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used pic related because it says "scary stories"
I'm sorry I don't have a story to share myself. Im new to /x/
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I just want to see your archives.
dogman is real and he succd my dick
guys plz send scariest stories. I want them, I'm new to /x/
doods, c'mon
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fine, I'll dump mine. they're all pretty common ones.
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there's a time buffer so bear with me
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please dump i just realized that while i consume these stories like crazy i never save them
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no problem, dude
woohoo! thanx guys
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It's fucking impossible to take a picture from inside a dark closet of someone in a dark room.
Trust me.
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this'll be my last one, as far as good greentexts go. enjoy.
I just read this one the other day, fucking love it
Anything happen after that?
"we smack the dog to quiet it" was all that stuck with me.

there's one that i've been looking for forever - it was about some guy and i guess his ex gf's(??) dad was a butcher or some shit and showed up at his house mad about something. it had pictures and his eyes were fucking creepy. wish i could find it again.
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Doesn't seem real but damn, those are good stories.

you're the best.
I heard this was proven fake, someone went to the location and there was nothing(?)
I honestly do not give a flying fuck if this is fake this is the best /x/ ever
I still dont understand wtf was all that, someone can explain it to me ?
dude found a squatter on his property, was like "cool whatever" because he only took a little bit of power, they showed up with guns, he fucked the freak out, then the squatter + some other person lit his house on fire
Thanks anon, but i was talking about the phne/tablet thing
Too small to be read bud
I see lots of people on youtube recite creepypastas

however they all suck, they sound bored and they take too long to tell a story
best story on 4chan
>what is flash photography
Or- it being a kids room- there was a night light.
>You have to be a kid to sleep with a nightlight
Normies get out reeeeeeeeeeee.
now the question is did the OP from that thread ever get brought to justice
I remember being in that thread back in my /b/ days. Almost 3 years, where did the time go?
I wasn't saying that adults don't sleep with night lights, just that it was more likely there was one with it being a kids room. Not gonna lie, usually have something going even if I know it'll turn itself off later.
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does anyone have the greentext of the anon who, when he was a little kid, got up out of his bed in the middle of the night and saw a huge black demon or some shit in his living room?
>Time to go hunt some game!
>Get out to the woods with my uncle and friends
>Something dashes in front of us and collapses
>Uncle shrugs and tells us that's just how it is around these parts
>Finally arrive to our planned campsite
>No sooner than the first night we are literally surrounded by goatmen, deranged hill people and skinwalkers fighting over who gets to have a go at us
>For fuck's sake
>The next day we can finally start hunting
>Everytime we think we got some game it turns out be a fucking goatman
>We decide to leave, no point trying to hunt with all these goatmen going around
>Try to leave
>Our camp is inhabited by a goatman group, trying to imitate us
>Are you fucking kidding me?
>Their faux-uncle leader beckons us. "Please, get us out of heeeer! Ther eis no thing but goootmen here. Aim beggin' ya!"
>We agree to give them a lift in our trailer meant for our felled prey
>Not even the goatmen should suffer the horror that is a wood full of goatmen, skinwalkers etc.
>>current year
>>not being wary of the goootmen
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Have all 3 books. Dubs picks which book. Next dubs pick story. Must include a spoopy pic to qualify.
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I remember when i was young, still in a cot.

>it was dark so most likely nighttime
>hanging on the bars looking out at my toys
>i had a lot of stuffed toys all bunched together
>all my favorites including a stuffed camel i still can picture
>they were all glowing blue and dancing in the air, seriously a blue glow around each of them and they were jigging like being pulled by strings
>i remember i wasn't scared or anything pretty happy
>i am positive i wasn't asleep when it happened

i just tell myself a loving spirit was making me happy to give my mum a break from having to wake up again
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You want too much, there are barely anyone in this thread. Make it like this: Dubs decide which book, and of next post's last two number decides the story. If there are not enough, then the single last number.
You demand too much. I have them all downloaded and would post if I weren't leaving right now. Maybe later.
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4. book.
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Is this spoopy enough? And share a fucking story already. But be sure to rewrite it in greentext.
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book 3
please post them when you are back
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Keep posting I'm almost there
>be me
>be camping with friends in spooky forest
>be at night, sitting around camp fire
>suddenly, no sounds
>owls shut up, banging mooses stopped, insects frozen in midair, fire burning but not crackling
>suddenly, this unspeakable gutwrenching smell
>I won't even attempt to describe it
>it's like dipping copper in blood and burning it in an overused toaster
>suddenly, we see this girl btween two trees, not far from us
>she moves weird
>kinda looks like a retarted koala laughing while having a seizure
>"are you okay"
>suddenly, starts speaking in an animal-like inhuman speach pattern, that almost doesn't sound human
>it's kinda like those videos where cats and dogs try to talk human, just crappier
>sounded kinda like she said 'yeah'
>I actually have a superpower
>I can tell if a situation is creepy, just by being there
>she was way too creepy, my creepy tingled
>now I rally wanted to go home
>asked her if she wanted to have dinner with us
>she said yes
>now having dinner
>we dubbed her Goatman
>not because she was one, she just looked like that
>Goatman is actually pretty chill
>grins at every lame joke
>still smelly, though
>suddenly, she gets up, says she has things to do
>in cat-dog-inhuman speech pattern
>she goes back to forest
>by friend.jpg
>suddenly, gutwrenching, putrid smell
>shuffling from bushes all over us
>we panic
>we shout out for Goatman
>"where are you?" "come on out" "don't prank us"
>suddenly, Goatman came back
>only something is off, really off
>it's her left arm, it's off
>the other one is all twitchy, legs are tangled like pretzels
>but she talked "hi, anon, come on out, don't prank us"
>she sat down next to us again
>only realised what felt wrong when I first came to /x/
>she talked like normal
>next day, we went home and she stayed with us till the town's edge
Now, it was three years ago. Last year I went back alone to investigate, because some thing felt weird back than.

