, as it was LITERALLY right next to us.
There were no outgoing calls on my mother's phone either.

Pics are in the first post here.
Not as bad as the other ones for sure ,but
>Be using shitty old labtop, 13 at the time
>Mouse always connecting and disconnecting, almost never working
>I use it for a little while and it's working perfectly, think about how weird this is
>Look down and the cord isn't plugged in and has been dangling off the side of my desk
>Mouse stops working

What the fuck ?
spoopy NSA testing
Its okay anon, you just met oleg kulik.
Shit man, when I was a kid that uses to used to happen nightly, only it was green. Used to take a man shape and keep me company so I could fall asleep. Day we moved, it flipped out and turned into something else and chased me out of the house. Never saw it again.
Yes keep telling
File: image_03.jpg (131 KB, 1275x956) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 1275x956
more strange then terrifying but i've seen the same blue subaru impreza driving around for over ten years now

pic related looks like this
Whenever I can't find something for my laptop, mouse, mousepad etc. I put everything I can find in a pile. For the past year if I'm missing something for my laptop I can walk out of the room for about five minutes and when I come back in whatever I'm missing is sitting on top of my laptop.
Wait what?...

I see one too

Gold wheels and all.

Where do you live?
rotterdam, seen that thing from the waalhaven to lombardijen
UK here
huh guess there's an international underground blue subura organisation
Your dad is a pedophile and he was jacking off on the deck.
>Get lost (hey, happens to the best of us)
>So unwilling to admit that you messed up that you blame it on the fucking supernatural
How weak of a person do you have to be to have this lack of self-awareness?
You should get your heart checked man. That should only happen if you've been sitting down and not moving for a good long while and then it should only be a half second. Your vision also shouldn't blur thats a serious serious issue get checked before you have a serious accident.
>the girl with eyes of the scarlet grave
This part, if not all of your story is made up.
You shouldn't be a writer, btw.
You literally don't know how shadows work, do you?
>be me
>7 years old
>super scared of opened doors
>constant fear of someone watching me while I sleep
>I always lock my door before bed
>one night I wake up to take a piss and I find the door unlocked
>there were no spare keys, I had the only one
>someone had been inside my room obviously
>notice that my wardrobe is opened as well
>turtle head attempting to exit my anus at this point
>I decide to scream so my dad would show up but he's a super deep sleeper
>can't sleep, can't go out of bed, can't turn the lights on
>just lay there and pray that I make it through the night
>I wake up
>it was all just a dream

shit's also related to sleep paralysis, it's the first stage when drifting into it
You literally don't know how magnets work, do you?
ओए मादरचोदो क्यो गांड़ मरा रहे हो यहा?
Your mom was out with your friends to fuck Chad

Aren't children supposed be more susceptible to paranormal experiences? As well as animals, or in the case of them being able to notice ghosts and what not.
>be me
>having a campfire in the forest, drinking some beer
>went deeper into the woods with a friend to get branches as the fire was going down
>we splitted so we could pick them up faster
>after a while I heard like someone was trying to lit a lighter, that clicking noise
>*click* *click* *click* *click*
>Thought it was my friend who wanted to smoke a cig on the way back to campfire
>He approaches me from the front without cig
>Told him about that sound, he said he heard it too
>No one but us was there. Althought it is a popular forest to have a campfire in our area. so many people go there especially in the summer
>We stand there for like 5 minutes
>*click* *click* *click* *click*
>We thought someone was playing a joke on us so we started to say things like "Come at me bro" etc
>Footsteps get louder as if someone was approaching us
>They get so loud it felt like someone was walking past us
>Clicking starts again from the direction footsteps went
>We got back to the campfire asap

My friend told me he saw a ghost somewhere around there aswell
Grifter Plox
>decide i want beans
>go to get a tin of beans
>there are no beans
>I bought beans yesterday
where are my beans demons of hell?!
I've only got really one story, from way back when I was younger and nothing since:
>super young, maybe like 9-12ish
>always had problems sleeping, would literally bounce my head on my pillow until I fell asleep and moan like a Gregorian chant until I passed out every night. Forget when that stopped but my parents always mentioned it was really weird but it helped me sleep so they didn't do anything about it.
>anyway, laying on my side one night trying to sleep like a normal person
>see a dark figure looming over me, but didn't get scared - just annoyed that I couldn't sleep
>shortly after seeing the shadowy head looking down at me, I just fall asleep and have one of the best sleeps I've ever had

Not really spoopy since nothing happened, but it was weird. Probably drugged and raped.
Yo, same here dawg. It was the best shit to fall asleep to.
He's probably got low blood pressure, for us that's normal.
I used to become unconscious when standing up out of the bed. Now I just turn blind and almost fall over.
Not that spoopy but freaked me out
>just yesterday
>phone is dead
>toss phone on couch
>eat sammich
>take out battery and hook it up to this charging thing (charger port is broken so this is the only way I can charge it)
>put the phone skeleton next to charger
>go back to living room
>phone is on the couch with the battery in it and at 34%
>I live alone

I think this is a really good theory, actually, from a "ghost investigator" type perspective.
goddamit anon I didn't come here to cry
K, I'll play.

