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So, /x/, posting to see if anyone is interested.
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So, /x/, posting to see if anyone is interested.
Yesterday I was at a classmate's house because we had to do an art project together, and had to get paint thinner from her basement.
I went down there and there were a shit load of boxes, two corridors with plenty of doors.
So searching through all her crap for it, I came across this door that was little lighter coloured than the others and it caught my eye. Greentexting.
>see some kind of dried-out trail of what used to be liquid (blood?) coming out of the door and going into the grate right next to it
>ask her about it
>"i have no idea what's behind this door"
>"my uncle used to stay down here for days at a time without coming out"
>"he was crazy, like literally insane
>"he's been a diagnosed schizo and has spent some time in an asylum in the past"
>"don't know much about since I don't visit my aunt since I was 6"
>"once he was down here for four days in a row and only came out on the 5th"
>"doing god knows what"
>"he died last year"
>so we don't have the key
>really want to find out
>i can pick locks though
>decide to pick the lock on Friday night
>she lives in an apartment complex, and we are not allowed in the basement
>so, friday night it is, so we aren't caught
>go buy a couple tension wrenches for the lock today
Anyway, that was it, I can't really timestamp yet, I have to be in there to do it. I'm sorry if it doesn't sound real, but it is, and please don't be "that" guy and start shitposting. Seriously. I will go there on Friday night, and hopefully get it all on video. Is anyone interested or should I not post it?
sounds pretty interesting, please record it.
Yes, do a video recording, you might be in for some spoopy stuff.
Please keep us updated!
Make sure you use a pole to probe the tiles ahead of you to check for pit traps. There should be a secret door in the bottom of one that could save you a lot of time. Don't bother with the misty gateway and whatever you do don't stick your arm in that sphere of annihilation on the end wall.
OP here
since you are interested, i'll make a thread with a timestamp outside the door on Friday
see you then
he has to pass his fucking detect traps check faggot. you can just find traps.
You can push down a hinged door with a pole and see there are spikes under there and then choose not to step on it
u might implicate this girl in some big ass investigation if there's anything really crazy down there. i know the "blood" is wishful thinking but damn bro be careful and hope that you only find some crazy ass newspaper clippings pinned to a wall and shit everywhere. hope to god u dont find bodies
Bump bump
Bump for interest
Post for sure!
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10/10 will read and witness.

Make your friend record everything on tape, while you take pics for faster updates to your fellow /x/philes.

Proof and timestamp for anything interesting you find down there, OP

Good luck.
Maybe because I'm a newfag or a normalfag, but i'm kinda believing it. Please post video/pics/livestream when you it. It sounds an interesting story. Please go on in Friday.
why the fuck would you make this thread a full day in advance op
Exited as hell for this , good luck op.
>i can pick locks though
top zozzle, 15 year old detected
Pic or this is bullshit.
I used to pick the lock to the theater at my school so I could get into the prop closet and smoke weed when I was 15.
Why don't you just watch the unfolding instead of trying to interfere with it?
it's still wishful thinking though, OP. there might be nothing in there at all
Today is friday
It's sunday, fucktard...
The story anon posted on friday was Best of /x/-tier. Sorry you missed it
>It's sunday

In what fucking timezone? Are you drunk or just some transdimensional faggot?
Today is sunday, bro...
It's friday in my timezone, nigger. It could be saturday at best, for you.

Man, you shifted back 24h.

Well, i guess even time travellers can be fucking amateurs.
Shit, nigga, you doped out of ya mind!
It's sunday!
Why do faggots assume that because /x/ is for paranormal stuff, it must be filled with gullible people.
Nah, I know it's full of autists and RPers, with the occasional Enlightened Magi or two.
There was a time people jumped at the oportunity to mess with someone like this
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Alright its friday how many hours until you find out whats down there?
File: image.jpg (43 KB, 550x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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OP here
Made a new thread bc lack of internet
File: 20160122_223343.jpg (1001 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Op again
Can't stay down here long, it's restricted access
Cancel the other thread

Let us know if you get killed.
Let's guess the things OP might find behind this door.

- jams and jellies
- weapons stockpile
It's in your classmates house... how the hell is it restricted access? Stick to your story next time. Faggot.
the basement is restricted read the story roodypoo
Kate and Destroy? WTF OP???
File: niggers.jpg (62 KB, 500x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I see nowhere saying it's restricted. It's in his friends house so who's stopping him from going in?
tfw op wont delivar
Hey i just got back. Op here
Will start story in a few secs cause i just got internet connection that actually works. Video will be uploadef tomorrow when i get home. Sorry this story is going so slowly but some shit has gone down
ready for spoops
>few seconds
>1 hour later
Jesus op don't make me wait like this
This is the story.
Shit happened on the way home, and I'm still kinda fidgety. Some guys with a fricking bat and hoodies almost chased me. What the fuck
>get there
>sneak into the basement like the CIA
>fiddle with lock, spend 25 minutes and open the door that had friggin trails under it
>room dark as fuck
>open the light
>yellow light on the ceiling
>3 blue-ish fluorescent lamps light up underNeath them
>room is a fucking pile of mess
>many tools.
>many fucking plastic bags with junk in them
>he placed them exactly in front of the closet
>feels like it's on purpose
>don't have much time, hearing shit from the stairwell
>a closet behind the bags, in the corner behind the door
>can't get near it from the fucking bags because we have to be silent as fuck if we don't want to go to jail.
>have to hurry up
>tools mounted on the wall, and a protective eye mask hanging
>huge metal desk with a variety of power tools on it
>takes up half the room
>two black computers on it, with no monitors
>have to think fast, start hearing voices from upstairs
>one is covered in a sheet of paper to protect it from dust
>the other one has white markings on the top, like paint drippings or something
>It is in pristine fucking condition.
>not a speck of dust on it
>not one
>this room hasn't been opened for the better part of a year and a half
>decide to open it, take the hard drive
>this shit sounds like it's straight out of a movie, i know, but it's real
>"Is someone down here?"
>cover everything back up
>except for the screw i lost
>fast as fuck
>for our fucking sake
>turn off everything
>sit in silence and hope to god, zeus, buddha and Satan they don't see us
>heart is pounding
>noone comes down
>sit in the dark with my heart in my teeth
>might have been two minutes
>felt like two centuries
>gather my stuff and get the hell out.
>see friend talking to her aunt from the window out the street
>who looked like the grim fucking reaper from where i was standing
>go towards home
>almost get clubbed to death on the way home
>like what the actual fuck???
>ran so fucking much
>too terrified
>run across the entire length of the fucking city to get home
>run over to friend's house because i almost died
>closest to home
>posting from there now
>i didn't get more Than three minutes in that room
>have to go again sometime soon
>not sure what happened with the aunt at her house though
>shit might have gone down on her end too
>will upload video tomorrow, when i get home
>going to have a heart attack
Again, sorry for how slow it's going
In hindsight, had i had more time, i should have gotten the other pc, the covered one.
And the closet. Especially that. But we almost got caught.
Will post updates tomorrow. I am in a really bad shape rn. I escaped two heart episodes today
Good thinking to take the harddrive OP. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you aren't making this up.
If there's anything cool on the hardrive, post it later!
Can you explain again why are you not allowed to go there?
His friend lives in an apartment complex and the basement is off limits.
>shit load of boxes
was any of the boxes a x box?
How was the uncle allowed to live down there then?
I'm guessing the uncle is the reason why the place is off limits now. The plot thickens
>faggot privileges
Thread replies: 56
Thread images: 7
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