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What about many testimonies involving Owls and Greys.
They discuss this subject in the last Mysterious Universe podcast.
I remember seing a movie about it.

If aylmaos manipulates our memories to appear as owl, what shape do they take when you are in a country where owls aren't there?
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Owls are everything
From Mothman to Greys.
All Owls.
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Owls are cute :3
there is a Huge Great grey owl family near my house
They don't bother in places where people wouldn't know what they are anyway.
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why aul?

The only flying creature that has forward facing eyes...

Hail Moloch I guess...
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Flying creature =/= all birds.

Bats are almost fully forward...

...not quite!
An owl predicted my grandmother's death, story incoming
One owl, gedouddatown, two owls?, now you're talkin'
Owls always seem to have a mystical representation, unlike most birds. i wonder where that started?
I remember the fourth kind too
Dude didn't share :-/
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>be 16
>maternal grandmother is on hospice, day 12
>be out with my older brother getting frozen yogurt or some shit
>Tuesday night
>we're staying in touch with our mom regarding when we'd be home etc
>around 9 my mom sends us a picture of an owl that landed on the ground under our patio
>just staring in the window
>pic related, that's the old crappy quality picture my mom took and sent us
>brother and I get home, we all go to sleep
>Wednesday morning, woken up at 3am by my dad
>he brings my half asleep brother in my room
>tells us that grandma died a few minutes prior
>we sit in silence for a few seconds, I lay back down and my brother and dad leave the room
>go back to sleep

The next day I wake up to this spook conspiracy:
Never seen an owl in real life, I presume?

Certainly you've never seen a flock of crows chase one through the forest while screaming at the top of their lungs
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>my mom tells me to read something
>it's a wikipedia article about owl mythology
>pic related is the same article, its been updated and edited a little though
>still essentially the same as the article she showed me years ago

Here's le spooky part

My mom's side of the family is Mexican, and I mean like the more native kind of Mexican

My grandmother, the one from the story, was always ridiculously superstitious, it only makes sense that a fucking Mexican death messenger would visit us the night she died
I had a great horned owl kickig back in my front yard all last month. Those things are huge, like 2ft tall. Entrance to my house is dark at night except for a single streetlight that shines on a post, and that's where the owl would hang out every night. Creepy as hell the nights I pulled into my driveway at like 2am. After the first few nights, I got used to seeing it and now that it's left (like on the fjrstbkf the year) I kind of miss my owlbro. Nothing bad happened before, during, or after its stay, and I bet he was eating all the mice and annoying pests.
My old job used to be at a Raptor Rehabilitation center, and most of our birds we hospitalized were owls.

I never really got the superstitions around them, they have about as much basis as being frightened of a cockroach imo.

Their talons are sharper than a golden eagle's. And longer. We had a Great Grey Owl that actually pierced a coworker's protective gloves.

Something like that...

...the truth is your grandmother spawned in the empty carcass of an owl that was prepared nearby for her to visit you.

Like God elevates Michael... I elevate Moloch.
Not in the wild, no. But, what do you think it is about owls in particular?
Gave me weird chills reading this. I want more magic in my life. City life can suck you guys.
This owl thing happened in suburban Florida though, not out on the woods or anything. I'm probably like a few minutes drive from "the city", but I've got neighbors with horses and see cattle and stuff all over. For all the development in FL, you can still find a lot of country in the middle of the city here. It's pretty comfy.
I posted this a week ago, but here I go again, it's relevant as fuck.

>Earliest childhood memory, 4 years old
>Travelling in southern Brazil
>Visiting Grandfather
>He lives on the 7th floor of an apartent building
>I stay alone in the living room, parents get the guest room
>Have my first remembered case of insomnia, can't sleep
>Not that late, but everyone else is already asleep
>Have this uncontrollable urge to stare outside the living room window
>Do so, and I see an owl perched on the balcony in neighboring apartment building
>I stare at the owl for a while, I feel uneasy as fuck, it looks like the one in OP's picture
>Stay there for what seems to be a couple of minutes
>Mom shows up, she starts yelling at me, saying I shouldn't have stood up all night
>MFW it's daytime already, and the owl is gone
>We don't have this kind of owl in Brazil, only the burrowing ones

Later on in life I read about alien abductions and now I feel spooped out of my mind when I think about this.
Easy to answer, there is no place on earth besides Antarctica that owls cannot be found.
Then the only say to avoid the ayy lmaos is to go to Antarctica
You should try hypnosis. Maybe it was not an owl!
looks like someone's never watched The Thing
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I don't have any stories, I just love owls. <3

I had a friend of native decent that was absolutely terrified of owls.
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