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Nope thread
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Plain old nope thread? I think so.
I'll start.
>in college
>gf lives in the creepy dorm on campus
>one of 2 ground floor rooms of a 13 story tower
>getting frisky a lil, Friday night after drinking a little
>hear these batshit crazy banging noises on her wall
>we both .wat.PNG in that direction
>"you heard that right Anon?"
>"yeah, what the hell was it thought?"
>peak out of her room like a little pussy barely having my head out of the door
>neighbors room is across the hall, no way it was them
>only thing near the wall was a door that every tower had but no one I knew ever saw it opened
>hear door knob start rattling
>close the door harder and louder than a sonic boom
>"anon what was it?"
>"I don't know, it's behind the old maintenance door"
>gf is too scared to get frisky that night
>hear sporadic banging from same direction rest of night

And that's the story of how I got cockblocked by a ghost
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bump...sorry no spoopy poon
>just moved out of parents house
>sleep across from computer screen
>office chair is facing computer
>wake up
>someone is sitting in the chair facing the computer
>door locked roommate not home
>NOPE my way to sleep
>wake up later
>noone sitting in chair
>relief until I realize chair is turned towards me now
> turn every light on
> watch spongebob
Next story
Just FYI I live in Washington state
>new years eve
>chilling and drinking in the woods at my friends cabin, 4 guys + me
>shooting shit and fireworks, bonfire, beer, general cabin shit
>random ass dog runs out of woods and up to us
dog was chill as fuck, we grill him a burger patty with some bacon and set him up with a bed in the cabin because it was like 20 degrees out and he wouldn't go home
>just chilling, dog isn't scared of the guns or fireworks, weird
>suddenly dog runs off into woods and comes back with a shoe
>wut lol
>just swinging this shoe like a fucking windmill
>drops it at my feet
>"wanna fetch? Alright"
>as I pick up shoe I notice something weird
>shit ton of blood inside the shoe
>drop the thing and scream like the little girl I know I am
>dog suddenly looks in the direction he grabbed the shoe from
>nopes out and claws at the cabin door
>we hear some shit out in that direction, could have been the wind but I was having some bad feelings from that way
>we hunker down in the cabin
>dog is anxious as fuck but better than outside
>cabin has a window facing the bonfire
>huge as fuck shadow passes over window
>dog freaking out now
>we all lock down in the room with no windows and try to sleep
>swear to shit I heard some weird ass growling all night
>morning and we all decided to fuck off even though we planned to stay another day
>as we clean up we see weird ass footprints outside
>like a dogs but gigantic
>like a dog the size of a bear
> but it isn't walking on 4 legs, looks like the tracks were made by something bipedal
>we pack up fast as shit
>dog still hasn't left for home
>I decided that he wasn't gonna stay here
>take him home and make him comfortable while I try to find owner
>he has a microchip
>owners were a married couple
>husband had been missing for weeks when he went hiking near where the cabin was with the dog
>>say wut
>police find a body out a mile from the cabin
>shoe dog had grabbed was his owners
>ask my friend about it a year later
>he sold that cabin and has never looked back, confirms everything that I thought was just the booze
>I almost got mauled by some crazy hocus pocus that night if not for that dog freaking out

Kinda wish I kept the dog, he was chill as fuck

spooky bump
Alright same gf from first post
>living together apartments near college
>pretty chill, living with her is nice and not really arguing or fighting, pretty cool
>old as fuck apartments tho
>probably built in 1200 BC on a native burial ground
>weird shit always happening, water turning on, lights turning off, shit moving around, general asshole ghost shit
>asshole even moves my keys from kitchen counter to coffee table like what a dick
>we would joke about it all the time, calling the ghost a douche and shit
>didn't really belief all of it, but still funny
>one day we hear this giant bang from living room
>we go out there to see a vase floating 4 feet off the ground
>gf gasps, vase flies and hits the wall next to the wall beside our heads
>just try to get some sleep, weird noises coming from living room all night
>move units the next weekend
>leave building ASAP into apartments not 1009 years old
>we still talk about it sometimes
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>be 17
>sister moves out
>immediately claim her room
>master bedroom, Pink walls, dgaf
>move my battlestation downstairs, custom built pc
>heavy as fuck, bitch to set up
>chillin one night with my cat, door is open
>cat is walking out of bathroom he freezes
>cat slowly turns around all his hair immediately stands up
>Cat hisses, freaks the fuck out and bails
>Door closes behind cat
>computer no heavy no more
This is from when I was younger, parents house in the middle of the woods. Shit you not 20 acres of woods around us at the edge of suburbia.
>parents traveling for business, sister at friends house
>me and a homie chilling, video games and shit
>hear knock on the door
>"who the fuck would come out here at 9pm? It's pitch black out"
>open door, weird package
>the fuck is this shit
>addressed to me, guess I'd better open it
>open the fucking thing, inside is a bloody knife in a plastic bag
>um what??
>homie and I lock down the whole house, creepy as fuck feeling all night
>call parents and they tell us to call the cops
>hear someone running around outside trying doorknobs and windows and shit
>call cops and tell them, they say it'll be 20 minutes
>"this guy is trying to get in know tho"
>the next 20 minutes we just hear random bangs and jiggling of doorknobs
>sometimes hear multiple places around the house being messed with, must have been 2+ people
>headlights of salvation, long ass driveway and all noises stop
>cops walk around the house, noting there but house is pretty marked up
>give them knife, cop drives us to homies house
>homies house is a fucking foretress with a gun loving family, feel safe as fuck
>go home when parents get back
>window is broken and shit is torn up in the house, nothing missing though
>another bloody knife is in the room homie and I were in that night
>we move a week later.
Fuck that house

chris rock, no
on mobile so forgive me for any mistakes
>browsing /x/ like the loser i am
>knockknock.jpg from the balconyy door
>thinking it was from the door to my room "come in?"
>mfw wrong door
>realize, process
>what the fuck
>walk out to balcony
>rumbling in the bushes directly underneath
>cue a spit off the balcony
>nice aim anon
>shuffling stops
This was how the first time went down p sure i thought it was my lil bro playing a prank. Been hearing a lot of knocking lately, (not house-settling, repeating knocks) also been having nightmares about the places i typically hear them in the house, not sure if stress or warning
Where in Washington State bruv?
I live in a valley so 3/4th of the year i live in spooky Silent Hill town
a maintenance worker booo
the dog was trying to inform you
I'm not that anon, but I too am from WA, and I live in a canyon. I feel ya, dude.

I'm about 14 miles through a canyon that leads out to the Columbia.
same girlfriend from the first post
Bears can walk on two legs fyi. Hiker probably got mauled.
There's a periodic knocking from the trunk of my car, always 3 short knocks right in a row. It used to kind of freak me out but I just ignore it now.
Not the op. I shared your thought but the difference between dog prints and a bears hind legs is just too different. The weight of the two along would significantly show in the depth of the print. Even a bear sized dog, as said by op, would weigh less than the massy wild bear. Definitely worth speculation though there is so little evidence besides one persons recounting.

Still, crazy shit.
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I'd never wanna live anywhere else though
>Its Friday night
>the moon is right
>gonna have some fun
>show you how its done
>Steve busts through the door
>I drop my doughnut and have a heart attack.
I moved from Las Vegas. Everyone here is always questioning me as to why I left...

People don't understand what they have here. WA is such an amazing state.
>Be night outside
>feeling hungry
>go to store a few blocks down the street
>enter store
>gather shit i need
>go to register
>didnt notice who was working there
>its a girl
>drop the items i had in my arms and nope the fuck outta there
I don't get it. Was there a ghost in your mac?

Lived there for 13 years. Seattle.

>live on 3rd floor apartment by my self
>no pets
>hear something outside on the deck
>sounds like foot steps, tapping and something dragging on the ground
>literally happening right now

Well, it was good posting with you guys.
It can only kill you if you're afraid of it.

Balls up and go fight it.
pics or its right behind you
>who's shitting himself under the bed?
>Anon Squarepants xD
You from WSU? Sounds like Stephenson here.
sweet krampus
Fuck man that's nuts. Least you guys were armed.
>be me
>chillin at home one day, pretty early, family is all home
>walking up the stairs
>all of a sudden hear the loudest fucking bang
>swear on my life it sounded like thunder
>run to dad's room asking if he heard anything
>wtf are you talking about anon
>be in highschool. Sophomore year
>In class doing worksheet
>Loudest scream of terror and pain I ever heard comes out if intercom.
>Bolt up wide eyed staring at intercom.
>be only one in class who heard it

Not sure which is scarier. It begin real, or the Idea that I hallucinated that vividly at random.
I fucking love guns
well, there's your problem.
>be a security guard at a hospital in town
>doing normal hourly round. nothing unusual
>walking around 4th floor which is day surgeries and offices
>4th used to be a psych wars
>listening to music and I look down hallway to see figure
>get closer to tell them that floor is currently closed to visitors
>see said figure to a woman with what looked like wet black hair and empty eyes
>try to get closer to escort her out of building but she remains still
>about 5 ft away she just fucking disappears
>she just fucking disappeared
>NOPE back down to ERIN
>mfw I have to patrol that floor 6 times a night by myself

>good chilling with you guys
Get banned. Your posts contribute nothing.
I really want to believe this but what >>17251019
said. I strongly believe it is Gake and Fay
Sleep debt can do this. I can personally vouch for it because it used to happen to me at work. Not necessarily screams, but literally anything.
>been doing long distance with gf since I left for uni
>inb4 'long distance gfs always cheat' - if I didn't trust her, I wouldn't be with her (in other words I'm an idiot, but without confirmation, I don't care that I'm an idiot)
>driving to uni took 4 days, so when I went home over Christmas break, I just flew.
>flight was on Christmas Eve
>left car in airport parking lot near the exit
>distinctly remember double-checking that it was locked
>got on plane
>got off plane
>dad picked me up from airport. one of the first things he told me was that my cat died just the day before
>not /x/-related, she was older than me and had cancer. but I'm bummed about it so I'm including it.
>caught up with my dad for a bit, then went to gf's place
>watched Sound of Music with her family - their Christmas tradition, also incidentally my favourite musical on film
>everyone else went to bed, we fell asleep in eachother's arms in the basement
>wake up at 3am and her dog is going crazy upstairs
>carefully sneak out from under her and go check it out
Note to all, you only need to read the last three lines of this rambling post to pick up the story.
the part about the car was important, I'll get to that later
>get upstairs just as her dad was also walking out to check on the dog
>asks why i was still there
>said I fell asleep
>he just shrugs
>back to the dog, she's barking out the front window
>there were some deer out front, figured she was just barking at them
>something was off about them though, it looked like they were just frozen in time
>one doe starts moving her head around, but it seems like the rest of her body can't move
>see pure terror and pain in her eyes for a few seconds, then she starts bleeding out of her nose and mouth, then drops dead
>gf's dad, gf's dog, and I just watching in awe.
>even the dog had stopped barking, she was just staring like there was nothing left she could do, part confusion, part fear, part resignation
>no idea to this day why I had the gall to go outside, but I took the dog outside and had a look.
>deer carcass was already rotten and bloated, after like a minute
the words "i will always laugh" were carved into its side with a knife
>nope outta there
>asked gf's dad about the deer carcass two or three days later, he said it was gone when he woke up and he didn't want to bother freaking out his wife and daughters, so he never told them.
>flew back to current city a few days later
>as I stepped out of the airport, I saw that my car had moved to the opposite end of the parking lot
>instead of by the exit where I had left it, it was parked across the two spaces furthest from it
>doors were still locked, unlocked them and was stench-blasted by the foulest odor of all time
>pretty sure it smelled so bad I almost died. it was like a mixture of death, sulfur, and vomit
>plugged nose, squinted eyes, leaned into car
>see a note taped to the gear stick
>pull it off, get back out of car, and read it
"i will always laugh"
>noped out, called a cab
>reported incident. at least the airport gave me free parking since someone had "interfered" with my car on their watch
>a few days later I got a call saying they had reviewed their security footage. they said my car never showed up on their cameras
>i had parked it in one blind spot, and it had somehow moved diagonally across the fenced parking lot to the only other blind spot without being seen
>noped out again, sold car that same day
>the end?
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good story
keep going
whats up with this pic it fucks me up
No spoopy happenings since then
My roommates are all tough guys, I feel pretty safe where I am.
Never explained to them why I sold my car to a dealership for a quarter of what it's worth though.
I would have kept it desu.
I said to be honest by the way. Not sure why desu is filtered....
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Some carnival makeup or some shitty art
Alright anons, this happened to me something like ten years ago.

