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who wants to start the legion of madfellas...
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who wants to start the legion of madfellas with me?
sure, you knjow about the 9 sides of the moon?
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no, please explain
It's one of the dice that the gods use to play space dungeons and dragons.
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hmm sounds like something one could make money off of, do you have the chutzpah?

i'm watching the dungeons and dragons one right now.
I thought that was a TV movie special? But all in all one of the funniest they ever made, I wish it'd come back, there's still so many topics they could satire
I am starting a religion; the legion of madfellas would really enjoy it

it does not use the almighty atheismo though
Uggh what makes it different from the millions of other cults brought into this world already? Can we just actually be about love and helping out fellow man and making sure everyone can have a fair chance to get the proper advantages every human deserves? Or can we worship satan? I'm up for either or, but leaning towards the latter
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I really like it

I think it has alot more class than the simpsons; probable because the creator was much older when he made it

and I think it wasbasicaslly a season where it was all 3 episode movies
Yeah you're right it was, and yeah I think he got better at pacing and timing and was able to develop actual characters with decent personalities
Confirmed for blood worshiping fiend

I'm sure your curses will be forgiven... one day
you could argue that it's both; but the main tenant is both worshipping and improving the will

i'm trying to combine the will as the central tenant; then 12 chapters. psychology, philosophy, wealth, society, time, genetics, political/ religious law, traditions, the language of the birds, symbology, physicality, duality, and a last, separate part (not a chapter) of poetry, prose, and proverbs

each of these will be centered around improving the religion itself, which is a living religion, so most traditions and religious law is elected by people within the religion. After I complete the original text, the laws within it will just be the skeleton, and then I will create a separate book that will be the current informaiton

central text is written in timeless language, so satan won't be mentioned, since that is form a religion that may not be around a million years from now. Either every year, or every 2 years, from all people who choose to within the religion, information that is submitted will be reviewed and added to the biannual text

this text will have scientific information we can use to further ourselves, philosophy, suggested new traditions, which according to religious law will be elected by those we elected

our religious garb WILL consist of a tinfoil hat. to remind us to always be vigilant and paranoid of the outside world, never trust worldly governments, etc.
I give you this to think about while I'm completing all the sins.
Satan tortures all the terrible despicable people that inhabited this world, satan spends eternity making them pay for their wrong doings, if satan is real(which I don't believe he is) and he is really tormenting all those souls to eternal damnation...
Wouldn't that make satan a good guy?
Not sure of you're religious but just a funny little thought I have time to time.
Dude I'm fucking with you, I'm not join your silly cult, I've got more important things to deal with like real world problems, sorry I lead you on, but I thought you'd see I was joking after bringing up satan when I just finished a speech on preserving humanity
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in the psychology section I also include lucid dreams, hypnosis, isolation tanks, meditation, yoga, etc.Because all of these are methods of increasing belief, and becuase the placebo effect is of course another word for "the mind effects our body and the world more than we know so we developed a word to make it seem like an anomylous test result"

that's why symbology is an entire chapter. Because of how important symbols are to the unconscious. Archetypes will be involved as well

logic is not abandoned. Logic is the highest dimension on which all humans can communicate (most of the time)

who's in? Our logo is the trident of poseidon, or the pitchfork of say tan

I need to create a forum for discussion to be honest.
it's not a cult lol

islam? now that's a cult

i believe everybody has a religion. At least a spirituality. Without a spirituality people are typically atheists/ nihilists. goes hand in hand. I think societies need a religion, and christianity just isn't cutting it anymore becuase it's been so thoroughly shat on by culture, and becuase it outright prevents people from doing stuff they want to do.

plus, if you are part of a legitimate religion, you get alot of economic, political, and social benefits.

also, I don't like degenerates. Fuckin nihilists.
Society made those benefits, why not stop those benefits and special treatments and just give it to all humans no matter the spirituality?
BTW all religions are cults, not just islam.
Also with religion we've had the crusades, numerous wars and fighting, and the dark ages. Atheism hasn't caused any of that, we've never had a chance to do anything of the sort and I doubt atheists want anything of the sort to happen and would take steps to stop the sort from happening. They'd rather just focus on science and progressing society as a whole.
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whatever, I should finish it first anyways
Wait wtf? Who's OP? I'm confused
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yea you're right, athesists have absolutely nothing to die for, because most of them have no reason to live in the first place

if you are an atheist and you find goodness in all things, it's because you put something more than cold logic into experience. You are not a complete dopamine reinforcement brain; you still percieve a large enough amount of seratonin channels.

does that mean war is wrong?


