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Creepy Paranormal Experiences
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No copypasta please. Only real events that happened to you. We have other threads for that.

Excuse me if I am not that good at greentexting. I dont do this often. This story happened when I was younger:

>Me, 9 or 10, Flipfag
>living in old house in a hilly subdivision rumored to be informal burial grounds for Japanese soldiers and their victims hence a lot of spooky stories
It's actually my grandmother's house but since we're poorfags, there's a lot of people living there. Around 9 people in a 2 bedroom house with a basement room because the subdivision is sloped. So 2 bedrooms in the main house plus a 3rd room below. The lower area's door directly faces the gate.

>Aunt is pregnant with first baby
>Husband is working overseas so she lives with us and sleeps in the same room as my grandparents in the master bedroom
>When she hit 6-7 months we started waking up in the middle of the night to hear the sounds of wings flapping
>It was an unsettling feeling because you could hear it flying around the area and screeching
>"Kikik kikik kikik kikik"
>mom would tell me to hush and that if the sound is loud it means it's far away and if it's soft then it's nearby
>mom tells me that the reason why it's frequenting our house is because my aunt is pregnant. Kikiks or Wakwak are bird like monsters that are attracted to the smell of pregnant women or dying people.
Kikiks are also familiars of Manananggals. Manananggal is an aswang that can fly after separating itself from the lower half of its body. It eats babies and fetuses from a mothers womb. It eats babies by means of passing their long tongue through a small hole from the roof of a house. The sharp end of the tongue touches the mother's navel to suck the blood of the fetus or unborn child
>That night I woke up to the sound of the Kikik circling and screeching
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>I was determined to protect my aunt's belly so I decided to go to the other room and cover her belly
>goes to other room and sees aunt in between grandfather and grandmother in bed (she's the youngest child and was around 22 that time so she likes doing that)
>creeps into bed with them with my grandfather mumbling wth
>Kikik sounds still there and I was practically shaking at this point because it sounds scarier in that room
>Windows are glass and grated so it's secure and it lets in a lot of moonlight
>hugs aunt and keeps eye on window and ceiling
>Hear a soft flapping of wings but this time it's different, it sounds... larger
>sees a flash of leathery bat like wings by the window

I spent the whole night awake and listened to the sound of wings and bird screech until it went away. I never told my mom or relatives about it until I was in high school. This sounds weak I know but this was amongst my first encounters. Will add more in a bit.
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Another one. I'm attaching a bad drawing of our house so you'd understand what it looks like and how it affects some of the stories.

>weird shadow always passes by the front of our house at exactly 6pm
>happens without fail, with or without witnesses
>shadow is of a broad shouldered man
>shadow only passes by a particular area of the front of the house, mainly the left side
>occurs nonstop since I was a child up to now
>slight goosebumps occur when this happen

Sometimes when we are in the living room, someone always peeks in.

>be my aunt and her maid
>watching cheesy dubbed Mexican soap operas on a TV which was unfortunately placed directly infront of a very wide window
>suddenly goosebumps
>aunt asks maid if she suddenly felt cold
>maid says yes
>both laugh nervously
>try to focus on tv
>suddenly aunt squeals and maid freaks out
>grandad runs into room
>aunt is almost in tears
>someone was at the window behind peeking in on them
>grandad finds no one but gets same goosebumps

The house has walls and has a big gate. To top it off, the walls have iron spikes on top of it curving both upwards and downwards for aesthetic purposes and to discourage thieves. There was no way someone could have gotten in or escaped without getting hurt or piercing themselves especially during dusk.

>be my mom in her teenage years
>hear rumors of a crying and singing female ghost wandering through the subdivision
>language is allegedly Spanish
>neighbor boys swear by it
>call them liars
>neighbor boys pissed
>someone comes up with an idea
>"Let's record it then!"
>neighbor boys then gather at the spot where it can be heard
>record that shit
>TFW it actually got caught on tape
>mom listens
>audio is semi garbled but you can hear a faint song
>singer sounds miserable
>track is less than 15 seconds long with some parts barely audible
>older neighbors get mad when they found out
>boys have nightmares
>mom and others feel like they are being watched and are upset
>neigborhood boys decide to destroy tape
>nightmares stops and nobody ever heard the ghost singing again

