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Why don't I have an answer to what life...
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Why don't I have an answer to what life is about? It makes my life really fucking turbulent and I have a difficult time accepting no answer to that question. It makes me feel really depressed so I'll try something to keep myself busy- but that only lasts a few weeks until the mundane routine of it all sets forth a different kind of depression. Why is this abnormal? People tell me to go to a doctor but I don't like meds- i'm really sensitive to them. Why don't normal people think that it's so confusing and weird and life should be thought about constantly until we can reach an answer? Is my life more intense than their lives? Why do I NEED meaning in my life as where someone else is just happy, or at the least content with the idea of life? They don't fucking know the answers either but they don't care!! Why?!!! Maybe this is because I'm afraid of dying- I don't know if I'm fulfilling my life purpose on earth and I can't just fucking die without knowing. This kills me. I'm frequently suicidal as well because I just want to know once and for all what life is about. But how stupid would that be? I'd waste a good thing for truth. But then the truth IS the most important thing!!! I don't know what to do anymore.

Please help.
and no one even cares about this post, so why would anyone care about the meaning of their lives? i live in my own miserable agony mixed with pure beauty and it's really unstable living in a world with robotic and distracted people.
Well, if i told you the answer right now, would you be happy? What would a life be like, knowing the answer? I tell you what it feels like: Empty. The answer to what is our purpose is looking for the answer. As soon as it is answered, nothing matters anymore.
But why do we make the effort to try and find it then?
Well, their are many cool feelings which this earth has to offer, but the coolest feeling available is actually understanding, and being mindblown.
You probabbly know this feeling, when the plottwist of some mindfuck movie hit you hard.
Immagine what it would feel like, to understand the universe in one ultra complex thought chain, immagine what it would feel like, having answered everything, espacially if in the end it was a huge shift you did not expect at all. It would blow your mind.
The universe is not about the answer, it is about making it; the biggest question, in order for us, the life in it, to find the biggest answer to it. It is not about the answer. Both Question and answer are merely rhethorical. It is about the journey and what you feel going through it.
Study different philosophical literature, study the universe, but most importantly study yourself, your own pyche. (Meditation, Psychedelics, Conetemplation, usw.) You will find your answer there, presented in the way you should find it, so that you can go through the journey like you are supposed to. You sure wont find the answer on 4chan. Those who talk don't know; those who know don't talk.
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from birth to death you are experiencing
those experiences are yours alone
only similiar to others in sheer chaos
the answer is yours alone
you are the only one to find it
the druggies "purpose" to stay effected is no less valid than my answer to change the world that is why life and death is truly the most beautiful thing in existence, because it defines existence
I hope that helps, and that you find your answer
I don't believe that. I don't believe that it is only MY truth that matters. I think we as a society need to COLLECTIVELY WORK to figure out life in order to make better decisions for society as a whole. I think it matters. I don't think we should just leave it up to fate. I think we should be able to grasp it and do something about it if there IS no answer.

It's not that I would be happy, I would have MEANING. Something can be beautiful but I can't appreciate it unless there's meaning behind it. Otherwise it's very superficial for me and that turns me off.
I think a lot more of us feel this way than you think OP.
The difference is most us are willing to suffer in silence, that and the material world we live in is made to keep our minds occupied so these thoughts don't persist.

Personally every day is hell that I don't have the answers I need so I keep looking. Only when I seek do I not feel pain/depression. Any other waking moment and the thought of killing myself always is at the top of my mind.
you say that but let me ask you this
can a group of people ever truly agree on something 100%? How long is a single lifetime in a cohesive scale of history?
It's not about "fate" because we as humans are doing "it" right now. We are advancing, don't let the focus on negativity in news or social media distract you because evil has always existed as with ignorance. Do not downplay humans so quickly, if you do think of your bias you may have, and why you think the way you do.
Well I'm not fucking trying to sit and suffer in silence in OUR world. I'm saying let's do something about it- even if it's just a discussion on 4chan.

No they can't, but you can't fight fact is what I'm saying. If we find the meaning to life then we can understand it and maybe we won't be living in such chaos. You have to imagine that the truth is much bigger than any of us and it's not going to disappoint us in a manner in which all of us are going to lose the beauty in life. The meaning of life and pure knowledge is probably so fucking beautiful that it'll change all of us individually in whatever way view it.
You are thinking way too limited, limited by the box reality applies to you.
We can't figure out these questions together. In the material universe there is no purpose. You have to dive deeper to find more. The thing which goes deeper than matter is conciousnouss. This is only to be found within oneself, but in yourself, you'll notice that you can just as well find everything.
You say knowing purpose would give you meaning? What if it is no purpose you would like? What if it is rather a purpose of the universe, and your role is way too tiny for you to be satisfied with? What if you would not at all like the purpose the unvierse uses you for? What if your purpose is merely finding the purpose and when you find it nothing matters anymore?
Op. God, aliens, ghosts, me and you. All we are I biology. You will know soon eough
See above >>17237478

