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fuck fuck FUCK sleep paralysis.
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fuck fuck FUCK sleep paralysis.

>be me, last night
>put my 40 lb Labrador retriever in his kennel and close it
>lay down in guest bedroom because I have to get up much earlier than my gf
>we don't use this bedroom much so we keep the vent closed, as a result the room is extremely cold so I keep the door open
>laying in bed, trying to go to sleep
>loud vibrating in both my ears all of a sudden
>can't move at all
>eyes slightly open, I can see most of the room- door is to the left of my field of vision, blurry but visible
>trying to move, but can't
>oh fuck, this must be sleep paralysis
>remember the Netflix documentary and stories on /x/
>wonder if this is like lucid dreaming at all, which I have some experience with
>imagine a woman riding me- I feel the sensation in my dick slightly, but can't conjure an image
>give up on the sex
>can hear my dog licking himself in the room next to me
>still can't move
>really trying now, starting to get nervous
>what if someone breaks in?
>what if the figure shows up?
> starting to hear more noises, standard house creaking
>snow plow outside loud as fuck seemingly stops without sound dissipating in the distance. What?
>why can't I fucking move?
>footsteps outside window
>Oh fuck
>footsteps outside back door
>time to wake up
>hear the door to my dogs kennel somehow open
>oh fuck wake up
>hear my dogs footsteps clack across the hardwood towards the back door
>oh god he's going to let it in
>back door creaks open

That's when I woke up. Jesus H Christ you all weren't kidding. This is the most fear I've ever felt in my life. I hallucinated that my dogs kennel opened up Shining-style and he opened the back door with his paws. Fuck me, I hope this isn't going to happen again.
Calm down OP...some people have said that you need to concentrate on a particular part of your body and try to move it. You should try it the next time.

I'll remember that. What a weird experience though. My eyelids must have been at least partially open because I could see the room, but the door was just enough to the left of my vision that I could see it, although blurry. It didn't help that I'd already heard of this phenomenon, as I was aware of the tropes of it and kind of psyched myself out.
It's scatty first few times.

I'm used to it now, just try and force yourself out of it (I'm not sure how I do it desu).
That shit is fucked up.
It is my biggest fear by far. Now i am scared that i will trigger it subsconsiously...if thats even possible
How long does it last?

Did it start later in your life? I wonder if I should expect this to happen again.

Trying to imagine fucking isn't a good idea since it gets you excited which pretty much can get out of hand and cause spooks
I've always just forced myself to go back to sleep then attempt to wake up again
It's hard to quantify as it occurs between deep-sleep and awakening. Not long, but not so short it's forgettable.

It's not bad when you're used to it. First few times you panic and feel like you're going to suffocate as you can't feel yourself breathe. Now it's more of an uncomfortable inconvenience.

First time was when I was 15/16. It tends to happen in seasons.

That makes sense. I'll try to stay calm next time, I could almost see it being relaxing if I don't freak out.
You're mind's eye will conjure a complete, photo-realistic rendering of your room. No need to actually see it, your mind can somehow recall insane details such that you really can't tell you're asleep. I've dreamt of my childhood home, opened kitchen drawers to find every piece of junk in its exact place from all those years ago. Same fading of the wallpaper, same stain on the carpet. It's unreal.
>put my 40 lb Labrador retriever in his kennel and close it

I hope it's not fully grown because a Lab shouldn't weigh that little.
In my experience (I'm >>17247531), there's always a certain degree of panic -- and as you're usually half-asleep you can't quite rationalise it enough to relax. Just get used to it enough so you can know how to get out.

I think it's a mix. I've had it happen where I've actually had my eyes half open (not mind eye), but had my brain producing visual imagery at the same time (I saw a laptop or something, when I woke up a bit more it wasn't there). That sort only happens when I have naps that conflict with my body clock.
This happened to me every day in the summer of 14, not fun. I woke myself up by rapid breathing
I had the benefit of knowing what it was when it first happened to me, so I didn't panic at all. I just sort of went with it.