>be me around 12 years old
>at 2nd floor bedroom
>lying down in bed around noontime
>staring out the window contemplating about life
>everything is bright outside because tropical country
>window is very wide so if you look from one side to the other you'd actually have to move your head depending on your position
>see something out of the corner of my eye
>turn to the left side of the window and sees a woman there
Take note I am on the second floor. There is absolutely nothing you can step on or climb on to be able to peek into the room.
>feel nothing, not even scared
>could only see her head to her shoulders
>looks mixed blood with white features
>brown hair, light brown eyes, fair colored eyebrows
>locks eyes with me
>I dont remember what her mouth or nose looks like because I was only staring into her eyes
>she slides unnaturally towards the other side of the window
>eye contact never breaks
>goes past window
>I feel a painless jolt like I was struck by lightning except I dont feel any pain, just a shock

I never saw that woman again but I am pretty convinced she was not human. A ghost perhaps. What got me the most is that I didn't feel scared at all. Not a little bit. I wonder what she was?

I'll post, it's nothing interesting though. Just to keep the thread alive for you.

>Be playing them videya
>Fucking around, not really doing much. Too poor to afford internet so I just brought my cousin on over and we played the shit out of some shooter
>We used to play a lot, this is actually one of the last times we hung out
>We're getting real into it, inventing new bullshit because we're both bored as hell
>Whatever, we're using riot shields and snipers
>Fucking trick-shot.jpg
>Some voice calls out, happy as hell 'Nice Shot!'
>Shit you not, my first real paranormal experience is a ghost complimenting my Call of Duty skills
>Cousin heard it too
>We spend nearly a half hour just talking about it, searching the rooms, and looking around
>Only little sis is home, she ain't not woman and definitely wasn't watching us play the game
>Chalk it up to something creepy, wasn't until later I remembered this wasn't the first time, just the first time someone else has heard it...

I still tell this story occasionally, only story that I have in which I someone can confirm. A few others I have with this voice, always the same so I'm inclined to believe that at least for a itme it existed, just watching. Doesn't do it as much anymore. Wonder why.
Great stories, everybody. Please keep it up!
Story number 2, the Mystery Man and the Forgotten Details

>Young fucker
>I loved me some tag
>Wasn't safe to play outside, so I mostly just played indoors
>Brothers loved to play too
>We'd fucking run all the time, house was squared shape so you could just time the turns right and you'd be good
>Story varies from here, as I was the one who took the head trauma.
>I turned the corner too tight according to everyone else, a door opened, and I was cracked so hard by it my skull was showing
>People get me up, I'm in a daze, and they get me to the hospital
>I'm barely awake and just sit there quietly until we get there
>They come by some time later and find me there, fine and still quiet

What I remember...

>Clumsy as fuck, trying to outrun bro.
>He's oldest, no way I can do this shit
>Separation between tile and carpet was too far, and I hit it with my toe
>Fall, slam head into corner of wall
>Skull poking out, I'm confused and asking questions, everyone is strangely silent
>Get to hospital, awake the entire time they sew me up
>Some guy comes in, charismatic looking guy with gray hair
>Talks to me, keeps company and tells me everything will be good.
>A really nice guy, I have no idea who he was but I can still picture his smiling face
>Says he's a 'family friend'
>Leaves before anyone else returns.

The strange thing about the story, beyond the missing details of how I got the scar, was that I also remember how my sister got her scar differently too. According to others, she got it the same way I did in the same house, yet I recall her getting hit by a door knob, rather than a door (she was really small back then.)

The other biggest detail is that many claim my father was around at the time, but never once can I remember him. Some even say he came by to visit me, but the face I remember is far different from his. Strangely, only the stories involving the scars vary, despite my sister getting her scar way later on.
Interesting stories, kuya...got any more?
Hey, nearby of the second house of my family ( for vacation ) is quite rural and I hear a weird noise like this at night. I tried to see it at night but literally wouldn't find even though it was pretty damn close to me.