>be two year older than before me
>be in the same spooky woods two years later
>campsite is now cleared out in a circle
>center is where fire was used to be
>weird red lines in circle, looks like some kind ofstar shape with five pointy ends or some shit
>nothing intresting, about to go home, when
>caught a glimps of something white within the charcoal
>looked like a horn
>be was too curious, has to check it out
>yeah, horn, nothing intresting
>it's just stuk in
>try to pull it out, because why the fuck not
>who wouldn't try to pull out a goat skull from under charcoal in the middle of a red circle?
>it wont budge
>realized it's sharp when my blood gushed over it
>I'm not a pussy, putting all my manly sun energy in it, it's finally movable
>moves too fast
>suddenly, be hanging from a moving goat-skeleton's horn
>it's the end, it was nice knowing you...
>that same inhuman voice, only now morse coded from the skelly's mouth
>holly shit, it's Goatman's skeleton!
>but than who was girl?
>she tells me how her skin was stolen by a fleshwalker all those years ago
>that murdere is now in my town!
>we decided to team up
>for her to be cute like Susan Boyle again, we have to get back her skin!
>Goatskully and me went back to town immediately
>brought all my guns from home, then into the woods again
>we were not stupid, we started searching in daylight
>when it became too dark to properly see, we decided to go home
>suddenly, bushes rustle
>it was Goatman
>or at least looked like her
>or looked like the one Goatman was looking like
>fucking skingaiths
>it was too quick
>went on all fours with twisted limbs, grinned, and circled us
>it was fucking playing with us
>BOOM, headshot
>nope, not even a scratch
>suddenly, it leaped forward and tackled me to the ground
>suddenly, Goatskelly out from a bush to help me
>suddenly, the meatrunner kicked him away
>you could hear the bones crushing
>then, suddenly, a bright light appeared above the skinwalker, who was still above me
>a flying cyclic thing
>bottom opened, more light shone on us
>cute grill with see-through body descends down
>holly shit, it's Goatman
>or her ghost
>or the ghost of her looks before her death
>fucking fleshgains
>Goatghost's hands burns through the monster above me
>it weeps, I'm sure, but the skin has no damage
>two minutes later the skin was ashes, only leaving transformed Goatskin behind
>Goatskelly put on Goatflesh, than Goatghost flied into them
>after a bright flash of darkness, there stood Goatman
>"Thanks anon"
>the same creepy voice
>"Show me your true face, partner"
>well, I said I'm too curious
>turns out she really was a Goatman
>and male too
>we bid farewell and departed

You can probably still find him if you really want. It all took place in the closest forest to you.
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Happy Mommy.jpg
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lurk moar
Please, update.
I clicked without seeing the .gif, I just hit the roof
I hope you're happy anon
well, I just got to the part about not looking in the closet after coming out when I found out the hard way it is a gif. Well played, and fuck you, for giving me a heart attack

This is like delayed, no commentary spook
This shit sums up /X/ perfectly. 2motherfuckingSPOOPY4me Sempi. Please cap so i can save and piss off x.
fur porn belongs on >>>/trash/ anon
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Blue's story is one I never see posted, I read it for the first time over the holidays. I think there may be a bit more he posted, which can be found if you do some Google searching
Funny because they cropped out the last line that says "did you notice the horror in this story?"
>not checking for gifs in this thread
You have no one but yourself to blame
Does anybody here know how to take a proper screenshot?
Does anybody here know how to use google?
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Holy Shit I heard all those books when I was younger

Took me a couple reads to get this one.

Ooh, can I have one of those without the red circles? I wanna play.
Three friends and i are driving home a girl around 3 am. Suddenly the passenger and I see a blue light in the sky descending. It bright as hell so I couldn't make out the shape of the craft and it was high enough to pass through the clouds. My friend and i are are speechless and we couldn't tell the passengers until after we lost sight of it past the tree line. After the shock wears off we tell the people in the backseat about it and drop off the girl. So we are driving back to friend's house going 55 mph and a white owl flys up next to me car and has his head pointed directly at us. He's staring at us while flying 55 mph... The owl is close enough to roll down the window and touch him. He flys off after 5 seconds and then less than a mile down the road another white owl does the same thing and everyone in the car starts screaming out of some kind of primal fear no one could explain. For some reason i slam on the brakes and everyone yells at me to keep driving I have seen the same blue light multiple times since then. One time with the friend who saw the first one. This was before that dumb movie "the fourth kind" was released. This happened in Georgia btw.
Fuck that book. Still fucking creeps me out.
good god that is one of the funniest things ive read in a while
Somebody find me the address and I'll pull old aerials up tomorrow
omg that fucking face lmao
major spoop
Was just trying to keep the thread going and have us a spooky storytime. Anyway, I just got off work but if you have them all downloaded, go ahead and post them yourself.
I love a happy ending

I am legitimately in tears from laughter.

Jesus, that's a scary bastard. Looks like the things described in the story with the grandfather and all the snow and the iced over lake.

