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What could my dreams mean?
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Ok, so I consider myself a very sane person, but the last few weeks got me tired and frustrated over the expanding dream I had. I rarely dream, and if I do, its usually something that will be forgotten a few hours later. My usual dreams are pure chaos, but this shit was so fucking real:
>I'm in some kind of a simplistic hallway with semi-transparent red curtains everywhere, behind which people were sleeping on finely crafted leather couches.
>I've never seen these people in my life. All kinds of age, race and gender (as I woke up I tried to think over some of their faces, trying to peace them with ones I saw in the media or on the street, but nothing came up)
>The hallway seemed to be infinite as far as I could see.
>I approached a sleeping girl which seemed to be my age.Upon trying to wake her up, she jolted in fear, opening her eyes and screaming for a short while before succumbing back to sleep.
>I tried the same shit on several other people with no change in the effect - everyone was scared upon waking up and then going back to sleep.
>The hallway itself was pretty sterile and bleak, but it wasn't creepy or anything.
>Eventually I spotted two people who were no asleep. Both were males, but the more I try to remember their features, the cloudier my memory gets.
>All I remember is they approached me and I felt unease.
>My usual first response in such a situation was instinctive and as they came towards me, I remembering running towards one of them and tackling him.
>Then I wake up.
>10 nights in a row now, whenever I go to sleep I dream of this hallway. I wonder around and encounter these two guys, then wake up.

What the fuck is up with this shit?
Shameless, but necessary self-bump.
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I highly doubt any alien ship would have architecture so close to ours or would lay people to sleep in such a manner. The cloudy dudes are worrisome,but why is it happening every single fucking night? And if that's the case, why does my ass feel unprobed?
I had a dream one time where there was an alien standing outside of my front door. It was dimly lit by the porch light and was making noise I couldn't understand. After that I woke up, but it was like 3 am so I went back to sleep.

At that point my dream continued, except this time it came inside and was hopping around on all fours on the ground. There was a voice warning me about something but I can't remember what it was. Then it switched to a highly detailed porn scene that was completely unrelated.

Told my brother about it the very next day and he told me he also had an alien dream. How fucked am I?
Exactly. The aliens wouldn't have a ship matching this description. BUT;

>anon was taken to a human-built center by an alien presence
>what anon saw was so radically foreign that his mind reconstructed what he saw in a way that made sense
The sleepers represent the folks who are going through life blind deaf and dumb to reality and when they are forced to think for themselves experience discomfort and would prefer to go back to sleep.

The infinity corridor of nice couches would be the bread and circus used to make their sleep comfortable and the fake political process to participate in to provide the illusion of control.

The creepy guys who are awake represent the "powers that be" who maintain the status quo and suppress dissenting views.

You are having the dream over and over because your subconscious is trying to inform you about your world.
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!dreams - Copy.png
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see: >>17232733
OP here. I like your idea, but why would my subconscious mind try to evoke shit I already know? I'm not going to go into much detail, but I'm neither a NEET, nor am I a docile "bread and circus" kind of guy.
Thanks, will do.
Because you actually care and deep down must realize that this particular moment of your life may be historic?
Besides its election year, assuming you are Amerifat, your subconscious is being bombarded with the nonsense. Could be a reaction to this.
And/Or more interestingly, maybe you have a role to play regarding waking people up and your inner you is trying to increase your focus in this direction.
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