But is this only "physical" encounter thread or mind attacks can go there too?
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>Be me, extremely mature 16 year old boy.
>Mom looks at me, "I'm going to tell you a story but then you can't tell anyone, ok?"
>This sounds interesting, let's go with it.
>Mom stares into my eyes, "You know that when I was younger I had a miscarriage and my uterus was scarred so badly that the doctors said I'd never become pregnant, right?"
>I've heard this story before.
>She turns towards me, "Do you know how I knew when I was pregnant with you?"
>I know how periods work.
>She takes a different turn, "A beautiful white light came to me in a dream and told me I was going to be given a special gift. That was the night I became pregnant."

Start to put all sorts of weird shit together...

So I look back at my past:

>Talked in my sleep as a kid.
>Held up my hands and said, "All you need is this much, just a thimble full."
>Suddenly remember that as a 6 year old, I was talking about cyanide.
>I always thought the Nazis were the good guys and couldn't understand why I wasn't supposed to route for them.
>Begin having weird dreams.
>Horrible, fucking nightmares.
>Think to myself, "Hitler was the reincarnation of an ancient Germanic tribal ruler. I know it."
>Find out that a woman named Savitri Devi thought along very similar lines. Weird coincidence.
>Feel sad, like I miss Hitler. But a different, earlier version of him.
>Have horrible nightmares about the ancient past. About being an Aryan warrior and dying.
>Find out that there really was an ancient guy named Ardaric.
>Have a 'flashback' during the day. I don't do drugs and have never drank alcohol.
>Start remembering things. Confirm them as historical facts.

So yeah... kind of freaked my girlfriend out.
>be five year old me walking down the hall towards the living room at night
>turned on the lights only to see every visible object in front of me was floating in mid-air
>started freaking out, heart's pounding like crazy
>closed/opened my eyes after a few seconds
>everything's back to normal

To this day I don't know what I experienced, but I get chills just thinking about it.
Heres my "story"

>be 11 or 12
>Live in saint louis
>dad gets job offer in alabama
>Since we lived in the city my parents decided to buy a house pretty secluded in the woods
>Solid 15 minute walk to get to neighbors house, about an hour to the nearest decently sized town
>never liked the house, always felt like I was being watched when we looked at it

>Fast forward to first night there
>Just moved in so boxes all over my room
>Probably close to midnight
>Laying in bed, door randomly opens
>Stay calm and quiet, nothing happens
>Go to sleep
>wake up and stuff is shifted around, boxes open etc

more stories

To be more specific, I remember a past life as Ardaric, a Gepid prince.

And I'm stuck posting on this board because I am completely aware that what I am saying sounds insane and that if I tell anyone, then my reputation will be ruined.

The good news is that since I recognize that reincarnation and past lives sound insane, then I'm obviously not just delusional. That and the fact that I've written my dreams down and verified them.

I also have to admit that if Hitler's out there that I really hope he remembers who he was and we can get in contact with each other.
File: 1451351938030.jpg (11 KB, 285x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please don't summon Hitler man.
>Keep living there for a few years, same shit happens
>doors randomly open, i'll walk into a room and a lamp will be on that I knew had been off
>just kind of live with it
>fast forward a few years, buy my first truck
>Drives great when I look at it
>Going to hang out with some buddies for the weekend
>Hop in truck
>tinker with it, finally starts
>Drives like shit
>Get about 10 minutes away, drives fine again
>Doesnt give me any problems over the weekend
>Pull on to street
>Starts running badly again
>Literally have to coax it to start anytime its in my driveway

I've heard spirits can mess with electronics and it was a 1999, so maybe the presence of a spirit/spirits was making it mess up?

In all honesty, I don't even know what the new Hitler would be like. The man I respected (Valamir) was who he was originally. I don't know what WWII did to him. From what I see when I look at videos of Hitler speaking, he was already becoming a tad bit unhinged and ungrounded. I actually believe that the guilt of losing the war might crack him if he's out there and he remembers it.

The man I remember was very passionate, fanatical in a good way, and a lover of art. But he was not invincible and he didn't handle losses well.
Something remotely similar happend to me.

