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share your sleep paralysis stories
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share your sleep paralysis stories
When I was fourteen, I used to deal with it three to five times a week. I think it was because I had a mildly traumatic experience that year.
Honestly, I don't know why people find it so interesting. It was just terrible.
i was also about the same age when i started, i thought i was dying
I woke up and picked up my phone to check the time and demonic voices started coming out of it. A feeling of dread washed over me. I tried to move but I was stuck. I screamed. I remembered what I read on /x/ about wiggling my toes but it didn't work as quickly as I hoped it would, so I panicked even more. Then I woke up for real and realized my phone wasn't even on my bed. I probably didn't even scream.
>be me
>go to sleep
>wake up 8 hours later
>realize I wasn't moving while I was sleeping

the end.

sleep paralysis isn't real
I've dealt with it for as long as I can remember. I also started lucid dreaming on accident as a child, but I could never control it well, and it's dropped off sharply since I became an adult.
I guess I'm just a fitful sleeper.
where am from its said that it happens when a witch presses you down in your sleep
Real story time happened this year during college
Nothing scary though

>Really tired after Lab
>Kick off boots
>Flannel shirt off
>Flop on bed
>Roll over suddenly
>Eyes burst open
>Ceiling spins
>I goto get up fall
>Suddenly in bed again
>Get up, room flips
>Walk on cieling to door
>Exit door because bathroom
>Suddenly shoot up in bed sweating

10/10 would trip again on sleep
Woah, I never realized wiggling your toes was an "official" /x/ trick or whatever.
I figured that out when I was a kid, but as I got older it started to work less.
The other thing I used to do was try physically opening my eyes with my fingers, which obviously doesn't work most of the time.
> says you weren't moving while sleeping

> says sleep paralysis isn't real
This actually scared me because before this incident I only got sleep paralysis if I was on my back yet I had it when I was on my side.

I didn't see anything but I could hear this laughing that got louder and louder and my vision of the side of my bed room faded into darkness. I tried screaming for help but couldn't. Luckily for whatever reason I'm pretty good at breaking out of this and waking up, however it took a couple tries and when I felt comfortable to go back to bed the laughing instantly came back...
>be me, 25-ish
>wife and newborn son are sleeping next to me
>passout hard core, wake up and realize I have to piss really bad
>get up and use a strange restroom, realize I'm still dreaming.
>wake up for real
>drank too much beer, realized i ended up pissing on my wife and son, who were paralyzed with sleep, and then fear, and then disgust.
>they're screaming, I feel much better roll over and go back to sleep
after a while i was able to be more aware of dreams, i could control my dreams and could tell when it would turn into a paralysis attacked, i actually discovered a way to overcome the paralysis through altering my subconscious, its really hard to explain. its been a while though, i hope i can still do it
you don't move when you sleep
For me what works is I try to force my body to move with all my will, usually I image invisible rope and that allows me to break free. With my last incident I was able to break free by moving each time I naturally took a breath.
Explain why people toss and turn n shit then
am used to it now but before i used to be afraid to sleep at night, i even thought it was my cousin doing it to me, cuz it kinda started when he moved in with my family, but i was the only one going through it :(
Actually if you're restless you'll move and there are people who sleep walk, probably the scariest thing would be if you have some for of sleep paralysis and sleep walk at the same time.
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They picked the wrong night to sleep.
I actually have episodes of sleep paralysis on average about twice a week. This has gone on since I was 6. I'm now 36. I get Paralysis and full on hallucinations. Sometimes I really don't see much. Just something out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes, I see blatant things right in front of/next to/on top of me. And yes, I can feel them, too. The worst is when, despite being paralyzed, I can slowly crawl my way out of bed, and make my way along the floor, inch by fucking inch taking every effort I have all while feeling absolutely terrified. Then I finally get to my door and hope once I'm out someone finds me and helps me, only for me to be suddenly back in my bed, still paralyzed, still under the effects. Oh yeah, gotta love when I get a double dose as well. That's when I actually wake up and really, truly am out of it. I'll fuck around for an hour or two, then when I go back to bed, surprise surprise, another bout. By far the weirdest thing I saw was fucking Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Yes, the fucking Chipmunks, and they were attempting to hide weapons behind their backs, albeit poorly, because the weapons were much larger than them (a baseball bat, an ax, and a crowbar) while telling me everything was fine and they weren't going to hurt me, but I knew they were lying, because of the had the most sinister smiles on their stupid chipmunk faces.
>learn about gangstalking
>have dream where I'm being gangstalked a few days later
>after another two weeks, I'm having a lucid dream where i'm walking around my neighborhood
>two people coming from different directions suddenly turn towards me, corner me
>tell me "you're on the wrong path"
>try to wake up
>can't move
My only sleep paralysis experience. No nightmarish setting, but the fact that these people in my lucid dream turned on me in this aggressive manner unnerved me quite a bit.
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>have sleep paralysis
>never see anything, always auditory hallucinations
>stuck in sleep paralysis
>look at BF beside me and desperately try to make a noise to wake him and eventually maybe me
>Hear his voice
>"shut up bitch i'll fucking kill you dumb cunt"
>I can see that his lips aren't moving and he's obviously asleep
>used to live in a house with a garage
>now I live in a shitty downtown apartment
>sleep paralysis has me hallucinate the sound of the garage opening and somebody coming in the old house's door
>I hallucinate my mother speaking to me
>She says "I bought all of them at the store and we'll put them in the oven soon"
>Mom doesn't live with me anymore also wtf kind of thing to hallucinate her saying
>regularly hallucinate the sound of footsteps in the room or people talking
>Once heard somebody drowning in the bathroom

I'm sort of glad I've never had a visual hallucination.
reminds me of this time

>sleep paralysis
>gf sleeping next to me
>i hear her moaning
>someone's fucking her
>its not human

after breaking free from that, i couldnt shake away that feeling of being cucked.shit
>wake up after three hours of sleep, just before noon
>take hot shower
>sitting in my computer chair clad in a towel
>pass out within minutes
>in my dream, air seems as thick as molasses
>pic related, how hard it was to move
>after 20 minutes of solid effort, magickarp myself onto the floor
>laying face down in the corner of my room
>look up at wall after much effort
>orange x-ray reflection of myself strobing around to different places not too far from each other
>orange x-ray reflection shifts places by a few inches about every half second, dream up until now has been super slow-paced
>struggle to get up, turn around, **** see naked black chick that's looking way too hard at my eyes, she has some weird x-ray shit going on too
>even though I'm in my room, she's in front of my beach
>the front half of my room has changed into a beach contained just in the front half of my room, the fart wall is painted like the horizon, but there are clouds and sand and water, sand stops at my feet and water ends before the sand
>chick attached to c cup supple black boobies tells me something important but the sound of her voice is super muffled and is a little bit hard to hear because of the waves, but would still be muffled without waves; basically like the teacher from charlie brown but not rly
>"Uh, okay lol, have fun boobie lady"
>assumes the ancient chair position of the dwarves and falls onto my chair
>feels like at that exact moment, my consciousness is thrown back into my body
>I am awake now for real, but it is still very hard to move
>fucks off into the kitchen after spending 3 minutes trying to stand up
I've had a handful of experiences, but my very first one was maybe the most terrifying. I didn't hallucinate, but prior to my awakening I was having a dream that I was on my school bus (still fairly young at the time), when my bus driver started telling us about recent ufo sightings in the area. Being a believer, I listened closely. Just as we were rounding a corner, she was beginning to say that an upcoming bridge was where the latest was. Before she could finish, the screaming started. She slammed on the brakes as the craft descended just ahead in the road. Our bus was then hit with a beam of light, which terrified me and jerked me awake, but I was paralyzed. Stricken with fear, unable to move, and on top of that, my alarm clock was going off, emitting a horrible, pulsating buzzing that seemed to resonate through my body. I don't know if I've ever been so scared in my life.
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>naked black chick
>c cup supple black boobies
Top kek
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sleep paralysis.jpg
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>Go to sleep
>Wake up and feel like someone is in the room with me.
>Look down at the foot of my bed and see this old hag looking at me.
>I can't move. I CAN'T MOVE.
>She crawls up on the bed and starts crawling over my body toward me.
>She then straddles me and puts her hands around my neck and starts choking me.
>She leans down into my face and laughs
>I am terrified and I can't move and I am being choked.
>I try to scream but nothing happens.
>I try to move but nothing happens.
>She says 'it will all be over soon'
>I start yelling Jesus help me!
>She laughs and says 'He can't help you now'
>The phone rings and I wake up
>I still feel these hands around my neck slowly dissipating.

>I have had multiple experiences with this old hag. Sometimes I will be sleeping on my back, sometimes on my side. If I am on my side she will go to the side of my bed and start choking me from whatever side I am facing putting her face right up to mine and looking right into my eyes.
>It is the most frighting thing I have ever experienced. You don't want to ever experience that.
>The only thing that has driven her away was saying "Jesus help me!" as something on the "outside" happens to wake me up.
>Her face when I say that gets into such a snarl and the hate on her face is so frighting.