>Ride my bike past this abandoned ass building near my school
>Find it interesting cause abandoned buildings are spoopy
>Walk up to it
>This old ass bitch with pitchblack hair comes out and stares me down
>Look her in the eyes and feel really uncomfortable
>Back out
>Bitch still standing there, expressionless
>Grab my bike and nope the fuck out
>Never saw her again in 4 years time, my town is pretty small, and the building got demolished
You guys do realise how common that car is right?
I'm assuming he was wrapped up in the blanket.

>I can't be bothered to do a basic google search before I shitpost on the Internet

You know Adult Swim first aired 14 years ago, right? The person posting that story very well may be underage, but they could also be as old as 20.
I lost my dad when I was 5 and had that same feeling of "this isnt real". Apparantly my mum said I kept telling her he came to see me at night and say goodnight, and I described his old work clothes perfectly and wasnt known for lying. Probably was just my brain trying to make up for my dad dying or some shit
I'm racking my brains to think of any spooks I had when I was little but cant remember a whole lot, though this one stuck out

>be around 10 or 11
>middle of the night wake up from a nightmare about gremlins
>the nightmare involved them jumping and sticking to my window like those car plushies with suckers on their hands
>look up at my window right above the bed
>theres a blind missing that always freaked me out because I could see outside and I was a wuss
>tapping noise on the window
>just constant tapping
>freak out and call for my mum
>runs in and assumes I'm having a nightmare
>tell her about the tapping
>it stopped and shes annoyed, checks through my blinds out of pity and theres nothing there
>she leaves and it resumes
>yell for her again
>shes sleepy and yells from her room to just tells me to try and get some rest
>tapping gets louder before theres a quick movement past the missing blind, like a big blur
>hide under the blankets and eventually pass out

It easily could have just been my mind playing tricks, or a bird or some shit being an asshole, but the movement past my window was pretty big. I only have one other one I can fully flesh out from around that time

>wake up randomly in the middle of the night
>my bed is positioned so that when I look out my door it sees straight down the hallway
>pretty long hallway with the door to the kitchen at the end, open
>silhouette on the door
>sort of human shaped, get a little spooked but remember films where its just a tree or some shit
>remember theres only one window in the moons light could be casting from, and theres no trees and its a second floor
>silhouette thing raises its "arms" and little finger like things wiggle on the end of it
>it sort of hunches its back and I freak out and close my eyes
>hear movement, like if you shuffle along carpet but very briefly
>open my eyes and the shape is gone, just a blocky shadow is there from the kitchen bench
Holy shit sorry for those typos
At least he was pretty polite about it.
Your dad was raping your brother in the closet, your mind just refused to accept it.
>was about 4
>tucked in bed
>bed positioned so i can see the slight opening in the door and the light in the corridor were my parents were up and talking
>feet are really warm
>decide to pull cover up and let my out
>something strokes my feet
>i dont have pets, door never opened for anyone to enter.
>paralysed with fear
>can literally see the light outside in the corridor and hear my parents but I don't do shit
>just pretend in never happened
>slowly put my feet back under the cover and force myself to sleep
After that, until i was about 12, I always kept my feet under the cover, no matter how hot they got.
What the fuck I didn't understand jack shit
>Otakus finally getting punished
Then who was toilet?
File: Babadook_face.png (416 KB, 1439x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> wake up from living room sofa
> shut tv and and make your way to bed
>passing sisters room open, see her sleeping in her bed
> wait a minute, my sister moved out a week ago
> go back and check the room again
> nothing
> stand in sisters room
> feel touch in my shoulders
> hands
> rapidly turn around
> nobody anywhere
> painting on the wall starts screaming
> room goes darker
> see figure on standing on the door
> slip and fall
> see some nightmarish creature looking at you under sisters old bed on the floor before passing out
> wake up in the morning, still hearing feinting scream
> also a massive headache
> go to hospital
> currently waiting results for skitsophrenia
Not spooky, but I still can't explain this.
>Be 14
>Was going through puberty so had wet dreams every now and then
>Shared a room with my 13 year old sister because poorfag
>Had a wet dream one day
>Was fucking this girl anally
>Felt way too real
>Wake up next day
>Go to take a piss, look down
>Notice my dick is completely covered with sticky brown patches
>Brown things smell like like literal shit
>Still fear I might've anally raped my sister in my sleep

