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General Chakras thread

Does anybody here believe in chakras? I found researching them to be one of the greatest differences in my lifes. I pretty much know how to balance every single one of them except for the root. I noticed that when they are balanced the way you feel in your body is more pleasureable than usual. When they are severely unbalanced I seriously just feel emotionally gray or stressed or frustrated. I noticed that when I learn to balance one of them eventually it balances itself on its own.

Does anybody here know how to balance the root chakra? I usually do physical things like stetching or breathing into the spot.
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>still using chakras and not dantiens
hey senpai. What do you search for from life - a great and fun life, or spirituality and moksha, liberation from life and death.

if it is the latter, balancing them is pointless, youll be debalancing them later on anyway. you want to first of all make Bhuta agni stronger than jathara agni. in the most basic aspect that is achieved through eating less, sleeping less, chanting mantra more.
Then you need to raise your kundalini from the very root chakra, muladhara to ajna and then through sahasrana out. and ther you will have jivanmukti

what r u talkingabout

i dont understand
balancing chakras is good for a normal life. youll have less problems and life will flow.

but for enlightenment its just an unnecesary step, its better to power-awake muladhras kundalini deposit.

its tantric talk, dont worry senpai the more you the more youll understand :)
Why would anybody want to be enlightened. Balancing chakras is great.
well, balancing chakras is great but enlightenement is just not even comparable. imagine having an orgasm, for the rest of your life, after life and without ever ending. that times infinity. forever. without birth, without any worldy problem, no more stress, nothing.. just bliss. paramsiva. thats enlightenemtn. it liberates you from samsara, cicle of life and death. its hard to understand if somone has a lot of karma because if you still hold a lot of karma you do need to enjoy life first, through enjoying life you burn karmas. then one day youll realize how much greater moksha would be.
everything is a spiritual path, even life. all burns karma, just dont make new karmas senpai and youll enlighten yourself in deathbed or before :)

Jai Jai maa.
Dantiens are the chinese interpretation of the psychic system.

You have three basic power centers, the Lower Dantien (between pelvis and belly button), the Middle dantien (between stomach and heart) and the upper dantien (between hairline and eyebrows).

Then you have lots of meridians and energetic points running through the body, similar to the yogic nadis and chackras.

One typically builds the system from the bottom up, LDT, MDT and finally UDT.

Think of the LDT as a battery, the MDT as a transformer or somthing to direct energy and the UDT as the cpu.

Check out Yang Jwing Ming Embryonic breathing, shit is way better than yoga.

Kunadlini is a thing in the chinese interpretation, but a true kundalini rising will fuck your shit up and change your life.

Look up stuff like qi gong, nei gong, and stay away from mo pai.
this guy is completly right on kundalini. it will fuck you up if not prepared. It might even fuck you up if you ARE prepared. raising kundalini to reach enlightenment is like a fastforward way of doing it. it quick, but its dangerous as fuck. ive seen people loose all their hair in a day, all their teeth or other weird phenomena. just because of raising it just one chakra up. at the same time, if you are truly devoted to chieveing liberation aka moksha/nirvana/mukti, life doesnt matter to you anymore one bit. all you care about if moksha.

Any mantra that isn't your own full name is empowering a "god", you are giving energy to a another entity.
Yoga. Mantra. Kabambala.

I use some of this.
There is simple mantra on Y.
Like you wrote what kind of chakra do you want to make stronger or balanced and do it.

The God's mantra is more more intensive and powerful and some one sure say it's dangerous..

But when you push your finger some point of this chakra.. Like in your ass.. seriously.. but in a smart way.. That's good too..
I find the chakra system to be quite sufficient. It changed my life. Now when I'm out in the world I feel total control over everything. But I still don't understand the root chakra so well. I just don't fully know what it feel like.
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Chakras are just a bunch of new age hippy propaganda to make kids worship Lucifer.

Don't fall for that nonsense.
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I do it with my first time and was fabulous.
But kido.. just with own risk. Really..
It's true too.. second and third time not feel so much from it..

Lucius Insidus Productus.
My root chakra also suffers.
My recommendations:
Walking barefoot on dirt and grass.
Belly breathing. (biofeedback style)
Eating red foods and carrying around a red stone as a daily reminder to improve your root chakra.

Usually root sufferers have anxieties related to security, home, and income.
Kill yourself you redneck republican
Not entirely false.

It is the spine that houses and incredible amount of neural networking that goes from the top of the head, to the throat, all the organ systems.

This is what makes the spine so powerful as an increase in energetic "load bearing" allows more to travel to the vital points in your body.

The word shock-ray or chakra, even though it can mean wheel, also is representing electricity and light.

My personal belief is that the mind and body should be whole and nit divided into "units".
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