>be me
>8 years old french kid
>in french alpes, in a chalet
>be with a group of parent's coworkers children
>group from 8 to 13 years old
>mfw I'm the youngest
>in the evening we decide to hang out because parents are having a boring dinner party
>snow is everywhere, the 13 yo dude is guarding us
>it's pitch black outside, since it's 9 pm
>decide to go wander around in the old village
>only a few lights there
>come accross this weird and creepy looking bear shaped wood sculpture
>it's really slippy because of the ice
>cross the old village
>arrive at the end
>decide to go back on our steps and head back home
>walk a few steps
>hear a creepy screeching behind us
>turns back, the fucking bear sculpture is there
>behind the sculpture is a super tall black figure staring right at us
>run like hell, even 13 yo badass dude is horrified
>kinda ridiculous because we slip everywhere on ice
>about 5 mins later we stop running cause we think he followed us
>look behind
>no tall black figure anymore though
>screeching comes back
>a voice coming from behind the sculpture
>"revenez jouer"
>translates to "come play again" for you anglophones
>we nope.jpg again and decide to never go back in this part of the village
>next morning
>tell my parents about it
>"oh, anon, you just were scared by your imagination"
>I know it wasn't my imagination
>see other kids from the evening
>we all aggree to never talk about this again
>visit the old village at day light
>no bear sculpture anymore
>leave the place and eventually never come back

I still don't know what it was, guys. Any ideas?
Sounds like you were visited by a Dogman.

> Around the start of 2015
> It's past 12AM and fixing to turn in for the night
> Remember I left something in the car
> Takes flashlight and goes outside to car that's about 8-9 feet from steps.
> At side of the house is a fence with woods in the distance and high grass.
> Open car door and get thing out of the car
> About to go into house when I shine light towards the fence
> Freeze
> In tall grass, see two sets of eyes glowing watching, low to the ground
> One set of them rise up as if in a standing position
> Get back in home

Could have been a deer or coyote (lots in the area) but you never know. . .
No idea what that possibly could have been, rad story, though.
Thanks, I don't think I will ever know what it was, but still, it's actually terrifying.
Cool story, me and a friend lived quite the same thing years ago. It was in Oregon when I was 9. Same thing, a cold and dark night, and I just remember now that it was looking like a giant bear sculpture... Just a coincidence, I guess.
Wow quite amazing... I had the same adventure back in 2005 in Skive, Denmark. I can even remember the place. When I got back there, the next day, I saw big foot steps in the snow, which was like following mines... But the problem is that, I was actualy alone this night...
>I got scared so I left whoever was locked in the maintenance room to die
Nice going, asshole
One day this .png is going to blink its fucking eyes.
You were still dreaming or awake but still hallucinating.
Alright... I'm a little spooped
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Shit nigga is this maths class
He jus sleddin' nigga. Let im sled.

No dogman bullshit.

Dogs are amazing.

Shoulda became best friends with the dog desu.
why no openo la dooro
same girlfriend from the first post
I am ! How'd you know?
>Just moved into new aparment
>neighbours upstairs are really noisy and have a teen who keeps yelling at the other players on Xbox (typical noob yelling racial slurs)
>first weekend on the aparment, kept moving stuff to my new place
>really tired I went early to bed
>around 2 am wake up since the upstairs kid is yelling "fucking nigger camper" or some shit ... again
>but then before I make a movement I notice someone watching me
>the room was dark, however the light on the window was enough to see a dark figure
>a man was sitting on my desk chair, facing me
>yell "FUCK YOU" while throwing a punch to the man in the chair
>then I feel a terrible pain on my fingers and hear a hollow sound when my fist punched the figure
>broke 2 fingers punching the helmet that I left over a pile of clothes and stuff on the chair
The dog was the killer, he was being controlled by the microchip.
Its late and I'm tired so no green texting sorry, so my gomies dad is a security guard at a local prison. This prison started out as a psychiatric hospital. There are one or two abandoned closed off wings. He patrolls these at night to make sure no one is escaping. Its a low income area so run down facilities are a thing. Anyway one night he be patrolling when he heard a scream loud as fuck right as some crazy bitch in white smashes through door at end of hall like 60 ft. away. She's screaming and charging in medical gown loud and crazy as hell, he runs over to grab her like 20 ft from him she turns and runs into abandoned room. When he went in there was no one, other guards say that nothing and no one was going on. He was spooked as shit even quite, he worked there for like 11 years
wheres the copypasta story of the guy who saw the dude in the pigmask infront of his house? please post m8's
going to bump

>be in lab working on assignment late at night
>most likely only me in the bulding at that point
>finally lock up and leave and go to the elevator
>to my surprise an older black professor is walking down hallway too behind me
>think nothing of it
>actually relieved Im not alone
>i get to the elevator and open it
>knew he wasnt literally behind me but maybe 5 seconds behind
>as I turn to ask him what floor he needs to go too
>hes gone
>nowhere he couldve went
>only a straight path to the elevator
>starts to get very cold
>my hair is cactus like at this point
>start to freak out as i slowly ride down the elevator
>skididdly out that bitch and never stayed late ever again

I mean he had no other options to go anywhere besides the elevator. I saw his face, his clothes, his glasses, his hair, everything. Just right as I turned to see which floor he needed, he was gone.
>be young me
>older house
>creaks and moans throughout the door werent occasional
>older home probably 50 years or so
>hear footsteps at night
>but I always thought it was my parents because I had a bedtime
>probably a way my mind justified what I didnt know
>had a fear of the dark when I was young
>didnt like to go to the bathroom at night
>completely silent as well
>parents turned a/c off at night
>doors would sometimes close
>one night
>really had to piss
>muster up the courage and go
>as I walk to the bathroom
>the door is already open
>faint night light kept it very dim
>see a silhouette next to the shower curtain
>get really fucking spooked but I had to go so bad
>finally just go in and immediately turn on light
>nothing there
>take piss and get out
>as I get out the bathroom
>a rubber bouncy ball just starts bouncing down the hallway
>like as if someone threw this bitch down and let it rip
>bouncing everywhere
>im fucking screaming at this point
>parents bust down their door to see why the fuck im screaming
>ball is still bouncing
>they see it
>i try to explain to them it wasnt me
>tell me im tripping the fuck out and I must've hit it or something
>tell me to go to sleep
>they go back in their room
>have to walk back to room in the dark
>look into the bathroom and see the dark silhouette again

always pissed before bed when everyone was up after that
>be me
>probably around 8 at the time
>pussy af
>police were doing a helicopter search in my neighborhood
>no idea why
>go to bed
>hear something shuffling in my room
>pussy down into my sheets
>bed moves like it was kicked or some shit
>freeze the fuck up
>probs there for like 5 mins frozen in fear
>get enough courage to go down to parents
>they come up and check my room
>window open and screen much torn as fuck
>footsteps on tall grass outside
>dad goes out for like 10 mins with a .375
>comes back with nothing
>guy must have run down the gravel path
*Next Day*
>police alerted
>get new screen for window
>install hidden motion detectors in and out the house
>go to hotel for 3 nights
>come back
>2 out of 10 inside motion detectors gone
>rest had over 5 triggers
>all doors open (closed when left)
>no sign of break in
>outside motion detectors had no triggers
>moved in the next week
This happened to me when I was 14 still gives me chills thinking about it.
>at friends house for a birthday sleep over with a crowd of 10 people
>just smoked a bunch of pot and played halo and w/e 14 year old kids do
>wake up in the morning to my mom at friends house door absolutely infuriated with me
>drives me home yelling at me for sneaking out last night from the house I said I was staying at.
>literally didnt
>she tells me she knows I snuck into our home last night
>no idea what shes talking about
>however she does have a reason to believe i would since i used to sneak out all the time and shit
>we get home and she shows an open window in our family rec room
>proceeds to show me how every light leading to my room had been turned on
>then shows me how my bed had deffintely been laid in
>nothing was stolen even though a bunch of valuables had been walked by that easily could of been snatched
>all my friends were at that party that would of even had the most miniscule reason to sneak in my house

still have no idea who it was cops took fingerprints and didnt turn anything up.
>last year
>come home after a night of boozing and blazing
>say hello to mum who is still up
>go to the basement
>eat munchies watch shit on comp for an hour
>go to bed
>next day
>check news
>lady was murdered and wrapped in plastic down the street in alley
>I can see the alley from my front porch
>mum tells me 5mins after I come home there were all these police sirens
>make joke and laugh about it
>such is the life in the ghetto

how the fuck would you guys be able to tell whether it's bipedal or not?

it snowed here in TN and the coyotes are THICK AS FUCK, and ive been having a great time taking hippie chicks out and spooping them by showing them coyote tracks, which look like a small bipedal dog is running about.

tl;dr when someone starts talking about bipedal footprints and they're not looking at human footprints, they have no idea what the fuck they're talking about
that's how i feel about OR.

if only the guns laws in WA and OR were better...unfortunately, my wife and i will probably move back to the midwest.
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Bumping for da spooks
File: 1444618663074s.jpg (4 KB, 167x170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be taking a nap in bf's dorm room
>Wake up to see him standing near the bed smiling super creepy
>"Well that's weird"
>Go back to sleep
>Later found out he had been at class while I was napping

Later in the year in the same room
>bf wakes up in morning from hearing a noise
>Hears a voice: "I'm hiding in your head--hiding in your head--HIDING IN YOUR HEAD"
>The last of these sounds like it's coming from behind him
>The closet door opens outwards
(Of an animal) only using two legs for walking

It's actually incredibly easy to tell a two legged walking pattern from a four legged walking pattern.
Is it an old used car? It might have a spirit of someone locked in it once before
Shits happened to me before
Only /x/ is cancerous enough to have underagefags and tumblr retards posting shit like "xD" unironically
That's that fat kid who likes gay porn.
>gun laws
Just buy a damn pistol and scratch the serial number off fucking laws
>Just buy a damn pistol and scratch the serial number off fucking laws

advice from a 12 year old
desu senpai
Head shot a nigga leave him in the lake
Yeah, thanks Ice Cube...
File: 1452024165568.jpg (61 KB, 500x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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hate to shit on you, but props a bear
File: 1449501107986.gif (2 MB, 500x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x250
Lol, Stephenson is creepy as fuck. I am not in the dorms anymore, (junior), but I stayed in them for FFA meetings back in high school. Never had a good vibe to it. Also I knew it was 12 stories because we had the top floor when we were there. Also in one of your later posts you said WA
It's just the beast under your bed, in your closet IN YOUR HEAD
probably exploding head syndrome senpai, i had that shit when i was young too but it sounded like a train
Not sure if anyone's still lurking but I've got a few. Here's the first. A quick preface, 8 years ago in high school, I was 17 and at midnight every other night me and 4 friends would sneak out to smoke a blunt in the woods by the library we all lived 5 minutes from. It's Florida so the woods are dense scrubs and a canopy of trees.