Just because it doesn't happen to you doesn't mean it isn't real.
>the fart wall

What the fuck nigga, I meant the far wall. Jesus crapping christ
Every time I get sleep paralysis, I am freaking out internally and trying to breath loud enough that someone would hear and help me wake
try turning getting choked into a sexual thing. 10/10 will fix this problem for you
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sleep paralysis2.jpg
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I have already been molested by some spirit. I am afraid to even type about it in case it comes back.
i know the feeling, its messed up. i would pray so hard before bed but it never really changed anything. it would still happen, even worse. that old hag has gotta be some kind of witch being... how did it start?
irl ,dummy
Went to bed really late one night, wake up to what seems like the early morning. Could barely keep my eyes open, but I could see that it was light outside. Everything's pretty chill until I realize that I can't move, except for my eyes. Then notice a large black figure next to my bed, looming over me, with a scythe, pretty much the grim reaper. Also there was some girl on the bed with me, holding my arm. I can only assume they were discussing whether or not to kill me. I remembered that apparently humans are more awake when there is sunlight, so I stare into the brightest point on my window hoping to wake up. It works after a little bit, and the grim reaper kind of just disappears, and the girl walks away and I wake up. That's probably the most tamest experience I've had, and it wasn't too bad really. Another thing I've noticed is that, not matter what happens, after sleep paralysis I have a hard time breathing for a while.
holy shit, i thought i was the only one that did this...
also sorry for my shitty punctuation
>after sleep paralysis I have a hard time breathing for a while

i always feel extremely exhausted, then i sleep for real
What's the difference between sleep paralysis and nightmares?
The hag/witch is the "intruder" or "succubus"
nightmare -- asleep

sleep paralysis --- awake
So many of these stories of sleep paralysis are actually just stories of nightmares of being paralyzed by an evil entity.
Stay up for a solid 24 hrs then go back to a normal sleep cycle. Do that once a week for a month and tell me that. The older you are the less likely
i breathe faster
that usually does the trick
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that could be it, who knows? there's no real explanation for it. but i can assure you its no regular nightmare, although one could be dreaming before its onset, the difference is when you achieve consciousness and try to perform any motor function except eye rolling it is impossible. a regular nightmare you could get up and wash your face in the bathroom.
That's about the same time when it happen for me.
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>be lying on my side
>be falling in and out of sleep
>can't really sleep but can't stay awake either
>suddenly feel very anxious and alert
>get this sinking feeling in my chest
>can't move anything but my eyes and mouth
>can't breath quickly because the air feels like syrup
>see a silver face a bit like pic related where my ceiling fan usually is (which is also silver I might add)
>it's inside but also looks like it's slowly approaching from far up in the sky
>get the feeling that it doesn't mean any harm, so the anxiousness fades (the goofy face helped)
>slowly drifting out of the paralysis, feeling relaxed
>feel a cold, soft hand on my face
>never felt anything so realistically in a dream before
>can see some of the fingers out of the corner of my eye
>not feeling so relaxed anymore, but still not terrified
>shut my eyes and chant "be gone" (lmao) inside my head until I wake up, just to be safe

First time I've seen and felt anything during an episode, but funnily enough it wasn't nearly as awful an experience as they usually are. Weird.
Are you sure you're actually awake and not just dreaming of being awake?
not at all, wide awake, eyes open and shit.
So sleep paralysis is a bit of misnomer since you're not actually asleep. You're actually just temporarily paralyzed after waking up and hallucinating?

>pic related

yeah, true

am guessing you never experienced it.
I experience nightmares of being paralyzed by an evil entity and the lingering feeling of fear once awake but never actually paralyzed and hallucinating after awake.
I'm not the anon you're discussing this with, but it's essentially when one is half-awake and half-dreaming. One's thoughts aren't fully coherent yet but the mind is actually conscious, so dream-like hallucinations occur.

This page explains it quite well: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Sleep-paralysis/Pages/Introduction.aspx
I have, for 9 months straight atleast 3 nights a week had the same dream within a dream with night terrors. First one starts off with sleep paralysis. im laying in my bed and a very tall "human" shadow figure that looks like he is wearing a spanish inquisition hat loom sover me. He is almost floating parallel to my body. a creepy "golem like" guy is sitting on top my bookshelf. they are speaking to eachother, and it feels like it is about me. then the hat guy whispers in my ear and I wake up. When i do, I am standing in my bathroom in front of the mirror, I start to peal my face off with my bare hands. I feel every second of it, I often wake up from the pain and I have actually had scratches on my cheeks and neck. my girlfriend bought me a silver crucifix to hand over my bed and it actually helps, but im worried it's just a placebo affect or something. what can I do.
Satan plz.
I have done it to.

Now that I'm older sleep paralysis does not happen often, but I now know how to wake myself up and am genuinely not that afraid of it.

So one night I see the door to my room open and a slightly too tall emaciated woman wearing a long white night gown or hospital gown comes in and stands just at the door.

She had long black scragaly hair obscuring her face and disproportionately long arms ending in long boney sharp bloody claws.

She is just standing and staring, growling a bit. She looks like she is "not allowed" to come any closer.

So I provoke her. I send out the thought (cause I can't speak) "Well since you're so interested being here in the early morning why don't you come over here and give me a hand?"

Basically I sent her the sexual thought come give me a hand job.

That really got to her, she tensed clenched her 'fists' and was twitching while growling louder.

The other cool part about that time is when she opened the door a bit I could see through the crack and it was forest instead of the rest of the house. Even a few branches came through with her.
"The fart wall"
I've had sleep paralysis since I was about 4 or 5 years old. What usually happens is multiple entities enter my room, I'm paralyzed and can't move, of course, and they seem to observe me. I'm usually unable to see their face or them. Just shadows and a looming presence really. It happens at least once every week or two. It happens to this day still, scares the absolute shit out of me. There have been times where I'm convinced that I'm a recurring alien abductee, which explains my petrifying fear of aliens, let alone seeing an image of one. I think it may have to do with my brain repressing traumatic memories/experiences. Not too sure whether it is sleep paralysis or actual alien abductions. I've gone to my parents about it before, they were very supporting, saying that if it persists to let them know. I was always too scared to pursue anything though because if an alien abduction is the case, I would rather not know and live in blissful ignorance. The way I see it, if my mind has repressed it, it repressed it for a reason, and I'd like to keep it that way.

Thoughts anyone? Anyone keen on any of this?
this is funny to say but i would eventually bust a nut lol, infact the actual busting would simultaneously trigger my release from the paralysis lol av never told anyone this
Is she elderly m8

Kill yourself.
i believe everyone has their own type or version of hallucinations which they experience during paralysis, no idea what triggers it assuming its has something to do with the brain, but if its paranormal, there's no telling what one can see, it could be recurring or different
I used to get a lot of sp, now it's been a while fortunately. Here's the worst one.
>go to bed
>layin on my stomach, have a hard time falling asleep
>finally it happens.. or not
>wake up few minutes later, can't move
>I feel something jumping on the bed beside me(I'm facing the other way) and I hear it growling
>fucking wolf ass demon came to get me, great
>fucker comes closer and I feel it's breath on my neck
>I feel it's weight on my body, shitting my pants hardcore
>everything happened so fast I just realize I'm in sleep paralysis
>break out of it (I just force myself to move)
>10/10 wouldn't meet wolfie again
>be me
>see foo fighters at my place in the sky few times
>come home one night open door see ghost staring at an old painting I have
>Slam door scared shitless
>get my shit together go in
>later start having sleep paralysis
>can't move a man trys dragging me off
>he seemed to be working for a girl saying to her "he's fighting back"
>got left alone
> l8r friends come over geting messed up friends says he seen shadow people in ma house .
> study up on s.p
>starts again they grab me i imagine a green orb around my body
>start levitating the demon squealed like a pig
>turn the green orb into a cross shape around my body
>Demon abosultly howls ,dies I asume
>never happend again .
>spoopy enough for ya /x/?
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I've got a few stories, here's the first one from when I was younger. I don't remember the exact age but I remember the experience like it was yesterday.

>be younger me laying in bed
>night light illuminates my room because i was a pussy
>staring at the ceiling for a while thinking about random shit
>close eyes for a few seconds thinking I'll fall asleep
>open eyes and I can't move or talk etc.
>I get scared shitless and try to call out for my parents who were across the hallway in their room
>I hear weird noises and whispers however I don't think it was English
>I finally get out of the paralysis and run in to tell my parents
>they let me sleep in their bed that night...
> Be me
> In bed fall asleep
> Wake up
> Knees weak arms are heavy
> A monster climbs up on me and vomits on my sweater
>( yes I fall asleep with sweaters on stfu)
> Looks like spaghetti
> Mom walks in and eats spaghetti
> Wake up
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Another story

>be younger me
>I fall asleep in my room laying on my side
>my room has a wall that's a closet and it's a huge mirror that you just slide to open
>obsessed with the movie E.T. during that age
>I open my eyes at some point in the night
>the closet is slightly open, I focus on the dark void in my closet for a few seconds
>slowly I see and hear the closet open as two long fingers pull the closet back to open it wider
>I can't move or scream, I'm sweating at this point and I can feel a burning sensation in my stomach
>I close my eyes and try to tell myself it's just a dream
>I hear the thing in the closet speaking in some weird language
>I felt it's eyes stare at me while it was talking so I decided to take peak
>the thing's neg was elongated and he seemed to be floating side ways just staring at me from inside the partially open closet
>It stares at me and continues speaking in a weird language, as it talks I see long sharp teeth in it's mouth
>I shut my eyes once again and I break free from my paralysis
>the closet is back to normal and I rush to my parents room yet again to sleep with them.

