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AP attempt
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So I posted this in a another thread, but I fell like this is worth posting again, because it's been nagging at me for some time now.

So something weird happened while is was trying to AP. I've been trying to AP for a few months, and I've gotten pretty close to leaving my body.
However, last night I was just crossing into the point where you get the face itch, and for some reason I could feel a sensation in forehead, where the third eye is located. It felt like my third eye was opening up, like something was pouring out of it. This feeling was intermingled by things flashing before my eyes. I can't remember what I saw, but I could see imaged flashing before my eyes. If I focused on them too much, they would go away, but when I relaxed I could see them as clear as day. Anyone know what this could have been?
And no I wasn't asleep, I was completely conscious of what I was doing and aware of the fact that I was lying in bed trying to AP.
self bump
one last self bump
probably your third eye opening
I think you're right. If I could draw what it felt like was happening, I'd draw a door opening on my forehead and energy pouring out. But what I don't understand it what exactly does my third eye opening entail?
dont worry about that shit. listen closely. there is a whole bunch of bullshit. so much hippie crap that it makes your mind spin. most of this is bullshit because people wanna be peaceful and stick incense in their ass while meditating or something. you will be able to weed out whats important, and what's new age gibberish.

here are the truths i've figured out:
>7 chakras
>red is physical, has to do with luck and health, yknow material shit
>orange is sex and creativity. the creativity is a non stop spiral that you were never meant to follow, just to enjoy. kind of like looking at art and finding shitloads of meaning where there is none.
>yellow is your will. kinda like your gut feeling. this is so you can stop running in all these circles in your head and do what you want to do. if you don't wanna follow hippie garbage, then its your own will.
>heart is feeling. its in the middle so you can feel the other chakras, and encompasses feeling energy and shit. e.g. orgasm. you feel orange energy.
>blue is communication and manifestation. you use this kinda like a paintbrush for reality and stuff. mix red with blue energy and you can manifest shit like money and all that.
>third eye is purple. it encompasses seeing. helps with visualizing shit, and is also the window to the soul.
>and finally the white one at the tippy top. that shit is just bliss. not no next ass shit like connection to god or spirits or whatever, no. just pure bliss, unadulterated. like a line of cocaine.
>can't stop saying shit
Yeah here's someone you should listen to. One hundred percent.
now. all this shit is controlled by your imagination. yes i know sounds like some schizo shit, but no. you dont need to have sigils or draw a pentagram and summon demonic entities or whatever. theres a reason all these chakras have colors, and thats to seperate them in your mind, so you can visualize the energy as a color. now, as it is your imagination, you can do anything you want with those colors. make a sword, basketball whatever idgaf. you just imagine energy coming out of the places where you see them on those chakra charts and match up the color and there you go. try to really feel it yknow, make it real vivid in your mind and try to feel it physically. practice makes perfect.

Remember how i said you dont need sigils or whatever, well ye. ill give you my methods for using energy to do shit, with examples.

Influence over human emotion, just one of the many possible uses. lets say you found a fly ass honey and you are like, "damn nigga, i wanna get my dick wet senpai-OP". but you aint even talk to her yet. well, good news faggot, you can influence her thoughts before even talking to her. i would, in this situation, mix up my orange, green and white energies in my head into one big ball, or maybe a laser. maybe throw in some purple energy and visualize some sexy shit, like me eating her out (kinda like how you said it was pouring out of you and you could visualize while you were relaxed, well yeah, thats how energy has thought. like a liquid that holds information.). then, as that ball is in my hand, ill just visualize it going into her. it also helps to focus your lasers into certain chakras on her, like as soon as i shoot those thoughts into her, then i shoot some orange and white lasers into her orange centre, also known as the dusty vajin. keep at this, and soon you may notice her getting into you, admiring you more every day, even though you haven't gone past casual convo. you can also do this while talking to her, during sex whatever. no limits
>literally just list the chakras
>o shit, my attention span sucks ass
>OP is fag

read a book you degenerate.
Not OP, but being incapable of writing a paragraph without swearing is a definitive sign of someone who is completely lacking in intelligence.
now, hopefully that dusty vajin energy fuckery has more or less given you an example. over time, you will get more adept and mixing and using energy for a variety of things (getting promotions, increasing your luck with money, work productivity, having a good time etc. the only limit is what your mind says is the limit)

All of these hippies say "love and peace brah" while drinking the cocoa latte frappachino facial harvested by african child slaves. truly though, there are no absolute evils or goods in the world, everything is neutral including energy. only when you think something is evil, then the negative energy is there. masochists like pain, so thats good energy to them, but you take it in as bad. you can dump negative energy through visualization too, all your choice. even child murderers are not absolute evils, but they are pretty fucking deplorable to you, so try to balance yourself, or you might go off the rails and fuck shit up for yourself. great power responsibility blah blah.

here are some hacks:
alcohol increases the energy in your red chakra
weed can help you with feeling or the heart
keeping a healthy body also helps with red
chakras are like unlimited pools of energy in you, in the form of a ball in the chakra centres with a ring around it. spin this ring faster and faster in your mind to produce more energy.

anyways im getting tired of typing. any questions, inquire at my throwaway 4changodthreaddude@gmail.com
ill try my best to keep the hippie shit to a minimum.
this is 4chan, not a study group.
doesn't mean i can't write a paragraph without swearing. doesn't mean i will while on here either.

also pretty sure not being able to read a few paragraphs doesn't help showcase intellect either. so before we get into some sort of retarded pissing match where we both insult each others intelligence like a bunch of atheist neckbeards, how about you fuck off.
>this is 4chan, not a study group.
Just saying that it's hard to take you seriously if you can't stop swearing. If you have to consciously prevent yourself from swearing in your normal writing, then it's pretty clear that you're not very smart to begin with. If someone wants to read what you're writing and take it seriously, then that's on them, but once again you sound very very unintelligent.
You lose the ability to lie to yourself. You're making fine progress.
This kind of shit is not real, but your pineal gland and its production of DMT could make it real but only for you.

I'm an atheist and I want to check this ''pineal gland'' thingy out and if it's actually works. I'm currently became a vegan (well still eating some shit) and drinking water without fluoride just so I could see those other dimensions while purifying myself. I bet my brain will represent them as aliens if the pineal gland activation is only for things that are like that or for viewing above humans.

I doing it for a research, to active my ''third eye'' would take something like 20 years. And I don't care if it's a waste of time, I need to check it
Oh shut the fuck up, you stupid, supercilious fucking faggot. Idiot.
Not OP, but this post is a definitive sign of someone who's a huge fan of the D.
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Good! Now all you have to do is meditate on your pineal gland and consult Eris.
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