>Successfully sneak out and skate to the library.
>Friends usually waiting by the entrance, nobody there.
>Fuckers started without me.
>Start down the trail that goes straight through the woods to the other side, about a mile long.
>Small trails offshoot from the main, good places to smoke, fuck, drink, what have you as they're hard to get to through the scrub, our spot is one of those.
>As I get closer to our spot I hear quiet talking, some laughing. Good, getting close.
>I'm about 100 feet away now and talking becomes more of a whispering, and the closer I get the quote it is. Weird.
>Get the the spot and not a single person or noise.
>Turn on phone flashlight, nobody there but me.
>Think they're fucking with me, tell them I heard them and I know they're there.
>No answer obviously. Start to head back down trail and call one of them on my phone.
>Says "It's Tuesday retard, we aren't meeting up til tomorrow".
>Before I can respond hear loud crashing through the brush from either side of me.
>Get the fuck out of dodge and run the half mile back out.
>Couldn't tell if I was followed.
>Still bring girlfriend to smash next day.

Exploding head syndrome. Look it up.
"Quote" was supposed to be "quieter". On a phone.
It sights like that are somewhat frequent, then wear a body camera or gopro shit and share it with us.
huh. this explains a shit ton of stuff in my life. Thanks anon.
>This prison started out as a psychiatric hospital.

I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated by psychiatric hospitals.

To me, those old hospitals and asylums are the pinnacle of evil and creepiness and just fucked up shit that we're probably not supposed to understand.
Fuck that, that's why I have a 454 casull
One of the more common theories I've heard is that ghosts happen when there is a perceived unresolved issue upon death. It's somewhat safe to assume that the reason behind mental hospitals, tuberculosis clinics, et cetera having such heightened activity is increased perceived unresolved business, versus a hospital where it's more common for the individual to be completely at peace and accepting of their impending death.
Dude fucking fight it like a man and die a martyr
please off yourself.
Part 1
>sister was angsty older teen
>she moves into guest room on lower floor
>right next to the porch, window like 12 feet above the porch itself
>really old house
>i sleep in her room one summer night
>distinctly hear multiple men talking and walking around
>i wake her up, its still going
>she listens and explains that it happens every night and my mom wont let her move back into her own room
>we listen in horrified silence as heavy footsteps and deep voices fade in and out of hearing as these 'people' peruse our porch
>eventually stops
>sister falls asleep, i stay up thinking about whether to call the cops or not
She treated it like it was normal, that was the most unsettling part. She used to check if people were out there until it just became useless because there was NEVER anyone there.
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Why can't nope threads ever be full of true stories we actually experienced and not made up stories to score attention points.
Part 2, the scarier part
>bring it up with my sister a couple weeks ago told me this fr the first time
>one night shes trying to sleep and hears the 'people' on the porch
>really fed up with it at that point
>she bangs on the window angrily hoping to stop them
>they die down
>she lays down on her bed which is against the wall to the outside
>as if someone put their mouth on the side of the house and was talking through the wall, she hears incomprehensible deep talking of one voice
>almost clear voice, muffled by the wall
>she screams and runs to my moms room
>my mom calls the burly neighbor cop over to check it out
>someone stubbed out a cigarette on the wall
>nobody in my family smokes and we would have noticed the mark before this
I have schizophrenia and the auditory hallucinations sometimes sound like they're from behind. He could just be mentally ill.
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>hearty fucking kek
>gets baked
>doesn't remember sneaking into his own house
When will this meme end? Idgaf how much weed you smoked, you aren't going to walk home, break into your own house, go lay in your bed, then sneak back out without you or anyone else remembering.
>didn't read
Never saw that guy afterwards or before?
> Five armed men hide like bitches from bear
These two aren't so much as spoopy, but I thought I'd share for the sake of it.
When I was age 0-12 I lived in a very old house. 12ft ceilings and whatnot. My parents were never together, it was just my dear old mum and I living in this place. Nothing bad happened there, though there were two ghosts in the house, Esmeralda and Leonard. They weren't manevolent, nothing bad happened, I saw them a few times but not often and when I did, I was never afraid, I felt totally comfortable in their presence. They never directly interacted with us, (notably if we cooked popcorn the house would smell of it for days, the place had great ventilation)if they did it was say, if a chair wasn't pushed into the table it would be when we returned, if the fridge was left open it would be closed, if the food in the oven was starting to burn, it would turn off, if the bath was on for too long it would turn off (saved my life as a toddler) stuff like that. The old neighbor told my mother that when she was a girl the oldish couple next door were in a house fire and died in their sleep. Shame I haven't been there in 15+ years.

Ghost 2.
When I was little I would visit my nan (mothers mother) at her house, which was a ten minute drive away. It is very hot in Australia most of the time so she often wouldn't sleep in the house, instead in a caravan that hadnt left the back yard in years prior to my birth.
Let me try describe my nans (now my) property. The font yard and house is irrelevant for this story so
The back door led to the decking, directly infront of the back door was the caravan attached to the deck by a small bridge, the other side of the decking led to a circular pool, in the middle of the decking was a ramp which led onto a concrete path that curved around the pool, in between the pool and the path was about 1-2m of trees/plants.
Now back on track, when I was visiting my nan sometimes I would sleep on a double bed with her in the caravan. Cont, not much more
Laying on the window side, overlooking the path/pool at about 1-2am because I woke up suddenly. As I'm laying there I gaze outside the window and I see a pale white woman in a long wedding dress walking up the path slowly, she's wearing a rose crown thing on her head and she looks happy. I say "hello" being a dumbass and intrigued kid, she doesn't say anything but my nan says "don't worry about her, she's friendly. She's done this every morning for a long time, I don't think she can hear us and she will just walk through you if you touch her. Go back to bed dear." Those words are ingrained in my head. Shame, haven't seen her in a long long time.
What part didn't I read? Or are you implying YOU didn't read?

he never snuck back into his house and then return back to the party
friends wouldve remembed
Okay? What part didn't I read? Or are you implying YOU didn't read?
>in college
>sleep across from computer screen
>shooting shit and fireworks, bonfire, beer, general cabin shit
>I almost got mauled by some crazy hocus pocus that night if not for that dog freaking out
>move my battlestation downstairs, custom built pc
>probably built in 1200 BC on a native burial ground
>the fuck is this shit
>what the fuck
>I drop my doughnut and have a heart attack.
>its a girl
>literally happening right now
>wtf are you talking about anon
>be only one in class who heard it
>try to get closer to escort her out of building but she remains still
>dad picked me up from airport. one of the first things he told me was that my cat died just the day before
>even the dog had stopped barking, she was just staring like there was nothing left she could do, part confusion, part fear, part resignation
>noped out again, sold car that same day
> Get back in home
>broke 2 fingers punching the helmet that I left over a pile of clothes and stuff on the chair
>my hair is cactus like at this point
>muster up the courage and go
>dad goes out for like 10 mins with a .375
>all my friends were at that party that would of even had the most miniscule reason to sneak in my house
>such is the life in the ghetto
>The closet door opens outwards
>Still bring girlfriend to smash next day.
>sister falls asleep, i stay up thinking about whether to call the cops or not
>nobody in my family smokes and we would have noticed the mark before this
>be working in the lab
>it's pretty late at night
>my eyes beheld an eerie sight
>my monster, from his slab began to rise
>suddenly to my surprise
>starts doing the mash
>in skype call
>random american is in here
>he's pretty drunk and spouting some random stuff
>mfw he tells mehe's a sleeper agent thats been trained by the military from birth
>mfw he tells me about asuper secret mission hesbeen on when he was 15 to a secret base to do an espionage
>be me 16
>be home alone
>mom is traveling because of job
>dad passed away year ago
>sister pretty much disappeared for a few days
>"muh freedom" she says
>be 10pm
>in my room doing fuck you why you wanna know
>hear the 2 dogs going apeshit in the backyard
>rush to the back door, look out the big ass window
>dogs are growling at some shit in the edge of muh property
>keep in mind i live in a town
>think neighbors dog was being an ass again
>get dogs inside
>after a while go to sleep
>wake up at like 2 am
>door to my room is closed as always
>hear steps outside muh room
>force hitting the walls
>suddenly noises stop right at my door
>something hits the door
>the force is enough to open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
>try to fart but poo comes out
What part of WA were you in
I live in Washington state too and I need to know if this is in my backyard
>be 8 years old
>in my room
>hear someone knocking door
>"It's time to play, cowboy"
>get raped by uncle
Yep. Seattle is a clean city by comparison to others and is nice as long as you don't live there.
It's like you haven't been on /b/.
you did a mashup of almost every post in this thread.
>a maintenance worker jiggabooo

Crazy how coherently this reads.
Post conveniently unreported news article/police report.
creepy indonesian ghost coming up:

>be me chillin in my room at night
>mom tells me to pick the hanged clothes at the balcony
>turn on the balcony light
>start to piling up the clean washed clothes
>huge blanket is hanged there too
>blindsided, can't see what's behind the blanket
>pull down the blanket
>kuntilanak* standing showing her back on me

*kuntilanak: indonesian woman ghost, creepy as fuck.
no pic, can't upload now.
So, this happened about a 2 years ago. I was helping my friend and his family move from inner city cleveland to a nice small remote place in southern Ohio. His family were the typical god bless America, gun loving family. His dad waa wanting to move since my friend was leaving for college with me. Anyways we load up the uhaul truck and I load my car up with my friends stuff. We hit the road and it's like any other drive. We talked about college, passed a blunt back and forth. After An hour and a half drive. We finally get to this place. It was a nice suburban home that was in a remote part of the woods with a long driveway. Very nice place. His parents didn't come down as they had to stay back to finalize the selling of their old house. So we unload some his stuff into his new room. After unloading we decide to check out the house. Everything looked brand new and clean. Then we decided to checkout the basement. The door was a fresh painted white door. But once you opened it. The basement looked really abandoned. Like as if someone burned the basement and put holes in the walls. The steps were very creepy as they made a loud crackling noise when walking. We get down to the basement and whats creepy is that it was silence. Even with the window open and birds chirping it was dead silent. We looked around this basement and a bunch of newspapers were scattered around. Like if someone had a pet down there to go to the bathroom. The weird thing that bothered me is that there was a pole structure in the middle of the basement. Kinda like a support beam. And it had weird carvings of dates. Like one of the carvings said 12-13-44 and there were more dates. At the bottom of the pole said 7-16-15. Which was the same day we were moving all my friends shit into his house. We noped the fuck outta there being pussies. And drive to Dennys and waited for his parents to get there. We still wonder what the date ment. I'm gonna try to go back there soon and maybe see if I can an idea.
Sorry about spelling errors. Typing on mobile and I just got out of work. I have a few more creepy things that has happened if you would like me to share.
>black profesor

should have known something was wrong from there
That's really interesting!
was it the monster mash?
>be me, overtime at my office
>10 p.m, packing and shit then ready for home
>works at 8th floor, took an elevator down
>elevator stopped at 6th, doors opened
>no one came in, peeked out and there's no one else
>Overweight alarm suddenly beeping and doors won't close
>literally alone
>run to the emergency stairway and get the fuck out from office
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have a qt as reward
happened a few months ago

>about to move into house with gf
>it's completely empty because i was renovating it and hadn't bought any furniture yet
>only thing in the house is an old couch that's only there so i have somewhere to sit while resting from work
>gf and i decide to sleep over at the house even though it's empty
>the house is in a sort of sketchy part of town

>ff to 3am, we're both sleeping in an empty house on the floor on the couch cushion (the couch was too small for us both)
>woken up abruptly by the most blood curdling scream imaginable
>it's directly outside of our house
>look out the front blind
>can't see anyone
>check the lock and it's locked
>hear another scream that sounds closer and it echos through the house
>head to back door
>start hearing stomping around on front porch
>check the locks on the back door
>they're unlocked
>lock them

that's all that happened, still spooky

the next day my grandma that lives down the street asks if i screamed outside of her door to scare her
mfw the scream was loud enough for her to hear it
guessing it was just a crackhead
Fucking fleshgaits on computers now.
>tfw never had anything scary happen to me

Hearing wild boars can scare me when I smoke at night but that's it
Thats the bitch from the ring.
Nigga you ghey.
Psychiatric hospitals are a breeding ground for negative spiritual energy because it was the norm and standard to abandon your mentally defective relatives at these places. Since nobody really cared about them the patients were neglected or abused in nearly every instance, and if you were lucky enough to land in a hosptital were that didnt happen, the "treatment" methods were basically torture.
Watch Cropsy if youve never seen it. Retarded serial killer living in the derelect remains of a mental institute he was once "cared" for in, other tards too. Abduct rape and kill children in surrounding area.
That's High Tail Hall.