I've run this dream through my head many times, never had anything else like it. I've tried to recall the language and sounds that thing in the closet made but no success. To this day one thing is for sure, I cannot sleep with a closet open in my room, not even partially. It has to be shut completely otherwise I can't sleep.
After a long sleep I woke up and tried to move but was completely frozen, I could hear was wind howling louder than any I'd ever heard, and metal clashing together it sounded like a sword fight with swords hitting other swords and armor, and finally I could hear men yelling in pain all around me as if I was lying wounded in the middle of a battlefield
I get a sort of counterpart to sp, at the end of some dreams my body gets really heavy until I can't move, then it quickly turns into a nightmare. Last one I had I got shot in the gut with an uzi, nothing too creepy but the dream didn't end and I was just there bleeding out completely still until a huge shadow that felt like death swallowed me whole. I felt my heart stop and that must have triggered my survival instinct because I jumped with my arms reaching forward like I was trying to hold to dear life. I'm still worried that my heart actually stopped for real because of a dream, can that actually happen?
Isnt moving while asleep better for your body?
Wrinkly hands on your dick hmmmm
my first time i was laying with my belly down with my face on the pillow, and i couldn't breathe, it was hard as fuck because of my weight on my chest and my face on my pillow, it lasted some 15 minutes until i think i passed out or something.
My second time i was in my bed, laying on my side and an old woman, really old, hunched over and totally dark, like a shadow person but less dark, it was like she was in the shadow of my room in the dark, but even by taht she wouldn't be so black. Well, she walked over to my face, she was really small and my bed is a little high, so our faces lined up, still, she was almost like yoda in a way. She had a cane also, and when our faces lined up she smiled, that lasted some 5 minutes until i could move my arm and try to touch her, making the illusion dissaper.
the third or i was on my side and something was pushing my back so i could lay on my stomach, i tried to force against it but it didn't work, so i was there in a diagonal, almos on my belly, an i tried to look to what was pushing me, it was my fucking cow pattern sheets, all folded up in a thick square, then i though: "oh, sleep paralisys again, but, wtf? wasn't there something more scary i could get a story out of it?", then i went back to sleep after a while.
The fourth time i was on my side again and i opened my eyes and there was someone in front of my door, the light was behind it and the front was all black, it was a skinny woman, almos bone, with crazy hair, like rockstar from the 70s, all messed up, twisted sister style almost, but black and messier. It standed there for a good 15 seconds and from nowhere it went on all fours and invested in my direction, I jumped immediatly from the bed.

Now this one is not a sleep paralysis but it was weird, i was on my bed, sitting/laying using my cellphone and then some shadow being started to phase through the bed and through me, rising from the floor, when i noticed it i moved and it disappeared.
Only had it twice, this was the first time:
>lying in bed on my side, my face facing the wall, my back is facing to the room
>it's early morning, about 7am, because the blinds are closed only a little bit of light is in the room (I only looked at the clock when I was fully awake after the experience)
>wake up to the door opening, it's my girlfriend (we lived in a students dorm and had seperate rooms at that time)
>can't really move, only hear her moving behind me, my eyes are still closed
>she's really upset, sounds kind of like she's argueing with me, but I can't understand a word
>suddenly she moves towards me with a knife in her hand
(mind you, my eyes were still closed nevertheless I kind of saw her move, it's hard to describe)
>right before she stabs me in the back I manage to twitch my body
She's gone now, the door is closed but I'm still paralyzed
>hear another girl in the room, I'm feeling really anxious, I can't move again
>feel her move closer to me from time to time, and I hear her scream at me from a far distance before she moves away again
>it repeats
>she gets closer and closer before she moves away again
>after a couple minutes I hear a loud scream right in my ear and I can feel her touch my back
that's when I twitched again and made it out of the paralysis

Because of the first part with my girlfriend I was afraid that she might stab me in my sleep for a couple of days, although there never was a reason for her to might do it. Also sometimes I would feel uneasy in my room in the morning, like there really was someone with me there.

Since we moved together in a new flat I think I only had sp once and it wasn't even frightening at all, I just lay there and couldn't move. no hallucinations whatsoever.
I used to be afraid of the dark. One night the bulb on my night light blew, so I slept with my desk lamp on instead.

Went to bed laying on my back, not sure how long I was out. Get woken up to the sound of loud taps on my window.

The bright lights in my room are preventing me from seeing out the window.

I try to yell out to my mom but I am not able to.

I look at my door and then notice that there is a girl standing in the comer of my room. Her face is pointed towards me, but her eyes are fixed on the window.

I try to yell again, still nothing.

She starts to move towards me while holding up 3 fingers. I get very scared and try to pull the blankets over my head. I find that I cant move.

I close my eyes as tight as they will go. Not as good as a blanket and I still feel vulnerable. I open my eyes and she is about 2 feet from me now.

Eyes still fixed on the tapping from the window and she is still holding 3 fingers up.

My heart is racing and I do not know what is going to happen when she gets closer to me.

I hear my mom yell out "What is that tapping noise!" as she makes her way up the stairs.

As soon as my mother opens the door to my room, the tapping stops and the girl disappears.

My mother makes her way to the window and looks out of it and then turns to me and asks me what the noise was. I shake my head but don't say anything.

The rest of the night I slept with the blankets over my head and every night after I slept with no lights on.
I've had three hallucinations I can remember.

The first one was a evil priest from re4 (red masked one) the second was my brother trying to strange me to death and the third was a chef wrapping me in bedsheets.
Just had this dream last night. Coincidentally, i was browsing this thread last night before falling asleep.

I was in this house with 2 friends and we were looking for something. We crept past this old guys room who was deep asleep due to all his sleeping meds on his night stand. We went down to the basement and we heard footsteps from upstairs. My 2 friends somehow ran back upstairs and got out of the house but i was still in the basement. I frantically looked around for a spot to hide and hid behind this loveseat. The old man came down the stairs, screaming. I could hear him getting closer, my heart was racing. The last thing i remember was him shouting "Im blind but im not stupid!" and the loveseat i was hiding behind made a loud boom and the man was in my face and started to choke me. I immediately woke up, still felt like i was being choked, was all sweaty, and i couldnt move. I felt frozen, like my whole body was paralyzed. I looked to the foot of my bed and there was this really old looking lady looking at me, laughing. She started floating toward me, i tried to scream but nothing came out. She was inches from my face, smiling, with the most dead looking face id ever seen. Then i felt a shock throughout my body, and she disappeared.

I could then move, sat up and caught my breath. My dog jumped out of his bed and ran into my bed and started nuzzling his head into me
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I used to get it all the time when I was around 7-8 years old, like a few times a month at least. Then as I got older it didn't happen as often and by the time I was in my last year of junior high it stopped altogether.

Now I am 23 and I've started having frequent sleep paralysis again, about once or twice a month for the past three months. They're usually late at night and I can't remember them because I go back to sleep, but it happens in the day too.
The first time:
>be me, enjoying my only day off for the week
>be a lazy fuck and sleeping until noon
>hear loud talking like a man and a woman arguing quietly, even though i live alone
>its really loud now, as if they are shouting in my ear
>cant understand any of their words
>realize im not awake, try to move
>can't move
>manage to open my eyes
>sees a long grey arm coming down from the wall right next to me
>bad idea, dumbass
>looks away from the hand
>sees a tall person standing in the doorway to my room
>tries to close eyes
>freak out and struggle to scream/move until my phone goes off and the shock breaks the paralysis
>cries while answering the phone

There's only been a few other times I can remember the hallucinations well enough. If anybody wants me to type some of those out too?

Does anyone know why the sleep paralysis would return though? I always thought it was a thing only children got.
I have had hundreds of sleep paralysis events over the past 4-5 years of my life. I've written down plenty of observations and have even been able to reproduce my sleep paralysis. I know what hour I'm most likely to have it, as well as what causes me to have it.

I got pretty used to it since I had been getting it every day, but eventually it cooled off and happened less often. I've learned about my own sleep cycle from it and have gotten rid of most of the fear surrounding it.

A couple nights ago I had one that really shook me though. This isn't a creepy pasta so nobody expect spook or anything, its just an observation.

I've had plenty of really scary paralysis, and this one was no different or special in any way (other than the fact that it HAD been a while since I've had a scary one,) but I'll try my best to describe it.

>In and out of paralysis for a while now, never quite drifting into it fully because I keep getting myself out
>Decide I'll let go and just drift into it, thinking what is the worst that could happen
>White noise from my computer and heater get loud af, which typically happens
>Can't fall asleep so now I'm fully in the paralysis
>hear loud, computerized noises
>I'm kind of half-panicking, and try to look over to my right
>I keep saying weird stuff to myself in my head like "don't worry, just think about your family, your mom, your sister"
>as I'm saying this I see flashes of different people on my computer chair (which is next to me when I sleep)
>Immediately in my head I'm like "fuck that" and get myself out of the paralysis
>Try to go back to bed, but I know it's just going to happen again (paralysis cycle)
>end up having to stay awake past 6am until I was able to just pass out
Weird shit. If anyone has any questions about paralysis I'm the guy to ask. I also have plenty of written stuff on my computer I could pull up with stories and the such.
>be me
>wake up in the middle of the night
>try to pull covers up
>can't move my arms
>don't know what to do so I go back to sleep

This happened a few nights ago. I'm not sure if it was a dream or not, but it felt pretty real.
so the tapping sound wasn't a hallucination? good thing your mom came in just in time
Holy shit, that is exactly what I experienced during my first sleep paralysis. I kept my eyes closed and tried to move slowly. When I got my hand on the light switch, it all was suddenly over.
>Laying in my bed
>In full sleep paralysis
>Trying my hardiest to induce a lucid dream but nothing seems to work
>Try to clear my mind and focus on thinking of nothing
>20 minutes pass and I feel all my concentration go to a singular point.
>It was the most finite state of concentration I've ever experienced.
>Nothing else seemed to exist than that singular point.

