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/x/ appreciation thread
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>What's your favorite /x/ related thing?
>Anything from pastas to pictures
lookin for inspiration and stuff
/co/mrade here, I've written a comic about
/x/ related stuff./x/ has been one of my favorite boards since the
start and I hate how dead it can be sometimes.
For the comic I've taken a lot of inspiration from
the stuff I've seen posted here and I was wondering if anyone one of you would
be interested in reading something like that.
I've already written a large amount of stuff and done a large amount
of roughs and storyboards
I was wondering if there was anything you'd like to see.
>enough with the shilling. Let's get this thread going.
op here
forgot to mention I'm a girl
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thanks for the reminder I almost forgot.
Write a comedy.
The joke would revolve about your ONE REP MAXES LOL FUCKING REKTTTT
>What's your favorite /x/ related thing?

UrbanEx are the best threads on /x/ in my opinion
Sadly though telling each other they're stupid seem to be /x/'s favorite topic anymore :(
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I plan on it being illustrated pastas with a narrator or /x/ images with a bit of story.
Most of the stuff will be comedy, but only near the end.
Also not entrely sure what
Sorry it's a /fit/ meme and l'm an a 8year old kid.

Please illustrate the story where the /fit/ dudebro punches holes in his wall to scare the spirits, that one was great
My favorite thing /x/ related nust be learning about magicks, dimensions and time
And it would be interesting seeing some of your material.
Do you have a name or something we can call you?
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funnily enough, I read that for the first time not to long ago and thought it was great
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demon doodle.jpg
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Well I normally go by brokeass drawfag in drawthreads but haven't done much in a while. I can post some stuff as the thread progresses. Most of It is rough drafts and sketches.
UrbanEx threads are very interesting

ARG's and regular creepy stories are what I come here often. Also that UFO world invasion in 2006(?)
Ok, so i'll refer to you as Beedy
Some of those crazy expressions remind me of some Junji Ito tales
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I will definitely add that to the list of stories that I will illustrate.
There's a lot of lore and what not for the stuff I've written so far.
I'm separating it up into three categories: Short stories based off of images, more comedic/4chan referenced stories, and just solo images/animations. Along with that I've also got a protagonist/narrator based off of /x/-tan
I've got a lot of variety, but I definitley need more ayy/alien stuff.
Beedy is fine
Thanks Itou and unomoralez have been big inspirations of mine.
I wish I was more prepared. I wasn't expecting any responses.
Welcome to /x/, when suddenly my faggot thread about before and after had 300 replies, while my serious threads die with just 15
Welcome to /x/, when suddenly my faggot thread about before and after had 300 replies, while my serious threads die with just 15
Not implying this thread is shit like mine, just saying /x/ is weird nowadays
Well, fuck my cellphone
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That's my greatest dissapointment with /x/ nowadays. It can be good at times but for the most part it's the same old 'how to summon succubus/incubus' threads with 410 replies and actual discussion threads get nada. I just want a little bit more life and variety on /x/ every now and then. That's the main goal of me making this comic.
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I'm pretty proud of some of these rough drafts.
Cool, i'll be back tomorrow to see what you posted here, i'm interested to see where this goes
I'll use my trip for now on
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I'm glad there a re people that still care.
If any other ideas or suggesting come feel free to throw some stuff my way. I've got plenty of stuff but contributions are appreciated.
> /x/ nowadays. It can be good at times but for the most part it's the same old 'how to summon succubus/incubus' threads

What's sad is I can go to /b/ or /pol/ and on the front page see something I've not read before, I can go thru the entire /x/ catalog and see the same old pictures and topics over and over and over again... fuck, try to find an image thread without that picture of kids hung on the edge of their beds or that one image from "Begotten"
Movies mostly and aesthetic inspiration I guess

I have super existential feels when it comes to death so it's cool to interact with this type of community
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Yeah it's kinda sad. A lot of the short stories reference old /x/ stuff but I plan on inspiring more activity and content on /x/.
Any recommendations for some good movies. I really like the community associated with /x/.
>Old design for protagonist/narrator.
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Despite being a creepy series there's a lot of comedy/4chan related stuff. I'm trying to not be over-bearing with it so that it can be considered scary still if you're not familiar with 4chanor/x/.
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for example theres the character 'bait master' from a short story. To the right there are the characters from the image 'where are we'
This rough a a short story is based off of an old /x/ image of a couple of people in the middle of a field with a weird pointy hat thing. It's creeped me out for years.
Not him, but I recently watched Lake Mungo. It's a mockumentary type film about a girl who drowned in a lake then freaky shit starts happening. Don't wanna give away too much because the ending is the scariest part, I'd recommend it
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forgot image
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Thanks. I'll give it a look when I get the chance.
This second picture is a follow up. His hat says top kek and I try to keep jokes like this subtle so the series can actually double as something spooky if you're not familiar with the stuff.
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The protagonist is based off of /x/-tan with a few a details added. Well call them x-tan prime for now. X-tan prime is an observer of paranormal activities in the universe. XTP is mainly just a narrator/filler character to over-see and tie together the stories.
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There are a lot of parallels between 4chan and the setting of the series. The story takes place inside a hotel that you check into but are not allowed to leave (youre here forever). XTP is a sorta altered version of /x/-tan. Along with thatb shes and ayy to reflect the change in /x/ ver the last couple of years from actual/x/ discussion to memes/shitposting.
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>The story takes place inside a hotel that you check into but are not allowed to leave (youre here forever).