But that's primarily that entire genre these days.
Bullying out the others. Everyone has different
Interest. Me,I like yoga pants and so on.
>be me, about 14 at the time
>love in older house in the middle of Warsaw
>be me
>12 years old
>time to go to bed
>had a nightmare
>I was running away from some kind of monster
>wake up
>but something was not right
>i wasn't in bed
>i was in the living room
>and i was looking down
>i was running
>fucking running
>keep running for like 2 seconds
>remember i was a bit scared
>then i realized
>what the fuck am i doing here?
>slowly stop running
>i'm in the middle of the dark
>stay there thinking what happened
>go back to bed

I know it's not a NOPE thing but I find it strange
>love in older house
kurwamac, continue ale bez kurwa mistakes!

This year will mark 15 years in Seattle, and I don't think you've taken in what it means to be here. It's dark, and cloudy and rainy and there's homeless people everywhere, a majority of them on some seriously savage drugs. But there's a certain kind of beauty that lies over it all. I dunno if I could move, but I also feel like I need to.
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Holy shit that's some meta goatman shit goin on here
Kudos senpai
>be me
>just graduated high school
>best friend knows someone who a group of french high school students is starting with
>french as fuck they even had the accent
>friends says the fags don't believe in guests, but he made up a ghost story, they believed him and want to see the ghosts
>friend tells me to get everyone I can fit in my car where to drive, and what time he's going to take the frogs over
>we all get in the Scream costumes but without the masks
>I get there, hide the car
>spot is creepy as fuck clearing in a no trespassing private property
>so creepy we're convinced the piano was on us, expecting buddy and French fags to be waiting to scare us
>we're all on edge but prepare anyway
>two of us hide in the perimeter of the clearing
>two along the road leading to the clearing
>I was the furthest from the clearing, near where this road comes off the main road
>finally hear the rumble
>buddy drives a 69 cuda with a slant 6
>timing is off so it sounds like a v8
>buddy drives by, parks in the middle of the clearing, shuts off car and lights
>ten minutes of silence
>suddenly weird ass noises, I'm confused as fuck
>after a while I realize that's the french kids screaming
>this goes on for about ten to fifteen minutes
>buddy goes to turn his car on, but it won't start
>a few minutes later he gets it started
>two buddies along the road solely walk towards the road
>I see the headlights and doesn't cross the road
So the next day we meet up to talk about what happened. He told the fags you can awaken and anger ghosts by parking in the clearing and honking the horn. When he did that, two buddies crawled up to the car, got underneath, and started knocking on the car and pushing up on the bumpers from underneath. One french kids pulls out a butterfly knife and yells let me out so I can make sure they are dead. Buddy goes to turn the car on and floods it on purpose so it won't start. Tells the fags this is the first time he ever had problems starting the car. Cont.
Guy under front of car crawled back to the woods. Guy under back of car was supposed to fuck with them until the end, but buddy accidentally had it in reverse. The french see only his face when the back up lights flashed on. Guy ducks, and the way the costume was covering, from their perspective it looked like his head disappeared. Buddy was supposed to drive out slowly, but was freaked out about french kids with knives so he high tailed it out of there. The two guys make it to the edge of the road and the french thought they were floating. I was supposed to slowly cross the road so they would see me in the distance. But my buddy freaking out forgot I was going to cross the road. He didn't see me until one of the french kids yelled run it over.
>french people dont believe in guests
yeah even though i'm not really socially conservative i vote fucking republican
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How open was the door? If it was a little open (and depending on the direction the door opens and closes) and the cat ran through it, I could see the door possibly (POSSIBLY) closing by air compression alone.

If not, that's kinda spoopy. Like, meh, spoopy that you get over in a day or two.
>"starts to get very cold"

Das a ghost, son. Mayhaps a professor of old died in the area and had unfinished business of some sort in that building?
Mayhaps the silhouette was actually a shadow cast by the night light and your fear as a child let your imagination run wild? Don't know how to explain the bouncing ball, though, unless you had a pet that was fucking around.
Sneaky nig is sneaky
This. Seriously, weed is NOT that powerful. You'll forget a lot of small shit, yeah, but you're not going to forget a fucking event like that.
When I was younger I lived in a creepy house. Built in the early 50s, etc etc. Your typical "creepy" house. I have quite a few stories. I'll start off with the one that unnerves me to think about the most.

>be 20
>out having brunch with mom, catching up
>I bring up the old house, we talk about it a lot
>"when did it all start, mom"
>"well anon, with you. You've always had a strong spiritual feeling"
>she tells me at age 4 I ask her "why does god make you die and leave your family, and force you to join another one and forget everything."
>I'm atheist but spooked af
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Sound like some cool Caspers.
Sleep running?

nigga that's obviously just a mechanical problem with the elevator

are you on a 48 hour day
>video game glitches
>omg it's a spooky ghost trying to hack into my vidya!
>be working in the lab
>random american is in here
>mom is traveling because of job
>"It's time to play, cowboy"
>huge blanket is hanged there too
>Overweight alarm suddenly beeping and doors won't close
>woken up abruptly by the most blood curdling scream imaginable
>wake up
>spot is creepy as fuck clearing in a no trespassing private property
>I'm atheist but spooked af
please go on
>Mfw these are better than 2/3 of the shit I've read here.
So my co-worker told me about this story and my other co-worker confirmed it happened so I'll tell their story.

>work at dollar store
>9:30 store closed half an hour ago
>in back room counting tills so they can gtfo
>heard back door bang
>back door is always locked???
>they go out to see what happened, no one there
>come back out, see male figure standing near the employee room turned around
>start walking to him, coworker said, "sir we're closed"
>man bolts it down the last aisle
>chases after him thinking he's stealing
>no one in the front
>no one in the aisles
>no one left through the front door
>no one in store
>check cameras
>no one was ever there

they noped.jpg so hard
>Be 18 yr old girl working at a veterinarian
>Vet assistant, kennel working, etc.
>Small practice
>Vet lives right behind the clinic, house about 50 ft from the rear-most door.
>2 other buildings, both kennels, behind the office as well

>One weekend vet goes to out of state conference.
>Only open for prescription pickup, boarding
>Two other girls, younger than me, closing and cleaning.

>Getting ready to close for the night.
>Just finished checking on all the dogs in the kennel out back.
>Come inside, lock the door, start sweeping the floor in the clinic and checking on cats.
>Right when I turn off the light and walk off, the doorknob jerked.
>Hear someone throwing their body against the door.

>Rush to the front of the clinic
>Can't find my coworkers
>Hear something, turn to see both of them cowering under an exam table the furthest from any windows.
>One was crying

>From the front I heard the doorknob being fiddled with in the same way as the back door.
>Someone walked past the window I was standing near, activating the motion light.
>Go to the ground and start crawling for the phone.
>No dial tone.
>They cut the fucking phone lines.

>Only one with a cellphone at the time for some reason, guess in 2006 less kids had phones.
>Crawl all the way to the breakroom to grab my phone

>The whole time I hear windows and doors being messed with.
>Get phone, call a friend who lived less than a mile down the road, closer than the cops.
>Then called the cops.
>Then called my dad.

>Crawled back to surgery, felt fucking stupid, grabbed some packaged scalpels because didn't know what else besides the flash light could be used as a weapon.
>2 min past, longest of my life.
>Hear window on rearmost door [the one I locked] break, footsteps.
>Headlights at the front, 2 pairs.

>Footsteps retreat.
>Friend calls me, he's here with his brother and father.
>Culprits vanished. Police said there were up to 6 people.

>Figured out what they wanted another NOPE time.
>i hate darkness
>i hate to be alone in darkness
>live in 3rd floor of flat
>back from bike ride
>place bike next to my door
>at night dad say to take bike at basement because there was few accidents with stealers
>open doors to basement stairs
>fucking darkness
>i must go across passage to get into my basement
>go downd thrue stairs
>take few steps
>see 3 red candles
>look away
>at end os passage see (there was dark af so i can't see clearly) something like big man, 2m height, next to me
>throw bike
>run away
this was fastest run i ever had, i was screaming FUCK all time when i was running
Next day my dad came to basement
It was fucking mannequin, i don't know why candles was there
Never go to basement
Tell that other story then
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Ok I know this sounds really lame but I have been full-tinfoilforce about it.

>be at parents for weekend
>come back home
>stopped smoking 2 months ago
>fresh snow on the ground
>come over to my apartment door
>shitloads of cigarette ashes in front of my door and the railing
>look around and no ashes on any of the doors near me
>could only mean that someone has smoked right in front of my door at least half a pack from the looks of it
>"ok my friend smokes and might have came for a visit and I wasn't here and he smoked one or two"
>still paranoid as fuck about it
>pick one cig-butt of the ground
>green Kents
>dont know anyone who smokes greens or Kents
>only smoked in front of my apartment

It was spoopy for me. Still feel weirded out when trying to sleep here. My tinfoil tightened so much after that I have just been aching to find something weird about this apartment. I live in "ghettoish" area so it's not weird to hear about stolen bikes and people getting stabbed so that doesn't help.
Note the vet is in a very rural area

>Subsequent weeks we found scratches at the door, locks damaged or fiddled with.
>Her personal dogs were upset a lot, getting hotspots from stress [it was autumn, not the time of year for it]
>Come in some mornings to completely silent kennel, which is odd.

>Vet installs gate to parking lot so people can't drive in during off hours.
>Keypad entry.
>Installs security system.

>Thanksgiving weekend, vet goes to visit family
>Kennel manager goes to visit family.
>I get paid a shitload to stay in town with one other coworker to take care of pets clients boarded for holiday.
>No pickup or dropoff Thur/Fri

>First one there at 7am Turkey Day
>Slow down to turn into parking lot.
>Car is parked on side of road, a nice mid-sized sedan.
>Behind, an SUV
>Figure, hooded, dressed in all black is bent over pushing buttons on the gate keypad. Hands gloved.
>I slow down to about 15 mph, blinker still on.
>Window lowers in SUV, see hooded figure with black handkerchief around the lower half of his face, upper half covered with hood.
>Guy at keypad stands up, starts running to my vehicle.