I already know that the truth is bigger than any of us, but I don't think we are MERELY vessels for something greater. I want to understand love and suffering and I feel really depressed without the answers. I feel empty and I'm not superficial enough to just fill it up with material distractions. I guess discussing life with someone else helps me cope with the possibility that i will never know the meaning of life.
Thank you anon.
Also, it's not like only I possess a consciousness. You have one too. And if you're just a fragment of my imagination, then I want to know you so I can manipulate your mind aka a part of MY mind to juice you for answers or just for someone to discuss with.
But what is biology? Where does it come from? Why is it and the life that comes with it even there? How come matter could suddenly become concious if just connected with enough complexity? How come it is all fractal? Why do the very same fractal patterns we find everywhere in nature, trees, brain, bloodstream, the exact same patterns our conciousnous follows in thought?
I would not claim we are all mere biology, as no one can clearly know what was there first, conciousness or matter/life, or if there even can be a "first", as we haven't quite figured out yet what time is or how it works.
We are both. Great doesn't mean changing this world in any manner. Great means feeling and producing big emotions and big understanding. These are exactly what the universe, the higher concious wants from you.

Of course not only you posses a conciousness, we all do, but we all come from the same. If you go back to the source, you will find much more than your life, body or ego, but will find that bigger ennergy we all emmerge from, that has nothing to do with the limitted experience of your ego.

Look, you can immagine it as a big fractal. If you think about your life entirely you might not find much information come to your mind, but as you examine any certain topic closer, infinite possibilities arise again and again in a fractal pattern.
Now immagine you would not be the source of these, but only one certain branch of a even bigger fractal. You would still be the thing in it's entirety, but you would only perceive all thoughts and information which is accesible from your position and to be found in the smaller branches raching out from you.

I am not a fragment of your immagination, just as you are not one of mine. We are fragments of our immagination. All of us.
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y'all single mother kids always had issues with providing your own impetus. you always feel like you have to find the source outside yourself, but you're it. you make it happen, same as all of us. if you have undergone psychological gymnastics between birth and this moment sufficient to believe that you need a higher law than your own sovereignty to mobilize your meatsuit until natural system failure, you can leave anytime.
my advice - smoke weed. thoughts aren't your friend all the time.
Just ask God you filthy atheist, you deserve to suffer for your arrogance.
Dont give up hope, there is a purpose in life. The simple fact that your looking for it is because its out there and your meant to find it.

Keep searching and you will find
What do you think the greater thing is? What's its purpose?
OP is bored

do some psychedelics OP, for real, you'll see the meaning of your life
No, I've already tried this approach. Decided to take LSD and question life and find meaning.

Ended up with SOOO many more questions on top of questions and NO answer. I am not sure the answer is entirely within me either.
The purpose of everything? Immagine you were an eternal being existing in an empty space, without form, merely as conciousness, but your immagination and abbility to lose yourself in any thought entirely would be unlimitted and you ultimately free to play with it and make anything you want. What would you do?
Everything exists due to necessity, up to you to figure out the will of the Absolute.
try mushrooms in the nature, do a shitload, just do it until you finally free up your subconscious
You'd be amazed how much your ego plays part in your boredom

this is my only advice I can come up with, it did the trick for me
I would create a society just like the one today and watch and see what they do with the world.
I think you underestimate the situation you would be in, as it's hard for humans to grasp what exactly eternity means. You might have done this several times already. It would sure become boring in long term. Anything would. What would you do to escape that?
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Sounds like you need some Jesus in your life mah nigga
Well, OP, I have exactly the same problem, and i too don't understand the general indifference about it.
I can't really say anything, other that I'm astonished to read a post that might have been written by me one or two years ago.
If you think the same way I think , you know that anything I might write won't be an answer, since some thoughts need to be ''felt'' , and thought by oneself, rather than just read, as language doesn't really carry that much.
Anyway, I can wish you good luck, and you can be hopeful, since I haven't suicided, and you too probably won't, since living is your only sure chance to know anything, as you don't know what comes next.
And you probably also know that this need is actually a huge asset, because it allows you to be really conscious and live fully, rather than be distracted (in Pascal's sense).
Also, for mundane matters, you can try to redirect this drive on things such as science or philosophy , even if I know it won't be enough and won't actually answer anything, these are activities that use the same kind of curiosity, and allow you to live comfortably, so it's a fairly good substitute.
For the main problem, as I said, I can't really say anything for you, since language wouldn't carry it, and if it actually managed to make you think what I think, I wouldn't want it since I prefer to keep some ''intermediate results'' for myself.
I can just give you a tip:
"How did you come to ask yourself such questions ?"
Then read Nietzsche and Wittgenstein.