You have a specific name or sauce for that?
Fuck man, just reminded me of some wierd childhood hallucination shit. I remember as a kid having like weird full body hallucinations and as a teenager talking to my friends who had also had wierd similar things, so idk, maybe developmental sorta thing. Anyways:
>waking up and seeing a portal open up in my ceiling
>wtf, intently watching this shit
>slowly small hole takes up whole ceiling
>weird, very alien looking, jungle-y sorta setting
>jaguar crawls out
>crawls on my walls, I hide under the blankets
>dont remember more
And also
>wake up from nap
>small child
>woken up by car alarm
>feel the horns
>thru me, I don't know, but looking back on it know, guess it was kinda like a salvia trip in feeling
>get up and walking into living room, older sister there
>asks me what the fuck is up with me
>just shug it off, 'uhg just woke up'
>fighting these weird lingiering tactile hallucinations
That's a woodcut you fucking peasant.
My fridge makes a noise that sounds like a deliberate tapping and the rest of the house creaks loudly in the wind. I also live in the inner city. I've tried to sleep without the lights on, but I can't.
>"I wont even attempt to describe it"
>describes it>>17279741
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Blue 2.jpg
1 MB, 2448x2140
Than why don't you post the rest?
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Blue 3.jpg
3 MB, 4984x2328
You can never please some people. I belive it's better without that line.
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Big ass dog.png
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Sobering reminder that the current publication of those books got rid of the spooky ass art everyone remembers so well
Does anyone ITT have the cap involving the anthropology major staying in a swamp near a crazy racist guy and his dog?
Yes! Thank you so much.
thanks anon I could not for the life of me find part two!
I didn't know there was a third part. Did he ever post any more?
ahh ghost puncher ... sweet memories
posts a .gif in /x/ ... nope
I couldn't help but think this is a shitty parody of a regular shitty skinwalker story
Thank yooooou!
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Creaking Stairs.png
170 KB, 1890x985
File: Cabin Memories 1.png (1 MB, 1840x6060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cabin Memories 1.png
1 MB, 1840x6060
File: Cabin Memories 2.jpg (522 KB, 1335x2436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cabin Memories 2.jpg
522 KB, 1335x2436
File: Cabin Memories 3.jpg (543 KB, 1335x2368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cabin Memories 3.jpg
543 KB, 1335x2368
File: Cabin Memories 4.jpg (262 KB, 1335x1421) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cabin Memories 4.jpg
262 KB, 1335x1421
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Camping Bonus.png
115 KB, 865x1178
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242 KB, 1854x888
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The Portraits.jpg
148 KB, 517x370
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80 KB, 636x623
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I don't get it.
I'll help. Think about what are numbers that come in pairs and are usually between +60 and -60? And with lots of numbers after decimal point?
Now, why would someone break down over a random world and coordinates?
The given random words, coupled with 'assassin' can be conected to death. Falling down stairs, knife, self means suicede...
The bodyguard heard his own name, and the random word was the same as the other guy's. Than he heard screams from the guys office, and not long after went to investigate.

The boss can tell who will die and how. He broke down when he said his own name, than the bodyguard heard his own name. He won't write again.
I had an orgasmic feeling when I finished reading part 1 thinking that was the end and looked down to see this
I still don't get it.
Which part you don't get?
The whole story is a convoluted pile of shit.
The whole setting is absurd, the WTF moment isnt spoopy or anything, I just dont know what I read just there...

And >>17285571
isnt helping either.
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Childhood Fears.jpg
328 KB, 1240x1018
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Fucking Thomas.png
32 KB, 998x312
File: Be Demon.png (445 KB, 1023x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Be Demon.png
445 KB, 1023x446
I refuse to believe that anon is such an operator that he was able to do a live commentary on 4chan of his home invasion, while simultaneously shooting his firearms
Knew where that was going right away.
File: SMS.jpg (267 KB, 672x2268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267 KB, 672x2268
holy shit that reminds me of my good mate on steam, around Halloween he had some weird ass hallucinations that fit that bill pretty closely. Supposedly things that looked a lot like that, but with a fearful expression. His hallucinations lasted for like a half hour, where he felt like the things were physically harming him, specifically trying to stop his heart. Since then he's gotten some antidepressants and doesn't have those hallucinations anymore, but its still the most fucked up thing anybody I know has told me. I've got the chat log from it but its long as fuck and honestly he probably would be pissed if he knew I was talking about it.
I don't see what part of this was funny.
It's just some /fit/tard's /x/ wet dream. Waste of my fucking time.
>Holly shit, it's Goatman
Should be a meme phrase.
>only something is off, really off
>it's her left arm, it's off
I'm dying
Confirmed for no sense of humor
Anyone have the one with the guy stationed in Korea with the EMP?

Don't remember it too well

>anon looks around a gravesites
>no one around
>base radio was picking up sounds of a battle or some shit
>turned out some of the things anon heard corroborated with someone who got a medal of honor in the area or something
For fuck's sake, where's the rest?!
That deerhead guy just wanted to be left alone and they burned his house down
What a bunch of assholes
Good story, but it's missing a part in the middle. Anyone got full?
kill urself faggot
File: Seb.png (70 KB, 997x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70 KB, 997x637
Thanks bruh
File: Ayy Lmao.png (671 KB, 2228x1856) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ayy Lmao.png
671 KB, 2228x1856
File: Necrophile.jpg (1 MB, 2825x4251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2825x4251
Sorry mate, I only had the first part saved, posted from my phone
10/10 my sides are now in orbit
File: Darkdeepweb.jpg (563 KB, 1387x926) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
563 KB, 1387x926
I kinda get that he's working for Death, but I don't know what the numbers mean.
Cocksucking faggots ruined this book by replacing the illustrations.
File: Dog.png (588 KB, 1387x4321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
588 KB, 1387x4321
>Takes pictures through a crack in a closet door in a dark room
>Somehow still able to make them out
>Stealthy and premeditated enough to sneak inside the house, take pics of kid sleeping, and sneak back out undetected
>When he finally decides it's time to take the next step and steal away the child, instead of using his previous pro stealth ninja night infiltration tactics, he goes to the window in broad daylight, taps on it to alert the child, then smashes the window in.
WHAT????? This is the gayest and fakest piece of shit story ever. Delete that screenshot from your spooky story folder. Now.
How did all the bullets suddenly become "useless" just because they were thrown around the room?
This was fucking retarded. I can't believe so many people thought it was funny. Seriously just some losery Jersey Shore workout faggot jerking off about how cool, bad ass, and fearless his "type" are. Severely cringe-worthy.
The sperging insecurity just oozes off this post
File: Corn of the Flies.jpg (391 KB, 1143x1842) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Corn of the Flies.jpg
391 KB, 1143x1842
They could have been bent and dented.