Has never happened again.
> here bang in kitchen
> think nothing of it
> few hours later my dad asks me if me or my brother were in the kitchen
> I say no
> both confused
> go in kitchen
> back door is swung open, fowl smell fills room
> nothing was stolen
I was working balancing a trailer and the Jack collapsed. I was perfectly positioned, if I had been a couple inches further back I would've been crushed but I got off with a nasty bruise. I put the Jack back up and kept going, I think I might have been in shock. Later that night after I got home I realized that I came close as fuck to dying, I broke down and started bawling.
Its not paranormal but I guess it qualifies
It was a partridge
How was that a partridge?
Fowl smell
Does not explain the open door and bang
Last night I awoke at 3am with no recollection of who I really was, thought I was the number 3 or "god of three" when I looked at the clock and it was actually 3 things just got worse..
When 6am came I regained all memories.
Wasn't scared, couldn't comprehend the feeling of being scared. Just the empty thought of 3.... thinking back its extremely fucked up.
Felt like I had a fever, heavy head, delirious, hands felt like lead balloons.
I can recount a similar feeling only once and that was many years ago.

Unsure what to really take from this experience..
not paranormal but delayed response

>husband and i driving in pouring rain on the highway at night
>(I'm driving)
>go to take exit for a hotel we're staying at
>hydroplane my shitbuggy into the fucking exit sign
>sign comes straight through the windshield and stops literally an inch from our heads
>MUCH later get to hotel, realize we both almost got decapitated, i cry, we get all the glass off us
>celebrate life by fucking till morning
File: 1388695714538.png (214 KB, 393x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 393x391
>fowl smell
>Me at 16
>My sister is 16
>Poor family, we shared a bed.
>Dad died in iraq, left my mom working two jobs.
>Home alone with sister.
>She has nightmares about how my dad died.
>Spooning her so she can sleep.
>Being the raging hormonal machine I was, I pulled her pajamas down and hotdogged her buttcheeks.
>Used to do this all the time.
>Even convinced her that this was normal behavior between siblings.(I know, Im a horrible person.)
>Start rubbing it up and down.
>Cum on her back.
>Go to sleep.
>Dream was clear as fuck.
>In the desert, can see pillars of smoke through a sand storm.
>Head lights are driving in a line fashion.
>Coming towards me.
>Can't move.
>Humvee pulls up infront of me.
>I can see my dads face through the window.
>He shakes his head and the convoy continues.
>Wake up screaming and crying.
those are clearly apes
>quantum mechanics for nerds
>/x/: The Post
> sister comes into house
> walks to back room
> phone rings
> sister asking what I'm doing
> tell her to come to living room
> sister said she would be home in 5 mins
> go to back room no one there
If you're just here to be a cunt, get the fuck out and quit wasting our reply limit.
Happened a few years back, I was a junior in HS
I lived close to the school (maybe a 15 minute drive), but my Grandparents lived down the street from school, both parents worked till late in the day and I was a loser who didn't have a license, so I spent time waiting for band practice there. Band practice was from 5 to 8, I'd always walked in close to call time, could see people dropping their kids off as Im entering the room

>have a headache, don't pay attention to shit
>get to band room
>door is locked, look around
>parking lot empty
>think practice is cancelled
>Im a section leader, kinda bummed DM didnt tell me
>walk back to grandparent's house
>dad's truck in driveway
>"How was band practice, Anon?"
>tell him the door was locked
>we leave, get home

Fucking hours had passed
Nobody at practice saw me on the way there, and everyone was gone by the time I got there

