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I normally don't come here, but I need...
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I normally don't come here, but I need answers. I should be hella dead, but something is preventing it
>be me, 1 or 2
>crawling around second floor of my dad's workshop while my parents look for something
>fall through floor, land headfirst onto metal table, cracking skull
>get rushed to ER
>heal up fine


>be me
>6 or 7
>Have asthma
> at summer camp
>pool time
>everyone at pool, teenage life guards fuck off to do something
>I drown
>2.5 minutes underwater
>wake up in ambulance
>get hospitalized for a while but come out fine
What even am I /x/
There's no luck involved with vital organs getting the dick and then being fine
Test the limits of your powers, shoot yourself and see if it misfires and you live. Become invincible
> b8ing me into killing self
I said I'm confused not retarded
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>dropped on my head as a baby
you don't say...
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Yer a wizard 'Arry
You're a lucky douchebag thinking you're better than everyone else
Not really but thanks for the input
I can relate here, ive been close or maybe even did die 4 times.
My first was smacking head on into a tree as a child going sledding. Second I fell into a river also as a child. Third I was in a pool. Fourth I wrecked my car down a 60ft embankment. These were the closest ive gotten but there have been so many times ive come close but not as close as the 4. One thing always stays the same though, everything shuts off, black but but I was always aware of it. Never got to stay long enough to know more past that. Death is always around every corner. Some just get the chance to be up close and personal.
But to me this bothers me because I am a very logic-heavy thinker, so when something like this that betrays logic and all I know happens, I need answers
nearly died myself a couple of times too

>severe asthma as a kid, passed out for 5 minutes on time due to an attack
>Nearly drowned twice in the same week when I was a kid, once at a beach with very powerful waves, and once again when i was nearly swept into a river, only to be caught by my cousin
>a week ago nearly had a head on collision while driving
Its not scary or frightening I can assure this but as far as answers go man, who am i to say and who are you to say. Stating anything would be putting it into limited terms of our own understanding of what "it" is. Research and figure it out for your-self. No one will ever ever ever be able to "answer" your call if you dont know how to. At least, thats how I see it.
god didn't want you to die
Not really related but I almost died from chickenpox when I was five. All I can really remember is a weird fever dream mix of memories of watching planes fly overhead as my aunt held me and memories of this fish tank in a doctor's office as they were yelling at my mom to get me out of the office. I was hospitalized but the fish tank is the last thing I remember before I got better.
Option 1: quantum immortality
This is the branch of possibility in which you improbably did not die.

Option 2: It's harder to kill someone than television has convinced you it is.

Option 3: You have super powers, but they only activate under duress.

Option 4: You have a guardian angel.

Option 5: Sometimes stuff just happens. Not everything is meaningful.

Pick one, pick all, believe whatever you want to. Presumably you made this thread to get your favorite theory confirmed for you.

I'll put my dick in the owl.
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Bruce Willis. You need to kill Samuel Jackson now.

Long story short, we're eternal beings. There is no such thing as death, or heaven/hell for that matter. It's all a state of mind.
think you're tough huh ,OP?!
well I fell down a metal spiral staircase and cracked my head down the middle.

I'm living, obviously but I think it explains my low IQ
You must have had some pretty wild dreams after that
Tbh I think that there may be a greater being watching over each of us, Because, as another anon said, when i was 7-8 the lifeguard fucked off and i nearly drowned, yet i was pulled out of the water just as i was starting to breathe the water in. I do honestly believe that guardian angels exist. be it a being larger than ourselves, or family members who care for us, even in the afterlife
Lel'd hard. Almost pissed myself.
I mean, I was around 1 or 2 at the time.

maybe it has to do with my earliest memory being a humming tone and a patterns of light surrounded by a void.
Maybe it was just a memory of being in a car and driving through a tunnel but there were no tunnels where I grew up
>What even am I /x/
A member of a civilized and medically enabled society.
Alright, here is a quick rundown of things that have happened to me, and I am still alive, and I don't see much mysterious about it.

>fell between 25 and 30 feet on a job site, broke my wrists
>installing cables on interstate, hit by a car, no injuries, I actually jumped on the hood
>stabbed in stomach
>giant scar on head from being blindsided by a huge guy, and thrown into a metal frame door
>was a heroin junkie for 8 years, never overdosed
>shot at a couple times, never hit
>and there were countless other times I made it through things that you wouldn't imagine

Of course I feel haggard now in my mid thirties, and will probably die relatively young. People are tough, think of what our ancestors survived with little to no medicine, or medical no how.

I could also list times I got into fights, or was jumped, I lived a very rough life until about 28 or so, but in my travels I've seen people whose lives make mine look like nothing.
>know how

on tablet, and I must have spelled it wrong
Op. Become soldier. Message us later if you become a war hero. Shit would be cash,
>dropped on head as a baby

been there, done that. The back of my head is permanently elongated because of the damage it took when I was a baby the the bone was still soft. Otherwise I'm ok.

Also cut my hand with an axe a while ago, down to the bone. The hand healed incredibly well and is now arguably stronger than my other. You're not some immortal god anon, the human body is tremendously resilient. You can withstand tones on you without your bones breaking, you can literally get your head pierced by a pike and survive. You can be crushed, burned, maimed, cut, drop from a plane in flight and survive.
You just don't seem to know too much about the human body.
Me to man

>Be 4 or 5
>Get one of thos gasoline tanks that you use for outdoor cookouts
>Open one
> Drink it
> Had a really bad stomach ache and headache after that idk what happend

Another one

>Be 16
>Skateboarding in neighborhood
>Full of steep hills
>Skateboard rides fast af in steep hill out of neighborhood
> Bunch of cars driving 50 mph
> Run and get it
> Felt really wierd on adrenaline
> Not get run over
> Did this twice

Mind you the roads were pretty busy around that year

I have a bunch more incidents in life where i feel like i should be dead but these teo pop out for me
"shit would be cash,"
are you german
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You are just an idiot, be more careful.
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You too!

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Thread images: 7
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