>Pass on by
>Goddamn SUV pulls off side of road, then speeds up to behind me.
>In rearview mirror I see the guy hop in the sedan and pull out in the road after the SUV.

>Gunning it now
>Call coworker, tell her to meet me at the gas station closest to the vet [5 mi away]

>SUV pulls into opposite, left lane, as if to pass me.
>No fuck that
>Speed up, then slam on breaks at a turn, almost flip
>SUV misses turn, sedan doesn't
>Calling my dad now

>Pass gas station because its empty, closed for Thanksgiving.
>Finally get to neighborhood, turn in there, turn into driveway with cars.
>Sedan slows, but passes
>Too young and too stupid to take plate #

>Dad and coworker meet me back at work.
>They had cut the phone lines. Again.
>Dad stays at front desk with both a hand gun and shot gun for the 2 days I work.
Fuck air so much, i used to live in an apartment that was probably on the highest point in the city.

Every time it was windy and a window was open doors would be extremely hard to open and would slam shut on their own, one of the windows in the living room didn't seal properly when closed and there would always be a wooshing sound in the house too.
>me and bf sleep over at sister's house
>she resides in the bottom half, the basement of the house
>wake up around 10 a.m, look in her bedroom to ask a question
>see that she's sleeping, I saw her turn under the covers
>decide not to disturb her
>bf is still asleep on the couch
>realize she actually works today
>think I have to wake her up since she's still asleep
>bed is empty and still made, like no one was there

doesn't sound to spooky but I freaked the fuck out at the time since I absolutely saw a body under the covers, saw it turn and breathe. That basement is also around 40 or 50 years old.
Once I told her what happened she didn't seem too surprised, I actually wasn't the first person that's happened to. She's sure it's haunted.
>couple nights ago
>laying on my side on edge of bed
>face forms in the black of my mind
>gaunt, stretched jaw
>beady, deepset eyes
>pale, old, and young all at once
>hear harsh whispering from in front of me near the floor
>a pressure emanating from the spot
>try and clear my mind, to think of anything
>it permeates every thought I try forcing it out with
>been seeing shadows and things move since
>sometimes at night you can here banging around and footsteps upstairs

Three story 1890 farm houses are fucking shit.
>Nothing happens for 3 months, not even the scratches or footprints
>Get called right before I go into school
>Vet had gone to a house call in the morning with the only staff member there
>Secretary comes in to find door ajar
>Things are not vandalized, not really like they were searching for anything.
>Other weird stuff
>Computers had been broken open and hard drives stolen
>Portable hard drives stolen
>Main phone stolen.
>Not monitors or the case or anything like that

>Vet was smart, refilled empty vials of narcotics with saline or colored saline, placed them in a flimsy lock box with other drugs.
>Took narcotics and locked them inside a safe in her house every night
>Dummy narcotics were stolen

>Up security, request cops to make 2 drive up inspections a night.
>Fingerprint entry shit, going all out.
>Vet even has two guns there now and teaches us how to use them.

>I thought I wanted to be a vet, vet takes me to an orientation for prospective students at the university she went to.
>We stay out of town for 3 days.

>On evening of 2nd day, both get called by the two workers closing the practice that day
>Coworker is hysterical on the other end
>Can hear banging, clanging, and all sorts of noise on her end
>Call my good friend yet again, who again comes to the rescue

>Two days later, finally home from orientation, get call from secretary.
>Whole entire place was gutted and vandalized.
>The single cat that had stayed there overnight had its neck broken.

>One of the vet's dogs was beaten to death and mutilated.
>Took a while for her other two dogs to stop trembling, strange for Blue Heelers.
>Nothing ever happened after that

To the police's knowledge, it was a large organized drug gang that was raiding any rural physicians for any kinds of narcotics, especially vets for ketamine.

The first two incidents were likely burglaries. The time the animals were killed and property damaged was in revenge for the dummy box.
>it's almost 5am in Europe
>browsing bread bcuz spooqi b4 slip
>start reading a post about glasshour breaking
>same exact thing happened to me today
>halfway through phone turns off
>turn on phone, get back into bread and can't find that post

I'm on autismo mode but I'm actually scared af right now. Can't tell if mods or what the hell...
I even had a nice fap in plan..

>mfw 2scared2fap
>Took a while for her other two dogs to stop trembling, strange for Blue Heelers.
Let see they just saw their friend being killed in front of so no I think that's normal.
same girlfriend from the first post
Yeah, I meant like 1-2 years.

Also the boarding dogs were always silent the morning after those people were on the property, but no injuries.

It was just really creepy. They never caught anyone either.

Sorry to get graphic, but the dog was mutilated by literally pulling it apart, not chopping. The cat had its neck simply snapped, no vandalism.

Is it normal for drug gangs to be this unpredictable and depraved? I thought they just wanted the money/drugs and only set out to make misery for rival gangs and cops.

Then again, this was the rural Deep South.
Well, and /b/ of course. /b/ is the cancer-containment board, that is its only purpose, so I guess it goes without saying. It's a well known fact that most cancerous posts on /x/ are actually bored /b/tards.
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>something like big man,
Gather yourself. I wish to share a story I haven't told in a long time...
This happened a few months ago
>Be me
>Sgt in Marine Corps
>Walking around barracks at night where junior marines live
>Making sure all empty rooms got blinds open and doors locked
>I check by shining flash light in room and then trying to open the door
>This one room tho
>Shine flashlight in
>Everything normal
>Go to try and open door
>suddenly hear a strange noise like a chair hitting the desk from the inside
>Shine my light back inside
>There's a chair now sitting a couple of feet back from the desk where it originally was
>Suddenly the chair quickly turns to almost face my direction all on its own
>Nope tf outta there

I later found out how old these barracks were and that there's been a handful of suicides by hanging. One was a hanging in that room. He tied the noose and kicked the chair...
File: 1451738642497.jpg (78 KB, 398x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be dogman
>just got dumped by doggirlfriend
>just got fired from dog offices
>all i wanna do is chill and sled to take my mind off of troubles
>some jerk keeps taking pictures of me
>tell him to fuck off
>he runs away at the speed of light
>fucking forgot i don't speak human
Fuck this life.
>I have never smoked weed
/x/ confirmed stoners

Although it makes sense given the flat earthers
How many blacks have fucked your gf while you've been at uni?
God is with you
You're blessed
File: 1452837010303.png (594 KB, 1913x3492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
594 KB, 1913x3492
I will make u all nope.

>Is it normal for drug gangs to be this unpredictable and depraved?

Mexican ones, yeah.

The issue is the dummy box. Someone may have gotten his ass beaten for selling the wrong guy drugs and it turned out to be food colored saline.

Also, the cops never caught them because someone at the office was on the take. Doing that much bullshit will eventually get you caught, so someone was covering for them.

Keep a handgun in your car if you are going to keep working that gig. The moment you said vet I know what your stories were going to be about. People out for drugs are beyond unpredictable.
Jesus fucking Christ! Freaking drug gangs/cartels, man. I mean, I've seen some shit in movies and TV, but killing a bunch of pets for revenge? Messed up, man. If I ever somehow got involved in a gang (very remote chance of that), and I was instructed to kill animals out of revenge (not to mention other people's pets), they would have to kill me first.

The only reason I would kill a pet would be if it was threatening my life in some way.

Protip - Next time you are going to samefag, maybe change or not use your trip for one of them.
>"Stop using things that I don't use!"

Go to bed, you have school tomorrow.
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God damned fluid physics. Scares the shit out of me occasionally too. I'll be sitting in the living room on my laptop after my mom's gone to bed and everything's quiet. Suddenly, the air-conditioning unit comes on and the door to her room (which she usually leaves slightly ajar because her room gets too warm for her tastes sometimes) will shut abruptly because of the air flow. Of course, if I'm not expecting it, I'll jump two feet in the air like a startled cat.

Maybe it's Casper just catchin' some ghost Z's cause, you know, ghosts get tired of spoopin' every once in a while.
Lol I didn't realize
Haha FART, I agree!
Yeah that males me fucking angry. Shitheads. Poor cat didn't do anything.

Obviously I wasn't there but I'd like to think I could keep working there just to get the chance to off one of those scumbags.
>read "had a fear of the dark"
>instantly Fear Of the Dark starts to play


>Moved into a new apartement with my gf
>its nice, cheap enough and pretty much okay
>except that its in the "ghetto" part of my town, if you could even call it that
>lots of turks, arabs and asians around, but they normaly don't cause any trouble, its okay
>above my apartement there lives a russian mother with three kids though
>I fucking hate kids
>they're always screaming and shouting and screeching, running around the staircase and stuff, you always hear their steps because they can't seem to walk like normal people
>how the fuck am I supposed to write shit here, fucking brats
>one evening, be home alone
>didn't hear the brats for quite a while before
>suddenly blood curling scream from somewhere in the house
>jeez, kids are getting at it again
>again, screeching, now louder
>whatever, I'll get me a coffee
>just as I walk through the small corridor to my kitchen I hear the scream again
>right in front of my fucking apartement door
>at that time I get rather pissed, because it would not be the first time for these little shits to yell right in front of the door
>suddenly hear scratching on my door
>loud as ever, starting to get uncomfortable
>sounds stop
>but I hear no footsteps or anything, notice that I didn't hear footsteps all the time outside
>silence, after a minute I decide to have a look and to seriously kick someones ass if I've been messed with
>open door, of course nobody is there
>well, that was weird.
>grab coffee
>next day gf returns
>asks me if I had been enjoying the new peace and quiet
>"Quiet my ass, brats fucked with me last night"
>gf looks at me like I'm retarded
>"Anon, the whole family moved out, like last week or so"
>go upstairs, the flat there is empty
>ask neighbor, its true, they moved across the country, no one has seen them again since. Nobody heard the sounds last night
Were there not any other families with kids near enough to your apartment?
How much time passed between you hearing the screams and checking outside?
(I ask the last question because, I'm assuming a child, with enough time, could sneak away quietly after fucking with you).

If the answers to my questions are
>Less than ten seconds (or more depending on the apartment complex)
Then I will be sufficiently spooped.
>Were there not any other families with kids near enough to your apartment?
No, there are no kids in the house, and to be honest I never saw anyone else with children in my street. Teenagers, yes, but not children. Also, people who don't live here can't access the house because the front door leading to the public staircase is always locked.
>How much time passed between you hearing the screams and checking outside?
I really don't know, I was startled of course. could have been ten seconds, could have been more. The problem is that our apartement door isn't that thick, you can even hear people passing by if they don't wear shoes, just socks to muffle the sounds. If someone tried to sneak away, they'd have to be very slow so they'd not make any noise, and in that case I would have seen them on the staircase.
It was pretty strange. But then again, maybe my mind just fucked with me.
Nice quads.
Not ghostly spoopy, but none the less still crazy.