For pic related, purple was the band room, shitty black line is path to walk there, red area is start/end place
Shouldn't have taken fucking 3 hours
Bishop high school
Lot of weird shit in La Puente
My dad has the same thing.
He swears that it's just like an out-of-body experience, where time runs different than our current watches, so when he's back up to his walk, he has only moved some meters while, out of his body, he runs like hell becouse everything is dark and lonely and the streets are disfigured, but remindable

you haven't traveled back in time, your mental body projected to the same street, some meters back and you took conscious half way to your home
>>Dad walks over asking what the fuck I'm doing
>>a naked, pale bald human trotting like a dog
> me, few years ago
> start to notice some things aren't that normal in my house
> don't give a fuck about it
> hear my mom speaking in front room
> talk back to her, no answers
> she hasn't come home yeat, start freaking out
> forget about it. some days later, at the pc in the mesanin, go downstairs feeling I'm being watched
> look back to pc, all windows closed, and see the base of a broken webccam besides my printer (that's litterally a pyramid, fuck, triangles ar fucking stable)
> pyramid suddenly drops to it's side, rolls twice and gets back up.
> I do fuck freak out for a couple of seconds then go downstairs. don't talk to anyone about it , we are about to travel anyway
> go upstairs once more a few hours later
> frame in the wall is put down, some way it couldn't possibly have fallen. tells my mother everything. She doesn't want me scared. Lied to me
> went travelling with parents, brother stayed home, no one told him about anything wrong in the house, we didn't want him scared.
> back at home, can't remember what the fuck happened, I was scared and wait him come home late, about 2.00 AM to talk about these stuff
> he comes tired and don't want to talk. Ask if he has seen anything wrong while we were out. He gets freaked and turns at me
> "yeah, I've noticed some light turning on or off while I get out of a room. Hearing some noises, and didn't said anything becouse I thought I was going crazy. What you've seen?"
> tells him everything
> he says "fuck" scratches his balls and go to sleep
> next day we both talk to our mother about it

continues 1/2
>on 4chan
>not shitposting
Here's another post for you
part 2/2

> She finally accepts thats she's also noticing weird stuff but thinks it's becouse she is tired when gets home
> Mom explains about how spirits manage to keep in places they are confort, and maybe it's someone lost trying to comunicate, and we should not be afraid
> Father says we have to have faith and pray if we're feeling strange
> Mom starts what I like to call her "exorcism" at the house
> Praying and throwing holly water she got from the church at every room while no one is home
> last 'room' is our garden, so anything inside wouldn't be set free and not allowed to come back
> my dog keeps chasing her at any cost, looking through her, growlin, fur up like goose bumps
> mom is affraid becouse dog is not looking at her, it's on his deffensive, taking care of her, of something she can't see
> she finishes the job, pour the rest of the water at herself. Dog feaks the fuck out
> Totally shivers, rabishing, Barks as crazy to something in the air, like there's someone invisible is trying to run away from the house
> Chases it to the wall
> barks at the wall a few times, while calm down and walk back to my mother, and lays down at her feet
> house gets back to normal.

forgot to say that I myself, My mother and my middle brother are kind of sensitive to some stuff.. I'm not that much anymore, mother and middle brother are way too much more than me, but he lived by his own at that time

have one more, happened 2 years later, just ask if you want
Man it's just bad energy to have a hallway aimed at you while you're trying to sleep
File: 1408017787762.jpg (75 KB, 800x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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pics or it didn't happen
File: cometa.jpg (829 KB, 1611x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sorry if i dont write well, im not good with english.
this happens to me like 2 or 3 months later of the dead of grandma.
> be in home, little room with one big window
> the window is open and im looking through it because some cats where making noises.
> out of nothing i see a little ball of light, like blue light.
> the ball just went from the room to outside very fast, it passed just in front of my head.
> dont feel anything about it, no fear, no peace, just like naah.
till this day no one never gimme a idea of what the ball could be.
Yeah, I had it like that when I was little so I could see activity when I was falling asleep because I got scared a lot, turned out it worked in reverse
That's the most common color combo for imprezas, i own a 2003 subaru impreza wrx sti with that same paintjob
TWIST: your sister raped you
Thats extremely bad and something more than low blood pressure is at work there. Again the furthest this should go is about a half second of SLIGHTLY BLURRY VISION and SLIGHT WEAKENING OF LEGS. At most you might stumble a tiny bit then be fine. ANYTHING beyond that and you should have a medical proffesional check you out. biggest cause of what your describing would be due to obesity and diabetes meaning the blood is having a lot harder time getting to the brain after pooling in the legs. Actually fainting is the most serious form. It has strong links to future strokes due to its relation to blood clots.
Again: go get checked by a doctor this is NOT normal or okay.
Yes please share anything else you have.
Something like that happened to me last month.
I woke up at 6am as always and as Im sitting in bed reading I could not recall what the current day is or what i was doing in the last few days I mean I got myself to the point of freaking out.
Eventually all came back around 10am but it was a brutal morning.
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