>Was calculated to be born on Hitlers birthday (eventually was born earlier due to complications)
>My mother watched this film the boys from Brazil and became paranoid about me being some kind of Hitler descendant.
>Am 4, start asking questions about the jews and the nazi's despite having barely any knowledge of them
>around age 4 ask my mother when we were at a trainstation if this were the trains the jews were sent to the east with.
>have dreams where i speak German fighting in various battles of WWI. These dreams continue to this day.
>Mother reads book about Hitler and his character, says it was like reading a book about me.
>Have the same profession as Hitler

Am i Hitler?
>be me
>been meditating everyday for about a year
>been curious into Astral projecting and Astral plane
>didn't look into it much and continued to meditate
>it's just like every other day
>somethings different
>things get darker than black
I know its weird but trust me
>I see myself in this void as a white light
>looks like a diablo style top down dungeon crawler game
>I look like an a bright white Egyptian eye
>I start to walk around but not much I'm scared
>see a faint glowing purple light headed towards me


>Same profession.

I'm guessing you're talking about art.

>ask my mother when we were at a trainstation if this were the trains the jews were sent to the east with.
>sent to the east

That catches my attention because most people aren't aware of the Eastern Deportations. That's definitely something worth noticing.

>Am i Hitler?

If you don't specifically remember being him or have repetitive dreams where you are him, then I'm guessing you were someone else. Possibly someone associated with him.

So how do you feel about what's happening to Europa right now?
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Not very spooky but i remember it very clearly

>Be me, 10 y.o
>in summerhouse i the middle of nowhere with senpai
>night time, and it's very dark outside
>family is telling spooky stories they experienced
>i get distracted and look out to a window
>see this green uranium-glowy figure in the distance
>tell my brother, and when i directed him to where he was, he disappeared
was a weird experience
Fuck it I'm cont. Anyway

>this purple light gets real close
>basically in my face
>looks like those Chinese lion statues but with HUGE fang/tusk things
>run in the same directions and pattern I walked in so I don't lose where I was at
>this thing is on top of me right now
>I'm convinced I'm going to die
>3 light blue lights show up
>my dead dogs came to rescue me
>They drive it away and I find my body again
>what seemed like 15 minutes turned out to be 2 hours

Never meditated since then, that was 5-6 years ago.
>If you don't specifically remember being him or have repetitive dreams where you are him

Just an ordinary soldier, don't know my rank or my name. The dreams are vague and skip time sometimes.

>So how do you feel about what's happening to Europa right now?

I am appalled, we are heading straight to civil war if we continue on with this madness.

I feel likewise about Europe's current situation. Strong leadership is needed.

As for my own dreams, they also skip around sometimes. I had one waking flashback and it wasn't pretty. For what it's worth I also dream about WWII sometimes and in those dreams I am Corneliu Codreanu. Basically I think I might have had two lives, but in the second I was murdered before I could do anything useful (and in the first I died when I was about 35, so I have a pretty sucky track record when it comes to life expectancy).

If you want to remember more, don't do hypnosis. It can trigger false memories. I suggest meditating before you fall asleep. Think about what you do remember and let it come back to you. I also suggest praying.
Thanks, will try.


The goal when you meditate before you go to sleep isn't to remember things while you are awake, it's to trigger a dream.

If you do have a PL dream, write everything down in the mourning. If you can, try to verify what you remember. It keeps you grounded and can help determine whether you are dealing with vivid dreams or genuine memories.

The floor hadn't fully been drawn yet. Yer draw distance sucks m8
Thats how you know you were destined to be on /pol/ for the rest of your life.
You better not be. You should be killed before you become /pol/'s messiah or some shit.
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What a fucking awful thread. Fuck all of you edgy roleplaying faggots.
Destiny cannot be stopped.

thanks for keeping the thread alive!

>be me in my early 20s
>finally have a boyfriend
>BF takes me home at night
>say bye byes and I go inside the house
>receive text 30 minutes later asking me if I was mad at him
>say no
>he asks why I was glaring at him earlier
>BF then explains he decided to go back to the house after a while and he saw me sitting infront of the gate
>there's a decent sized rock you can sit on infront of the gate outside the house
>he says "I" was sitting there and when he went closer, "I" stood up and glared at him
>he called my name but "I" just glared at him and stomped back into the house
>"but BF, I was inside the house the whole time."
>then who was that person who looked exactly like me and went into the house?

This wasn't the only time it happened. Sometimes I'd go out of the house and come back to friends or even family members outside the house claiming they saw someone resembling me go in a while ago. I have no sisters or anyone close my age since I was the oldest. The female cousin I have that's closest to my age is at least 8 years younger and remarkably shorter and looks far from me at all since I am mixed and they're not.
When i was young, maybe like 10-12 i was hanging out with a friend we decided we wanted to go for a little bushwalk (in Australia btw) behind one of my neighbours houses is quite a steep hill and the grass is always dead.