>be 22
>living in 3 story apartment for about 1.5 year
>have alcohol neighbors that always fight when completely smashed
>honestly don't know how they didn't get kicked out for noise complaints of them arguing
>Saturday night
>hung over from the night before so just chill in out playing vidya
>about 1 am they start yelling, ohboyherewego.PNG
>the same old shit, fuck you, asshole, youre cheating on me, I'll fucking kill you, blah blah
>plug earphones in and start up some data
>turn it up to drown there misery out
>first games over go to washroom
>quiet, good they passed out or the bf left again
>shortly after I hear sirens blasting, not odd cause shitty end of town
>closer and closer, in parking lot now
>ambulance and cops
>looking outside checking out what's going on
>hear knocking on door beside mine, oh shit
>look out peep hole, cops and paramedics outside neighbors door


>I keep watching for awhile
>eventually they wheel the gerrny or whatever out of the apartment blood soaked and covered body
>before that the chick was taken with handcuffs on
>police eventually knock on door asking if I heard anything
>explain that I put headphones on every time they start arguing as its fucking annoying to listen to
>next day talking to other neighbor beside that apartment
>tells me he heard them getting really into it screaming and stuff smashing and then it just went dead quiet and then more screaming but the crying kind of scream
>buddy called 911 and said his neighbors were arguing and thinks something might have happened and might need an ambulance
>chick finally snapped and killed her bf

They were in their early 30s too, probably druggies as well. Still don't know how she did it.
>Obviously I wasn't there
That sounds like something someone who was there would say.
>Skyping with friends
>After a while go to my window
>Look at the sky while talking
>Suddenly a bright light moves closer
>Can't move or speak too scared
>It looked like it was headed straight towards me
>the NOPE finally kicks in
>Ran to my bedroom
>Don't even say goodnight just hang up the call
>Shaking to much under the covers
>mfw i thought i was gonna get abducted
>be 16
>high school, having a day off because flu
>at home on my own, parents are at work
>sitting in the living room eating pringles and browsing cat pictures like a pleb
>hear a knocking sound like someone knocking on a plaster wall
>assume maybe it's my neighbours in their garage
>knocking gets louder, sounds like it's from my parents bedroom behind the living room
>realise neighbours are on holiday, couldn't be them anyway
>knocking gets louder, the knocks are spaced out as if impatient with me not taking notice
>decide to go take a look, probably nothing
>grab an army knife because I'm kinda spook
>go to bedroom, nothing
>check all the rooms, house is small so no way anyone could pass me to the other end of the house without me knowing
>still nothing
>standing confused in the hallway for a moment
>hear knocking from the loft (attic for americafags) hatch
>climb on storage boxes, bolt both latches
>grab my phone and leave the house until my parents get back
Still didn't find out what it was.
Kek I wouldnt worry too much my little sister when she was about 8 sleep ran out of bed down the stairs opened the stairway door then ran to the front room UNLOCKED the front door and proceeded to sleep dance
in the road luckily my grandad was coming out of the downstairs kitchen withbwater or something and saw her open the front door and quickly got her back inside apparently as soon as he picked her up she fell asleep again we tried to ask her about it the next morning she didn't remember anything aftwr that we locked the stairway door and hid the key she only ever did it one more time but because she couldn't open the door we found
Psych wards/hospitals have always interested me too. Some people who are put in there think it's some kind of punishment or something and get really paranoid and defensive, so naturally have negative energy. I'm guessing that's why so many are haunted. Unfinished business, per se.
>College trip to some random village
>Get there, unpack and chat with some of the girls and the one guy I know
>They've got alcohol and invite us to their room
>We accept because alcohol and hot girls
>Have a good time and eventually fall asleep on their floor
>Get woken up by screaming and something on top of me
>It's one of the girls
>Tells us that she went to the toilets and when she was locking the bedroom door, she saw an old guy staring at her
>Me and my friend man up and go looking for the old guy with empty cider bottles as our weapons
>Don't find shit and go back to sleep in the girls room
Surprised none of the trip leaders heard the noise but nothing exceptionally spooky happened after the first night
*found her running up and down the stairs....she had a few more sleepwalking events but nothing major she stopped at around 10
>get back to room from showering
>take phone off charge from the plugs outside my room
>throw phone on to bed
>get changed, start towel drying hair
>a good minute or two since I threw my phone on the bed
>suddenly my phone just flies off the bed as if someone pushed it across
>bed is right beside the wall though
>pick it up, put it back, assume it just eventually slipped slowly or something
>start messing with hair again, getting ready for bed
>feel a tap on my shoulder
>spin around, spooked a bit
>nobody there, but my phone is back on the floor
>never heard it fall or anything and my floor is laminate
>had stuff moved since, stuff messed with.
>PC and printer turn on for no reason sometimes
>things get unplugged etc
Got more stories, might continue later
The violence towards the animals was probably revenge for the fake goods.
>Be night shift maintenance
>Working on furnace so the tenants have heat
>Change batteries in the carbon monoxide detector, and it immediately starts going off
>Wtf the door is jammed!
>Cell phone is dead
>Getting dizzy
>Hear moaning through the wall
>Beat furiously on the wall, gasping for air, unable to speak
>Hear a door open down the hall!
>Beat furiously on the door as my vision blurs hoping to God they can get the door open
>Fade to black

You're a dick. SHE probably had kids. (plot twist)
Lel I used to have night terrors, but sometimes they weren't always eerie. One time my parents were downstairs watching a movie, and I came out of my room in my briefs and started trotting up and down the stairs. My parents waited a few minutes to get a good laugh, and asked if I wanted something to drink/eat, so I told them "no it's okay dad, we're in Texas".
Did you read the last line of the post you're replying too breh?
>The time the animals were killed and property damaged was in revenge for the dummy box.
Is that you, uncle Allen?
>Although it makes sense given the flat earthers.
What makes sense?

>That /x/philes smoke weed?
>That weed doesn't make you forget?
>That smoking weed would have, for the first time in recorded history, cause a couple hour blackout in a group of people?
>Never posted the article

For shame

▲ ▲
File: 1453341119900.gif (1 MB, 292x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 292x323
>I shove my fingers up my asshole so they can shit all over the keyboard.
>be me
>check your dubs
Fucking retard lol
Why? All your posts so far have been shit either way.
>Triggered from smoke shaming
It's like you want to be made fun of.
>took a trip to Tennessee for family visit
>stay at hotel
>after a long day of hanging out with family and tolerating at least 4 bitchy toddlers I crash in my room for the night
>hour later hear noise come from outside my room
>go into hall to investigate
>to my right a little ways down the hall from me is a young woman in the fetal position crying loudly
>right outside an open hotel room
>'ma'am are you alright?'
>she looks at me and stops crying
>stands up and goes into the open room
>hear locks clicking
>confused as heck
>order a pizza and just crash for the rest of the night
>ask the clerk if the hotel is haunted on checkout day
>place is only 2 years old

So basically some random girl decided shed have an episode outside her hotel room instead of inside it.
London, be my bf instead etc.
File: blink.gif (762 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
762 KB, 800x600
>be me like 12 y/o
>in my room at dads house watching comedy central
>tv does that rainbow bars thing when the satellite goes out right in the middle of the show
>saw puppet is on tv, heavy breathing
>I go white as fuck and freeze up and dont breathe
>it goes back to the rainbow thing then back to the show
>somehow convince myself it didnt happen
>it does it again this time the puppet says hello
>turn off tv and light and go in living room with dad
>sleep on couch but wake up in my dads bed.
>neither of us knows hpw I got in there, I fell asleep before him and he didnt move me and ive never had history lf sleepwalking.

Still scares the absolute shit out of me. No explanation, and the very few people ive told dont believe me.
>scroll down absentmindedly and land at this story
my sides
You narrowly avoided death by crazy murderer duo.
I concur. Doggy was probably trying to get help for his master.
>le redditor
I did something similar to that, I woke up in the middle of the night and there was an ice cold hand resting gently on my face. I laid there, losing my shit for a few moments before grabbing it by the wrist and yanking it off as hard as I could.. Immediately felt horrible pain in my shoulder and upper arm.

I realized too late that I had fallen asleep on one of my arms, and managed to get it in a weird angle so it was touching my face in my sleep. Felt ice cold from lack of blood flow, fucked my shoulder up etc etc
The sounds your bf heard could've been a hypnopompic hallucination. Can't explain the door with that tho.

Woken up once hearing similar shit, and it was quite spoopy.
Shoulda punted the ghost woman off the balcony
Well, dad told me one day that when I was a young kid, I talked about Hitler and the Reich and the war as if I'd been there, in my sleep.

I was more of a dinosaur kid than war is cool-kid, but I suppose I could've watched a documentary or something..

Makes me think though, maybe I'm a reborn nazi
Huh. I smoke green Kents, and don't really know anyone else who does.

Not in the habit of smoking on random peoples' front doors tho.
You could almost say that was rather.... "Kunti" of her.

Thank you, thank you. I'll see myself out.
Found the nigger
Not ridiculous but actually real
>get really drunk at a party.
>beginning of winter so its pretty cold but not cold enough for snow
>I realize I'm making a fool of myself so I decide to leave before eveeyone thinks I'm a complete ass
>it starts pouring rain as I'm walking (busses no longer running at that time and I'm cheap so cabs a no go)
>some anon aged 30 or so sees me and offers a ride
>its way too cold and wet man, cmon I'll give you a ride"
>never hitch hiked before and parents always made a big fuss about how dangerous it is
>figure wtf let's get out ta the rain
>he seems like a nice guy, we chat for a bit and i tell him where to go.
>this area was basically the last major street in the city. If you turn left it becomes country side, turn right you head toward heart of the city
>buddy turns left when I told him to go right
.ugh man this is the wrong way
>don't worry I know a short cut he says
>I become really nervous and ask how this could possibly be a short cut. My house is like 3 blocks to the right, and you're going the opposite direction?
>he says "I've lived here my whole life I know all the secrets"
>what did he mean by this?jpg.
>he slowly starts picking up speed like as if doing it incognito
>but Noe I notice the nigger is going like 50km over the speed limit.
>up until this point I was trying to be polite as to not offend the guy as it was likely just me misunderstanding or something. But now all good manners are out the window
>demand he immediately stops
>he completely ignores me.
>we get to the very last stop light in the city (technically out of the city now but you can still see the building about a km away)
>the lights turns red even though its practically always green when headed that direction
>before he even comes to a full stop I bail, full sprint into a treeline about 50meters away
>I stop and he calls out to me a while and I'm hiding from n the bushes
>new years eve
>me and 2 friends
>go to a large football field that has forest on the other side
>drinking beer and shooting fireworks
>pretty close to midnight
>rockets light up the woods every now and then
>see lots of human figures in the woods
>slight panic, tell my friends
>can't see anything
>clock is really close to midnight and the sky is lit up
>at least 30 figures at the edge of the forest walking towards us
>friends see them too now
>really bad vibes because they're not even looking to the sky, just walking towards us in this huge line
>fuck it, grab our shit and run about 2km back to my house
>spent rest of the night with everyone having a kitchen knife close by

It was probably nothing, just people gathering around to see the fireworks better or something but I ain't arguing with my gut feeling when it tells me to get the fuck out of somewhere.
>reading all these nopes feeling like I wont sleep tonight
>see this
>spend an hour laughing so hard
Not much left but hit character limit
>after about 5 mins of him calling out trying to coax me out of the bushes another driver stops to see if buddy needs help
>I can't make out what his response was but it seemed to spook him as left
>at this point I'm too scared to leave
>is he waiting for me? Did he just pull up a few hundred feet and sitting watching?
>Its cold as hell and raining. I'm shivering
>call my older brother and tell him to get me, I give him a tl;Dr version of what went down in a whisper so the guy can't hear me if he was still around
>he doesn't believe me thinks I'm fucking with him
>parents were out of town for the weekend and I didn't want to call the cops as I was drinking underage and had some pot on me and I was just generally young and stupid.
>keep calling my brother and it takes me 4 calls before he actually believes me
>about a half hour later I see my brother pull into some dive ass car garage more or less across the street from me
>he brought 2 of his mates with him and the open the trunk and pull out a couple of baseball bats and an Axe
>at this point I'm still scared shitless and don't want to move. I could see them but they were up the road quite a way and I was worried the other guy may have been closer and nabbed me
>then I decide to full on sprint to my brother.
>I get in the car and brother makes a point of weaving around the city to make sure we werent being tailed by the guy.