Side note: I have been asking all day to no avail. Is there no way for me to fix this "file too large" when no file is selected issue? It's driving me insane.
Now THIS one... THIS one was fucking hilarious!
he probably had a nook or something with wifi access but no camera and probably a flip phone with a shit camera and no internet
File: Shopping for Mom.jpg (64 KB, 781x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shopping for Mom.jpg
64 KB, 781x310

Did /x/ ever come up with a conclusion or theory about what the things were?
book 2
It's paranormal you retards
File: Lake Onahole 1.png (1 MB, 1844x5892) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lake Onahole 1.png
1 MB, 1844x5892
File: Lake Onahole 2.png (1 MB, 1841x6124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lake Onahole 2.png
1 MB, 1841x6124
File: Lake Onahole 3.png (1 MB, 1842x5827) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lake Onahole 3.png
1 MB, 1842x5827
File: Lake Onahole 4.png (1 MB, 1842x4851) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lake Onahole 4.png
1 MB, 1842x4851
File: Lake Onahole 5.png (1 MB, 1841x5972) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lake Onahole 5.png
1 MB, 1841x5972
File: Lake Onahole 6.png (1 MB, 1840x5513) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lake Onahole 6.png
1 MB, 1840x5513
Coordinate that goes from -60 to 60?
recapped from archives
Than maybe time? Or a limited part of the world. Europe is in the -60/+60 area.
fiction, anon
File: deerembroidery.jpg (892 KB, 998x912) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
892 KB, 998x912
Sauce pls.
Was she on some hardcore meth or some shit?
Consider me intrigued
File: Baby.png (1 MB, 3641x4569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 3641x4569
This story though. I really like Baby.
Where is the story about Anon delivering the world's meatiest piazza to a weirdo freak cyborg before getting chased down by that cyborg trying to pay him?
sick yo
File: Chloe's Story.png (236 KB, 1328x2085) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chloe's Story.png
236 KB, 1328x2085
This is like those "found footage" movies where they keep inexplicably filming the person who is murdering them.
File: String Theory.png (225 KB, 622x3439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
String Theory.png
225 KB, 622x3439
File: Nic.png (1 MB, 1286x6889) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1286x6889
Nic is my waifu
File: super spoopy.png (187 KB, 1710x654) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
super spoopy.png
187 KB, 1710x654
epic >>17279749
so shit my pants are dirty
damn that's a good one

poor bastard took himself out to get the north koreans
man this story doesn't explain fucking anything
what were those "big things with white eyes"?
I mean obviously he doesn't know himself but he barely describes them
there's no rhyme or reason to anything
looks like a fish head
>undertale started development in 2012, being a passion project the concept of papyrus probably existed even earlier

Either its a big coincidence or Toby used to shitpost on /x/
File: Not My Daughter.png (165 KB, 1166x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Not My Daughter.png
165 KB, 1166x408

Can we share?

Y u do dis?
skinwalkers arent scary
Do you have the one about the girl who goes to her brother and his friends while they're playing smash bros, and she ends up sucking all their dicks and getting fucked in the ass? I saw it on /b/ years ago. Like halfway thru it says "goofy time", but then its JK and keeps going.
File: Mahoney.png (1 MB, 1022x1140) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1022x1140
File: Magda Lena.png (636 KB, 1208x3152) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Magda Lena.png
636 KB, 1208x3152
File: 14543456678650.gif (522 KB, 499x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
522 KB, 499x281
took me a minute

that's spoopy as fuck
she killed herself early in the morning (timestamp of the first text i think) and her spirit or ghost or whatever is sending the texts not knowing she killed herself
I need help /x/! Strange things happened today, and me and my friend are stuck in my car and we are hunted. I took photos and wanted to share them with you, but they are gone. Not really gone, it's just they became unrecognisable. I don't know, probably my phones fault. Anyway, I'll tell you what happened so far.