The hill leads up to a private driveway to the guys house who owns the Billabong clothing company. Theres quite a tall fence on the otherside of the road/driveway and its a little forrest on the other side and further down from tjere is a private hospital.

Anyway we were at the base of the hill about to walk up just chatting, and we somehow both managed to glance up the hill at the same time to see the silhouette of a figure of something that resembled the basic structure of a human. It was much taller and thinner than a human and had an elongated head (from what i remember when i was a kid and only catching a glimpse for less than a second)

We both noticed what we accidentally saw ans stared back up there to no longer see it and then at eachother and asked if we just saw that. i was scared af but he insisted we check it out and we ran up there to not see it anywhere.

we ended up continuing with the bushwalk with nothing else spooky happening and we stopped hanging out after that for whatever reason. over the years i kept thinking about it and i thought that maybe i misread the situation and only i saw it or maybe i never saw anything at all.

i stopped thinking about it alltogether until i saw my friend at a party and we got to chatting. at the end of tje night it ended up just is talking to eachother and we were talking about how we used to hang out when we were kids, i didnt want to bring it up because i thought it was just my imagination. he then asked if i remember seeing the figure to which i confirmed that we both did in fact see it.

>Bushwalking (Australia) with friend as a kid
>saw silhouette of human figure except tall and elongated head on a hill
>never saw it again
>some years later i thought i was imagining
>years later i catch up with friend
>he brings it up and confirms that he remembers it the exact same that i do

nothing has come of that since but its strange after all those years that he remembers it as well as i do and that he did infact see it aswell. anything got any thoughts as to what it might have been, or got any similar encounters? or any Australians seen anything interesting? id love to hear about it
>happens without fail, with or without witnesses
How the fuck would you know that?
>Be me, 8 years old
>Middle of the night, no one is awake
>Have a nightlight the glows green, I was afraid of the dark
>Hear knocking on my bedroom door
>Think it's younger brother. He use to sneaking into my room and sleep on my floor when he was scared
>Half awake, tell him to go back to bed
>Few minutes later, hear knocking again
>Again tell him to go back to bed
>Door opens and closes, but see no one come in
>Think it's nothing, try to go back to sleep
>Bed starts to shake violently
>Jolt awake when blankets go flying off bed
>Look up and see an old man standing at the end of my bed smiling at me
>Starting screaming. Dad runs into my room, asking whats wrong.
>Tell him what happened.
>Asks me to describe what the old man looked like
>Dad tells me that it was my great grandfather, and that he use to be a prankster when he was alive, and not to be afraid
>Still scared shitless

Because it has been going on everyday at 6pm. Even during family parties or when we have guests over. Shadow doesn't give a fuck and does his own thing. We've become so used to it that at one point we actually check the time and wait for it to pass by and would even invite visitors to come look.
No one's going to believe you here either. I don't think you're insane, just an RPing faggot.
>be me 16
>be home alone
>mom is traveling because of job
>dad passed away year ago
>sister pretty much disappeared for a few days
>"muh freedom" she says
>be 10pm
>in my room doing fuck you why you wanna know
>hear the 2 dogs going apeshit in the backyard
>rush to the back door, look out the big ass window
>dogs are growling at some shit in the edge of muh property
>keep in mind i live in a town
>think neighbors dog was being an ass again
>get dogs inside
>after a while go to sleep
>wake up at like 2 am
>door to my room is closed as always
>hear steps outside muh room
>force hitting the walls
>suddenly noises stop right at my door
>something hits the door
>the force is enough to open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
Not so much spooky but first time I couldn't immediately explain something

>Sitting on bed, want to play some vidya
>Where the fuck is my mouse
>Get up, start looking around
>Get frustrated, pull sheets and pillows off bed
>Looking at bare mattress, accept mouse has gone to better place
>Remake bed, go out to kitchen to get bottle of water
>Come back into room, see mouse sitting on top of pillow

Didn't know whether to NOPE outta there or accept new helpful presence.