I wish I could experience that again. What did I experience /x/?
Saw a grey alien, then a huge eye look down onto me.
>Be me
>wake up - kinda
>try to move
>took me a solid 2 seconds to move my ass through sheer willpower (woke myself up fully, I guess)
>so spooky

Srsly, getting scared of sleep paralysis and especially being unable to get out of it is retard tier.
Im 30 and still have this. Can happen 2 times in night. Sometimes i felt like some being sucking my legs, sometime i see my room how it is and its real, sometime i fight fish shadow that tryes to get in my stomach, sometimes i feel like being atacked by woman evil bitch or smth......some ppl say it has something to do with oxygen hunger.can be true i smoked to much
After I first found 4chan years and years ago I had a sleep paralysis experience. I used to sleep next to my computer (so I could use my bed as a chair) and I dreamed the FBI took over my computer and its various cords started moving around and it started strangling me like a giant octopus-computer thing.
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Had it happen to me for the first time this morning.

>Having a dream I'm in a forest
>There's a big camp kind of in a field with a bunch of people
>I guess we're all friends or buddies or some shit idk
>They all go off in one direction
>I stay at the camp and look for something to eat
>can't find anything
>I go off in the opposite direction everyone else did
>See a huge strip of flowers that goes in one direction
>Its all sunflowers with other flowers that look kind of like eggs beneath them, flat on the ground
>I start hearing some sort of prayer
>kind of sounds like one to banish a demon or some shit
>I wake up
>I'm in my room kind of wrapped in my blankets
>Can't open my eyes all the way
>Eyes are kind of blinking and moving rapidly, not a lot of control
>It's kind of freaking me out so I shut them
>All this time (that I'm awake) I hear what sounds like air rushing past my head
>I try to move my arm
>I can't
>what the fuck is going on
>I keep trying
>Eventually after a minute or so of being unable to move I "unstick" myself and can move
What's weird is I've known about sleep paralysis for a long fucking time. But the entire time I woke up I felt like a demon was going to get me and I had no idea what was going on.
I told my friend about it and they said it was sleep paralysis.
Which was the first time the idea occurred to me. Despite frequenting /x/ often and being very familiar with the term/idea.
>Spooky shit
I always try to rationalize the sound as a bird tapping on the window that woke me up and put me in that frightened state. Then when my mother entered the room it flew away scared.

Truth be told though, I have no idea was it was.
>be asleep in the wee hours of the morning
>hear a female laugh on my left side
>see a shadow emerging
>hovers over me
>every time i focus on it, it comes really close to my face and lets out this ear piercing scream
>so loud my ears are ringing
>then continues to hover further away from me
>repeat that a couple of times
>finally manage to ignore it
>shadow fades into nothingness
>wake up
>my ears are still ringing from the screams
>mfw that night hag was sort of real
>the awkaward moment when you realise that it wasn't sleep paralysis and that there's a banshee in your house
Well, fuck me. That was around the time my father got cancer and died shortly after.

I liked it better when it was just a night hag, holy shit...
I've experienced this in and off since my teens. I'm 34 now. Unlike most people here I have not experienced an evil presence during the happening, except for that one time. I was a computer science teacher in a shit town in rural Argentina, had to sleep once a week in an old house, half of it was crumbling actually, but heey it was free because it was school principal's family home. Anyway, that one time I felt this shadow sitting in the bed with me, could hear heavy breathing but could not open my eyes, felt panic but nothing I could do. Eventually it went away and I lost awareness and went back to sleep. It felt paranormal really, never had another one like it.
Try to kiss it next time, if you can move.
If you can't, its not real.
If you can, well.
Never had anything scary happen.

Anyone here had sex with an entity during SP?
That's fucking real my friend.
Happened first time like 1 year ago. I woke up and I feel strange.. my whole body was paralized. Like when you hit your elbow on a corner. I was scared af and tried to call my dad but only whispers came out. After a couple of minutes I realised that my whole body was sleeping but I was conscious.. i did a trick to wake up: made my brain feel like I was waking up after a nightmare. Grab all my forces and instant turned my leg and I woke up. It happened again, 2 times. Last one was strange because I was dreaming something in the mean time. Woke up my body in the same way. Dang, that was really weird
it all makes sense now
>be 20
>bit tired so I lay down on my bed for a nap
>within 30 seconds my body starts to go all tingly and I start to hear these horrible moans and screams and all I see is this static and faces with blood dripping for their eyes
>I try to scream for help but I literally can't move
>my body is all locked up
>I try to scream help again but all I let out is a slight "murrrr"
>at that point my leg reflexes kick in and I kick and all of a sudden wake up

Fucking hell it was terrifying and it only lasted a minute

you fucking idiot
i was probably around 16 the first time it happened. never heard of sleep paralysis before so i thought i was literally dying. not gonna lie, it was one of the scariest moments of my life. the second time around i woke up in the middle of the night and hallucinated demon-like shadows flying around my room. i honestly thought i was getting dragged to hell for a few seconds.

cried both times lol.
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>wake up to slight pressure on the side of my head & neck, like someone is holding me down.
>dart eyes around in confusion to the fact that i cant move
>feel the pressure on my head & neck shift
>start hearing its a wonderful life by sparklehorse
>force myself to close eyes & slow my breathing in hopes of ending this.
>jolt myself awake around the middle of the song.

called out of work a couple min later.
genuinely fucked me up desu senpai
First time
>waiting to fall asleep in bed
>feel my body go numb and stiff
>super excited. Been trying to lucid dream for months and never even hit the paralysis stage
>Wait few minutes
>Sudden heavy angry panting in my ear.
>Im chill with it. Wait for breathing to go away
>It doesnt.
>evil panting escalates as i start to panic,mocking me
>Turns into a full-blown nightmare.
Invisible mouthbreather picks me up and shakes me like ragdoll.
>getting my ass fucking beaten
>Scream and cry out for my brother
>Wake up in bed, safe and sound
>Turn lights on. Cry

Second time
>Wake up to full body paralysis
>Getting raped by shadow person
>Jokes on you, bitch. This is my fetish
>try manipulating the dream person mentally into doing different positions and stuff like that
>Shadow man pauses. Then disappears into the void
>still hasn't returned
>>Wake up to full body paralysis
>>Getting raped by shadow person
>>Jokes on you, bitch. This is my fetish
>>try manipulating the dream person mentally into doing different positions and stuff like that
>>Shadow man pauses. Then disappears into the void
>>still hasn't returned
You are my hero.
I fisted my sleep paralysis away one time.
I mean I just tried really fucking hard to move my arm, just focusing on it until it moved and I recovered the control of my body.

Felt stronk as phuck
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I've had it maybe 3 times my whole life, first time I had a hallucination too.

first time really freaked me out, I woke up in the middle of the night facing the wall. i kept hearing clicking noises and the noticed the wall I was facing looked really bright for some reason, but I couldn't look behind me to see what the light source was. i started breathing heavily because I couldn't move and since the clicking reminded me of the alien clicking in the movie signs and the thought popped into my head that it was some sort of conversation. More over the moment I started breathing too loud the clicking stopped and I fucking panic, then my vision leaves me and I fall asleep.

I woke up wondering whether it was even real, I hadn't forgotten it so it couldn't have been a dream. I didn't actually believe it was an abduction or anything but can't say I didn't completely believe it wasn't (at the time) either.

2nd time was also pretty worrying, but a lot tamer since I woke up during the bright morning. I just couldn't move my body and started panicking thinking that I've injured or paralyzed myself. I tried to call for help but couldn't speak, out of panic I started breathing heavily and this gets my mom's attention but I couldn't turn my head to signal her or anything I can just kind of see the door move. I get sleepy again and relax my breathing and I wake up 5 minutes later perfectly fine.

I'd never heard of sleep paralysis before and this had happened twice at this point so I decided to google it this time, of course I found out about sleep paralysis and it explained everything. Even how people sometimes think that sleep paralysis is an abduction. I've had it after that I think and I probably just laid there that time waiting until I could move.


I was facing the wall and couldn't turn back, I saw a glow reflecting against the wall in front of me and heard clicking noises.

so i assumed that it was an abduction, at least until i googled muh symptoms
duck duck duck .....
is that the duck walk , Malcolm mc laren,
>Buffalo Girls ................ ?
No, John Lennon died before that song came out. Funny comparison though
Not really sure if this counts, but when I was a kid I used to lucid dream very often. I would wake up in the middle of the night, then try to get back to sleep. But when I was falling asleep, I could feel it. I couldn't move at all. There seemed to be this chainsaw of some sort getting louder and louder, and then it suddenly became really quiet and calm. Then, my lucid dream began.

I think I know the reason for this. It's because I woke up in my REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, so I wasn't fully awake. When I went back to sleep, I was still conscious, but I was falling back into REM sleep immediately after falling asleep. It resulted with some really scary shit before the lucid dream began.

I'm much older now, and I have next to no dreams that I can remember nowadays, let alone lucid dreams.
So permavirgin even my own hallucinations wont fuck me
I posted my old story a while back, maybe a month ago. I have frequent sleep paralysis experiences. More so now that I work a night shift job, and they only happen to me on days that I don't work and I try to sleep at night like a normal person.