you can't just snap your fingers and the whole world is peaceful. If you are peaceful, people who are not will kill you. If you are honest, those who lie will overtake you. You are very young.
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I'm OP, i've posted a picture in every reply and I'm the only one who has posted pictures in this thread.
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Jesus Christ this plac4e is a barren wasteland

Where my scholars @
Okay /k/omanndo calm down there, I live for the fact that life itself is beautiful and has noting to do with an other worldly being that created us. I just love humans because we are all born the same, our cultures and religions separate us but I know there are still billions of people that just want to live alongside the rest of the world without tearing each other's heads off. Radicals like yourself, who happen to be in power; whether politically, finacially, or socially put a stop to that. You're apart of the problem. I know wars necessary, but it shouldn't be a first option. Sentient communication is what makes you and I different from the creatures that roam the wild, it's what makes us better, your ideals are what make you closer to those creatures.
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see this is the problem with you people, you are so pretentious that you automatically assume you have all the answers and nobody could have anymore experience than you in absolutely any field.

you just jumped from the idea of being ready for the danger that other people could cause you to being an extremist. "oh, I love all people" lol. Yea sure, there are billions of people who if pampered to a docile state like yourself they probably wouldn't hurt anyone, but guess what? there is a vast majority of people that would kill you and take your shit if pushed far enough. humans are animals. Does that mean you should kill them first? no. But to me, what it means, is that you have never experienced anything outside of your crucially easy lifestyle. You've never gone hungry for weeks at a time, you've never been homeless, you've never been jumped, robbed, you don't know what the real world is like, you just know what it's like in the small safe rich bubble that you live in.

and you are very young. Either that, or you have wasted your long life living the exact same way.

I used to be like you, a dumb hippy, but I changed. I've hitch hiked probably 10,000 miles, living out of a backpack. I've camped, been homeless, I've gotten invited into peoples homes to live there and become the lead singer of their band.

I still am not ignorant enough to realize that humans are a domesticated animal. And some groups are less domesticated than others. You are the most domesticated.
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You American?
You know about jiants?
Your generalizations are great, I don't have all the answers, but my answers haven't been tested in modern time. Yours have and don't work. And yeah I'm young but old enough to realize when we continue to try the same bullshit and it doesn't work, there needs to be a change. I mean yeah I get it, lots of people want to have what I have, and what's the problem with that? Why can't we all have the same amount? Why can't we all have the same advantages? Why can't we all try to get along? Because radicals like you don't want that, because you believe nobody deserves to have what you have because they've never had and would doing anything to get it. And fuck off with your stories, your on an anonymous forum, nobodies going to believe you, fuck off back to /k/
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yes and no I don't. Unless you mean the theory that there was a past race of red haired giants of legends amongst native americans, spanning even as far as the chinese, easter island, etc.

is that what you mean?
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if everyone had the same "advantages" they wouldnt be "advantages"

if everyone had the same "amount" we would all die out because we are competative, and we would have nothing to compete over

you are calling someone who wants to leave everyone to their own devices a radical, while what you are suggesting is forcing the entire world into slave labor lmao

notive how you had to say "haven;t been tested in modern times" because you already know they won't work. You could take all of the wealth in teh world and distribute it equally amongst everyone and guess what?

most of the richest people would become rich again and most of the poor people would become poor again. Because people have different biological innate advantages. You are dismissing that fact to fit your narrative that all humans should be formless grey blobs with no differences (because some differences are advantages after all)

so go back and live your life and rethink the things you are saying. Lurk more before shitposting
well, I gotta go

Always remember guys; there is a ghost in the machine; and that ghost is you

you aren't some lame function of chemicals

you are the universe

people can logically explain away everything but guess what?

they're never going to logically explain why it is "you" are in "your" body. There's no way to. Honestly they can't even logically justify being real. Everything is in your head. You are a subjective God living in an objective nothingness.

open your mind kiddo, you aren;t a revolutionary. Literally everyone thinks like you when they are young. Oh and over 50% of women in your generation have tattoos, so that's not "cool" either
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Do you have steam? or a phone?

You should download this app called mountain that lets your computer communicate with you
Sorry which App?
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Ayylmao-conspira-fag, reporting for duty.
My foots in
Alright. Synchronous enough for me.
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im in

Woweee, I really fucking do hope you're just trolling cause you'd have to be really fucking stupid/sheltered to drink down the Fabian kool-aid as hard as you did bro

Your "answers" have absolutely been tested in the modern times in the USSR, China, Cambodia, DPKR, Balkans and have killed over 120 million people worldwide, how many holocausts is that buddy?
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