Isn't the first thing to have just appeared but is the first time I couldn't just accept because "ah well I guess i'm just a forgetful/messy shit"
How old are you now? Are you a qt flip girl I can get scary stories from on the regular?
This is straight up the only unexplainable paranormal thing that has happened to me

>About 20 years old, just moved to Colorado
>Living with cousin who works as a carpenter
>He's got a job to build a deck on a lake house on Lake McConaughy in Nebraska
>Asks if I'd like to work with him, hell yeah extra money
>Arrive semi-late, around 6PM
>Notice the lake house is about three houses down from an old cemetery
>The lower level is unfinished and creepy as fuck, his dog won't go down there
>Upper level recently remodeled and pretty nice
>Staying in the house while completing the job
>At one point go to wash my hands at the kitchen sink
>Notice there's no soap
>Cousin remarks "yeah I've had no fuckin soap for like two days there's none in the house"
>We both go to sleep a few hours later
>Around two AM I hear a crash in the kitchen like a glass breaking
>I shoot awake, his dog is going insane in his room
>I hear his door open, so I open mine
>He's holding his shotgun
>Inspect the kitchen together, see absolutely nothing
>Check the locks, shrug, go to bed
>We wake up the next morning and talk about it briefly
>I go to wash my hands in the sink...
>Notice there's an old ass bar of soap sitting on a vintage ceramic plate designed like a fish
>I tell him, he inspects it and looks genuinely scared
>Go into bathroom, identical plate with similar soap
>Job continues as normal but we're both scared shitless of the soap ghost

I've got one more about that place if anyone's interested. I know it's not the coolest story but it's genuine and is one of the only things in my life I can't explain. We still bring it up all the time and he feels the same way
not my story but one of my mom's. She loves sharing this one

>1970s on an civilian airforce apartment complex in Germany
>the complex had 4 large buildings with a courtyard in the middle with a playground
>my mom playing in the playground with her little brother. She's about 8 years old, he's 6.
>suddenly things get really quiet
>she looks up and sees this large cigar shaped aircraft with blinking lights all around it
>flying way too close to the ground and not making a single noise
>she watches it for a while until it disappears behind the apartment building
>the courtyard is huge so this thing had to be huge as well
>she looks back down and suddenly it's getting dark outside. says she lost time looking up
>nobody on the playground mentions it
>years later 1990s
>my mom remembers the UFO and asks her brother if he remembers it
>he does and recounts the story the same way she did
>I've got one more about that place if anyone's interested.
I liked that story, Soap Ghost sounds like a bro. Let's hear the other one.
Go for it.
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I swear the house I lived in from about the ages of 7 to 10 was haunted.

It's kind of hard to explain but there was a hotel next door run by friends, it's a tiny town btw, less than 2k people.

Anyway, between my house and the hotel there's this little sewage-looking place. As I said it's really hard to explain. Like those things in streets that carry rain water.

There's like a bank of dirt and shit next to this little rain water sewage thing and as a kid I loved digging this bank. It seems fun at the time but now I think it's really creepy. I would spend hours and hours digging up bones from this bank. Bones upon bones upon bones. We're talking literally 2 years of me just digging bones from this bank.

I remember one time I was in my room and I hear my grandmother's voice, and it's so loud, she's yelling at me so loud, my parents are asleep and I'm screaming because I can hear my grandmother just screaming and yelling at me.