To me, it's like dreaming, I visually see these creepy things but I'm not afraid of them. I mean, I react to them as if I'm afraid but I don't really 'feel' it, you know?
Reminds me of my experience a couple years ago
>Be me
>typical guy
>can't into horror movies at all
>scared shitless and hide my eyes if one ever comes on. Literally worse than a 14 year old girl
>Decide it would be a great fucking idea to watch the woman in black on my own in the dark one night
>Spooky af
>didn't sleep for a couple nights
>some time later after going asleep
>lucid-ish dream
>walking around in a creepy old garden near a big house and graves everywhere
>see a woman in completely black attire walking around
>Run like a crazy bitch on crack
>See stairs to a bunker of some kind
>like The Witches of Hemwick boss battle location in bloodborne
>Lock door
>Finally safe
>Turn around
>Shes right in front of me
>Opens her eyes
>completely black
>Screams at the top of her lungs in my face for what felt like forever
>Jolt awake
>Covered in sweat and absolutely terrified
>Room has a little light coming through the window so can see it's 5am
>turn on all lights and sit in the corner until 2pm when I'm sure it's bright
Worst moment of my life by far. Don't recommend. Would that be classified as a night terror? New to this shit
Maybe it was your girlfriends son?
I just want to go back

>3 final times i had sleep paralysis/lucid dreaming
>Lying on my stomach on my bed
>feels what feels like legs walking on my bed from my feet to torso
>it grabs my head and static noise gets closer and louder
>Instead of being afraid i laugh maniacally before waking up/out of it
>the 2nd time is crazier
>lying in my bed face up
>enter paralysis
>being approaches my bedside
>demands I give him control of my body
>says he will haunt me for the rest of my life if i refuse
>so naturally i refuse and say either you'll try or you'll fail, can't remember
>his hand reaches for me and something happens
>some creature/being crawls out of my back left shoulder and lunges onto the figure
>i wake up a little excited that something had my back
>3rd and final paralysis, haven't had it for little more than a few months
>start to realize that this paralysis might be astral projection{or at least hope}
>paralysis kicks in while im on my back
>try to move or imagine myself moving, it fails
>start to release what seems like energy
>waves of energy i see bursting from my body, trying to see how big i can make them
>suddenly hear door in the hallway open and force myself awake

Every since I long for the opportunity for it to happen again but i just can't get back there.
Did i experience sleep paralysis the other day?

>sleep for about 4 hours, wake up at 8 am, cant get backto sleep so i start my morning off like usual
>around 10AM, fall asleep on the couch watching Evil Dead
>wake up around 10:45, feel great but my right arm is completely numb and i cant move it what so ever.
>This has happened to me before when ive fell asleep laying on my arm in a weird way, but this tim my right arm was laying across my chest
>for abouyt 5 minutes my entire right arm cant move or feel anything, no matter how hard i tried
>entire limb begins to grow extremely hot and i develop a strange stinging pain on the whole length of my arm, feels completely different than the "pins & needles" feeling when your appendage is asleep, and feels different than when blood is returning to the appendage

>after about 30 seconds the feeling subsides and i can move my arm again
I'll share a story

>got home from work and I was super tired, like unable to walk tired.
>I get in bed and drift in and out of sleep.
>I remember sitting up in bed unable to move with my arms to my sides
>weird sensation in my arms, like nothing I felt before
>kind of uncomfortable
> it stops and starts multiple times, until i fall back to sleep

not sure if this is paralysis, i wasnt even sure if I was awake or lucid, pretty strange
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Weird for me is that I've never had an experience like this.
Every time I've ever experienced sleep paralysis, I've been able to see a white light and climbed toward it. And when I wanted to stop I've been able to seize control of my body and force myself awake.
Not sure why most people have bad trips.

He's half lab half Australian Shepherd.
post pics
Got an aussie/lab master race mutt too.
Never had it, but i would love to. Is there actually a way to kinda trigger it ?
Had it happen to me once and that was scary
>>Was in bed back in HS
>>Woke up and felt heavy as fuck and paralyzed
>>Couldnt yell for help or anything
>>Managed to focus on moving my shoulder and managed to roll out of my bed smack dab on the floor
>>Somehow managed to get to the door fighting the weight
>>Took me a minute to actually get on my knees and hurl myself up against the door and raise my arms enough to open door
>>Open door and fall face first outside of it
>>Mom and dad are in livingroom across the way staring at me like i'm a fucking retard
>>Weakly call for help trying hard to breath
>>Parents dont give a fuck but can see me consideing im next to the TV
>>Lay there for a few minutes until the numbness wears off and call them cunts for not helping me
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That's hilarious.
Not slepp paralysis but
Go to sleep , have fucked dream
Everything complety whit except some tour guide walking around with me
Shes showing me some panda , when it lets off a horrofying scream.
Imagine every jew that ever died in a gas chamber and screamed put together
Starts biting face off tour guide
Millions of pandas chasing me screaming
So spoopy
I die
That is impressive.