When my parents got back they more or less called us idiots for not calling the police and forced me to go down there and give a statement.

When they asked why I waited so long to contact them I told them the truth and they were like "Jesus Christ kid you could have gotten yourself killed over pot and booze!"

sup fellow Cougs!!
So this happened in 191 BC?
Kinda had a similar experience. Posted it here quite a while back. Too lazy to type it all but every time I went to the bathroom as a kid in the night I'd hear a very quiet humming like a song and a sound that I thought was someone clipping their toe nails. I always assumed my mom was in the bathroom....in the middle of the night...with no lights on....humming and clipping her nails.

Then some anon told me that's a common thing with skinwalkers or go at man or some other folklore shit that I don't really believe in.

But then I'm thinking what would be creepier? Goatman trying to spook a kid or my mom clipping her toe nails in the dark in the middle of the night?

I dunno mates that's a bit of a toss up
Lots of people don't seem to understand houses make all kinds of noises all the time. You hear them more clearly in the night because there's not much other sounds to mask them.
It's just the spare or jack you god Damn fucking cunt bitch. Go suck on the tail pipe while your cars on you get so smart before you die so eat shit before green text you faggotier
Something about spitting onto the thing reminds me of the anon that said whenever he has ghost troubles he just whips his dick out and starts jerking it. No ghost would want to see that.
2 but I forgive her because I love her and its completely normal for a white girl to naturally want to breed with superior black men.
Greatest story i've ever read.
>work at dollar store
>Vet assistant, kennel working, etc.
>live in 3rd floor of flat
>fresh snow on the ground
>Keypad entry.
>bf is still asleep on the couch
>hear harsh whispering from in front of me near the floor
>Portable hard drives stolen
>turn on phone, get back into bread and can't find that post
>Go to try and open door
>fucking forgot i don't speak human
>they're always screaming and shouting and screeching, running around the staircase and stuff, you always hear their steps because they can't seem to walk like normal people
>first games over go to washroom
>chick finally snapped and killed her bf
>mfw i thought i was gonna get abducted
>go to bedroom, nothing
>Don't find shit and go back to sleep in the girls room
>never heard it fall or anything and my floor is laminate
>Fade to black
>order a pizza and just crash for the rest of the night
>neither of us knows hpw I got in there, I fell asleep before him and he didnt move me and ive never had history lf sleepwalking.
>he says "I've lived here my whole life I know all the secrets"
>spent rest of the night with everyone having a kitchen knife close by
>I get in the car and brother makes a point of weaving around the city to make sure we werent being tailed by the guy.
>reading about demonic oppression at like 3 in the morning
>suddenly start hearing door downstairs banging and pounding rapidly
>mom was asleep downstairs so I fucking jump off my ass and burst out my room
>turns out that I had accidentally locked my mom in the living room
>heart was racing and I felt stupid

It was scary..
Is the car a Chevy Cobalt? Same thing happens to me all the time. I'm sure it's mechanical in nature.
Do you actually think that was clever or are you just autistic?
Who y' gonna call? GHOST PUNCHER!
>be me couple years ago
>aunt from Germany is over
>woke up and i needed to piss at 2am
>walk out into the hallway
>see the bathroom door closed, but the light was visible from underneath and through the sides
>aunt replies with, "Come in."
>open door
>everyone was asleep
>walking back from party at 2am
>cut through dry lake to save time
>dark as all hell, not a living soul around
>stop to take a piss
>as i finish hear rustling on the ground
>sounds like something running a circle around me
>look up
>dense fog is falling on lake, can see how visibility drops right in front of me
>never seen fog on this lake in 3 years
>get the hell out of dodge and back to my room
And that is how I almost got raped by the dry lake ghosts
File: carlitos.gif (437 KB, 245x118) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Check your rear differential oil faggot
>be me, sophmore year in highschool
>there's been several ongoing school shooting threats in the last few weeks
>in driver's ed, taking some test
>all of a sudden, entire class hears loud ass screams, and 'BANG' noises
>door is wide open, and teacher doesn't even react.
>several kids are looking at each other, wide eyed and afraid
>teacher is still looking at his computer as these fucking loud screams are echoing and we hear these loud bangs every several seconds

Apparently it was the gym room and these kids were just slamming soccer balls or something against a wall. Still, that was one of the scariest experiences I've ever had, even though nothing really happened. The fact that there were shooter threats, which were on the news and shit even, got my heart racing at the time.
I don't think I put enough emphasis on how loud the freaking screams were. They sounded purely blood-curdling, and I've never heard such screams in my entire life.
I think this constitutes as anope
>be me
>been meditating everyday for about a year
>been curious into Astral projecting and Astral plane
>didn't look into it much and continued to meditate
>it's just like every other day
>somethings different
>things get darker than black
I know its weird but trust me
>I see myself in this void as a white light
>looks like a diablo style top down dungeon crawler game
>I look like an a bright white Egyptian eye
>I start to walk around but not much I'm scared
>see a faint glowing purple light headed towards me
>this purple light gets real close
>basically in my face
>looks like those Chinese lion statues but with HUGE fang/tusk things
>run in the same directions and pattern I walked in so I don't lose where I was at
>this thing is on top of me right now
>I'm convinced I'm going to die
>3 light blue lights show up
>my dead dogs came to rescue me
>They drive it away and I find my body again
>what seemed like 15 minutes turned out to be 2 hours

Never meditated since then, that was 5-6 years ago
File: mike brown.jpg (476 KB, 1875x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mike brown.jpg
476 KB, 1875x1000
>driving through niggery area of south jersey
>an old black woman jumps in front of my car in order to scam my insurance company
>don't want to deal with her shit, so i just roll over her and keep driving
>drive for a couple of hours, to get to the woods and clean off my hood, since it's covered in blood and hair
>pull into the forest expecting to wipe off a weave
>a black oily scalp, covered in blood dangles from my hood ornament
>clean every thing, push out a dent from under the hood
>drive to a dealership and trade down for a different car
>weeks pass
>some one starts mailing me medical bills with bloody finger prints obscuring the name and numbers
>start sleeping with a gun in my lap
>wake up at 4 am
>someone is opening my bed room door
>i live alone
>fire 4 shots into the void
>hear several voices scream
>someone shoots back
>i'm hit
>wake up in the hospital
>nurse tells me the police found me covered in blood in my car on the side of the road
>tell me i'm lucky to be alive, since the old black woman i hit died and the top of her head came off
That's definitely the best story from this board that I've ever read. Holy shit, that was badass.
I still have yet to get an actual answer from you. How ironic that the "forgetful stoner" would so effortlessly best you.
Dude what the fuck I looked at the picture and started tearing up for no reason and also feeling a slight sense of deja vu
sides; in orbit
File: image024.gif (96 KB, 346x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 346x550
>5 years old
>dad beat the shit out of me for telling him to stop hitting mom
>run away into the woods covered in blood
>get turned around and lost
>seek shelter in a damp cave with a 1 foot tall opening
>freezing cold so bad I can't stop heaving
>someone grabs my ankle and pulls me out of the cave
>a man with his hat pulled over his face helps me up
>doesn't speak a word, just leads me out of the woods
>wind up at a police station
>man explains that my father killed my mother and nearly killed me, and he interceded just in time to save me
>leaves a written report and leaves
>sleep at an officer's home
>wake up
>sure enough, police go to my house and see that dad killed mom while I was out
>they find my dad frozen to death in the cave
File: Swiggety Sooty.jpg (115 KB, 788x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Swiggety Sooty.jpg
115 KB, 788x568
>trying to pick up this cute girl i see sitting on a bench outside of church
>she ignores me and won't look up from her paper
>I get a little pissy and tear the paper from her hands
>church bells ring
>funeral procession steps outside
>look at the portrait of the deceased carried by the greaving family
>look back down at the cute girl
>she calls me a cunt and takes her paper back
I really don't see how that's "nope" but damn man, that sucks.
File: old half face.jpg (95 KB, 460x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
old half face.jpg
95 KB, 460x750
>8 years old
>waiting for mom to come home from working late
>supposed to come home at 9
>12 oclock and still home alone
>sitting in the kitchen, hungry and watching the front door
>think to myself,
>"i don't care if she ever comes home"
>front door opens
>no one there
>freezing wind blows into the house
>approach the door and look outside
>nothing there
>mom never came home
Who was the man and why the hell was your father in a fucking cave?
>just moved into a new neighborhood
>come home late from school
>door is locked and i don't have a key
>bang on the door for dad to open up
>a strange woman I never met before opens up the door
>smiles and tells me to come inside
>her voice has a strange wheeze, like a broken harmonica
>realize I'm not at my house
>have no idea where I am or how I got there
>turn back and run
>woman wheezes and says she'll catch up to me eventually
>make random turns through until I find my way home
>door is open and step inside
>dad is asleep on a chair in the living room,
>mom cooking in the kitchen
>little sister is sitting on the kitchen floor making a weird sound
>she's blowing into a harmonica
>say's the funny lady told her to give it to me
>run outside and toss it down a sewer drain
>that night, like every night since
>just as I'm about to fall asleep
>hear a wheeze, like wind passing through a broken harmonica
MIB was here.
Just make yourself deaf
File: in ruin.jpg (1015 KB, 1500x1324) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
in ruin.jpg
1015 KB, 1500x1324
>1978, 6 years old
>come home from school and dad tells me my dog skipper bit him so he kicked her and she ran away
>dad was always a liar and a violent drunk so I don't believe him
>two years later dad got drunk and fell asleep smoking
>wake up to a house full of smoke
>can't see, smoke is burning my lungs
>feel my dog Skipper's muzzle on my hand
>she leads me outside
>smoke billows around us so thickly i can't see her or the house
>skipper licks my hand then runs back inside
>the firemen arrive as I fall back into the smouldering grass outside of my ruined house
>pass out
>when I awake the police tell me my father passed away in the fire
>a particularly confused officer asked me why my dad kept the bones of a dog with him in bed
They called him Ricky 2-knife. He retired after this because he lost his 2-knives.
File: 1451607892899.gif (1 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x281
poor doggo :(
Same post friend from the first girl
File: 1433276695128.jpg (108 KB, 736x609) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 736x609
>6 years ago
>have a shitty nokia flip phone
>get a text message
>it reads: I MISS YOU
>it's from an old girlfriend I haven't talked to in years
>call back but the number is busy
>call up her dad to see what's up
>he asks me to meet him at an address
>i pull up to this strange park
>he avoids talking as he walks me between tall hedges
>beyond, I see a row of graves
>tells me my ex was raped and murdered earlier that year
>the criminal was never caught, and he made off with her purse and phone
>we stand by her grave and I break down like a child
>cry for the first time since my older brother died in the war
>old man hugs me and we walk back to our cars
>see my flip phone light up as I got to drive away
>"Goodbye" the new text message reads
She never forgot you, anon.