>be me, avarege neet and /x/phile
>friend came home from Iraq
>called him and asked to come over to drink beer and play games
>he arrived and brought a disk, both side pitch black
>said he gave money to an old blind beggar and he gave this to him in return
>beggar said it's a game disk and it will change his life
>whatever, try it out
>use virtual OS, so it won't brick my computer
>CD has one file, titled game.exe
>open it
>nothing but black background and one line of white text
>it just says 'The Game'
>well, that's it
>just before exiting, we hear scream from behind us
>look back with neck-breaking speed
>it was my little brother, 6 years old
>asked him what's the problem
>he points to the screen and says 'that man is creepy'
>look back at screen, still see nothing
>military friend is confused too
>bro described 'that man' as old with wrinkles and bleeding cuts
>has a grin and stands in an unnatural pose and he keeps his empty eyes on him
>little brother still creeped out, said its talking to him
>said it says the game takes place in the forest 12 miles in the west
>check map, there really is a forest there
>it's in Navajo territory though
>friend says check it out, might be some old treasure
>a camping was due, and this was the perfect oppurtunity with friend here
>just thinking about what to bring, when grandpa storms in, takes out the disk and breaks it
>"Don't go there anon."
>asked him why, but he just kept shaking his head
>whatever, senile old man, you made me even more intrested
>should have listened to grandpa
>me and friend took guns, camping gear and fleshlights then got into car
>drive to the location little brother told us
>friend says let's explore the woods and find a place for the tent
>sun was still shining bright
>you could see far enough even a few minutes in
>we were about half an hour in, when suddenly fog rolls in from nowhere
>friend suddenly stops, I almost run into him
>"Do you hear it?"
>"What, I don't hear anything."
>"That's it. Where did the birds and insects go?"
>he was right, before the fog, we could hear the wildlife
>but now, total silence
>/x/ skills kicked in, tell him we have to go back
>he wants to go on
>says it's no big deal compared to Iraq
>another half an hour later we got to a clearing
>might be the best place for camping
>a little exploring later find an abandoned house in the middle
>"Cool, we don't have to use the tent. And The Game may take place here."
>whatever bro, but I think we shouldn't go in...
>he runs there and opens the door
>"Wait, look at that!"
>point to the window closest to the door
>it has a red pentagram on it
>looking closer, every window had a red pentegram on it
>see some big animal skulls by all corners
>red paint smells suspiciously like dried blood
>"Dude, it looks like some cult house"
>"Nah, we have guns, let's go explore"
>he just walked in like that, not giving a fuck
>not giving up this perfect oppurtinity, make like 30 pictures of the house with phone
>after that, I go after friend
>house is in bad shape
>the few furniture it had thrown around to the sides, dirt and dust everywhere
>friend is in the living room, looking at the floor
>there is a giant red pentagram with human skulls on each point
>in the middle there is a little round table with a cup, a knife, and a note
>walked there and read it
>it says something about gaining the powers of darkness by doing a favour to Satan
>it says he is thirsty, and will grant you powers in exchange for your blood
>finished reading it aloud, friend starts laughing
>says he doesn't fear Satan and wants to laugh in his face
>grab his arm to try to get him out
>he instead pulles down his zipper, whip out his dick and piss in the cup
>why are military personnel so fucking retarded?
>he just keeps laughing and walkes out
>remain there and make a dozen pictures
>think you guys will love it
>looking closer, the paint, or blood looked fresh
>one on the windows are old
>whatever is happening here is not for the first time
>and probably not the last
>better not meet the ones preparing for next time
>go out when finished
>friend is nowhere
>start screaming his name, no answer
>fuck that, go back to the car and wait there
>he might be went back alone
>just a few steps in the forest, hear shuffling from behind
>turning around, see only trees in the fog
>fuck, house should be seen from here, but the are trees as far as I see
>rustling gets closer
>I want to say I remained there thanks to pure valor, but I simply was frozen in fear
>friend steps out from the trees
>won't get closer, just stands there
>stare into eachother's eyes for a minute
>"I know it's you, John! Stop playing around!"
>his only response is a smile
>bastard can't keep up his act
>only the smile grew
>I sensed something was off about him
>the smile grew even larger
>no human can smile like that!
>my /x/ days taught me well
>it was a goatman
>supposedly harmless, more like a prankster
>it finally startes to get closer, so I pulled out my gun
>"John, if it's really you, tell me what's my nickname, or I'll fucking shoot"
>he says nothing
>instead, startes running towards me
>lucky me, I shoot before I shit
>in the middle of his chest!
>black liquid oozes out and he lets out an earpiercing scream
>turned around and bolt out
>never look back, almost not even ahead
>just enough to look after my steps
>after god knows how long, bump into something
>definietly not a tree
>it's friend!
>I nearly shat myself
>"Anon, you okay? I heard a shot."
>thank god, it's really him this time
>the goatman or whatever didn't follow me either
>"Just get out of here, I'll tell you."
>I swore, I'll never go camping again
>soon, actually find the car
>he was waiting for me here when he heard the shot
>fog is now everywhere, not just the forest
>you couldn't even see the road, not even with the flashlights
>"Anon, the road is too dangerous by car."
>no fucking way I leave the car before getting home
>"Don't worry, I'm a great driver."
>tries to drive by memory and feeling the road
>it's suprisingly easy, even in the darkness and the fog
>got worse though, to the point we couldn't see the road, even with the reflectors on
>then suddenly, the road changes
>sure I didn't go off the road, it just changed
>feels like sand
>friend FINALLY startes to feel uneasy about the whole thing
>stop the engine
>don't really want to, but go out to investigate
>don't know how, but there iss sand everywhere
>according to map, there's no sand for a few hundred miles
>yet we are stuck in a desert
>can't even see the road we came from
>taking a few steps in the dark, hear something break under my foot
>it's a bone
>from the size, it could be human
>there are more around the car
>contemplates searching for a way further
>than finally see something in the distance
>something pale in the darkness
>it's pale, skinny and looked all twisted
>it's moving on all fours
>if you played Earthbound, it's head almost lookes like Giygas, only white
>better not wait for it to get here, go back into car and lock the door
>tell friend to lock the back doors
>tell him what I saw
>after a flash of fear, he actually gets determined
>"Than we fight, Anon."
>better than dying like a pussy, I guess
>pull out our guns and nod to eachother
>it's close, we can hear it
>only one thing to do
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
This one is probably the most unsettling one I've read on /x/.
Fuck these other assholes. This shit is legit funny as fuck. I laughed my ass off and saved something for the first time in months.
It explicitly says they were stomped into the ground, meaning they could have become bent and dented
This is the most fucked up thing I've ever read
Anyone remember the thread where the OP was going through therapy because of a skin walker incident in the woods? He repressed the memories for like 15 years.

Anything ever come out of that?
pretty good.
File: catgirlqt.png (25 KB, 228x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 228x239
No sauce then?
not a newstory or nothing?
5/10 creativity
a tier or two above shitty bait
was hoping this was real
Happening Thread will be posted tomorrow in the AM
dogman confirmed for succubi
File: 0dR2W1k.jpg (165 KB, 1280x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 1280x800
on a semi-related note
Who here /knowshowtogetpeyoteinWestCoastUSA/?