Recently I've had one that really worried me.
> Friday night falling asleep next to my gf in her bed.
> I fell asleep on my side facing the door and on the edge of the bed.
> All of a sudden I feel like I wake up, my eyes are open and the door to her room is open. Light is on in the hallway.
> I can't see anyone but I'm hearing voices, sounds like my gf and her family but very different. They were calling to me, telling me to get out of the bed.
> I decided not to and tried to cover myself up but all of a sudden I hear a voice behind me...
> It was saying how I finally found someone to scratch my bad during sex how I like... and it was trying to pull the blankets off.
> I started trying to resist it and when I did it started pushing me into the mattress.
> After a few seconds of trying to turn my body and change my breathing I snapped out of it. My gf was against the wall no where near me. My eyes were open and everything was the same how I saw it, door open... but I can't explain the light from the hallway. Everyone was asleep

Definitely freaked me out, I've had more experiences at least once a week since then.
share some more? can you explain the causes too
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i wish i could train myself to move my arm during an episode and grab whatever freak it is by the neck and go ham on it... it would be epic
Its taken me a while but I can turn my waist or slowly move a limb... I've felt myself moving my arms back and forth trying to wake myself up and likewise moving my foot back and forth.
Usually feels very weird, like I'm moving in slow motion.

> Last event I saw something fly towards my face
> I freaked out and tried to blow it away since its the only thing I could think of
> I think I ended up blowing raspberries and that helped me wake up lol.
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> Be 16
> Stay up really, really late one night
> Hear about weird meditative technique
> You're supposed to fall asleep while imagining a big object swinging back and forth above you
> Do this
> Wake up, can't move
> Not scared, though
> Intensely aware of everything
> It's like I can feel the blood coursing through every blood vessel in my body
> Fall back asleep

Was a real neat experience honestly
>you don't move when you sleep
No one can be this fucking dumb.
Jesus Christ.
>woke up from a dream in my bed (or at leaat i thought) I looked around my room. there was a dark shadow like coming over to my bed . I tried to jump up but I couldn't move or scream I felt like I was being held down and then I woke up again O.o
Your true self
>be summer time this year
>extremely hungover, pretty much bed ridden for a day
>fall asleep and feel something crawling up my bed
>i feel it's mouth around my hand but I can't move
>it makes his face visible, but it isn't a face.. just a white head, with a giant mouth full of razor sharp teeth
>i yell as loud as I could and wake myself up
>lie on couch
>head looking up
>corner of my eye see long skinny grey arm and a hand moving its fingers in a wave pattern
>shitting my pants trying everything in my power to move my head
>move my head to look straight up
>hear sounds of life in both ears really loudly
>close eyes and see one huge eye look down on me
>eye now blinking and multi coloured
>finally run out of my room crying
>be me 5days ago
>didn't sleep for 1 day
>to tired, went to bad, can't sleep, thinking about my shitty life
>suddenly pass out
>hear noises in my apartment (yes, i live alone)
>also hear sound of door opening
>can't move, still hear stepping sounds, somefuckingone wondering in my house
>as i proceed to calm down, my left eye is slightly open and i see a fucking shape of human, it's actually morning
>this shit has knife in its hand
>i can't move, and realize, what happens happens, fuck it.
>calming myself
>decide to fall back to sleep.
>wake up soon.
this is the 5th time i had sleep paralyze. getting used to it
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Not even demons want to fuck you
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I've only hallucinated during a sleep paralysis once:

>wake up in the middle of the night, lying on one side
>can't move
>head is covered by bed sheets, but somehow I can see what's in front of me
>everything is cinder grey and has a static-like texture
>a little goblin-looking thing (pic related) is floating a few inches away from my face
>motherfucker has the most sardonic smile I've ever seen
>to the left, there's a gagged girl
>she has a rather calm expression
>I'm not really shocked by any of this, and I fall asleep a couple of minutes later

Several months ago I had a similar experience, but during a dream:

>be at home, back from college
>feel exhausted, so I decide to get some rest after lunch
>lie down on my bed and fall asleep
>open my eyes; I'm lying on my sofa now, downstairs
>TV is on
>suddenly, everything gets dark
>somehow, due to some 'sense' that isn't sight, I can still perceive the TV
>there's white noise on the screen
>an incredibly powerful vibration is coming from it
>it's like a sound, but unlike any sound I've ever heard
>I can't look away from the screen, as I lie there, overwhelmed and filled with dread
>I realize I can't move; I'm having a sleep paralysis
>I'm feeling a little bit spooped, but I'm also fascinated by the experience
>then I remember the stories about shadowy figures and screeching sounds so commonly associated with SP, and I decide to end it now
>I try to move my arms with all my strenght, but it's all in vain
>finally, I manage to turn around, and I wake up on my bed
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Almost every time something interesting is about to happen I get really strong convulsions/pain in my side that is against the bed because of my sleeping position. After that I fully wake up.

The only two worthwhile incidents in the last year were some kind of sweating, nervously grinning palefaced guy standing besides my bed before scurrying away and my mental servitors ripping some kind of character besides me apart.
I swear I saw a face like this one time while being paralyzed

My sleep paralysis is getting weirder every time i have it.

>wake up, room dim lit, morning
>gollum like creature
>looks like shit from wrong turn
>appears from door
>stops in the middle of the room
>stares at me with his yellow eyes
>moves under my table and disappeares
>couldnt move at all, almost broke my arm
>scared as fuck

>"wake up"
>can hardly move
>feel a weird "blue" presence in the room
>like a ghost
>scared as shit, dont even see anything clearly
>stand up, body heavy as shit
>turn on lights
>electricity went out
>try to move to living room/mother
>very fucking hard to move, exhausting
>like my body weighs 500 tons
>feeling followed, im slow as fuck
>dont make it
>"wake up"
>the same shit repeats a few times
>i can never make it
>seriuosly wake up
>still scared and wtf happened

>"wake up"
>face from >>17243860 picture stares at me
>room pretty dark
>i stand up
>walk right next to it to my door
>he doesnt move
>body heavy as shit, etc, as above
>same shit with electricity
>light bulbs go out, its even darker
>he grins at me
>he stares after me the whole time i slowly walk
>cant reach the living room/mother
>"wake up" again for 3-4 times
>seriously wake up
>nothing there, still scared as fuck

I feel like I've had it even more than three times but I can't clearly remember. After the first time it's always the same. I can hardly move, but I move out of my bed only to wake up again in my bed. It's not a real "dream" though, but i'm also not moving in real life.
Also, that demon fucker or whoever it is seems to come closer every time now. First I only noticed a presence (like in the second paralysis i wrote) and in the third one I could vividly recall he was already standing 2m away from my bed.
Black shadows everywhere, dancing and sitting on my chest. Hearing my mothers voice screaming in terror. Hearing creepy whispers in my ears. Sharp teeth.

Fuck sleep paralysis, whatever it is. Have refused to sleep on my back ever since.
Maybe you're still asleep
>We'll put them in the oven soon
Wow, when I was 12, I had my only lucid/sleep paralyzement. I dreamt that I was in open ocean, and something pullede down quickly, and I slowly kept trying to swim up, I was holding my breath in the dream the entire time, and when I woke up, I nearly suffucated since I was actually holding my breath. Never had another lucid dream since.
Sounds stupid as fuck but I woke up and saw some shadow person or whatever the fuck you want to call it walk into my room and slide under my bed, I could actually move so I but didn't because I was fucking shitting myself, he came out from the other side of my bed and began staring at me, something in my mind told me to just try and be funny so it doesn't kill me and I said (not sure if I even said it or imagined it) "hello darkness my old friend" and it went back under my bed. Fell asleep, woke up properly what feels like a few seconds later. Don't do drugs
I've had it once and my experience was unusual even for sleep paralysis,

>be 17 at the time
>sleeping like normal
>suddenly feel shaking and hear rattling
>clouds form over my bed and it starts raining
>I can feel it
>it feels fucking real and I'm freaking out trying to move or scream but can't do anything
>crows start slamming into my window
>it's nearly broken
>as the last bird smashes in breaking my window I wake up with distorted vision, a migraine, and a pool of sweet.
I had sleep paralysis very randomly throughout childhood. Like, years in between each other. Anyway, the most recent was a few years back, I'll green text it.

>be me
>realize I am in sleep paralysis and try to shake awake
>I can see my room perfectly
>shuffle enough to be looking in the direction of my bathroom
>looking intently as a head moves up into my line of sight
>female blonde
>I freak out and shuffle enough so i am not looking that way anymore
>feel someone's face press up against mine, on the other side of the blanket
>hear gnashing as it tries to bite me
First time it happened i thought i was dying and I was frantically trying to fight for my life, even though i was depressed at the time.

Second and third time i thought a giant rat was hanging off of my bed and was eating my back. The damn thing was making wheezing sounds and my back was in pain.
I had a sleep paralysis when I was 14, I had a really bad temperature and when it was done I was still hallucinating, done 2 front flips on the bed because something was telling me thats the way to prevent the world from ending, ran out of the house and half way down the street before my dad got me lol.
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Seems like a recurring theme in sleep paralysis
I have it frequently when I fuck up my sleeping rythem too much.