And that's it. Just don't follow the advices of those faggots who speak of drugs, meaningless metaphysics, and use scientific concepts they don't know anything about, or tend to think about the whole when they don't have a clue about it's parts.
Good luck !
As I've yet to meet someone actually willing to discuss the mad of the world and why we are here.
I propose an offer to you, add me on skype and we may seek/discuss our findings together.
You may find though, that my answers are far from those you have yourself. And as doubt is the ultimate killer. It may do more harm then good to both of us.
Regardless my Skype is xDasanx
Sir, your last sentence comes of in a very arrogant way. Who are you to judge methods other people might use in order to come closer to a truth, or try at least?
I beasicly agree with what you are saying and it is true that many people present things they don't know anything about as facts in order to feel better about themselves, but i do not at all like the fact that you mention drugs under this aspect.

I agree that thinking and philosophy are the way to reach out for a bigger truth, but usually your thinking process is limitted by what you perceived and experienced in your life tremendously, without you even knowing about that.

It has been about 4 years now since my first contact wiht psychedelics, and not only have they mad many of my previous thoughts advance with much faster speed, but more importantly they have enriched my expereience in life widely and allow me to feel and think in a much clearer and more free way now - not only when i'm high but just all the time.
In this position you obviously have no clue what you are talking about. I don't deny that there are risks, neither do i say mindless drug abuse leads to enlightenment, but LSD; Psilocybin, DMT and other psychoactives just allow you to learn what your conciousnouss is, and what it is capable of in a very different way than it is possible otherwise and open doors to new thoughts in your mind.

If you should never have tried it, i can only suggest taking acid at least wants, espacially if you consider yourself educated/smart, it is way more interesting for people who will know what to do with it, and use it for contemplation.
Your grammar falls behind, but your message leads on
Kudos to you my fellow anon
Yep, you're right if you're speaking generally,it's better to perceive things differently from time to time, and I admit I've been arrogant, but we don't know how old OP is, so drugs aren't the best way to start searching for truth.
Altering your perceptions is perhaps better to challendge your worldview if you're old enough.
In my case, I just stick to hypnagogic hallucinations and dreams, it's more than enough, at least while i'm still studying .
I'm into Buddhism and the basic message that has started forming in my mind after years of reading related stuff is that the Buddha taught that life, itself, is suffering and because of impermanence, no permanent happiness can be obtained at all.

It seems to be a radical re-visioning of the "ordinary view" that life is worth living, that to be is better than not to be, etc. For Buddha, we are processes, not persons. Our whole lives are a survival struggle, caring for the totality of the organism we crudely refer to as "myself".

However, we cannot simply conclude that Buddhism is a philosophy and practice of death, because it does not accept the materialistic "one life only" theory. If that were the case, suicide would be a supremely logical means to the cessation of suffering. Unfortunately (!) it is not, and to attain freedom we must gain wisdom and develop discipline, uprooting the ignorance and craving for life that generates rebirths.

Impermanence must have shocked Buddha to his core and emptied out all sentiment and emotion from his being. As the traditional story puts it, he lost all pride in his youth, his health, and even his life. His story is our story. We live, we struggle to survive, only to die and lose everything. A deep disillusionment begins to set in, life seems absolutely meaningless, all goals just airy dreams. The culture around us, rooted in a "one life only" view, does not satisfy when you realize that no temporary pleasure can solve the problem. We're left in limbo, if we kill ourselves, we are simply reborn, and if we make the most of life, we're still reborn, again and again forced to face the fact of impermanence while clinging to everything as closely as possible even as it slips away.

For me, Buddhism seems to capture every lurking thought I had about life since childhood. It lays bare the brutal reality of life, the suffering, the impermanence, the emptiness of it all.
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>Meaning of life?
First of all think about what we are? Mammals thanks to evolution.
Now you need to understand what that means.
You are a product of a chance. A really good chance.
I could go on with this but i am just going to say the summary.
You are alive and you are a sentient being. To find meaning to your life is up to you.
There is no greater meaning to anyone's specific life's.
The saying "Make most of what you got" Is really the best thing to say when you ponder the meaning of life.
In the end just do what makes you happy and remember that being what we are sometimes requires you to work for it.
You are a person a human being and you know how the world works.
Pondering about things for too long will make you realize that you never did anything.
Partialy agree with your thoughts on drugs and age/education.
I started with psychedelics when i was between 16 and 17. For me that took a good end, as my first experience saved me from depression and taught me how magical life in fact was, and not boring and empty, as my teenage mind considered it to be before.
Also it improved my ability to deal with school and my motivation tremendously, and i somehow was capable of thinking mathematicly way better afterwards.
But this presents a best case scenario and cannot be assumed to be the case for everyone who tries psychedelics, i will neither recomend it to young people nor say they should absolutely not do it. If you are prepared to let go of eferything you thought was real anda ccept everything that will happen without fighting, even if it should be kinda terrifying, not much can happen (if you do not suffer latent psychosis before).
As drugs in general are seen as something bad by society in general, i feel inclined to defend useful substances, as they are definitely not evil or only cause missery. They might be mighty and also dangerous, but i believe that if used right they will make our world a better place. :)
Halucinations have not much to do with LSD btw, you will have visuals, but the coolest thing is the thought process. ^^
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