Because this was so long ago i can't remember much more. Can take a run through my memory if anyone is interested in hearing more about the house.
I've seen the same kind of thing at my Aunties property. Hated staying out there at night.
Sure, I'd like to hear more genuine stuff. What kind of bones are we talking? Animal bones?
Soap Ghost is a total bro.
I was 13 years old and I lived in Louisiana nerbay a wooded area at the time, nothing weird happened until a year after moving there. I woke up in the middle of the night to this horrible, horrible laughter. It wasn't normal, it was just a disgusting, screeching laugh. At first I couldn't tell where it was coming from, it felt like it was everywhere, but it soon became clear it was coming from the window. I didn't want to look out because it felt like something horrible would happen if I did. I started screaming for my mom but she didn't come. I don't know what it was but it wasn't human. I tossed the covers over my head and started screaming again, after that I guess I went to sleep. In the morning I was still scared, everything was shakey. I told my parents what happens they said they hadn't heard me and said it probly a dream. I know what happened and I know it wasn't a dream. After that nothing happens again. Nobody believes me but it wasn't a dream, I could feel everything.
Sounds like something my grandfather would do! Definitely a scary experience, hopefully you appreciate it a little more now that time has passed.
I use to sleep with a night light yes a wall mounted small light. And yes 26yo man.
I want to say I stopped really heavy in my use. (Alcohol/synthetic) and what ever else I could get my hands on.
I forgot to mention only at my stepfathers house do I sleep light assisted.
Take it I've been back at my parents house a year or so do to a really bad break up and crippling depression/addiction.
Haven't been using a light or even think of it. Until about a little less than a week ago. When I had to wake up early for a doc appointment.
Fall asleep around 11.
I awaking 2 hours later. To a creature or being standing by my bed, just standing. I start screaming as some sort of human instinct.
I close my eyes for a brief moment and it was gobe . I lay there for about a minute, before my mother enters the room looking at me bewildered.
I was completly sober that night.
I have very lucid dreams and have a really good recollection of them upon awaking. That specific occurrence still sticks with me. I use to hear and see small subtle things when I dabbled in the occult. But they were more intrusive than alarming.
Hey, you are a Jesus of our age man
Kek. Why jesus. I'm Hispanic but not named Jesus.
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I remember something freaky that happened to me just a couple years ago, it's still kind of fresh in my mind, I'll see what I can remember of it.
I've never greentexted so sorry if the lineage of the story seems out of the usual.

>I was 16 at the time, it happened on one of my long all-nighters
>I had a really messed up sleep schedule back then, I went to bed around 6 AM usually and woke up at about 3 PM.
>It happened at some time between 1 and 3 AM. So as much as I want to dismiss it as my mind playing tricks on me, the schedule that I was on at the time would suggest otherwise...
>In my bathroom was a window that was inside the shower, but obviously enough it was tinted glass, it was the same kind of stained-glass looking windows you'd see in a church except without the color.
>Nothing much was bothering me that night, I remember hearing stories of supposed paranormal phenomenon but I never really humored the idea that something like that could actually happen to me or my family.
File: 6492738438259.jpg (6 KB, 267x213) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>And so the window in shower area would lead straight to the backyard, but with the glass tinted it was impossible to see anything outside at night.
>My parents would go to bed at around 10 PM normally, and my brother would work late at his job and not get home until about 3 AM, he would come home exhausted from work and go to bed almost immediately after getting home.
>So I was left alone at night a lot. I would spend the time having fun playing games with some friends online.
>With that in mind, I really had no real reason to be on edge about anything. During one of my trips to the bathroom though I walked in and closed the door on myself. I was in there for around 5 minutes with nothing but dead silence, still not a worry in the world. After finishing up and washing my hands, I was nearly about to leave when I looked over to the window. And that was when I saw a faint light blue-ish face turning away from the window, as if it were staring at me the entire time that I didn't notice it. When I stood up and saw it, I would say it was at about face level with me, 5 ft away from me. I only saw it for about one second but when I did, I was frozen in fear, panic swept over me and I couldn't muster up the courage to move from my spot. I stood there for atleast 30 seconds, long after it had vanished, just not wanting to move at all. I don't know why I felt that way... But in the moment I felt like moving in the slightest or running away was the last thing I should do.
>I couldn't bring myself to sleep in my room that night, I had the feeling that something was angry at me for what I did, and was watching me intently, and so I snugged up in the safest feeling spot on my couch with the TV turned on and tried to sleep, nothing else note-worthy happened that night or any other night following it.

go on
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>There was a one strange thing about what had happened that night, it was that my house was elevated off the ground by a few feet by a piece of concrete slab with steps, and there was nothing that it could've stood on in my backyard to reach up to the window, meaning that whatever it was had to be atleast 9 ft tall or floating...

That's all that I can really recall of it, it's giving me the chills just thinking about it again...
The apartment complex I used to live in had a history of bad shit happening. One of the neighbors that used to live above was shot himself in the head back in the 80's while a little girl was murdered in the apartment we moved into (lucky us). So we had a lot of strange shit happen, but I'll post two for now.