First experience:
>In bed
>try to fall asleep but can't
>try to pick up my phone
>can't move
>feel pressure on the bed, look and see a shadow figure of my mother sitting there looking at me
>panic but realize i'm dreaming
>look at the door, see a tall shadow figure looking at me
>door is open but I surely closed it, I always do
>panic more, try to wake up by doing my best to move
>moving is fucking hard but I manage after like 30 secs
>wake up
>doors closed and feel weight on bed disappearing
>fuck that was terrifying
>pick up my phone and calm down
Second experience:
>Try to sleep, can't
>want to pick up my phone again
>can't move
>fuck not this shit again
>look around, phone lights appearing everywhere
>Suddenly hear really fucking loud music for like 5 seconds
>screamo or something couldn't make anything of it, scared me shitless
>look in the top corner of the room, see shadowy figure again looking at me from up there
>panic a bit more so I do everything I can to wake up
>same method as before, moving and woke up
Third experience:
>try to go to sleep to days ago
>can't pick up phone you know the drill
>no hallucinations that i saw immediately
>try to call for room mate to wake me up, can barely speak, only manage to mumble
>he doesn't hear me, try to clap or something, improvising you know
>think I clapped, bit confused cause normally can't move
>he wakes me up by clapping in my face
>the fuck
>wake up agian, realize he didn't do it. He was sleeping
>the fuck

I really wanted him to wake me up, and I could move in my dream and apparently bend it in my favor so to speak, can I make this into lucid dreaming?
Yeah, you can think of sleep paralysis as a doorway to lucid dreaming; sometimes you can skip it, sometimes you can't.
All you have to do is calm down and try to change the scenery you're in.
I'll try that, thanks :)
Not sure if counts as sleep paralysis, but here goes.
Died in a dream, but realised it was just a dream, purely because I refused to believe I'd just die like that. End up in a room with all 6 surfaces pure white. I forced my eyes open with my fingers and woke up.
This happened about 2 or 3 months ago
>Be sleeping
>Have dream that for some reason wakes me up
>I wake up but i can't move my body or speak and my eyes can barely open
>My vision turns bright orange for about 10 seconds
>I then close my eyes and then open them aain and start to slowly move my arms and legs.

This happened to me again a week ago.
Happened like last summer maybe or something like that.
>Be me sleeping.
>Suddenly, "wake" up but cant move
> Get feeling in back of neck like something was pressed against it.....yeah we'll go with that
>female voice says some shit I can't remember as I didn't give a fuck at the time and was trying to move arm to find phone to see how many bongs it was [Britfag]
>then says [shit that I remember] "They all fucking hate you"
>older brother walks in randomly and wants to talk about something to do with the Queen or cups of tea
>MFW As soon as he walked in pressure on neck and Miss Rudely Wakes Me Up To Talk Smack fucks off
>MFW bitch woke me up at 7 bongs on a weekend
Because I know what it is and what I'm experiencing I simply clear my mind and wait it out. I have no idea why people can't grasp the idea on their own that your fear response can be controlled in situations you are familiar with. All these insane hallucinations are a product of out of control runaway fear when you are in a state where emotions will bleed into your perceived reality.
You know what that figure at the foot of my bed does if I don't freak out and test my paralysis over and over again? Nothing.
The only time i encountered sleep paralysis

>be about 3 years ago
>moved into new appartment a few months ago
>everything was furbished and i was pretty comfy
>go early to bed (9pm) once on a friday evening since i was way more tired than usual
>fall asleep fairly quick
>wake up around 2am for no reason
>try to roll over in bed
>starting to sweat bullets
>still unable to move and starting to get horrified
>all of a sudden starting to hear breathing behind my back (i was facing the wall)
>now soaked in sweat and terrified
>curtain in room starts rustling like someone was walking through it
>i did shut and lock all the windows and doors before going to sleep though
>the breathing lasts for around 30 minutes but the curtain only rustled once until now
>keep trying to move
>hear a faint sigh
>stop trying to get my ass moving again since way too spooked
>after another 15 min, finally muster up enough courage to roll over to face my nightstand with my phone and nightlamp on it
>thumble around the dark to turn the light on
>finally hit the switch and the room is illuminated
>everything is the same as i left it and I check the time
>get up and check all my windows and doors if they we're still shut and locked
>peek out window to check the weather
>quiet and clear night sky, no wind whatsoever
>close and lock window
>go back to bed after splashing some water in my face
>didn’t sleep until 8am when the sunlight started peeking through the blinds

I still remember it as it would have happend yesterday. I never was more terrified and feared for my life before or since that night.
I'm just glad that it never happend again since.
Is it possible to only have it once?
I had an experience similar a couple years ago and it still freaks me the fuck out to think about it.

>be 20ish at the time
>usually sleep on my back
>wake up in the middle of the night
>eyes still closed, but conciously think about getting up to get a drink
>open eyes to go get said drink
>fucking baby doll floating about a foot in front of my face
>can't move at all
>"I must be dreaming"
>try to wake up
>baby doll stays there floating for several hours
>eventually starts decaying as if human
>flesh falls off bone, eyes sink in, ect
>no choice but to watch or close my eyes and hope it goes away
>sun starts coming up
>decayed baby slowly fades into nothing (took maybe an hour?)
>finally able to move
>get out of bed
>call in sick to work
Two summers ago I got tons of sp because I was messing around with lucid dreams.
>barely asleep, just slipped out of hypnagogia
>dreaming I'm on a bus
>look out the window
>a sasquatch type thing jumps at the bus and slams against the window
>scares the shit out of me
>wake up, can't move
>oh jesus, this is what they told me about.
>eyes were closed, breathing was shallow, very slight sense of anxiety
>Weird undulating sensation moving moving up and down my body
>wake up fully after about a minute
>was scared as shit for nothing
I had sp a bunch more times that summer, and tried to get lucid from them, but never got it down. Sleep paralysis is seriously hyped up, though. If you're trying to get into lucid dreaming, but you're scared of sp, don't be. The scary stories are mostly bs.

>sp one time
>my eyes are never open
>open my eyes
>Justice League was on my tv, I fell asleep watching it
>Everyone's eyes are black
>see nothing else, no shadow people or goblins or whatever people see

that was the worst that ever happened to me
https://youtu.be/UDVK9keWQzc this
That got weird really fast. Screaming?

>20 minutes of sleep paralysis

How the fuck does that even happen?
Are you sure that someone from the chan didn't follow your astral body to watch you sleep and you caught him mid wank?
while of course some people move while they sleep, the fact that your body is mostly paralyzed is exactly why this happens

your brain puts your body to sleep so that you can walk around and jump and fly in your dreams.

sometimes the paralysis sets in before your mind is really asleep. this is called sleep paralysis and for many is accompanied by severe feelings of dread, anxiety, and fear.

pray it never happens to you and stop pretending it isn't real
Had sleep paralysis a lot as a child, so much that even then I remember being fed up with it and trying to figure out tricks to get out of it. One lucid sleep paralysis episode I decided that if I tried blinking really hard to get out of the dream, I would be awake when opening my eyes. It was more like changing the channel though. I remember going from a strange kitchen to a crowded mall, to running up a blackened stairwell with the stairs crumbling behind me, being lost by the ocean as massive deep sea serpents washed up dead on the shore, some muppet creepy puppet shit, eventually I found one tolerable dream where I could fly and decided I'd just crash into the ocean and try to drown myself. Swam to the very bottom and curled up between the rocks and decided I'd just finish sleeping, even though I had to piss. Never did manage to wake up, this is probably a dream too.
The scariest part is knowing that if you were able to make a sound you'd wake yourself up, and not being able to. The best thing I can do is breathe faster and faster. The silent scream is the worst. Feels so weird having no control over your body, makes me afraid that if I ever need an operation the anasthesia won't work right and i'll be paralyzed but awake and feeling everything.
if she ever retorts with something creative or really just anything at all shout his name at her with all your confidence. hearing it faces them with their destiny

you could get creative too and say something like
>You'll kneel to Him on judgment day! Now go to the foot of the cross!

I'm sorry you have to deal with this, anon.
thats so strange, because i recall almost a similiar thing happening to me, and the falling back down on the bed sensation was almost surreal. I dont think it was sleep paralysis though because ive had that before also.
I've had sleep paralysis like at least half a dozen times before but I've never had any hallucinations. The worst thing that happens is that I can't feel the sensation of breathing and that was kind of a concern the first couple of times.
>be 15 yo
>be at grandma's house in missouri
>stay with her friend for a few days
>sleep in an old room
>this is when i started getting into reading cards and that shit
>wake up
>pressure on my chest
>can't move
>hear a bunch of voices whispering
>everything is hazy
>body feels like it is burning
>can't scream
>arms start moving by themself
>try to move my body forward
>get forced back down and the voices muble faster
>haze is gone
>voices are gone
>heat is gone
They usually happen when I sleep early in the morning, about 8-10am, after a bad night of sleep or when I slept in classes. I tried to use a technique to wake up my mother taught me, she said to look at the upper right corner of your eye as strong as you can but it never worked for me.

It seems it was always related to whatever was going on on TV in a messed up way, kinda like when I was watching a show on discovery about mummies and mummy related stuff showed up in a messed up and twisted way. I think our mind is open to auditive suggestion during it but I'm not sure so whatever.

From my experience, freaking out never helps. I kinda disciplined myself into remaining calm because it seemed that being agitaded made everything else WAY more agitated too. Like in the time it seemed I was aware of everything that was going on in my bedroom and there was this scarecrow inflatable thing sitting on my chair waving its limbs like a dumbass making weird mechanical noises and the more I got scared the faster and louder that shit became. I just ignored it the best I could and after 10 secs it was gone.