Alternatively a rapist was fucking with your head.
underrated post
File: 1404496620683.jpg (432 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
432 KB, 1280x1024
>wake up feeling awful
>go to the bathroom and puke blood into my bathtub
>look in the basin at a little yellow chunk
>turns out to be a tooth
>none of MY teeth are missing
this isn't a ylyl, newfag
>has never smoked weed
>doesn't actually know what it does
File: kamina.jpg (32 KB, 615x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 615x456
>digging in my backyard to put in a fence post
>spade breaks on an object
>kneel in the upturned soil
>find a little glass jar with a metallic lid
>entire bottle is brown and I can't tell what is inside
>can't open the lid by hand
>grab a rock and try to bust it open
>rock bounces off the glass and the jar is unaffected
>walk back to my house to get a hammer
>return and the jar is gone
>in it's place, i find dried mint leaves wrapped in red thread
>put the leaves in an envelope and locked it in my shed
>a few years later i remembered it and opened the envelope
>the leaves are gone, instead shards of broken glass pour from the envelope

I literally have no fucking clue
>mom calls me at 4 in the morning and tells me a black man is trying to break into her house
>drive across town so fast a cop begins to tail me, and I let him chase me so he can eventually be of help
>get out of the car with my pistol and try to open the door
>it's locked
>i tell mom to open the door
>she screams and calls me a nigger
>cop gets out of car and tells me to put down the gun
>a second cop i didn't see shoots the gun out of my hand
>my black hand
>cat used to sleep on my belly and I'd hold it with both hands while I slept
>cat died 10 years ago
>used to wake up in the middle of the night, with my hands in the air above my stomach
>and the sound of purring fading in the distance
newfag to /x/ here, and this is not an incredibly spoopy story but it's what i have, so fucking deal with it
>be me, at the time senior in HS
>get invited on camping trip w/ 3 grills and 4 dudes, have the hots for one of the grills so of course I go
>live in Wyoming, we go camping near the snowy mountains which are a northern extension of the colorado rocky mtns
>Only town near by is Centennial, WY, an old town founded from the workers of the transcontinental railroad, has maybe a population of like 70 tops
>surrounded by thick forest of lodgepole pines, random lakes and shit spread throughout
>Not uncommon to come across abandoned cabins in the woods, in fact was quite common, many were so run down the roofs had entirely collapsed
>We set up camp near a rocky area, but have a big dirt pit where we make the fire
>Having a lot of fun, drinking, smoking weed, hookah etc. and 2 of the grills start making out
>All of sudden, one friend, dude I know kinda well but not as well as the others gets creeped out look on his face
>WTF man calm down
>he was an asian mofucker, named john, adopted kid, kinda weird but not autistic
>he starts mumbling about shit in the trees and freaking out
>after we all quiet down we do hear shit moving around in the wilderness, but no one thinks much of it, tons of animals in the area, everything from chipmunks to moose to bears, etc.
>for fuck's sake it's Wyoming, wild animals are everywhere in the forest

File: boot_camp.jpg (137 KB, 960x266) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137 KB, 960x266

>He keeps acting sketchy, starts drawing circles and some other shit in the dirt
>what the fuck are you doing john you weird faggot
>runs to his car and grabs shotgun
>starts pointing it at people and yelling random things
>oh fuck we're gunna die
>Everyone calmly telling him to stop pointing gun at people and calm the fuck down
>Another sound in the woods, he immediately turns to it and starts chasing
>Me and 2 other guys start chasing after him with a lamp and axe but he has a head start
>Finally find him, he looks super calm
>convince him to put the gun down and walk back to camp
>we all go to sleep not long after, his shit freaked us out and we are not in party mode anymore
>rest of the trip uneventful, though made a point to avoid him in the future and haven't talked to him since

i think he was just drunk but i have been drunk with that retard before and he would get all smiley/laughing at jokes etc not at all like he was then but who knows

pic related, from google but around the same area (Centennial, WY), you fucks can google image more if you're curious, plenty of abandoned cabins in the area. One isn't too far from a the parking area for Medicine Bow Nat'l forest and if you walk in the right direction through the woods (northwest) you'll find it easy, we weren't too far from there
he was trying to look cool by chasing off imaginary clansmen so he could get laid
you had more men than girls and he wanted to stand out
be happy he didn't go full eurasian on you
Decent creepypasta

A definite possibility anon, but he was acting more insane than heroic and my friends and I have talked a lot about how we thought he was going to kill us that night since it happened

then again maybe he thinks that kinda shit makes him look badass, he was pretty chill but odd. He used to come to HS with a breifcase with an egg time in it

egg timer* ,one that made loud ticking noises at that
>late 60's
>in my early 20's
>town bully corners me as I'm walking to work
>pulls out a curved knife with a dark green handle
>stuck his own knife in his neck and rolled him into a river
>no one ever found him or cared to find him
>driving past the river 2 weeks ago
>see something floating in the water
>it's a solid grey mask of lumpy geletine
>sticking out of it is the curved bladed, green handled knife
My only time I've Astral projected and hopefully my last time
>be me
>been meditating everyday for about a year
>been curious into Astral projecting and Astral plane
>didn't look into it much and continued to meditate
>it's just like every other day
>somethings different
>things get darker than black
I know its weird but trust me
>I see myself in this void as a white light
>looks like a diablo style top down dungeon crawler game
>I look like an a bright white Egyptian eye
>I start to walk around but not much I'm scared
>see a faint glowing purple light headed towards me
>this purple light gets real close
>basically in my face
>looks like those Chinese lion statues but with HUGE fang/tusk things
>run in the same directions and pattern I walked in so I don't lose where I was at
>this thing is on top of me right now
>I'm convinced I'm going to die
>3 light blue lights show up
>my dead dogs came to rescue me
>They drive it away and I find my body again
>what seemed like 15 minutes turned out to be 2 hours
Never meditated since then, that was 5-6 years ago
OK mines probably not spoopy enough because it isn't supernatural but still extremely nope.

>Be 26
>Living with my wife and our 4year old daughter
>Wife works late nights as an emergency room nurse
>I work as mental health nurse at the live-in wards
>One night, wife is at work - it's 11pm and I am getting ready for bed
>Hear a faint, thick but soft clunk from within the house but brush it off
>About 30 seconds later I hear slow, soft, crunching on our gravel driveway
>I get up to investigate, knocking over my glass of wine
>I hear rapid, light crunching on the gravel - somethings run away
>Convince myself it was an animal or a doorbell ring and runner (we get alot of teenagers doing it)
>Either way they've been spooked off now
>Clean up
>Hear another sound similar clunk from the walls of the house
>Decide to investigate - not in crisis mode or anything, just curious
>Go to check faucets and windows and the like - everything normal
>I go to check in on my daughter, she's in her bed, everything seems OK
>I walk out, as I do I notice the window is slightly ajar
>There's normally a pile of bears and dolls in a messy kind of display near her toybox
>I scan the room in the dark from the entrance
>I almost shit my pants as I see a human face in amongst the toys and dolls
>Frozen in a smile
> I'm not sure if they've seen me from this angle
>I don't want to traumatize my kid so I calmly walk in and say "ok toilet time" and pick her up
>I leave the door open and sit at the end of the passage with my kid sleeping in my lap, watching the pile for movement
>Call cops
>Whisper the details
>They come
>They knock on the door
>"it's open, come in"
>Finally movement in the pile - I see someone poke out their head and look directly at me
>They lean back and I hear a long mournful moan
>police arrest him

He was an inpatient- I'd never met him. Security footage showed he'd been following me around the ward for weeks, but hiding when I'd walk by. He'd done some nasty stuff with kids.
you were drinking and smoking weed

he probably had a bad trip
spoopy side skeleton
fuck that is super spoopy
File: 1453110541659.jpg (69 KB, 394x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 394x356
Fuck this is even worse then paranormal
doesn't seem violent
Ghosts and ghoulies aren't all that scary to me, but people scare the shit outta me.
File: image.jpg (63 KB, 820x820) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 820x820
I wouldn't worry about it.
terrible forced meme is terrible, piss off with that
I didn't come to this thread to feel, anon :(
why do i feel like i've seen this before? It's giving me an intense sense of dread and i don't know why...
File: 142545623626.jpg (31 KB, 329x411) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 329x411
What the fuck man. That's fucked up.
>on holiday in Tuscany
>sat on the patio dining table at night talking by light of candle and moon
>one by one we begin to register the sound of feasting in the darkness a few metres from the villa
>stop talking to listen
>literally sounds like an animal is gorging itself on a fresh kill
>the sound of flesh being ripped and bones snapping and slurping and generally like chewing really loud on a blue stake
>get the torch to go and investigate in the darkness
>as we approach the sound it gets louder and really close
>there is a fence around the property separating the garden, house and pool from open countryside
>noise is definitely closer than the fence
>all of a sudden as we're getting close we here a LOUD aggressive grunting snorting noise a few feet away
>literally sprint back into the house and behind the sliding glass door
>turn all outside and inside lights on now actually fearing for our safety
>after a few minutes we venture out again with more powerful torched and armed with kitchen knives and hatchets
>pass the place where the sound cane from but see no tracks, not that we're trackers or that we were leaving any visible tracks on the hard ground
>still constantly hearing snuffling and movement
>cat walking near us apparently curious too hissing and not leaving the light of our torches
>we reach the fence and sightly trampled, not ripped apart like we expected coz this is a big animal from the sound of it, they clearly jumped the fence with ease
>we can go no further but look out into the darkness of pointing our torches and listening
>swear we can see shapes moving about in the fields about 100 ft away
>maybe a pack of wolves or we think wild boar from the sound of the pig-grunt-snort
>thought boar were herbivorous but these things were definitely ripping some dear or something limb from limb.
>in the morning we go look expecting to find a trail of blood where something was dragged or a carcass or even a few drops of blood but we can't see anything.
Dude, fuck, bravo.
File: 1335617904939.jpg (17 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 400x388
I enjoyed your story.
Hey! Shouldn't you be at school?
What a prick
Most likely the latter
Don't make out with meth heads
I may be late, but I have a few mild nopes myself.

The first two are easily explainable, just spooked me at the time.

>be in junior high
>hanging out at friends house
>I always slept in his creepy back room with a big glass door to his back yard
I was scared the first few times I slept in here, but I got over it
>suddenly his big bulldogs run outside and start freaking out barking and shit
>glimpse teeth through fence
>me and bud go out there with a broadsword and a bb gun
>just the neighbors dog that got out

>dreaming about talking to some guy out my second story window
>imagine taking plastic wrap and wrapping your face in it, then painting it the color of skin
>that's what he looked like
>even so, not scared for some reason
>wake up standing next to my window with it open
I don't really sleep walk, ever. That's the one time it's ever happened.
Bears can't walk on two legs. They can stand up to observe, but not walk.
Not mine but my sisters

>be my sister
>come home to my dads house before anyone else
>on the phone with my mom
>we have a motion sensor bathroom light
>the bathroom light is on
>no pets or anything
>sort of creeped out, but probably explainable
>hang up
>get a call immediately from unknown number
>its a recording of her talking to my mom
>Only her side of the conversation, as if it was recorded in person
>nopes out of the house
Nothing was stolen or anything, but we've always had creepy shit happen, especially her.

Another one
>be before I was born
>older brother is a newborn, and they are moving into a new home
>both parents get a creepy feeling from the room that was supposed to be nursery
>decide my brother shouldn't sleep in there, use it for storage instead
>sister in room adjacent
>would always complain about a "mean boy" in her closet
>just an imaginary friend probably
>when we moved out we found a hole in her closet that was about big enough for a small child to crawl through from the spook room
I don't know if what you're saying is true, because it kind of reminds me of any typical horror movie, but it seemed really damn interesting. I would love to hear more info.
gave me chills anon!!
got any more?
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