Dubs and we rollin
that quote is butchered
which quote?

clearly an original post
Are you talking about >>17285069 ?
Not really spoopy, kind of heroic actually.
I've never heard a story about soldiers ghosts ever being dicks or fucking shit up
Anyone have the green text of when /k/ is innawoods and chases and kills a windago?
yeah, I caught the part where he drove past the nursery.
It's kinda like counting the passes made with the ball and missing the gorrila in the background, at least that's how that was supposed to work.
It's for >>17279521
He can now go away in peace.
File: Back from Hell.png (351 KB, 511x933) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Back from Hell.png
351 KB, 511x933
File: Lolita Slave Toy.jpg (922 KB, 1424x1303) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lolita Slave Toy.jpg
922 KB, 1424x1303
File: click click.jpg (175 KB, 683x797) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
click click.jpg
175 KB, 683x797
This is really fucking stupid
huh, that was actually a good one.
I genuinely hope this is real

Nigga went full Paladin
Any more stories like this? Time paradoxes and glitches in the matrix and such?
Where 2 cop that watch? Not into skeletons but that one looks p fine
thank you for your valuable contribution to this thread.
not scary
just gross
Im sorry, but what a lot of fucking bullshit.
>getting attacked by maniac
>has time to take a picture, upload it, complete captcha and press "post"

Unless.. it was.. the maniac!.. holy shit!
File: horned demon.png (2 MB, 856x1862) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
horned demon.png
2 MB, 856x1862
Anyone have the one that ends in the storyteller saying she found a handprint of a huge hand on their window
there was a photo attached to it
>>I don't Know Blue, let's go have a squizz
>something that shouldn't have horns can't just grow them

For a 20 year DVM, he's pretty ignorant.


But even if the horns are "real" (as in they have bone inside them), this would still be a mutation, nothing paranormal.
Did the kitten die? :(
Far as I can tell from the archives, he promised more but never posted stories under the name Blue, just contributed to other Aussie threads. These threads on 1/28/14 were the last stories. On 2/22/14 someone named Blue responded to a beacon post saying he was still alive but writing the stories and planning on bulk-posting them. Last I see of the name Blue that seems plausibly this guy is 5/20/14 in an Aussie spoop thread, but nobody asked about his thread of four months earlier. Then he disappears like everything else good on /x/
Awe thank you for the follow up. I am disappoint.
No problemo. The archives are kind of amazing
What archives are you referring to, exactly? I thought Chanarchive died.
File: image.jpg (118 KB, 1240x783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 1240x783
>>not even once
Not even that, it was dissapointing.
this is my favorite spoopypasta
>someone went to the location
yeah... the person who knocked on his door
movie when?
I have a very quick one, pretty uneventful, but still true, and it still creeps me out.
>Be me
>Like 16
>Around 10pm
>Chilling on park swings on our school property
>Which also has a fair amount of woods behind it
>Talking to friend, telling some story or some shit
>Friend looks shocked out of no where
>Just thought it was something I said
>She goes "Do you hear that?"
>Both sit in silence for a bit
>A blood-curling scream rips through the air
>Coming from the woods
>Sounds like a woman
>We both jump off the swings and haul ass through school property and across the street to the closest public place
>Call police because afraid someone is getting murdered
>Cops call back a little later and say they didn't find anything

>A few weeks later found out there used to be satanic rituals held back there

Now that I think about it... My old gym teacher said that there were "vampire deer" back there... basically deer that ate meat...
Don't forget about

>spells 'lose' wrong
Went back ruling Hell.
File: Giygas.png (6 KB, 256x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 256x224

I want one too. Props for the random Giygas, but use one without a watermark.
Ohhh my fuckk.
I get it.
>How do I f-stop and aperture
Get fucked
Are you serious? Man fuck soccer moms
He's serious. I still rage to this day.
File: epic_fail.jpg (93 KB, 733x905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 733x905
>Trust me
File: 1453347166560.jpg (229 KB, 1200x798) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 1200x798
myknucklesarebrittle tumblr com

not quite a screencap from x, but still a spooky story skeleton
>then looked him dead in the eyes and walked into the forest
this fucked me up the first time I read it. still spoopy as fuck.
what you meant to say was "bump"
>>only something is off, really off
>>it's her left arm, it's off
Cringey fake ass shit.
File: k hunts skinwalker.png (93 KB, 1234x1270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
k hunts skinwalker.png
93 KB, 1234x1270
File: The House of Rules.jpg (458 KB, 600x2500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The House of Rules.jpg
458 KB, 600x2500
File: Girl Scout Camping.png (220 KB, 1586x1574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Girl Scout Camping.png
220 KB, 1586x1574
I'm sincerely curious as to what that guy saw, Like imagine if it was some awful truth about life or death or some shit. Like think about it, what if those things showed him a truth and it was the worse thing ever. I sincerely want to know what he saw.
i'm sure this isn't true but i fucking laughed
File: howler.jpg (21 KB, 236x455) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 236x455
That... looks an awful lot like a Howler. Just sayin'.
>be me
>trying to convince friends to go on camping trip during the summer
>friends are pussies
> think making s'mores with bought kindling is roughing it
>can only convince one guy
>he is an idiot
>he is sciencebro
>entire car ride down he talks about science
>nod and agree because i have i kept falling asleep in chemistry
>start telling him odd incidents in history
>telling him about otto carius and how people under his command had did stupid things in jagtigers
>"there was one time the commander charged a group of shermans and became scared by their numbers."
>"He had the right idea to retreat, except he decided to turn around instead of reversing"
>"whole crew burned up"
>he glances away from the road
>"uh, thats cool anon"
>I know why no one else came with us
>finally get to trail
>start hiking before noon
>get around seven miles in
>few campsites on trail
>screw going another five miles
>set up camp in a clearing near trail
>another group of five decides to camp near us
>they have females
>sciencebro can only think of testosterone
>he goes to chat with them
>i follow along to cut him off from saying stupid shit
>he thinks i'm there to ruin it for him
>he starts chatting a girl up around the fire
>he won't stop talking about science and himself
>i can't interrupt him to change the subject
>girl leaves to go to the bathroom
>asks friend to borrow a flashlight
>he turns from the remaining girls and gives me death eyes
>i can hear him even though he doesn't speak
>"why did you have to ruin it for me"