There was this other time, I don't think I was paralyzed though, I was sleeping with my back on my bed and then, when I moved to sleep sideways, as soon as I opened my eyes I saw 2 left arms and one right arm. I believe this was the closest I got to astral projection but I never tried it so I'm not sure.
Lol i kind of understood what you meant. You wouldnt want to fart at the closest wall. Then you would just simmer in that stank.
>Be me, a couple of days ago
>Rarely dream, but always do when I drink
>Want a fun night, decide to mix it up with binaural
>Go to bed after 3 shooters, headphones plugged
>Eventually fall asleep, wake up on the side in the middle of the night
>Feel something over me, hearing scratches and a deep breathing sound
>Actually feel said (cold) breath on my face
>Dread building up in my inner parts
>Don't open eyes, don't want
>Tell myself don't fucking move
>Fall asleep
>Whole experience lasted 7-10 seconds

Was fun lads, but I'm looking forward for more tonight. I'm going to put in place the same parameters, drink the same amount, listen to the same track, and maybe something creepy will happen again.

'Night /x/
bump for anticipation
well i've a lot ob them but i'll tell you one of the most important to me.
>me at 16 o 15 y/o
>i've wake up
> in my room i've a large window, i see a brillant light
>then i saw a green thing(like a typical alien
> he tries to talk me but i cant understand anything,
>by the way in my mind i said please i've fear and i'm nervouss please stop!
>he continues trying to say something, later on he's dissapear and i can sleep.
> when i woke up was the 4 o'clock(sorry i dont know a lot of how peoples says the time in english lol) and i was all sweaty
It started around when I was 18, and it's only slightly less terrifying now. And just very recently, a month or so ago, when I'd wake up paralyzed I'd see dark human figures that looked like they'd burned to death. In my panicked state I didn't realize I was still half asleep and just seeing what I was dreaming. Scared the fuck out of me, but I seem to be over the seeing shit part thank Christ.
it started when i was like 12-14. used to have horrible nightmares. i once hallucinated that my mother was possesed and was stalking me. fucked me up for about 2 years. now that i know what it is, i always have good/strange hallucinations. when you loose the fear and embrace it you will never see something horrible. now i kinda like it when it happens.
Not really sp but I woke up and felt a hand grabbing my right arm. I start trying to push it away and dig my nails into the hand as it feels like it's tightening it's grip. Fall out of bed trying to get to the light switch (bed was right near door and the switch so I could reach it from bed). When I turn the lights on I see my left hand now bleeding from my nails, grabbing my right arm.

Still couldn't move my left arm for a few seconds after that
I feel you with the crawling to the door bit, whenever I'm in an episode of sleep paralysis i try to get out of bed even thought i can hardly move my limbs in my dreams and it's just a mess of desperation and fear as I try to leave my room
Im not sure if this counts as sleep paralysis
>be 5 or 6
>have this dinosaur computer
>no internet connection on it, just crappy pc games for kids
>go to sleep one night, tucked in tight and cozy
>fall asleep
>have this ungodly long "dream"
>standing in front of computer
>staring at the blue wall paper
>cant move
>standing there for hours on end
>fall back "asleep"
>wake up in the morning
>blankets all over the place
>pee pad (i wet the bed up until the middle of being 6 years old) was hanging half way off the bed
>remember the "dream" vividly except for getting up to stare at the screen and going back to bed
>notice im awkwardly spralled out on the bed
>tell mom
>she blows it off because im little

Any ideas? Might have been ayy lmaos
Might have just had a bad time sleepig that night
I usually only get it if I'm stressed and haven't had any episodes for about a year. I've had night terrors too.

>be a few years ago. Stressed about college shit.
>wake up mid scream across the room clung to my bfs arm while he looks scared as shit.
>actually tell him to calm down because nothing is wrong and wonder why my feet have rugburn.
I wasn't scared when I woke up but I was a few minutes later and couldn't get back to sleep so we just walked around Walmart at 4 am because it was the only place open.

Another time I remember:

>wake up in sp on my stomach rather than my back.
>don't see anything but have horrible sense of fear and dread.
>wake up due to falling sensation
>this repeats about 7 times because as hard as I try not to I keep going back to sleep.

Despite not seeing anything this is the one in recent memory I remember being most scared of.
anyone screencap that thread were a guy rape a demon?

Autism, kid. You experienced autism.

I think it happened to me once but i ain't sure

Basically i felt like all my movements were extremely slow, like idiotically slow. Then i see something in my peripheral vision. I move my eyes but i couldn't get the thing in my focus and i tried really hard and my eyes started to hurt. When i succeeded i see it's a pair of gray feet and i get scared and the stereotypical gray alien is in my vision even though eyes closed shut. I got scared for no reason really
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>rape a demon
>wake up super early one morning
>realize i'm on my back which is super unusual since i sleep on my stomach
>think to myself I gotta flip over or i might get sleep paralysis
>too groggy/sleepy to actually do it then suddenly
>boom paralyzed, can't move but can just barely wiggle certain parts of me
>say to myself oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll naw
>literally force my way out of it
>felt like i was trying to lift a car but eventually I was able to move again
>was worried i'd start hallucinating at any moment but never did
>rolled over on my stomach and back to sleep
File: 1453426958955.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not realizing it's just a hallucination
>Not hijacking control of the demon
>Not forcing it to ride your dick
It's like you like being choked
My latest sleep paralysis happened about a month ago. It's a short one though, just mildly creepy.

>be lying half awake, half asleep in the morning, too lazy to get up, drifting back to sleep
>suddenly i twitch, my eyes open, i hear a baby shouting "Ow ow ow ow ow!" as if it was in pain
>no babies in my house
>lasted for about 4 seconds, then i was awake, and back to normal.
Hold your breath. You wake up.
I've realized though that sleep paralysis is a manifestation of your fear. When you understand that you have no reason to fear for a hallucination, they won't come to you any more. Of course, if you go to bed thinking about them, being afraid, praying it won't happen, the fear will feed the hallucinations in your mind. Basically if you stop being paranoid you won't have sleep paralysis any more.
most of my sleep paralysis experiences occur when I can't sleep at all, and most of the time they just make me feel like I'm tied to my bed like it is rotated and flipped wildly around the room. I always feel really warm afterwards, and dizzy as well. Once I hallucinated that my father only had one eyeball. Nothing too spooky, just bizarre.
I induced it once when trying for lucid dreaming/projection. I was listening to some native american music and let visualizations of animals and nature come naturally from the music. I noticed it after syncing my breathing with the animals. I only experienced the paralysis part of it, no hallucinations or anything. Overall it was a really peaceful experience. I felt really calm and "floaty". 10/10 would do again.
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91 KB, 840x700
This was my first experience with sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming.
>had a normal day
>went to bed to sleep
>had a bad feeling about sleeping today and though it would be good to stay awake this night
>after around half a hour in bed trying to sleep I finally manage tot
>started dreaming
>Dream is normal doing the everyday stuff
>go out of home ready to go to faculty
>the street starts to get distorted itself and a rush of memories flows onto me
>I remember a lot of shit that did not happen in reality
>I see the death of my grandma which is still alive
>I see my mom dying in a car accident with me in the car, this memory is also extremely grey and weird
>incountable stress that I have never felt in my whole life urges upon me as I remember everything that I have to do
>I remember a whole lot of debts and how I have no money
>I suddenly realize I went out of home without eating or going to the bathroom and all my needs burst into me
>there's a lot more shit that came into my mind that I cant remember well
>feeling despair I do what is one of my hobbies because it sets my mind at ease
>I drop everything onto the ground and go on running while crying
>"This cant be real! This cant be real! This cant be real!"
>the street doesnt ever end
>I should have already reached a bifurcation by now but I didnt
>thats when I realize that this is all a dream
>I seriously sound obsessed with the idea that this has to be a dream
>Dream becomes lucid
>my mind finally is at ease
>a sudden burst and my eyes shot open
>I'm in my bed
>confused I dont know why i'm in my bed I should be going to faculty right now
>I stay confused for some minutes before noticing that it was all really a dream
>try to move and get out of bed
>I cant
>Keep trying to move every single limb
>feel cold even through i'm warm
>was almost going to scream for help before I chose to calm down and wait it pass out
Ever since, I am having confusing way more the dream and reality, and more nightmares.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention, but I felt strongly that I did what I shoudlnt by somehow managing to wake up from the dream, like, a big feeling of "I fucked up" right when I awake, it was mainly what caused me to panic and almost scream for help.
what was in the lab
I had sleep paralysis once. The shadow entity came up behind me and tried to paralyze me. It was, without doubt, one of the most amazing things I've experienced. Scarcely have I ever felt a presence so strongly.
>Sleeping on bed
>I hear my cats crying uncontrollably
>Try to stand up
>Head is heavy as fuck
>Just my head
>Through great effort I throw my body out of the bed
>Head follows my body, because gravity
>Laying on the floor now
>Suddenly head is no longer heavy
>Stand up
>Cats were resting, I just imagined them crying
Scary as fuck DESU family.
I read about this alot and i don't usually get spooked by things others consider spooky so my first sleep paralysis was an experience i enjoyed.
>Wake up
>Hard to open my eyes, can't move
>It's dark in my room
>No wait it's not this dark it's just someone standing above me
>Literally it's a shadow with no face or stuff
>It realizes i am awake so it turns back and leaves my roop oening and closing the door, the sound was damn clear.
>Slowly wake myself up
But it was sure sleep paralysis cause my all dogs get crazy when they hear me opening the door, and they didn't react.

Other one
>Wake up
>This time can't even open my eyes
>Hear this horrible noise like someone is vacuuming
>It gets so bad i feel like my ears will die and my head will blow up
>Can't breathe
>Already realized it's sleep paralysis so staying calm
>Slowly waking up.