>be me, 14 years old
>suffered from awful sleep patterns so I was lying awake one night in bed
>start to finally doze off
>suddenly I'm fucking frozen
>can't move body my AT ALL, can't even speak
>dart my eyes all around my room in a panic
>look ahead and suddenly forgot how to breathe
>shit bricks like never before
>there are 3 VERY LARGE shadow figures at the edge of my bed
>the first was looking straight at me, as if observing me
>the second one was whispering to the first one
>the third one was pacing back and forth wildly as if in a frenzy and a panic
>what the fuck, what the fuck
>know for a fact I'm not dreaming, I'm very much still awake
>tears start welling up in my eyes, I'm fucking scared and can't call for help and terrified I'm going to die
>suddenly pass out
>wake up the next morning
>don't talk to anyone for the whole day


>fast forward, I'm now 16
>grandma who I've known my whole life and lived with us died of liver cancer
>alcoholism runs in my family which contributed to the cause of her death
>very upset, days of endless crying
>day after her funeral
>lie awake in bed until I start to fall asleep again
>all of a sudden this BRIGHT, and I'm talking BLINDING, light shines at my doorway
>I try to see what the fuck it is
>there's a figure of a woman I can just barely make out standing there, engulfed by this light
>black out
>get up the next morning and for some reason everything felt lighter? As if a weight was lifted but I couldn't, and still can't, explain it

Nothing spoopy or creepy ever happened in the house after that.

I forgot to add because maximum character limit, but I'm 23 now and still have a sense of dread, like something followed me from that house despite the second greentext. I don't know, man.
to be honest that first one really just sounds like sleep paralysis.
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not paranormal but spooked me as a kid.

>be me about 9-10
>share bedroom with older brother
>Halloween night food coma from all that candy nigga
>have little pumpkin atop tv set I got from sauvies island
>brother blows out candle in the pumpkin we both go to bed
>wake up from cold and go to turn on heater
>mfw the candle in the pumpkin was re-lit
>i wake up my brother scared as balls
>he throws is outside(we live in portland so its always raining)
i look back on it now and he probably didn't blow hard enough for it to completely die.
i got more, if thread isn't dead
Not really paranormal, but here we go.

>Be me
>7 years old
>Wake up covered in my own blood and vomit
>Parents enter

We ended up going to the insta-care to get checked out. The only thing the doctors could think of was that I had vomited so hard that I had ruptured a blood vessel in my nose, while I slept. Got to skip the first few hours of school so 7/10. Would do again.
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Not sure if it was paranormal, but it spooped the hell out of me.

>be me
>be 16
>live in a town in Ireland
>fairly rural
>spent childhood and teen years hanging out in neighbouring woods and farms with friends
>had a usual spot down by the river where we'd drink and fish
>walking home one night with friend and see light in the distance

The owner of this farm was a crazy dude who used to shoot at people who'd simply run through his farm. My friend and I thought it was him..

>we hit the deck
>can see the light moving side to side slowly but deliberately
>must've waited 10 minutes before getting sick of it
>decide to sneak close to the three line
>light moves as though it has noticed us
>light slowly moves towards us

In Ireland at any time of year, out in the countryside it's actually bright as shit when the moon's out because there's hardly any pollution so it's easy to see fairly large distances even in the night.

>light moves slowly towards us
>almost ethereal in movement
>start to get kind of spooped
>figure the farmer would've shouted or gave us a warning by now
>light is about 50 feet away and I can see nothing in the vicinity of the light
>figured I was going blind
>eyes adjust and notice that's it not acting like a light
>it's clearly radiating light within itself to be visible, but it does not project any light around it
>like it's a singular object made of light separate to the environment around it
>it continues to slowly move towards us
>panic sets in and we leg it into the woods to take the long way home

I wish I knew what it was. I had a really clearly look at it and it definitely was not attached to anything. It moved independently and reacted to our movements in an observant manner. For several weeks after that, we would see the "light" slowly moving up and down the field towards it's entrance at the other side. As though it knew when we were around and was watching us or something. Really fucked with my head for a while.
Sorry if this is difficult to read. Never greentext before...
More exciting tales like the time you tried to blow out a candle but it didn't go out? Oh boy!

Gayest thread ever. The storys suck and these reincarnated hitlerfags bore me as hell.
Willow the wisp? Or are those only Scottish things?
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