>girl comes back
>no flashlight
>acting stiff
>smells like a gym locker
>"hey sciencebro, i found something weird and i want you to come explain it to me. I can't describe it so come with me"
>sciencebro follows her and gives me a finger
>"he might need a translator with all of fancy jargon"
>Now i am become cockblocker, destroyer of fornication
>her friends are weirded out by my giddy smile
>two more come with us
>they cover it up by saying they just met her today
>she had been acting odd and mumbling to herself
>sciencebro is pissed
>girl is leading him by the hand and keeps trying to pick up the pace

>girl is grunting at this point
>i can hear the disgust
>she takes off in a sprint
>he tries to hold as his feet are getting dragged
>lose other two randoms
>can probably find her by how strong she smells now
>don’t need to
>she stops
>fatscienceman is panting
>”i wanted to show you this”
>can’t see shit
>sciencebro can only see his feet
>catch up to him
>”it helps if you keep your back straight or you can’t breath in as much”
>”fuck you”
>bigger smile because he just took anatomy
>”what do you think did this”
>”see, this is why you reverse instead of turning around”
>if there wasn’t a hoof left even sciencebro couldn’t figure out what is was
>”By these bite marks and prints i’d say it was a bear”
>she doesn’t look away from the carcass
>”something much worse”
>”when did you become a vet, science anon?”
>”fuck you”
>about to make a funny remark i can’t remember for the life of me
>i think from the direction we came from
>gril rushes towards the screams
>we follow the combinations of fucks, stank, and screams
>entire way friend won’t stop complaining about me getting in the way
>tell him she was a three at best
>”suck my dick”
>”nah suck the bear’s dick so he doesn’t turn us into minced meat”
>finally see campfire
>more like bonfire

>zulu warriors think they can see it again
>they start packing some of their shit
>”You guys have flashlights and we have spears, but not enough wood or clothes to keep this fire up”
>”we’re running back to our truck if you want”
>”or we’ll take those flashlights from you”
>you and what...
>stick with duct taped pocket knife
>sciencebro takes the front
>i get stuck in the back
>can feel something watching me on the march back
>feeling lasts for a second before
>more screaming
>”They were mine”
>i stop
>”Guys, i hear that girl maybe we should…”
>they all keep walking
>hear grunts coming from all directions except forward
>pick up my pace before the bear gets us
>faster space than others
>we’re all running
>trees stratching us up
>hear car alarm
>we all take a right towards the truck
>one swiss pikeman drops their spear in the bed
>other one is frantically hitting the unlock button
>pile in
>other group doesn’t want to leave their two friends out there
>spend entire night in truck
>take turns staying awake
>doesn’t work
>wake up to sleeping truck
>familiar smell is back
>wake up everyone
>sciencebro isn’t actually asleep
>frozen with fear
>won’t stop looking into the woods or leave the car
>cavemen mammoth hunters finally relent and tell us they’ll drive us to our car
>as we’re driving off friend turns around towards where we were parked
>my head follows his eyes
>there is something that was bigger than a bear lying in a pulped state where the truck was


that was the final part.
this is 2.5

>”get over here know before it comes back”
>rear guard is standing around it with makeshift spears
>my summer sausage and cheese is now kindle
>they tell us they heard roars
>branches breaking
>saw shadows and glimpses in the woods
>it stopped shortly before we got there
>other two and gym socks girl never got back
>”must be that bear that tore open that deer”
>”nah, she said it was something worse”
>they don’t like my humor
>they didn’t like my summer sausage as the last of it turns to ash
>hear yelling and bushes coming from behind the light
>hear her going around the entire campsite
>can’t see her
>can smell her and something else
Where's "Story 5"?
Could you rewrite it? It's not understandable at all. A little less fuck you, and more tell as what happens.
Muh animal cruelty.
>opened in new window
>zoomed right in
>only saw the very top of the animation
>closed the window
You failed, anon
Totally incomprehensible. Thought I might be reading a story written by that nerd who keeps posting one line from everyone's stories in every thread.
File: Security Officer.png (841 KB, 3316x4616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Security Officer.png
841 KB, 3316x4616
was it here or on /tg/ where someone tried to fuck an alien
File: Alien Wants The D.png (1 MB, 1632x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Alien Wants The D.png
1 MB, 1632x4000
did he ever check back in?
>mfw this thread

>be me
>trying to convince friends to go on camping trip during the summer
>can only convince one guy
>entire car ride down he talks about science
>he can only talk about science because he has poor social skills
>entire ride down to woods he talks about new discoveries in science
>finally get to trail after nodding and asking basic questions about science
>start hiking before noon
>set up camp in a clearing near trail
>another group of five decides to camp near us
>three females and two guys
>ask to camp with us since there are few campsites on this trail
>i see no harm in it
>scienceanon can only see females
>scienceanon can going to talk science to impress females
>one girl is actually interested in him for once
>because of this i don’t have to act as a wingman for once
>girl is acting really shy and answers in a quiet voice
>scienceanon puffs out his chest and acts more tough
>i’m experimenting with a some smoked cheddar, summer sausage, and pita bread in a pot iron
>girl chatting up my friend stands and asks him to help her
>says something about dangerous things in the woods
>needs a strong man to protect her
>he makes a comment about bears being attracted to piss
>girl is unfazed by awkward comment
>they start to leave
>couple from other group sees them leaving and decides to come with them
>girl is acting nervous and says its fine and she only needs one person
>they start briskly walking away
>one of the couples nudges me and says they met the girl on the trail
>tells me she has been acting off
>they think my anon is in danger
>don’t think too much of it
>she isn’t anymore awkward than scienceanon