That's all for me tbqh
>first sleep paralysis was an experience i enjoyed.
must be nice
>wake up
>cant move, feel heavy weight on chest
>hear a faint breathe and a sorta slapping noise
>open eyes
>see a shadowy figure on top of me
>pinning me down with hands like pic related
>long, messy, thin hair
>1 faint red dot for an eye
>shaking head left and right flapping tongue about
>wanna scream, cant
>goes on for about 10-20 seconds

I've never heard of anything like this since before it happened to me. So it wasn't planted in my mind but to hear that so many people experience the exact same thing with the old hag pinning you down is just baffling and terrifying
>pic related
>no pic
So you didn't see anything?
I've been experiencing sleep paralysis for as long as I can remember. Me being 27 now, I think back at what my younger 13 year old self hallucinated. It was the terrifying and demonic type back then. Now a days my hallucinations are more environmental and sensory overhaul. I paralyze every time I try to sleep. I never feel rested. I'm starting to choke in my episodes too, so my glands are swollen as a result. It hurts to eat, to yawn, to talk, everything. I've been a depressed, suicidal, self-hating maniac for years now. It's finally going critical. Or maybe this is still the tip of the ice burg. Either way, it's real and it's here. Ripping me a part to comical levels, I can't help but to join in on the laughter. I literally do that sometimes, hysterically laugh. It's an expression... a psychotic fit but expressive none the less. I imagine people in my room. I can see my mom checking up on her suicidal son. They're usually a mix of Shadow figures and realism. I see the same outfit they're wearing that day. Detailed people who depending on who they are, will dictate the situational hallucination. Example: I have fear of home invaders. I can see and hear them perfectly enter the room and stare at me with their faces blurred out. I panic and force myself out to fight this invader but I wake up to find no one there. I also sleep walk now and have black outs. I ended outside the other night staring at the moon in 32F degree weather. I had no shoes on. My dad found me outside and told me about it the next day. It's sad to see your family worry about you day in and day out. Even though I want to die everyday, suicide is out of the question. I have dreams of my funeral and the disparity. I won't give them that.

Anyway, on to my 13 year old self's introduction to sleep paralysis. From what I vividly remember, it was demonic in nature. I realize the continuity of my episodes through out my life has been environmental awareness. All senses are engaged at max.

(there's more)
All senses are engaged at max levels. I can hear the sounds of the room, smell what's lingering in the air, taste my last meal, feel the bed sheets touching my skin, and see the things made out of nightmares. I was a kid lying down taking a nap, alone at home, when I decided to wake up and find myself stuck. Unable to move, speak or do anything, I started to panic. I wanted to cry so badly but couldn't. Tears started streaming down my face into my ear canals, I was feeling helpless. Then I felt possessed. And in that moment, the room, the whole house became a bright red bloody color. The ceiling fan got louder the more it spun to a deafening volume. Sounded like a freight train. Then a ghoulish voice violently emerged sending shivers through my body, like electricity, followed by a tight squeeze of my being. Don't think of it as a giant anaconda squeezing your body, this was something inside. That grip you feel from stress or maybe anxiety. This grip was terror. The demonic voice spread through the house like a disease. It had no sense of origin, just came from all angles all at once. The voice was everywhere. I desperately thought to myself, how could this be happening? How is this real?! It spoke in tongues, mostly gibberish in an impish dialect. No horror movie in existence can emulate the sounds it was making. I can tell it was having fun. It had a child like way about it, giggling often followed by obnoxious sniffs. Like it was smelling me. Every huff it took made me weaker, more confused and more afraid. It finally said something I could understand.
"Anon..... Anon..... Look outside. It's raining fire"
My vision, not my body, looked outside of my bed room window to see nothing but red and fire balls falling but never crashing to the ground. I realize the whole house is floating in the sky. I could feel heat wrap around me. The house started to plummet. I can still feel the gravitational pull. It was all too real. Every detail was there. As we were...

As we were falling I was simultaneously in terror and paying attention in hopes of finding a way out. My panic came to a screeching hault when I remembered a few words that would end this.
"I know what you're afraid of. The blood of Jesus Christ"
It shuttered. I can't see it, but I can hear the nervousness in its voice. I screamed "The blood of Jesus Christ! You have no power!"
And like a vortex, reality shifted and a blissful peace washed over me. It was warm and loving. I woke up and cried after the ordeal. I didn't know the hell just happened. Felt like it lasted for ages, but only a few minutes passed.
>see a hag
>she speaks to you
>you hear her laugh
> you feel her hands

Man you people who role play on /x/ make me so angry. Ever since my brother was diagnosed with cancer I have sleep paralysis maybe once a month and it is never like this. Can you please explain to me what is the point of making up stories like this on /x/?

Stick to your succubus and Magic threads you lying faggot
John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
John was a space marine for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the spaceships and he said to dad "I want to be on the ships daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY DEMONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the space station base of the UAC he knew there were demons.
"This is Joson" the radio crackered. "You must fight the demons!"
So John gotted his palsma rifle and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the demons "I will shoot at him" said the cyberdemon and he fired the rocket missiles. John plasmaed at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the demons" he shouted The radio said "No, John. You are the demons"
And then John was a zombie
one time i was in bed and then i head a whirling noise and then i was frozen and then because i have an alpha anxiety response i instantly unfroze the end
>whole house became a bright red bloody color.
same with my first
I only ever had SP 3 or 4 times and I was sleeping with my stomach up. It lasts no longer than 30 secs because I always start to wiggle my toes and kind of hum and I wake up. I always sleep with my stomach down and almost never get SP.
You should watch Mysterious Skin with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
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Only ever had it once, and it was quite mundane
>wake up following my third lucid dream, where I hugged my waifu
>lying face-up, but my knees were bent
>try to get my knees down so I can go back to sleep
>they won't move for about three seconds
>manage to get them flat on the bed
>go back to sleep
>tfw do that and haven't been hit by sleep paralysis yet

Fug how long do I have
>Wake up
>Lying on back
>Try to roll over
>Can't move at all
>Literally frozen in place
>Body won't respond to anything
>Think "Oh, sleep paralysis"
>Promptly go back to sleep

Wasn't as scary as I'd been lead to believe.
def not sp
First got into lucid dreaming at 14, so when I had my first sleep paralysis I knew what it was. First two times were after a nap, just heard demonic screaming in my ear the first time. Second time I heard the same voice but once I became calm it transitioned into smooth jazz music, of course I wasn't stupid enough to open my eyes. All together I enjoyed it, have had a few more since.
Were you sleeping on your back ?
Focus on your toes, after 2-3 seconds you'll be out of sleep paralysis.
But it's true though, some people will see gigantic spiders, some will see dinosaurs, some will not see or hear anything. Sleep paralysis is unpredictable
yeah,i learned not to but after a while it didnt matter
Honestly I've had lots of experiences like this the oldest being when I was about like 5 or so I'll be laying bed unable to move or scream and I'll have dark figures grab out for me and stuff and I'll be terrified so I stuff screaming but nothing comes out eventually I escape it and run to get my mom or something now when this happens I just go to bed right after
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I've had plenty of experiences, but this is by far the one that's scared me the most.

I have a window on the right side of my bed, and I don't bother shutting the window off with blinds because behind the house is only woods and the lights will be off when I sleep anyway. I was sleeping on my side, and I had hallucinations of my girlfriend and her mother staring at me from outside the window. They didn't do anything for a good four/five minutes or so. All of a sudden, my girlfriend's mother starts slamming her face against the corner of my window. Her face is getting bloodier, gashes everywhere and it starts to get unrecognizable. While this is happening my girlfriend is sobbing and pulling on her hair sideways. After her mother stops slamming her face on the window, it looks like she walks away, and so the gf follows.
pretty much happened to be, first time i had it i had the sense of someone watching me but thats it, didnt see anyone. never even knew what sp was. second time same thing but was like fuck i know what it is and went back to sleep
Every single time.

Every single time I have a sleep paralysis these days there is that same pale-faced grinning faggot to the left of my bed. He just stands there, sweating, and then scurries off.

I used to have intense experiences. Falling through an infinite abyss. Dashing through a series of scary hellish grimaces, blood coursing through my head, ears humming. For fuck's sake once I even had a hallucination of a succubus fucking me in the ass while I had the strange feeling of my legs being lifted upwards. But no. All I have now is that same bald guy EVERY FUCKING TIME! Bring back the succubi! That, at least, I can chalk up on repressed homosexuality. WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE A SWEATING BALD MAN!" He could at least try to put up a scary expression instead of grinning nervously.
Just want to clear some things up because a lot of people are confusing DREAMING

Dreaming is just that. you fall asleep and at some point dream a false experience sometimes mix mashed from real experiences.

Sleep paralysis however is when you go to sleep and are unable to move, you are stuck in your bed and dreaming from there, you can't move at all, you don't get up, you're paralyzed.

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which a person either during falling asleep (hypnagogia) or awakening (hypnopompia), temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or react.

It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (such as an intruder in the room) to which one is unable to react due to paralysis, and physical experiences (such as strong current running through the upper body).
Had what I assume is sleep paralysis a few weeks ago in november. Had just gotten into bed and had started to fall asleep when I suddenly felt like someone had a hand loosely around my throat and was strangling me. Breathing got ragged, I opened my eyes and tried to move and 'knock away' anything around my throat but couldn't. Feeling stopped after about 15 seconds and I sat upright, with breathing normal again.

Later mentioned it on the phone to my dad and he said he'd had something similar in the past.
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