Most people can't move whatsoever. I got sleep paralysis all of my life but was trying to get it to happen even though I already had it happened countless times.

I always thought sleep paralysis was that you literally can not move (which is still true I guess) but for me anyway it feel like my body is just too lazy to move, as if I am telling myself that I don't want to move. I was expecting it to feel like being cover in stone, not just being physically lazy.
Hello there OP. I've experienced SP before too, and I need to ask you some questions, for the sake of investigation.

Have you been leading a sinful life? Are you into the occult? Have you practiced yoga or meditation? Have you tried to call the name of Jesus during sleep paralysis? It works for me...

I get sleep paralysis all the time. I find it best to not freak out and calm your whole body. Then all at once use all your Concentration to force your body awake. Atlest that's what I do
I get sleep paralyses often so I'll just share last nights episode. I woke up by alarm for work at 6:20 am and I hit the snooze button, and upon falling asleep I felt something pulling down my blanket and I tried to grab it back (I was under my covers). I actually felt force, like someone pulling it in the opposite direction. I hate this shit now because I cant tell if my sleep paralyses episodes are dreams, sleep paralyses, lucid dreams or real life anymore and it sucks balls.
sleep paralysis is a kind of dream. what you experienced, I don't really know what that could have been. I don't go on /x/ enough to give you a definitive answer.
That's bullshit. You don't stay numb after you're up.
I had a weird experience once when I was little.
>be about 5 or 6
>had this dinosaur computer
>no internet for computer, just stupid pc games like hot wheels and learning shit
>go to sleep one night
>have an ungodly long "dream"
>im standing in front of my computer
>staring at the blue wallpaper
>literally all night, just staring
>couldnt move
>i went to bed tucked in under multiple covers
>woke up with covers all messy, pee pad (yes i wet the bed that late into my life..i stopped around 6) was on the floor
>i was awkardly sprawled on my bed
>tell my mom
>she just kinda blew it off because i was little

Exactly. You only fucking have sleep paralyses because the paralyzing "juices" in your spinal column and the back of your neck are where they are. Standing up or moving your torso around would stop the paralyses. You aren't cool, >>17248705. You're just like the rest of us.

You sat in a corner for nine hours straight?



No, your arm was asleep, you fucking retard
This desu you just need to chill out

I have had it a handful of times, the most memorable

>be sleeping
>wake up and feel my covers being tugged
>about 4 completely black shadow figures around my bed pulling my sheets
>first instinct is to try to fight them
>try to kick one in the head
>can't move my leg
>woke up pissed off someone was trying to steal my covers but upon realising what these things looked like got a bit more fearful
>try to kick out again but cannot
>think to myself 'why can I not kick out...? Oh wait this must be sleep paralysis which means I am dreaming, because if this was real I would have been able to fight back and wouldn't just be led here'
>think to myself these figures are just my imagination so can't hurt me
>just chill out taking them in and thinking about how cool of a scene it is as if I were in a horror movie
>absolutely no fear at this point just like watching a film
>fall back to sleep

Was actually a pretty cool experience. Since then never had a problem with sleep paralysis with shadow people if it happens I'm just like oh cool these bros are back.

Anyone ever get it with spiders? That's the one I don't like. For some reason I get this one with spiders and I can't be rational in it like with the shadow people. I'm not even scared of spiders so it is strange

>be asleep
>wake up
>giant spiders re making cobwebs cover the far wall
>more spiders making webs on the ceiling
>they're hanging down from the ceiling and spinning in circles on the end of their webs as they do if you have seen a spider weeve a web
>really really giant spiders too like un realistically big
>slowly dropping down off the ceiling getting closer and closer to me
>start coming down from the ceiling onto my bed and onto my body
>wake up for real absolutely shitting bricks

I haven't managed to over come the fear of that one yet.
It was pretty freaky for little me but im not sure what exactly happened

I went to sleep that night but i dont remember getting up or going back to bed..it was just sleep>computer>morning

And while i was standing there it wasnt a bad feeling..it felt surreal so it didnt scare me until after i woke up
Happened so many times it's not scary anymore. Just wiggle your toes or bite your tongue next time, you'll be fine.
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I was in a vehicle when mine hit.. Had my head tilted back onto the headrest and the only thing that made me break it was yelling out.. the driver and other passenger looked at me like I was crazy and I explained what happened, they acted like I was still crazy.. baka..
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