What is the Hotel California?
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I really wanted to word that differently when I had first came up with it, but it kinda worked. That and I found the song extremely creepy when it was a kid. It's one of my favorites nowadays.
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Old rough and design from when I first started. there is also a bellhop that helps out the narrator/points in the right direction during filler parts.(lurk moar) Based off of 'the Giant' from twin peaks because that is what i was watching when I designed him. I'm going to try and keep the 4chan related stuff subtle so that it can still be an enjoyable experience. Anyway all suggestions will be acknowledged and used. Thanks for the support and stuff. I'm gonna go look for some old roughs and take care of some stuff. Be back at another time and thank you all again.
>Bait master


Yeah Lake Mungo is really nice and subtle. It's one of my favorites. If you're into Found Footage, um...

There's the Tunnel, which I thought was really good. Banshee Chapter has been circulating around here as well and that other one, Borderlands. [REC] is really good if you can handle subtitles

On the subject of subtitles, Let The Right One In, The Devil's Backbone, The Orphanage, Martyrs (Martyrs is especially good)

There's some good japanese horror but it's kind of hit or miss.
I would like to see some reference to marble hornets and scp, the classics of /x/
Marble Hornets is one of m oldest /x/ related memories. I still have to watch the last set of episodes. I could definitely do an entire scp arc.
Marble Hornets is the only slender-man relatd thing that didn't become anoying or cringy after a while
definitley just gotta think of a story without copying the series or anything
maybe something slike a smple reference
like maybe a character that coughs when danger/trouble is near and suddenly they start pitching a coughing fit around one of the characters
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>like maybe a character that coughs when danger/trouble is near

[ pic related ]
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Yeah the character could be mute or something
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fucked it up
File: xx17.jpg (88 KB, 994x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gotta work on small details and cleanup

Furries are getting weirder and weirder every day
I don't think theres a cap on how weird furries can get
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Like a tale where someone needs to film things and start to see weird stuff in the taps, but then the tale becomes totally other thing, something like that
maybe the character is some kid going through some of their deceased friends old tapes and they think the coughing is from dust in the attic. Then the next day they keep coughing as they're outside doing something.
yeah, but use that only as a start of a tale, then go tell something original or keep with references. Maybe do a whole tale about internet series or found footage flicks/series
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makes me think of a creepy pasta where if you used this proxy based in Alaska youd be taken by some guy. so I could go with something like that and put a bit of a twist on it to make it something different.
awesome, so, where are you thinking of posting the comics? You know, besides here
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I figured I'd make a tumblr or use my current one, I just haven't used it in ages. I also had a friend who has been talking about making a website for his art/comics and he wanted to share it with a few other guys but I don't know when that will happen so I'll probably just make a tumblr for it. Got any places for suggestions?
Look, using tumblr for 4chan reasons will get you a bad rep for sure, so i would reccomend a blog or deviantart, but blog is the first option. It just gives a more professinal look if your blog is well made and unique. But there is always deviantart if you want something easier
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tumblr is pretty good; there are even themes specifically tailored for posting webcomics, and the reblog system helps with publicity.

on a side note; are drawthreads a thing that people do on /x/? i want to practice inking and draw some critters/creepy babes but i don't want to be force for evil
I've seen some drawthreads but they are really rare, and usually die because most of /x/ users are 13 year olds who just want to rp or see creepy images. But you can try to do one, just bump every so often
and also, i'm digging the pixelated, it feels gameboy-ish and i like it
I figured using tumblr for 4chan related stuff would be rough/counter productive. But I can figure it out. I haven't used DA in ages because I never really liked the community to much but I'm open to all venues. Yeah just practicing with the pixel art. If I don't like the way it works I'll just stick to improving my ink work, but I like it so far.
I rarely see drawthreads here, but for monsters and e\scales you could try /tg/. I don't really visit there but their drawthreads are apparently full of stuff like that. BTW do you have the source if that I really like it.
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oh, thanks! it's actually something off of my own blog http://cherrvak.tumblr.com

and if you're worried about tumblr's culture, you don't really have to. the more political people generally stick tot their own kind and most tumblr users are neutral towards 4chan.
I was hoping so. Really great stuff!
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