>the three of us try and keep up with the girl and science anon, but they keep walking faster
>”maybe she really needs to piss and is freaked out by us”
>i’m cut off by how she keeps acting weird and smells bad
>”maybe she has been on the trail to long?”
>lose sight of them as they crest a ridge
>as we crest the ridge we see them both at the bottom of the hill standing there
>couple is freaked out and head back
>dismiss their concerns and head towards scienceanon and odd girl
>their backs are turned towards me and they’re obstructing something
>stench fills my nostrils
>smells like baked roadkill
>carefully make my way down to them
>no road but it is definitely killed
>science anon is talking about how it looks like a deer
>keeps talking autistically about the deer
>step on a twig and science anon jumps
>he turns around and his shoulders relaxed
>”dammit anon, i thought you were a bear”
>ask him if that is what killed the deer
>”I don’t think so, there is too much of it left and i can’t find any bear prints”
>he can only find hand prints, but they’re bigger than any of our hands
>girl finally speaks
>”somethiiiing biiiigger”
>science anon and i look at each other
>I mouth out “you wanted to hit that”
>only reply is “fuck you”
>science anon has very limited comebacks
>about to say something when we hear leaves rustling behind us
>gril darts off back to camp and back towards the sound
>science anon follows darts off after her and i dart off after him
>sun is setting at this point and i’m the only one with a flashlight
>science anon keeps changing directions as he catches glimpses of her
>i can’t see shit
>i can hear the girl cussing out something
>keep running after science anon and starting to lose breath
>he loses his breath first and has to stop
>entire way back he won’t stop asking where she ran off to or complaining about why i cock blocked him

>he can’t complain too much because i’m the only one illuminating the path back
>before he can start conversation over he see the fire
>more like bonfire
>flames are 10 feet high
>only one couple is at the campsite
>the couple that left with us and the gril can’t be seen
>”get over here know before it comes back”
>rear guard, other couple, is standing around bonfire with makeshift spears
>they ask if they saw their friends or if we saw what was out there
>science anon asks why they have spears
>rear guard says whenever they tried to get more firewood they would hear branches snapping
>when it started getting dark they would saw eyes moving just beyond the light of the campfire and wheezing
>they said it ran off just before we got there
>science anon says the only thing he saw out there was the mutilated deer and whatever the gril was chasing
>they question him about what it looked like and if it had yellow eyes
>I’m starving at this point and open my pot iron
>my summer sausage and cheese is now kindle
>”sorry anon, we had thought it wanted your food so we burned it”
>i have to dig through my bag to find something else to eat
>rear guard is alternating between watching the woods and throwing leaves and twigs into the fire
>science anon keeps on calling out for girl and couple
>hear yelling and bushes coming from behind the light
>”fuckk yooouu”
>hear footsteps circling the campsite
>flashlight can’t see shit
>can smell her though
>rear think they can see it again, but it retreats whenever we hear the cussing
>rear guard starts packing some of their shit
>they have run out of things to burn that doesn’t involve food or clothes
>they invite us come back to their truck

>sciencebro takes the front
>i get stuck in the back
>can feel something watching me on the march back
>feeling lasts for a second before
>more screaming
>sounds like gril and something else
>i stop
>”Guys, i hear that girl maybe we should…”
>they all keep walking
>hear grunts coming from all directions except forward
>pick up my pace before the bear gets us
>pace overwhelms the others and i pass them
>more grunts
>rear guard takes sprinting past us
>science anon and i are forced into sprinting again
>we’re all running
>trees stratching us up
>hear car alarm
>one of the rear guard must have been frantically pressing it
>we all dart towards the truck
>rear guard drops their spear in the truck bed
>other one is frantically hitting the unlock button
>pile in
>other group doesn’t want to leave their two friends out there
>they tell us we’re spending the night there and looking for them tomorrow
>take shifts watching for them or what ever followed us
>I get my shift over with little excitement
>wake up science anon for his shift as i try and get some sleep
>wake up to see rear guard asleep and science bro still awake
>familiar smell is back
>I wake up everyone
>science anon won’t stop looking into the woods or leave the car
>rear guard tell us to get out and help us look for their friends
>science anon tells them to take us back to his car
>he has family gathering today and wants to see his grandma
>I know he used that excuse because he used it to get out of school before
>rear guard finally relent and tell us they’ll drive us to our car
>as we’re driving off friend turns around towards where we were parked
>my head follows his eyes
>there is something furry lying in a pulped state where the truck was
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Trust me, this is original

>in boarding school, chilling in my room
>only like 20 kids attend this school so its a pretty tight knit community of kids
>gets dark and a huge storm is pouring down
>some kids were outside smoking
>we are in the middle of some rural ass town so most sides of the school are surrounded by huge fields
>kids smoking in rain see a door standing in the middle of the door
>a fucking door, all by itself
>it wasn't there earlier
>kids start freaking out, spreading the word
>eventually all the kids are outside the school looking at the door in the field
>including me
>all the kids start gathering sticks and pipes and shit
>they are holding them in hands like weapons
>a fucking militia of 20 kids slowly approach the door in the dark field in the rain
>the door falls down because of wind
>mfw it was just an unhinged door propped on a tire
>mfw I propped the door 2 hours earlier
>mfw everyone though the local highschool had pranked them
>mfw nobody ever found out the truth
>camping gear and fleshlights
I laughed at this harder than I should had.
Ghosts vs Goatman?
can somebody please post the cap where a man take a picture in front of his house and there is a dude in a pig mask or something?
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Photography Fag.png
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That poor guy... :(
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