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True Ghost Experience (not my picture)
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True Ghost Experience (not my picture)
My True Ghost Experience.

Sooo, awhile back I was at my girlfriends apartment (girlfriend at the time). She lived on the other side of town, and every night I took back roads to get home so I can listen to music a little longer. The road I mainly drove down every night was a long dark road, with a street light every 50 feet. This road had no houses, no trees, nothing, just fields on both sides.
I was driving home at around 2:30 am listening to music, like all the past nights. The song I was listening to came to an end, and I reached down to grab my phone to put a new song on.
At this time I looked down for a second to grab my phone, and when I looked up, a girl ran in front of my car, from right to left. When I looked up and saw her I slammed on my breaks, slammed so hard that my car screeched and the motion of my car stopping made my head jerk downward. I immediately lifted my head up out of panic to see if she was still there or still running past, but she was gone. I got out of my car and looked around. She was nowhere to be seen. She wasn't in the fields around, she literally disappeared. I didn't hit her, I was able to stop my car before coming in contact, and I would of heard and felt it if I did hit her. To this day, I don't know what I saw, but I know it was a girl with dark hair and white clothing. I didn't see her face in the incident because it happened all to quick. I still take that road when I go on late night drives, but I drive slower and keep my eyes glued to the surroundings to hopefully see her again.
I'd like to add that I would love for anyone to share they're stories please. I'd really like to hear other experiences that people have had!
Bumping, that's a spooky story op. I'll type up a similar story from when I was a teenager but there's no ghost involved, some other kind of spook
Would love to hear it
>one summer, with a bunch of friends chilling smoking pot on a friends porch at like 1 in the morning
>super chill, just three of us talking
>smoking a little bit of weed, nothing to write home about
>in the middle of a conversation when literally all three of us just talking at the same time,
>no interaction between the three of us, no glances, no talking to one another
>feel just, utter cold
>literally colder than cold, slowly moves down the street towards our direction
>the three of us immediately, independetly from the other just run down the street
>no screaming, not talking just running like our lives depended on it
>no one can understand why

literally never been more terrified in my life
>be driving home, enjoying music and leisurely drive
>decide to take a longer way home
>go through a more forested area
>also an older part of town
>drive by country club and a bunch of nice ass houses
>houses are all ~100 years old
>have brights on because its late and no one else is on the road anyway
>driving on a straight away, notice coyote/fox/idk
>it's super white, almost blinding with my lights on it
>eyes are staring at me, glowing a yellowish color
>a little startled but wildlife isn't uncommon in this area
>continue driving for 20 maybe 30 seconds
>check mirror
>that fucking creature hasn't shrunk in size at all
>as in it hasn't gotten any further away
>start thinking am I a fucking idiot or are things supposed to get smaller when you get further away from them
>maybe the mirror is messing up my perspective
>either way, somehow, that thing appeared to be the same size it was when I was directly next to it seconds before
>I was driving pretty fast too
>I'm not gonna work out the damn math but in those 30ish seconds I should have been a good distance away from where I was previously
>maybe that thing fucking chased after me idk, but it's back was facing me as I looked in my mirror
>the whole time it was in that weird hunched position that scary black cats are always stereotypically drawn in
>drove the rest of the way home confused

Its kinda silly now that I wrote it out but I always remember that story when I think of spooky occurrences while driving

I remember another thing that happened in that same area, will add
Did you talk about it after ward? That sounds freaky as hell
I got chills reading that, that's so twisted and bizzar!
I'll for sure be thinking of this one next time I'm out driving at night and see an animal

Thanks guys for sharing. Love hearing these!
I saw a shadow person once. It was at 1 am or something but it was south of a highschool about 500 yards and it was almost totally dark outside. The entity had a crooked stature and as soon as my friend and I laid eyes on it, it disappeared like a cape. The crooked stature and blackness of the overall being prompted me to believe it was completely evil.
I had something very similar to that happen to me to, it was in my old house though!
Australian here- I was driving from adelaide to brisbane (about 2200km/ 1500 miles I think), about halfway found the roads were flooded and had to stop. Decided to spend the night by the side of the road to wait for the water to go down.

After about an hour of sitting there trying to sleep I looked over into the field and saw a guy just standing there, I freaked out a little but then thought- just a scarecrow. Another hour went by I looked into the field again and it looked like the scarecrow had gotten closer, I got nervous and shone my torch at it, as soon as I did that the scarecrow/ guy started running at my car.
I started the car a drove as fast as I could through the water while shitting myself
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3 MB, 1845x829
Other story

>driving in that same area
>going up this hill, kind of like a switch back
>stupidly curvy and almost overgrown with hedges and vines
>as I drive up it I notice my windshield is getting all fogged up
>I'm a teenager remember, new driver
>take a while to remember what my dad told me to do when that happens
>turn ac to mid range and blast fan
>windshield not clearing up
>try every combination of temperature, fan speed, cycling air or not cycling air, nothing is working
>get frustrated and use my hand to wipe a little box into the condensation so I have something to look through
>continue driving, slowly because this windshield is a problem
>notice what looked like a homeless man crouching on the curb
>that's odd, these rich people are usually pretty good at keeping the homeless out of this neighborhood
>the little box I cleared up is beginning to fill in with condensation again
>I drive almost blind a few more yards to a stop sign
>I lean forward and take a swipe at my windshield, I'm not even gonna fuck with the ac this time
>none of the fog is wiped off
>I keep wiping the glass, the fog is all still there
>it's on the fucking outside of the glass nos
>roll down window, frigid air rushes in the car
>stretch hand around, wipe glass with my finger
>can see the spot where I removed the condensation, the fog is indeed on the outside now
>unsure of what to do I drove the rest of the way home struggling to see

Not exactly scary but it was weird to me. Idk how relevant that "homeless guy" could have been to the ghostly fog
Forgot to mention, pic related is that curvy switchback hill
I had something very similar to that happen to me to, it was in my old house though!

Meant to reply to you with this. I'm still new to 4chan
Nightmare fuel right there
Yep to make matters worse I had watched the movie wolf creek about 2 days before so that didn't help either
Seems like that area has some ghostly coldness in it. With you and your friends feeling cold, and now the strange fog.
Ahahaha. Such a perfect combination
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Thread images: 2
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